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July 22, 2019

Jul 22 16:03

Officials Seize Nearly $5 Million in Gold Bars at UK’s Heathrow Airport

Officials at London’s Heathrow Airport recently seized nearly $5 million worth of gold bars that are believed to be linked to drug cartels thriving in South America.

According to reports, the gold shipment, weighing 229 pounds, was on its way to Switzerland from the Cayman Islands when it was seized last month under the UK Proceeds of Crime Act. The shipment had arrived in London from the Cayman Islands on a private jet from Venezuela.

Jul 22 15:37

Nice try, wrong missile: US botches propaganda video accusing Russia of INF violation

The US mission to NATO sought to blame Russia for the expiration of an arms control treaty by posting a Twitter cartoon claiming Moscow had developed a forbidden missile – but didn’t help its own argument by showing the wrong one.

In a surprisingly poor-quality video, narrated by a female AI voice, the US accused Russia of developing a missile that was banned under the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, and said there was still time for Moscow to “come back into full and verifiable compliance” before the deal expires on August 2.

Not only is this not true, but the missile system shown in the cartoon was the perfectly legal and completely different Iskander-M.

Jul 22 15:34

Widespread power outage hits Venezuela

Much of Venezuela is suffering from a massive blackout, social media users and local news outlets have reported. Power shortages, which began on Monday morning, have impacted at least 18 states, including the capital, Caracas.

The lack of electricity has caused chaos for the transportation network in the capital and has disrupted phone and internet connections.

In March, Venezuela suffered two major blackouts that send the country into darkness for days. The government of President Nicolas Maduro blamed the US-led local opposition of sabotaging the power grid, amid Washington's attempts to topple the elected president.

Jul 22 15:02

NY Times ADMITS Diversity Makes You POORER and Less Safe

Jul 22 14:03

Park Or Don't Park?

Jul 22 14:00

A Derecho, a Widespread Destructive Thunderstorm Wind Event, Swept Across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan

A line of severe thunderstorms known as a derecho produced damaging winds across the upper Midwest Friday and early Saturday morning


Jul 22 13:20

'Once the girls lost their braces, they were too old for him': Private investigator who spent a DECADE tracking Jeffrey Epstein claims he 'met with one 13-year-old victim who looked like she was aged NINE'

A private investigator who spent a decade tracking Jeffrey Epstein has given new details about the disgraced billionaire's predilection for underage girls.

In an interview with CNN on Saturday, Detective Michael Fisten claims he met with many of Epstein's victims, included one who looked like she was just nine years old.

The former homicide detective was first hired to trace Epstein back in 2009 by attorney Brad Edwards, who was representing alleged victims of the businessman in various civil suits.

Fisten told CNN that one of the most difficult moments of his investigation came when he met with a 13-year-old girl who said she had been abused by Epstein.

Jul 22 12:35

The War on Yemen Just Went from Bad to Worse for Saudi Arabia

Nobody’s won the War on Yemen (except for maybe the Southern Transitional Council), but that doesn’t mean that they lost, either, except for Saudi Arabia. The Ansar Allah (“Houthis”) administer the most demographically and economically important part of the country even though they failed to take control of the state’s entire territory, while the UAE obtained invaluable experience managing mercenary groups and also acquired several regional bases throughout the course of its campaign, to say nothing of the rising South Yemeni proxy state that they’re largely responsible for creating. Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, is less secure than it was at the onset of the conflict now that the Ansar Allah’s military capabilities have evolved to the point of enabling them to regularly bomb the Kingdom’s territory, and it’s dangerously falling into the trap of “mission creep” by seeking to replace some of the withdrawn Emirati units with its own.

Jul 22 12:34

US Pushes Allies to Send Warships to Gulf to Protect Tankers

Britain has been keeping track of US actions with respect to Iran, so when a British oil tanker was seized by Iran last week, one of the first moves Britain made was to ask the US to avoid saber rattling or making inflammatory public statements.

That’s such a default response for the Trump Administration that it’s not clear they’d even recognize the difference. US officials are now pushing for everyone to rush warships to the Strait of Hormuz to protect tankers going forward.

While US officials are presenting this as a new program called Sentinel, the reality is that this is the exact same idea the US has been pushing for weeks, where the US gets other countries to commit warships, but the US gets to command them entirely.

Jul 22 11:21

US military complains Venezuelan jet ‘aggressively shadowed’ its spy plane… blames Russia

A Venezuelan Su-30 fighter “aggressively shadowed” an American spy plane over the Caribbean Sea, the US military said, claiming the jet was at an “unsafe distance” and blaming Russia for its “irresponsible” support for Caracas.

