War news for Sunday, January 25, 2009 | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

War news for Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kanusiyah, near Hajiwah, south of Kirkuk
U.S. troops raid the home of Dhiya Hussein, a former Colonel in the Iraqi army, kill him and his wife and wound his 8 year old daughter. From the Xinhua account:

A U.S. military statement said that the U.S. troops were conducting the operation in cooperation with Iraqi forces as required under an agreement signed late last year between the United States and Iraq. The statement said that Hussein is a suspected leader of al-Qaida assassination cell.

It said that U.S. and Iraqi troops entered Hussein's bedroom and saw his wife reach under a mattress and they told her in Arabic to show her hands, "but she failed to comply" and they shot her dead. Hussein, then, attacked the soldiers and they killed him, acting in "self-defense," the statement said, adding that the girl was wounded by a bullet that exited the mother's body and struck her in the leg.