US airstrike in Mosul leaves 90 Iraqi troopers dead: Report | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US airstrike in Mosul leaves 90 Iraqi troopers dead: Report

At least 90 Iraqi soldiers have lost their lives when fighter jets from the United States Air Force (USAF) mistakenly struck their position in Mosul as government forces and allied fighters are trying to flush Daesh terrorists out of the strategic northern city.

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"Our bad! Criminy; I don't know how this keeps happening! We honestly thought those were ISIS fighters when we dropped those bombs. Our pilots really have terrible eyesight, you know. It's a major recruiting problem for us!" -- Official White Horse Souse



The USAF is a ......

Ethan Allen and...

disgraceful outfit. Never forget it was the United States Air Force that let the planes through to hit the WTC on 911. Treason most foul on their part. They sure are good at bombing hospitals,schools,weddings,funerals and troops who are actually fighting the terrorists! SHAME!!!

easy EA..


remember Cheney in the bunker told them to stand down..

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