Mar 26 12:01

Chuck Schumer Lies to Jews at AIPAC About Trump, Neo-Nazis, Kevin McCarthy

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) lied to thousands of people at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual policy conference on Monday, telling them in a speech that President Donald Trump had referred to neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, as “very fine people” when the president had never done so.
The audience at AIPAC was predominantly Jewish, magnifying the impact and importance of the lie.

Chuck Schumer is doing whatever it takes to turn The Republic against itself.

Mar 26 11:51

Why Democrats Hear a Secret Racist Dog Whistle and Republicans Don’t

One of the biggest misconceptions about Trump supporters is that they see President Trump the same way his critics see him, and yet they like him anyway. The implication of that belief is that all Trump supporters are racists because they damn-well-know they support a leader who is one. Hardly a day goes by without some stranger on Twitter telling me in ominous tones that I will someday pay dearly for being a racist “apologist.” They assume I see President Trump the same way they see him.

Mar 26 11:18

The Bribe Tribe: Corrupt coaches and profit proctors who 'made millions off parents in college admission scandal Operation Varsity Blues' all plead NOT GUILTY as they appear in federal court

A dozen athletic coaches, test administrators and others have pleaded not guilty to participating in the massive college admissions scandal.

The 12 defendants arrested in the Operation Varsity Blues investigation were arraigned in Boston's federal court on Monday.

They include longtime tennis coach Gordon Ernst, who's accused of getting $2.7million in bribes to designate 12 applicants as recruits to Georgetown, as well as former UCLA men's soccer coach Jorge Salcedo, Wake Forest University women's volleyball coach William Ferguson and former USC water polo coach Jovan Vavic.

A total of seven former college coaches appeared in court on Monday, as well as two proctors who are accused of turning a profit by taking college entrance exams for high school students.

Mar 26 10:56

The Media, Mueller, the Big Con and the Democratization of Narrative

Falling for a con is painful. The first reaction is to deny being conned, of course. The second is to blame skeptics for being correct in their skepticism.
Here's the fundamental "story" of the Mueller Investigation: elites don't like "the little people" democratizing public narratives. The elites--who reckon their right to rule is self-evident--want to set the narrative and the context, because that's the foundation of power: once you get the citizenry to agree on your narrative and context, you secure two valuable things: 1) political legitimacy and 2) their obedience.

Mar 26 10:51

Chicago PD "Livid" After Charges Dropped In Smollett Hate-Crime Hoax

Speaking from the Navy Pier, Area Central Detective Cmdr. Edward Wodnicki - who led the Smollett investigation, is reportedly livid that the case was dropped after they had spent over $10,000 in man hours building it.

Mar 26 10:43

Ontario lawyer fired after claiming 14- and 15-year-old girls are 'sexually mature'

The lawyer for an Ontario children’s aid society has been fired after claiming a 14- or 15-year-old girl is a “sexually mature young woman,” not a child.
Toronto lawyer Gary McCallum first made the claim in a written statement last year during court proceedings for a civil case, in which a woman is suing Kenora-Rainy River Districts Child and Family Services. The woman claims she was sexually abused by her foster father in the 1980s, when she was a teen and under the care of a preceding agency in the Northwestern Ontario city.

Mar 26 10:42

Police arrest six teenagers after vandals tore up Korans, smashed windows and sprayed hate-filled graffiti on walls of Islamic school where Byker Grove was filmed

Police have arrested six teenagers after vandals tore up Korans, smashed windows and sprayed swastikas and other hate-filled graffiti on the walls on an Islamic school.
The incident happened at the Bahr Academy on Benwell Lane, Newcastle - formerly the set of the children's TV show Byker Grove - at 9pm on Monday.

Mar 26 10:42

Amazon shoppers are left horrified by baby clothes emblazoned with slogans such as 'Daddy's little sl**' - and call for a boycott of the site

Online shoppers have been left outraged after spotting baby bodysuits for sale on Amazon with logos like 'Daddy's Little Sl**'.
Other tops from the Amazon seller VanBer had the logo 'Daddy's Little F*** Toy' and 'Daddy's Drinking Buddy'.
The tops were on sale on the Canadian Amazon store for CDN $18 (£10.25), and could be shipped to the UK for CDN $7.98 (£4.50), but have since been removed after an outcry.

