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Nov 05 23:42

“No Forced Vaccination” Vaccine Dangers Talking Points

1. Lack of Scientific Support for Vaccination

2. Vaccination is a Medical Fraud and has been since its inception.

3. Vaccinations, although without medical benefit, are highly profitable ONLY IF THEY ARE ADMINISTERED IN HUGE NUMBERS.

4. The US Supreme Court stated, in the 1905 case which allowed people to be fined if they would not accept a vaccination in a declared public emergency, that the Courts would intervene if there were a showing that vaccines were harmful.

5. The public is increasingly exercising its right to reject mandated vaccines or any mass vaccine program.

6. The Health Freedom Amendment is necessary to protect individuals

Nov 05 23:38

Ralph Nader: Corporate socialism runs US government

RT has spoken with 4-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader about the real powers that govern America. Ralph Nader does not belong to either of the two parties ruling Congress. Nader believes that Theodore Dreiser put it very well many years ago, when he said that "the corporations are the government".

Nov 05 22:57



The post Congressional election euphoria has not extended to Lebanon and this region.

Nov 05 22:02

U.S. Islamic Web Site Is Taken Down

A United States-based extremist Islamic Web site was taken down on Friday after the British authorities complained of a post praising a young woman who stabbed and nearly killed a British lawmaker over his support for the Iraq war.

The post included a list of 383 British lawmakers who voted for the war, with instructions on tracking their movements, and it called for Muslims to “raise the knife of Jihad” against them, according to The Times of London, which reported the post on Friday. It also included a link for buying a kitchen knife, the report said.

The site, RevolutionMuslim.com, is no longer available, but Google shows a cached version that predates the post. It is registered in Bellevue, Wash., a suburb of Seattle, and was run this year from Brooklyn.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... not much point is keeping it up now that everyone knows it's a fake propaganda site, and the webmaster, Yousef Al-Khattab, was really named Joseph Cohen.

Nov 05 21:36

Rice University Jewish Studies Professor calls police over youtube 9/11 video

A Houston man who sent a Rice University professor a youtube link via e-mail in October was contacted by police investigators shortly thereafter. The video, entitled 'History They Don't Teach You in School', covers the history of false flag terrorism, Israeli Zionists, and Israeli involvement in the September 11, 2001 attacks. It was e-mailed to Rice University Jewish Studies professor Rabbi Shira Lander, Ph.D, after the man had seen fliers advertising her Jewish studies anti-semitism class.

Nov 05 20:41


It confirms what we have always believed: that the Zionist project of occupying and holding on to all of historic Palestine was, is and continues to be the prime and sole objective of the Zionist leadership in Israel.

Nov 05 20:13

What the wars are doing to the Soldiers - Video

18 Years old, fit and healthy, soon - premature ageing and tumours. Not too much of it in the mainstream news.

Nov 05 19:35

China quarantine bureau rejects U.S. GMO corn cargo

China's quarantine bureau confirmed on Tuesday it had discovered traces of an unapproved genetically modified organism (GMO) in a U.S. corn cargo and had refused it entry into China.

Nov 05 19:21


Ros-Lehtinen, the all time Congressional record holder for all manner of anti-Arab congressional initiatives’ over the past two decades is expected to renew her call to cut off all aid to the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.

Nov 05 19:09

Al-Qaida group takes responsibility for mail bombs

Editor's Note: Ah, Hahahaha...Ah, Hahahha. Of course they did.

Brian Murphy and Lolita C. Baldor
Associated Press

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – A Yemen-based al-Qaida group on Friday claimed responsibility for the international mail bomb plot uncovered late last week as well as the crash of a United Parcel Service cargo plane in September.

Nov 05 18:54

Israeli Nationals Detained Near National Guard Blackhawk on October 19, NO Media Coverage

Imagine if three Arab men were arrested in a restricted zone near a National Guard Blackhawk Helicopter! The corporate media would blast their pictures across the world and claim that they were terrorists linked to Al Qaeda.

Nov 05 18:53

Ex-Clinton strategist: Obama needs event ‘similar’ to OKC to ‘reconnect’ with voters

Talk about a bad analogy: Appearing on television recently, former Hillary Clinton campaign adviser and current public relations executive Mark Penn suggested that President Obama needs a moment "similar" to the tragic terrorist attack on the Oklahoma City federal building, in order to "reconnect" with voters.

