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Women sue Yale to gender-integrate fraternities

Three undergraduate students are suing Yale University and fraternities at the university to force the fraternities to “gender-integrate.”

The suit’s plaintiffs, students Anna McNeil, Eliana Singer and Ry Walker, “believed that the most direct route to prevent sexual harassment and assault—and to challenge the gender disparities in social clout and economic opportunity perpetuated by fraternities—was to integrate Yale’s fraternities by gender,” according to the suit’s complaint, which was published in-full by The New York Times.

All three women said in court that they were groped at fraternity parties their first semester at Yale and know many other women and gender-nonbinary students who were sexually harassed and assaulted at fraternity parties and by fraternity members.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh yeah, so let's have the women actually move into the fraternities. THAT will solve the problem!

And if the fraternities are forced to gender integrate, so should the sororities!