Mar 26 10:25

Scott Adams: Why Chuck Schumer Must Resign Before He Starts a Race War

Chuck Schumer at AIPAC, lied to Jews about President Trump
Schumer lied, perpetuated the “fine people” BS hoax
Schumer lied DESTRUCTIVELY, either recant or resign
Easy to confirm Schumer was lying, actual transcript, video
Everyone can help debunk the “fine people” hoax
Keep links handy to show inflicted the actual transcript, video
I posted links to truth on Twitter, Don Jr. retweeted them
(Link below) “Fine People” Transcript, Video
A+ for persuasion to Beto so far
Why a “little bit of wrong” is extremely effective
AOC is racist, prefers to view the world through a racial filter
AOC has succeeded at being a FEMALE version of a leader
Kamala is trying to be the female version of a man
Hillary tried to be the female version of a man
Schiff on the Intelligence committee is like…what?
Funny analogy suggestions?

Mar 26 10:19

Ancient Birth Control Plant Was Harvested into Extinction

Birth control didn’t start with The Pill in 1960. In fact, women have sought out ways to control their own fertility since the antiquity. Today’s generation of women may have missed out of the most effective birth control method ever known, silphium. Silphium was an ancient herb that grew only in one place on earth. So valued was it as a contraceptive that strict regulations were placed on its harvest and distribution. Guards encircled the silphium field, but cunning thieves still found ways in. Silphium was over-harvested into extinction by the 1st century BC. All we have left is textual evidence that the herb ever existed. Looking at these ancient texts, we can see a picture emerge of this wondrous ancient birth control herb.

Mar 26 10:16

The Most Beautiful Currency Ever Created by The U.S.

In 1896, the United States released the Educational Series of silver certificates, a series of currency depicting three allegorical motifs that would become some of the most highly revered banknotes ever produced by the US government

Mar 26 10:13

Study of King Richard III's Bones Reveal Fatal Blows and Injuries

Although he only ruled for two years – from 1483 to 1485 – Richard III stands out among his peers as one of the most famous (or infamous) Kings of England.
King Richard III was the last Yorkist king of England, whose death at the Battle of Bosworth effectively ended the Wars of the Roses. He has become infamous because of the disappearance of his young nephews - the Princes in the Tower - and through William Shakespeare's play 'Richard III'.

Mar 26 10:12

China destroys 30,000 ‘incorrect’ world maps for not mentioning Arunachal Pradesh and Taiwan as part of its territory

China claims the north-eastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh as part of South Tibet. The country also routinely objects to Indian leaders visiting Arunachal Pradesh to highlight its stand.

Mar 26 10:11

Daycare worker arrested for restraining 7-year-old while her daughter hit him — but she says it was a self-defense lesson

A daycare worker has been arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery after video showed her restraining a young boy in her charge while her own 4-year-old daughter hit him, the Miami Herald reports.

Mar 26 10:00

Pence's Moving Story About Golan Heights Battle.

In AIPAC Speech, Mike Pence Tells Moving Story About Golan Heights Battle. One Problem: It May Not Be True


Mar 26 09:45

Bannon: Trump will 'go full animal' against enemies with Mueller probe over

(*I'm a Liberal (*insert your own profane nick-name for me HERE) , and I Take 00% Exception to THAT Assessment ! )

Mar 26 09:45

Trump Administration’s Move to Gut Obamacare Raises Risks for 2020

The Trump administration is hardening its position against the Affordable Care Act and arguing now that the entire law is unconstitutional, a shift that promises to bring the issue to the forefront of the 2020 election campaign.

The position is a change for the Justice Department after it argued last year that swaths of the 2010 law -- but not all of it -- should be struck down in the case Texas brought against the government. It’s now on appeal after a lower court judge voided the law in a December ruling. The Justice Department now says that President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement should be wiped out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 26 09:43

There Will Be No Repercussions for the Media’s RussiaGate Conspiracy Theorists

Friday marked the end of months of speculation, as Special Counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller delivered his report into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election to the attorney general. The headline conclusion of Mueller’s report was reported far and wide: there would be no new indictments for collusion. As the New York Times reported, Mueller “would not recommend new indictments, a statement aimed at ending speculation that Mr. Trump or other key figures might be charged down the line.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Quite the contrary; everyone who pushed Russiagate conspiracy theories has destroyed their own credibility and reputations.