He didn't even seem to flinch in making the comment.

Penn is currently president and CEO of Burson-Marsteller, a multi-national public relations firm. He also served in 2008 as chief strategist for then-Senator Hillary Clinton's run for the White House. Before that, Penn advised former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in his third run for the UK leadership post, and served clients such as AT&T, Texaco, Ford, Merck, Verizon, BP, McDonald’s and Microsoft.

Nov 05 18:04

ForeclosureGate Could Force Bank Nationalization

For two years, politicians have danced around the nationalization issue, but ForeclosureGate may be the last straw. The megabanks are too big to fail, but they aren't too big to reorganize as federal institutions serving the public interest.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sounds like a great idea ... except for that part about letting the Federal Government run them. I mean, look how they screwed up the economy to start with. Not exactly a bright spot on the ol' resume, is it?

Nov 05 17:50

BuildingWhat? TV Ad Is On The Air Now in New York City

The NYC Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN) is launching a television ad campaign on Election Day in New York City calling for an investigation into the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7, the third building to collapse on 9-11. Building 7 came down at 5:20 in the afternoon although it had not been hit by an aircraft.

Nov 05 16:50

106,000 jobless Floridians could run out of unemployment benefits by December 4th

The clock is ticking for about 106,000 unemployed Floridians.

That's how many people will run out of unemployment benefits by Dec. 4 unless Congress passes another emergency extension during its upcoming lame duck session. And every week after that, Florida officials estimate, another 41,000 jobless will join them — many of them being cut off after receiving as few as 26 weeks of paid benefits from the state...

Nov 05 16:45

Fall of former UK minister exposes Labour's fascist election strategy

Yvonne Ridley views the demise of former British Minister of State for Borders and Immigration Phil Woolas against the background of the Labour Party's racist and fascist election strategy under suspected war criminal Tony Blair and his successor, the now defeated ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Nov 05 15:25

Carl Cameron Supports Questioning 9-11

Carl Cameron supports questioning what really happened on 9-11-2001, because important question have been ignored by our government.

Nov 05 14:20

Flashback: 9/11 Aerial Photos Released: NYPD Helicopters ONLY!

New 9/11 Aerial Photos Released: Helicopter Captured Pictures Of World Trade Center After Attack (PHOTOS)
Huffington Post/AP First Posted: 02-10-10 02:27 PM |
"The images were taken from a police helicopter – the only photographers allowed in the air space near the towers on Sept. 11, 2001. They were obtained by ABC News after it filed a Freedom of Information Act request last year with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which investigated the collapse."

Nov 05 14:20

RSA: Changing Education Paradigms

This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA's Benjamin Franklin award.

Nov 05 11:50

Its About Time: Chomsky Admits No Evidence Fake al-Qaeda Carried Out 9/11

Chomsky: US-led Afghan war, criminal
Renowned Jewish-American scholar Noam Chomsky says US invasion of Afghanistan was illegal since to date there is no evidence that al-Qaeda has carried out the 9/11 attacks.

Nov 05 11:13

The Oversight Begins: CEI Suing NASA Over its Own ClimateGate

Our suit, CEI vs. NASA (U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia), followed on the heels of ClimateGate, and a December 2009 Notice of Intent to Sue if NASA did not turn over certain records withheld since CEI sought them in August 2007 and January 2008 requests. That Notice was eleven months ago and, despite NASA offering some documents and admitting — temporarily — that certain others relating to the advocacy site used by NASA scientists, RealClimate.org were “agency records”, NASA then ceased its brief steps to comply with the transparency statute FOIA.

Nov 05 11:07

Olbermann suspended for Dem contributions

Keith Olbermann, MSNBC's primetime firebrand host, has been suspended indefinitely for violating the ethics policies of his employer earlier this year when he donated to three Democrats seeking federal office, MSNBC announced Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I may not agree with Olberman all the time, but MSNBC is way out of line here. Keith made those donations as a private citizen and if corporations have a first amendment right to spend money on politics, so do ordinary citizens. Had Olberman subverted his show's objectivity as a result of money given TO him, MSNBC would have a legitimate case here. But as things stand now, MSNBC is off my channel line-up.