Footage of the Russian-made Su-30 aircraft approaching a US EP-3 reconnaissance plane was released by the Southern Command on Sunday. The US military said the incident took place over the Caribbean Sea on July 19, but did not indicate how close the EP-3 was to the Venezuelan border, stating that the planes were in international airspace.

Jul 22 11:20

"I've Had Many Strange Experiences In My Life" - Inside Epstein's 'Honey Trap' On E 71st Street

I’ve had many strange experiences in my decades of covering intelligence affairs. These run from being invited to KGB HQ in Moscow, Chinese intelligence in Beijing, US intelligence in Virginia, Libyan intelligence in Tripoli, South African intelligence, and even Albanian intelligence in Tirana.

But none was odder than the day I was invited to lunch in New York City with the by now notorious figure Jeffrey Epstein. The golden boy of Manhattan and Palm Beach society now sits in a grim jail cell accused of having sex with underage girls. He’s been doing this in plain view since the early 1990’s but, until recently, he seemed bullet-proof.

Soon after I walked into the entrance of Epstein’s mansion on E 71st Street, said to be the city’s largest private home, a butler asked me, “would you like an intimate massage, sir, by a pretty young girl?” This offer seemed so out of place and weird to me that I swiftly declined.

Jul 22 11:19

Revealed: Google Execs Funded Crowdstrike – The ‘Experts’ Behind the Russian Hackers Story

The day after the 2016 Presidential election the leadership team at Google was caught crying at a company-wide meeting with one exec saying “We lost.

” Now we know that they were behind the firm that claimed Russia hacked the DNC – Crowdstrike!

The Gateway Pundit previously reported after the 2016 election on Breitbart.com’s video showing Google execs crying like children after Hillary Clinton’s loss.

A video recorded by Google shortly after the 2016 presidential election reveals an atmosphere of panic and dismay amongst the tech giant’s leadership, coupled with a determination to thwart both the Trump agenda and the broader populist movement emerging around the globe.

Jul 22 11:18

Boston Globe Publishes Article Inadvertently Admitting Gun Violence in America Is Exclusively a Black and Brown (Non-White) Problem

And not once in this article or the studies cited within the piece do we learn young black and brown men are disproportionately impacted by gun violence, because young black and brown people shoot each other disproportionately, causing the “urban” violence so overwhelmingly impacting non-whites.

Jul 22 11:18

Despite Plenty Of Improvements, Trump Hasn't Built A Single Mile Of New Border Fencing

After more than two years fighting with Democrats over border security, the Trump administration has replaced plenty of dilapidated barriers - yet hasn't built a single mile of border fencing in open, unprotected sections of the southern US border, according to the Washington Examiner's Anna Giaritelli.

Jul 22 11:17

What Has $49 Billion in Foreign Military Aid Bought Us? Not Much

It’s a scene right out of the movie Groundhog Day. Every year around this time, the administration submits its annual request to Congress to appropriate billions of dollars for America’s allies and partners in the Middle East to finance their purchase of U.S. military training and equipment.

Jul 22 11:17

America Loses Her Thick Skin

Whereas once we understood that suffering made a man, today we have safe spaces and trigger warnings to avoid pain at all costs.

Jul 22 11:16

Iran sentences “CIA spy ring” to death; publishes video & photos of Americans

Iran has handed down the death penalty to alleged members of a CIA-spy ring inside Iran’s military, which authorities said they uncovered earlier this year. And now for the first time, state media is circulating photos purporting to show some among the alleged CIA-linked operatives.

“The identified spies were employed in sensitive and vital private sector centers in the economic, nuclear, infrastructure, military and cyber areas… where they collected classified information,” Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence said on state television. They had been working “contractors or consultants,” the statement said.

Jul 22 11:15

Liftoff! India Launches Ambitious Mission to Land at the Moon's South Pole

India is on its way to the moon again — this time, to the lunar surface.

The nation's robotic Chandrayaan-2 mission launched today (July 22) from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, rising off the pad atop a Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III (GSLV Mk III) rocket at 5:13 a.m. EDT (0913 GMT; 2:43 p.m. local Indian time). The launch came after just over a weeklong delay due to a rocket glitch, and just days after NASA celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Jul 22 11:15

Daniel Turner: California's latest descent into liberal madness – Berkeley bans natural gas

From sanctuary cities to brutally high taxes, California is the undisputed center of gravity for today’s far-left. If you want to see how liberal policies would look on a national level, you don’t have to imagine it. You can just look at the thousands fleeing the once-great state.