Mar 26 09:41

Flashback: 50 Hollywood Stars Who Accused Trump of Treason, Collusion with Russia

Left-wing Hollywood stars have spent the past two years spreading wild conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump and Russian “collusion,” with a slew of celebrities calling him a “traitor,” a “puppet,” a “thug,” a “urine-lapper” for Putin and predicting that he will be “in chains” soon.
Many Hollywood stars made these accusations following Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland. Others accused Trump of treason for no apparent reason at all.

Yet, according to the Attorney General William Barr’s letter to Congress Sunday, special counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence whatsoever of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia during the 2016 election.

Here are 50 Hollywood stars who participated in the conspiracy smear campaign against the president.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is important that everyone who pushed the Russigate hoax be held up to public ridicule and shame.

Mar 26 09:39

Brennan on Mueller summary: 'I suspected there was more than there actually was'

Former CIA Director John Brennan said Monday that he "suspected there was more than there actually was" in regard to collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election.

"I don't know if I received bad information, but I think I suspected there was more than there actually was," he said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Monday about the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

"I am relieved that it's been determined there was not a criminal conspiracy with the Russian government over our election," Brennan added. "I think that is good news for the country."

Brennan's remarks came one day after Attorney General William Barr said in a letter to Congress that Mueller, who investigated Russian interference in the 2016 election, did not uncover evidence of conspiracy or cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Mar 26 09:37

Mueller Report Decimates ‘Russiagate’ Hoax – What’s Next?

The two-plus year great hoax has come to an end. Trump is not Putin’s puppet, as the vast majority of the mainstream media and Democrats have claimed. There was no “collusion” with Russia. So after so much wasted time and money, where do US/Russia relations stand and where should they be heading? What does it mean for the Venezuela regime change operation? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Mar 26 09:31

In 71 Percent White King County, Washington (Home to Seattle), 85 Percent of Firearm Violence Is Committed by Non-Whites

Imagine living in Seattle, Washington. You are a citizen of King County (renamed to “honor” Martin Luther King Jr. in 1986, because William Rufus DeVane King – who it was originally named after – was a slave owner). It’s a 71 percent white county.

Two years ago, the 2017 King County Firearm Violence report, published by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office – Crime Strategies Unit, was released.

It matter-of-factly states:

83 percent of the shooting victims are non-white (55.19 percent being black)
85 percent of those charged were non-white (53.85 percent being black)
King County is roughly six percent black.

Mar 26 09:30

John Brennan Does 180 On Russia Collusion, Admits He May Have Been Wrong

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You were wrong, John. Flat-out, no question about it, WRONG!

Mar 26 09:23

School bus driver accused of kissing teenage girl on his bus

A Long Island school bus driver is facing charges, accused of kissing a teenage girl.

Joel Cedeno, 62, is charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Mar 26 09:22

Now We Will Find Out If Trump Is Really the President or Merely A Figurehead

What can we conclude from the utter and total failure of the Russiagate “investigation” to find any evidence of “Russian collusion”?

We can conclude that it was a hoax cooked up by an utterly corrupt and immoral military/security complex determined to protect its $1,000 billion annual budget and the power that goes with it from the loss of its Russian enemy to normalized relations.

We can conclude that Hillary’s DNC was partner to this crime and that scum like Jarrold Nadler and Adam Schiff have destroyed the reputation and credibility of the Democratic Party.

We can conclude that the US media is devoid of all integrity, morality, and truthfulness and has forever discredited itself as a source of objective and accurate information.

We can conclude that a corrupt military/security complex and Democratic Party were so determined to serve their own narrow self-interests that they were willing to subject the entirety of the world to a higher risk of nuclear war.

Mar 26 09:21

Elderly woman sues Walmart after another customer hit her with motorized shopping cart

An 85-year-old South Dakota woman has sued Walmart after another customer hit her with a motorized shopping cart and sent her to the hospital.

Mar 26 09:17

Cartoon:A Young Barr!