Nov 05 11:03

Cable TV Companies Lost over 500K Subscribers in Q3

Cable companies have traditionally increased the cost of their TV services each year, often with no improvement in the offerings. As people start looking to save money, many are leaving cable providers. Gigaom reports that it has cobbled together the number of cable subscribers lost for four of the top five cable companies around the country for Q3 2010 and the number of folks leaving cable is growing.

However, Gigaom reports that over the last few quarters the number of subscribers lost from cable and gained at satellite and IPTV firms is not matching up. Many people are just walking away from paying for TV. This is getting easier to do with most major networks offering their programs online free and services like Hulu offering old shows for fans to watch.

Nov 05 10:54

Censored Gulf news: Secret 90-day emergency supply mobilization questioned

As more Gulf and U.S. east coast residents, sick and dying from being poisoned in the Gulf Operation, ask who will stand up for them if the government does not, Homeland Security official has revealed that it has begun an emergency supply redistribution, aiming to mobilize disaster supplies to warehouses nationally within 90 days.

The public health emergency from Gulf region disaster has now spread up the US east coast impacting the national food supply as well as being an undeclared by officials public health emergency for people on the east coast of Florida and people as far inland as Tennessee with no national assistance to date.

Nov 05 10:52

Watch Out: The World Bank Is Quietly Funding a Massive Corporate Water Grab

Billions have been spent allowing corporations to profit from public water sources even though water privatization has been an epic failure in Latin America, Southeast Asia, North America, Africa and everywhere else it's been tried. But don't tell that to controversial loan-sharks at the World Bank.

Nov 05 10:47

Israel Promotes Martial Law Type Tactics in Airports World Wide

Israel is the leading country in police state airport technology. Israeli airports are basically under martial law. Israel has openly announced that former Israeli military is actively “profiling” possible terrorists. Remember, the Mossad plays a huge part in staged terror attacks throughout the world.

Fox News

Israel’s Latest Airport Security TechnologyIsrael has a reputation for being the world leader when it comes to airport security.

This week security officials from all over the world came to Tel Aviv for the first annual Homeland Security Conference–a chance to see Israeli security companies present the latest technology for combating terrorism.

Nov 05 10:45

Jon Schaffer – Sons of Liberty

Historically, music has always been at its most powerful when coming from a place of oppression or struggle. As the reality of making ends meet in North America becomes a bleaker prospect with each passing year, regular people who never before questioned their own government, are now finding themselves looking for answers to explain the increasing levels of difficulty and fear we are all now forced to deal with.

Nov 05 10:26


So, according to some observers, the incident of the parcel bombs of last week could well be a provocation to justify the US and its allies moving in to “help” the government and strike Al-Qaeda (and Al-Awlaki) directly. “This is something being done to justify American strikes against Yemen,” accuses Nabil Al-Bukairi, a researcher specialised in Al-Qaeda. “Why was Saudi Arabia the first to tell the world about the packages? Does this mean Al-Qaeda is infiltrated by the Saudi intelligence,” he wondered.

Nov 05 10:26


State gave East Jerusalem lands to rightist groups without tenders

Nov 05 10:25


Israel slams Arab “incitement,” ignores clarion Jewish racism

Nov 05 10:08

Jim Rickards - Fed May Go Bankrupt

“Right now the Fed’s balance sheet shows about $57 billion in total capital. Current assets are about $2.3 trillion. The current money-printing plan will take total assets above $3 trillion. At that level, it only takes a 2% decline in asset values to wipe out the Fed’s capital. Put differently, it only takes a 2% drop in the average value of assets on the Fed’s balance sheet for the Fed to go bankrupt. And this is in an environment where various markets frequently go up and down 3% in a single day.”

Nov 05 09:35



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Nov 05 09:34

U.S. dollar printing is huge risk -China c.bank adviser

Unbridled printing of dollars is the biggest risk to the global economy, an adviser to the Chinese central bank said in comments published on Thursday, a day after the Federal Reserve unveiled a new round of monetary easing.

