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Who IS this Jill Stein?

What is wrong with this impressive, liberal individual who feels that she should be spending several millions of taxpayers’ dollars in each state to recount the votes? Maybe nothing is wrong and she is well intended. However, several inconsistencies/ flashpoints in her biography grabbed my attention.

First, according to her March 2016 financial statement, she has a net worth of $8.5 million dollars. That amount of money is not a pittance, nor does it indicate that she has assumed a modest lifestyle commensurate with the ‘deplorable masses’ which earn a median income of less than 1% of her net worth. There is a bit of cognitive dissonance in her following statement:

“…. We, the people, have to take charge because the political parties that are serving 1% of the population are not going to solve the problems for the rest of us…”

Where exactly does she think she belongs? Among the 99% of blue collar workers or the privileged one percenters? Smells like a phony to me.




just another inbred khazar, a planetary parasite

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