Mar 26 09:05

Stop Listening to the Spymasters and Generals

For weeks, former CIA Director John Brennan has hinted that he believed Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation would end with the indictment of President Trump or another member of the Trump family. He suggested as much during a recent appearance on MSNBC, in which host Lawrence O'Donnell desperately tried to convince his audience that Brennan knew something they didn't.

Now that Attorney General William Barr has received Mueller's report, and is not considering charges against the Trump family, Brennan is singing a different tune.

"I don't know if I received bad information, but I think I suspected there was more than there actually was," he admitted on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program Monday morning.

Former FBI Director James Comey appeared completely stumped, and tweeted a picture of himself staring at the water with the caption, "Geologic time offers useful perspective."

Mar 26 09:04

Oil prices rise as attention turns to tightening global supplies

WTI crude futures trade back above $60 a barrel

(*A God sent Miricle For America's Victimized Billionaires !
Is how it shall be written into new age dogma and it shalt not be POTUS Trump's fault , nor His Devine Sanctions on Iran , the way the satanic oil glut that the heathen Obama created so the tired , poor , huddled masses could get a less costly tank of Gas , to get to work !
Praise the lord!)

Mar 26 09:02

Nolte: We Can Never Trust the Media, FBI, or Intelligence Community Again

How can any free-thinking person ever again trust the media, the FBI, or the intelligence community after the debunking of this two-year Russia Collusion Hoax?
This thing was not only a total hoax, a total lie, and total fabrication based on absolutely nothing, and not only a total hoax, a total lie, and total fabrication based on lies, it was also something that everyone knew was a total hoax, a total lie, and total fabrication.

Hoping Dirty Cop Robert Mueller would find something-anything, or that President Trump’s approval rating would dive to where he’d be easy to impeach, the media lied-lied-lied; the Dirty Cops in the FBI leaked-leaked-leaked, and the elders and veterans of the intelligence community infested our TVs screaming about treason and indictments as they swore up and down the Trump campaign had never been spied on or wiretapped — when they knew damn well it had.

Mar 26 09:01


MANY JEWISH GROUPS in the US have reached out to Muslim groups after last week’s massacre of Muslim worshippers in Christchurch, New Zealand. Jewish communities have been showing support and solidarity in a number of meaningful ways, including participating in interfaith services and rallies, offering to stand outside mosques when needed, and raising funds for the families of those who were murdered. But as Jews, we need to dig deeper into what our institutions are doing to foment Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism.

Mar 26 08:59


Mar 26 08:35

British Airways flight to Düsseldorf lands in Edinburgh by mistake

A British Airways plane scheduled to travel from London for Düsseldorf mistakenly flew its passengers to Edinburgh instead.

Rather than head east from City airport across the Channel into Europe, the plane flew due north to the Scottish capital. But the mistake was only spotted while landing, when passengers were welcomed to Edinburgh.

According to one account, the pilot then took a show of hands from passengers to see who had expected to land in Germany.

BA said the fault with the path of BA3271, which went 500 miles in the wrong direction after takeoff on Monday morning, lay with its German operator.

The flight was run by a German company, WDL Aviation, under a “wet-lease” arrangement where the plane and crew are hired under BA CityFlyer branding.

Mar 26 08:33

Trump’s Golan green light paves way to Israel’s annexation of West Bank

Jonathan Cooke says US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the stolen Syrian Golan Heights “will prove a boon for the Israeli right, which has been clamouring to annex vast areas of the West Bank and thereby drive a final nail into the coffin of the two-state solution”.>>

Mar 26 08:32

Netanyahu is not the disease, he is a symptom

"...there are those who think that after the holocaust, they are permitted to do anything. There are those who believe that Israel is tops in the world in every field, that international law doesn’t apply to it, and that no one can tell it what to do. There are those who think Israelis are victims – always victims, the only victims – and that the whole world is against us. There are those who are convinced that Israel is allowed to do anything, simply because it can." >>

Mar 26 08:27

PAEDO OUTRAGE Amazon sells vile pro-paedophile baby grows daubed in slogans like ‘daddy’s little f*** toy’

AMAZON has been selling vile pro-paedophile baby-grows daubed in slogans like "daddy’s little f*** toy", a Sun Online investigation has discovered.

The disgusting clothing has been slammed as “extremely dangerous to children” by an American expert on child sex abuse, who urged the retail giant to check products before advertising them online.