Nov 05 09:17

The TSA: America’s Real Child Pornography/Molestation Machine

Let me give an example. In Catoosa County (where Tonya Craft’s trial took place), Georgia, James Combs, a substitute teacher, is charged with child molestation because he patted some children on the back during class. (I have read the police reports in this case, along with other documents, and can tell readers confidently that Mr. Combs did not molest anyone, but in the aftermath of the Craft debacle, the Catoosa County authorities are desperate to get back their credibility and hope a jury will convict Mr. Combs.)

Nowhere in those police reports has there been a credible description of Mr. Combs doing what TSA workers do every day at airports. In other words, these workers have a free pass to do what would land anyone else into prison.

Nov 05 09:01

Russia prods Afghan, Japanese wounds

In sum, Russia acted toward Afghanistan and Japan with a deliberateness that betrays deeper policy calculations. Russian motives are transparent in Afghanistan. The commando operation targeted drug traffickers, but its backdrop is Russia and NATO getting ready for improved relations. Russia and NATO are expected to sign a clutch of agreements relating to Afghanistan in the coming period relating to the transportation of NATO's military cargo to Afghanistan via Russian territory by air, road and rail; supply of Russian helicopters to Afghanistan; and providing training of Afghan pilots, special forces and military as well as counter-terrorism and counter-narcotic units by Russian instructors.

Nov 05 08:56

Dave’s Top 10 Reasons Why QE Won’t Help the Economy

With US President Barack Obama shrinking America's strategic footprint and the Federal Reserve behaving like the neighbor whose septic tank overflows onto everyone else's lawn, Washington is testing the world's patience. It will have consequences.

Nov 05 08:53

Foreclosuregate: Mortgage banks hit by putback time bomb

It has become a national scandal that has obsessed the US media before mid-term elections on November 2. It’s even been granted the highest honour a scandal in the US can achieve – the suffix ‘gate’. For banks whose reputation among the US electorate could hardly have been lower, Foreclosuregate has engulfed them in a further tide of public fury.

Nov 05 08:50

Logical Fallacies And Foreclosuregate

It was intentionally designed to produce lots of pretty colored candy in the form of “Hopium” but never actual results. HAMP and its pals never came with any sort of teeth in the form of actual punishment for non-compliance by the financial industry, and thus we have seen lots of things like this:

Homeowners being told not to pay – on purpose – so as to “qualify” for help. They are then denied a modification.

Nov 05 08:50

Bombing Iran will strengthen it; only peace will weaken Iran

Iran is dangerous; an Iran that is bombed will be even more dangerous. The regime in Iran is stable; the regime after a bombing will be even more stable. Anyone who wants to strengthen it is invited to bomb. Anyone who wants to unite the Iranian people even more behind its leadership is invited to threaten and attack. Anyone who wants to spur on Iran even more to get a nuclear bomb is invited to intimidate it. Even the last of the ayatollahs knows the truth: If Afghanistan or Iraq had an atomic bomb, the United States would not have dared to invade them, and their regimes would have been spared.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Although I disagree mightily with the writer's premise that "Iran is dangerous" (look at its history: it hasn't started a war in 200 years), everything else he says makes absolute sense about what would happen if Israel actually made peace with Syria and Palestine.

Unfortunately, those in the bowels of power in Tel Aviv appear to be absolutely tone-deaf to such an approach.

The US Federal Government absolutely needs the mother of all distractions from how horrendous the economy is, and because it needs that distraction, may well knuckle under soon to Israeli pressure to "neutralize" yet another one of its existential threats in the Middle East (and that includes almost all of its neighbors).

Nov 05 08:48

Qantas 747 lands in Singapore after engine trouble

According to Qantas website, Flight QF6 is a Boeing 747-400, which is fitted with four Rolls-Royce RB211-524G-T engines. The daily flight operates between Frankfurt and Sydney with a stopover in Singapore.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yesterday's incident with the Airbus A380 also involved Rolls Royce engines, so there is either an issue with these engines or Qantas maintenance on them.

Nov 05 08:44

The Yemeni Toner Cartridge Bomb Story

The incident strengthens and encourages all manner of war-mongers. The Weekly Standard’s, Thomas Jocelyn, manages to argue that this episode proves that U.S. torture of detainees at Guantanamo (including Yemenis, who have made up the largest group since January 2008) isn’t the “driving force behind AQAP’s terror” but rather “the terrorists’ jihadist ideology, which the Obama administration spends much of its time ignoring.” (So why worry about provoking ordinary Yemenis with drone missile attacks and the abuse of their countrymen when the underlying cause for hatred of the U.S. is Islamist “jihadism” from Afghanistan to Somalia?)

Nov 05 08:37

No more double standards

Can we afford to continue having double standards that let government officials violate basic standards of honesty and accountability that they apply to citizens and companies? Why should legislators, regulators and investigators be exempt from rules they devise and impose on everyone else?

Nov 05 08:35

Consumers' right to file class actions is in danger

If AT&T has its way before the Supreme Court, any business that issues a contract to customers would be able to prevent them from joining class-action lawsuits, taking away arguably the most powerful legal tool available to the little guy.

Nov 05 08:30

No, Pentagon says, Obama will not be guarded by 34 ships

President Barack Obama will not be protected by a vast armada of 34 US warships when he visits Mumbai this weekend, officials said, calling reports from India on security preparations "comical."

The claim that many of the 288-ship US naval fleet would be deployed to waters off Mumbai was "absolutely absurd," Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell told reporters on Thursday.

US officials usually decline to discuss details about security precautions for the president, but the media accounts circulating out of India were so off the mark that press officers at the Pentagon and the White House said they felt compelled to speak up.

Nov 05 08:22

New Zealand P2P proposal: guilty until proven innocent

Say you have a DSL connection at home. Should you be liable for big fines over infringements committed using your connection... even if you had nothing to do with them? And should rightsholder complaints carry the assumption of accuracy? New Zealand politicians say yes.

Nov 05 08:16

Soldier uncertain over Rachel Corrie death

AN ISRAELI soldier who commanded a military bulldozer testified in court yesterday that he couldn’t be certain it was his vehicle that ran over Rachel Corrie in Gaza in 2003, killing the American peace activist.

Nov 05 08:15

China and Germany belittle U.S. actions before G20

China rebuffed on Friday a U.S. plan to set target limits for trade imbalances and Germany dubbed the Fed's money-printing policy "clueless," setting the stage for what could be a fractious G20 summit next week.

Washington believes an undervalued yuan is a major cause of economic imbalances and has pressed Beijing, largely in vain, to let the currency rise more swiftly to reflect the strength of what is now the world's second-largest economy.

The waters of the debate have been muddied by the Federal Reserve's decision to buy $600 billion in long-term bonds with new money in an effort to revive the flagging U.S. economy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Blaming China for the US's financial woes is an absolute case of attempted "misdirection", much as a stage magician uses, but it's not fooling the world, nor should it be fooling thinking Americans.

The Federal government is spending way more than it is taking in, and squandering much of the money on immoral and illegal wars without end. The deficit is soaring, because Congress cannot seem to get its hands around defunding these wars, which would go a long way toward curing the problem.

But perhaps what is most troubling about this situation is the historical aspect. What the US government has done to get itself out of financial quagmire, historically, has been to go to war.

Unfortunately, because so much of our manufacturing has been offshored to take advantage of cheap labor and production costs, the US doesn't have the manufacturing capacity to sustain anything more than what amounts to a blitzkrieg attack against the perceived "enemy du jour" , and praying it is successful.

And of course, there is no end to the list of potential "enemies" who mist be "neutralize" (particularly those on the Israeli "to-do" list).

I would like to hope that saner heads in Washington would not see such a gambit as the right move to get the country out of a tight economic squeeze; sadly, an examination of US history indicates otherwise.

Nov 05 08:06


A powerful group within the United States, one with influence over the press and the ability to derail an investigation as was done with 9/11, has been “tasked” with laying the groundwork for a terrorist attack on America, one using nuclear material. This report, unneeded, and highly inaccurate was printed in the New York Times to provide “cover.” It isn’t just this report, the pieces are falling together around the world. The Wiki-Leaks story, pre staging Pakistan’s ISI as a terrorist organization, a story built out of almost no information but fleshed out with massive speculation by “operatives” in the press is part of the process.

Nov 05 07:48

Quantitive easing is just devaluation

As the Federal Reserve Board gets ready for yet another round of quantitative easing (i.e. printing more money), one may well ask: Why? If previous quantitative easing hasn’t spurred domestic spending, why does the Fed believe that more of the same will suddenly produce results?