Mar 26 08:24

House Democrats Nix Born Alive Bill For A 20th Time

House Democrats nixed Republicans’ request for unanimous consent to bring the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act to a vote for a twentieth time Monday.

Republican Georgia Rep. Rick Allen made the call for unanimous consent Monday. Numerous Republican representatives have made the same petition to consider the bill.

Mar 26 08:09

Fantasia & Fire

Military diplomacy, strategic positioning and structures of commands are a well deliberated and articulated exercise that sometimes goes unnoticed to public. Like diplomacy, these are like the unseen icebergs sunk below the water. Appearances are deceptive. Deep below lie the jagged and abrasive ends of political realism.
In 70s, Pakistan felt reassured about the exclusive status and its geostrategic importance to the world. It could not bother to evaluate what PACOM implied. Pakistan played its role to US satisfaction till the end of the war. This was at the cost of changing its socio-economic and socio-religious fabric; a cost still being paid. The romance with CENTCOM was soon over as Pakistan was left alone to contend with mopping up. It was evident that Pakistan only had a short term strategic significance and that American long term interests lay with India


Mar 26 08:05

US destroys 'enemy' inter-continental ballistic missile in 'milestone' salvo intercept

The United States on Monday successfully intercepted an intercontinental ballistic missile by two ground-based interceptors in a first-time "milestone" achievement, according to the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency.
Two ground-based missile interceptors were launched Vandenberg Air Force Base in California after radars tracked a simulated intercontinental ballistic missile launched from the Reagan Test Site on Marshall Islands' Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific ocean almost 4,000 miles (approx 6437 km) away.

Mar 26 07:38

ADC’s Statement on the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights

The unprecedented decision by the Trump Administration to formally recognize Israel’s unjust claim to the occupied Syrian Golan Heights is troubling, deeply concerning, and goes against international law. President Trump declared via twitter on March 21, 2019, that this policy shift, “is of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and Regional Stability!” This irresponsible and unilateral decision contradicts thirty years of established U.S. policy.

To date, no country recognizes Israel’s claim over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. In 1967, Israel acquired the Syrian Golan Heights by force, and fully annexing the territory in 1981.>>>

Mar 26 07:38

Pentagon authorises $1 billion for construction of Donald Trump's border wall

The US Department of Defense shifted $1 billion to plan and build a 57-mile section of "pedestrian fencing", roads and lighting along the border between the United States and Mexico, the Pentagon chief said on Monday.
Last week, the Pentagon gave Congress a list that included $12.8 billion of construction projects for which it said funds could be redirected for construction along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Mar 26 07:18

Iowa Town Bans Fluoride And Ends Program As Chemical’s Danger Becomes Apparent

Another small town questions the story and safety of water fluoridation.

Mar 26 07:15

Paul Craig Roberts: Trump Is Netanyahu’s Man and the US Media Are Imbeciles

As I said, Trump is America’s first Zionist president. But apparently Trump does not understand that a declaration he signs giving Golan Heights to Israel has no authority under international law. I doubt many others will prostitute themselves in this way, so all Trump has achieved is to line up the United States with Israel’s illegal absorption of occupied territory.

Of course, in America stupidity can be found wherever one looks.>>>

(*OK , that's enough . get him away from the mic! Thank you Mr. Roberts . Good to see you weren't completely "maga Snatched" !)

Mar 26 06:54

Creating the Appalachian Trail, America’s Footpath

Outdoor adventurers, hikers, thrill-seekers, and people looking to escape the modern world have the ultimate bucket-list destination…the Appalachian Trail. The 2,175 continuous footpath winds through 14 U.S. states and extends from Mount Katahdin in Maine to Springer Mountain in Georgia. Like the trail itself, the history of the Appalachian Trail is long and diverse. It began with an idealist in a tree in 1921 and ends with the final land acquisition just a few years ago.

Mar 26 06:51

The Other Side Of Helen Keller Not In History Books

The Helen Keller story has been whitewashed in the history books so much so that people today view her as an inspirational story of a disabled girl who overcame the odds and learned to communicate intelligently with the world around her. While that is true, there is another side to Helen Keller that the history books tend to ignore. That is, Helen Keller was an outspoken Communist.