It’s not domestic spending that the Fed really hopes to stimulate by printing more money, but, rather, exports. While the Fed’s zero-interest rate policy has yet to lever much in the way of a domestic spending rebound, no one can doubt its ability to drop the value of its currency.

Nov 05 07:24

Number of People Living on New York Streets Soars

The Bloomberg administration said Friday that the number of people living on New York’s streets and subways soared 34 percent in a year, signaling a setback in one of the city’s most intractable problems.

Nov 05 07:24

Israeli Nationals Detained At National Guard Blackhawk ***NO Media Coverage

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Webmaster's Commentary: 

Three Israelis start acting suspicious near a Blackhawk Helicopter in Groton, Connecticut, which is also home to a US Navy Submarine facility.

Take a look at one of the suspects, who seems to be trying to look more like an Arab Muslim than an Israeli.

And nobody at ABCNNBBCS reports the story?

Nov 05 07:23

China and Germany express concern over US Fed move

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said the US would not solve its problems, but create "extra problems for the world" instead.

Some countries fear that the US Federal Reserve's move could hurt their exports by making their currencies stronger.

Nov 05 07:22

Coconuts removed from trees in preparation for Barack Obama's India trip

India is preparing for Barack Obama's first visit to the country by removing coconuts from palm trees in Mumbai to protect the US president.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even Nixon wasn't that paranoid!

Nov 05 07:17

Warning of Possible Bank Holiday

Yesterday I received a call that should alarm for even the most "comatose in La La Land". A pastor known to the gentleman who called me had been called into a very prominent East Coast bank to tell the pastor by one of its top people at the bank that a bank holiday is coming as early as Nov 11.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Does anyone have a hard confirmation on this?

Nov 05 07:01

The Biggest Threat to America

Whenever you go to an airport, you hear an announcement about the “terror alert”: it’s yellow, it’s red, it’s orange, whatever. The color code is linked to “intelligence” flowing into Washington at the moment, whatever alleged plot is being hatched by our enemies abroad. But the reality is that America’s deadliest enemies aren’t hunkered down in some cave in Afghanistan: they’re right here in our midst, in the Imperial capital itself, Washington, D. C. Because the biggest threat to our national security isn’t military – it’s economic.

Nov 05 06:58

White House calls Brian Williams after he questions mail-bomb terrorist threat

We're told the White House called Williams immediately after and told him, "We would never put the president out there saying it was serious unless that was the case." NBC had no comment. The White House didn't get back to us.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"IT WAS REAL, HONEST, WE'D NEVER FIB, HONEST, IT WAS REAL!" - official White Horse Souse.

Nov 05 06:51

US Military Seeks Major Increases in Aid to Yemen

According to reports from US officials, the Pentagon is proposing a dramatic increase in the amount of military aid sent to Yemen annually, with some officials pushing for as much as $250 million in the next annual appropriation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All the US military aid in the world is not going to help unless and until the terrible living conditions with which most Yemeni citizens have to cope are ameliorated.

Unfortunately, in light of the fact that the Yemeni government is one of the most corrupt governments in the region (and that's saying something), most of this aid will most likely line the pockets of the ruling Saleh family, and do nothing to bring its people out of the grinding poverty which can sometimes make insurgency attractive.

Nov 05 06:49

Huge foreclosure law firm lays off 70 percent of staff

One of Florida's largest foreclosure law firms laid off a third round of employees Thursday, the same week mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac descended on the offices to remove their case files and sever ties with the company.

Employees in the Plantation-based law offices of David J. Stern, which is connected with the publicly traded DJSP Enterprises Inc., received an e-mail Thursday morning that said staffing at the company was being slashed 70 percent.

Nov 05 06:48

It's $ to donuts

The dollar is falling faster than the temperatures outside, down almost 3.5 percent since the G-20 meeting late last month, and yet Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner -- the alleged supporter of a "strong dollar policy" -- can't be found.

Nov 05 06:47

US Embassy under suspicion

Justice Minister Lars Barfod has been called into Parliamentary Council following reports that a secret American data collection unit has been collating information on suspicious people in Norway, with fears that the same activity may be taking place in Denmark.

Nov 05 06:46

QE2 - The Day After: Entire World Blasts Deranged Madman's Uncheckable Insanity

Yesterday's Ben Bernanke penned an Op-Ed in which he essentially said: "I am doing whatever I interpret my mandate to be, which right now means only thing: Dow 36,000. I am only accountable to the private bank that is the Federal Reserve, a few Wall Street CEOs, and no one else. Congress has no power over me. Try to stop me."

Nov 05 06:46

Violent clashes between students and police in at Dublin

Student protests against university fees required police to bring in riot police when the crowds turned violent in Dublin’s city center on Wednesday.

Nov 05 06:41

Peter Schiff Was Right 2006 - 2007

Nov 05 06:40

Marc Faber: GE2, Commodities, Dollar

Nov 05 06:40

We Will Be Hyperinflating As there is NO Doubt Now! TRILLIONS of New Dollars Being Printed!

Considering Bernanke is printing up Trillions and Trillions of NEW dollars and all the other countries are very upset over it. In fact countries around the world have been raising their voices in the last few days about the dollar being printed as it has been and will be. The Fed is starting their QE2 and have even begun talking about a QE3!! They have stated they will pump 600 Billion by buying U.S. t-bills, but Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks have said the Fed will buy if need be 6 TRILLION in t-bills/bonds.

Nov 05 06:39

The Insane Prelude To The Corporate Takeover Of The Planet

“The interests behind the Bush Administration, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission – founded by Brzezinski for David Rockefeller – and the Bilderberger Group, have prepared for and are now moving to implement open world dictatorship within the next five years. They are not fighting against terrorists. They are fighting against citizens.”

– Dr. Johannes B. Koeppl, PhD(1)

Nov 05 06:38

To save cash, many hard-hit subscribers dropping Time Warner and Cablevision

Time Warner, for instance, lost 155,000 subscribers - more than it ever had before, while Cablevision lost 24,500 basic video customers. Both results were more than Wall Street analysts predicted for either company.

Nov 05 06:38

Netanyahu says he will meet Clinton during U.S. visit

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday he would meet Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a U.S. visit next week in addition to previously announced talks with Vice President Joe Biden.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Netanyahu has just telegraphed his belief that Obama is a one-term president, and is seeing what is negotiable in the near term between Biden and Clinton in terms of his geopolitical agenda.

Nov 05 06:34

The Verona treaty set fourth clearly the conflict between monarchial government and popular government, and the government of the few as against the government of the many.

An 1865 London Times editorial directed against Lincoln's debt-free Greenbacks said it all:

"If that mischievous financial policy which had its origin in the North American Republic during the late war in that country, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debt. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe."

Nov 05 06:33

Skull and Bones Senator John Kerry Still Hasn't Paid Yacht Taxes

It’s been more than three months since we first told you about Capt. John Kerry’s high-seas tax dodge on his new $7 million yacht, Isabel, and the town of Nantucket still doesn’t have a check from the senior senator!

You may recall that Kerry lowered the flag and surrendered in July, agreeing to pony up more than $400,000 to cover state taxes on the toney tub. Mr. Teresa Heinz broke out the checkbook four days after the Track set off a furious tempest with our report that he had purchased the 76-foot floating palace and ported her in Rhode Island, thus depriving the commonwealth of its pound of flesh.

Nov 05 06:28

‘Damn right’ I personally ordered waterboarding: Bush

President George W. Bush admits for the first time in his new memoir that he personally approved the use of waterboarding, a technique in which an interrogator simulates drowning on a suspect. The method, which most describe as torture, has since been banned by the Justice Department.

In his book, "Decision Points," Bush asserts that he was asked by the Central Intelligence Agency whether he would support the agency's waterboarding of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged 9/11 mastermind.

"Damn right," Bush says that he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why is this man not standing before the International Court at the Hague, accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity?!?

Due to the utterly filthy depth of complicity, between the White House, Congress, the Pentagon, and State Department, and the Court System, coupled with an American people too cowed to think straight, everyone complicit in this process was so thoroughly tainted to the point that they did not want to criticize what were essentially immoral, and more importantly, illegal acts under American law.

So what did the White House do? Courtesy of their attorneys, who behaved as though they had doctorates in Orwellian doublespeak, tortured language, so that prisoners of war were now "enemy combatants", and torture became "enhanced interrogation"

We have known, from the times of the Catholic Inquisition, that torture does not bring the truth; it only gets the tortured individual to say whatever his torturer wants them to say to get the torture to stop.

Nov 05 06:27

Bank Holiday Rumors Swirl Amidst Currency Crisis

With the world on the verge of a currency war as the Federal Reserve follows through on its dollar-killing quantitative easing program, rumors are once again swirling of a “bank holiday,” during which US citizens will be prevented from withdrawing money or at least limited in the amount of the withdrawal they can make.

The bank holiday is rumored to be set for next week, with Tuesday November 11 pinpointed as the likeliest date.

Nov 05 06:21

CRTC green lights usage-based internet billing

The federal regulator on Thursday gave Bell Canada the approval to implement so-called usage-based billing to wholesale customers — usually smaller internet service providers that rent portions of its network — within 90 days. Under the plan, Bell will charge wholesale service providers a flat monthly fee to connect to its network, and for a set monthly usage limit per each ISP customer the ISP has.

Beyond that set limit, users will be charged per gigabyte, depending on the speed of their connections.

Nov 05 06:14

Nasa spacecraft survives closest ever encounter with comet after flying within 435 miles... and sends back incredible image to prove it

These are the incredible pictures beamed back to Earth after a Nasa spacecraft flew within 435 miles of a distant comet.

Mission controllers burst into applause upon seeing images from the flyby that revealed the peanut-shaped comet Hartley 2 belching jets of poisonous gases some 13 million miles from Earth.

Nov 05 06:13

The tunnel people of Las Vegas

Deep beneath Vegas’s glittering lights lies a sinister labyrinth inhabited by poisonous spiders and a man nicknamed The Troll who wields an iron bar.

But astonishingly, the 200 miles of flood tunnels are also home to 1,000 people who eke out a living in the strip’s dark underbelly.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One cannot utter the phrase "economic recovery" with a straight face, while situations like this are playing out all over the US.

And please remember: many who are forced to live like this, because of their families' utter economic devastation, are children.

Nov 05 06:11

RBS back in the red with £1.4.bn loss - but taxpayers STILL forking out for big bonuses

Royal Bank of Scotland has fallen into the red with a £1.4 billion loss but increased its staff bonuses in a move sure to outrage the British public.

The lender, which is 83 per cent owned by the taxpayer, said its latest loss came largely after an £825m hit in relation to its use of the Government's toxic asset protection scheme.

But despite its massive decline in revenue, RBS' investment bankers are still raking in huge bonuses, new figures revealed.

Nov 05 04:58

FED to Print Another Trillion Dollars-Purposeful Destruction of Dollar

The only piece that Ron Paul and others are not willing to say is that the FED's actions are not negligent but intentional.

Nov 05 02:40


Since when is a state that demands that aspiring citizens pledge oaths of loyalty to a Jewish state qualified to complain about incitement? Since when is a state that instructs soldiers to murder babies at their mothers’ laps and children on their way to school qualified to judge which talk constitutes incitement and which doesn’t?

Nov 05 02:02

What It's Like to Work in Walmart Hell

Thanks to recent teacher layoffs and the miserable job market, I've gone from substitute high-school teacher to Wal-Mart associate.

Teaching gave me weekends off for more pleasurable activities like annoying the roommate's cat or plucking my nipple hair. But this Sunday, I spent eight hours playing Avoid the Customer. It's a challenging game in which, at the end of the day, I reward myself by not committing suicide.

Nov 05 01:43

China accuses US of protectionism

China has accused the US of trade protectionism after the Federal Reserve announced plans to pump $600 billion into the country's market to speed up the economic recovery.

Nov 05 00:35

Scariest speed camera of all... It checks your insurance, tax and even whether you are tailgating or not wearing a seatbelt

The latest weapon in speed camera technology can capture footage from 150ft away.
It is the first to detect multiple offences at the same time and is connected to police computers via satellite, so that prosecutions can be started within seconds of any offence.

Development of the system, known as Asset – Advanced Safety and Driver Support for Essential Road Transport – is being funded with around £7million of European money.