In the latest chapter of California’s descent into liberal madness, the city of Berkeley – a hotbed of radical liberalism – became the first city in America to ban natural gas from new homes and businesses, including restaurants that use natural gas for stoves.

Environmentalists are reportedly hailing this development as a major victory, and it might not be an isolated incident. More than 50 other cities in California are considering following Berkeley’s lead.

Jul 22 11:14

Federal judge sides with Russian company, rebukes Mueller, Barr

A federal judge has chastised former special counsel Robert Mueller and Attorney General William P. Barr for stating that the Russian government was behind election year social media trolling when there is no evidence presented by prosecutors.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Dabney L. Friedrich culminated a secret legal battle between the Justice Department and the Russian firm Concord Management and Consulting LLC.

The judge this month began unsealing legal briefs and transcripts, which reveal that the release of Mr. Mueller’s 448-page report and Mr. Barr’s public statements triggered Concord attorney Eric A. Dubelier to seek contempt proceedings against both.

Jul 22 11:13

Study confirms that man-made climate change is completely fake (so much for consensus…)

Just how much of a threat to the subsistence of our planet is man-made climate change, according to the latest scientific data? It’s not actually a threat at all, it turns out, because man-made climate change doesn’t exist.

This is the conclusion of a new study out of Finland, in which researchers from the University of Turku determined that the contribution of humans to global temperature increases over the past century is negligible, at best.

While planetary temperatures are said to have risen by about 0.1 degrees Celsius over the past 100 years, human activity contributed only about 0.01 degrees Celsius of this, or about 10 percent.

Entitled, “No experimental evidence for the significant anthropogenic climate change,” the paper reiterates that global temperature fluctuations are primarily influenced by things like cloud cover that have absolutely nothing to do with humans eating meat, driving cars, or raising livestock that fart.

Jul 22 10:50

Privatizing Public Lands Doesn’t Mean Turning Them Into Shopping Centers

By Gor Mkrtchian

Protected public lands in the United States — including national forests, national parks, and similar areas — cover nearly 500,000 square miles, or 14 percent of the land area of the United States. The existence of these government-controlled lands gives the federal government immense power over much of the United States, and in some US states, the federal government controls a majority of the land area.

Thanks to the popularity of some public lands, known for their natural beauty, federal control of so much land nonetheless remains popular, and the idea of privatizing these lands is considered a radical idea, to say the least...

Jul 22 10:50

The market is fundamentally and technically overvalued to an extreme

Jul 22 10:45

Jeffrey Epstein Pitched a New Narrative. These Sites Published It.

After Jeffrey Epstein got out of the Palm Beach County jail in 2009, having served 13 months of an 18-month sentence resulting from a plea deal that has been widely criticized, he began a media campaign to remake his public image.

The effort led to the publication of articles describing him as a selfless and forward-thinking philanthropist with an interest in science on websites like Forbes, National Review and HuffPost.

The Forbes.com article, posted in 2013, praised him as “one of the largest backers of cutting-edge science around the world” while making no mention of his criminal past. The National Review piece, from the same year, called him “a smart businessman” with a “passion for cutting-edge science.” The HuffPost article, from 2017, credited Mr. Epstein for “taking action to help a number of scientists thrive during the ‘Trump Era’,” a time of “anti-science policies and budget cuts.”

Jul 22 10:44

Judge halts Democrats' subpoenas of Trump Org docs in emoluments case

A federal judge Friday paused congressional Democrats' subpoenas of Trump Organization financial records, 10 days before the records were due in a lawsuit over whether President Donald Trump is violating the Constitution.

The delay is a win for Trump, even if temporary. He's attempting -- and so far has succeeded -- to hold off multiple subpoenas from the Democrats that could divulge secrets about his company and assets.

Jul 22 10:43

Lufthansa, British Airways abruptly suspend flights to Cairo as 'precaution'

The British government issued a travel warning for Egypt on Saturday citing a “heightened risk of terrorism against aviation,” as British Airways and German carrier Lufthansa suspended flights to Cairo as a security "precaution."

British Airways flights were suspended for seven days, while Lufthansa flights will resume on Sunday.

"There’s a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation," The United Kingdom's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) said in a statement. "Additional security measures are in place for flights departing from Egypt to the UK. You should co-operate fully with security officials at airports."

British Airways and Lufthansa — two of Europe's largest airlines — abruptly stopped flights to Cairo on Saturday, even as flights were about to board.

Jul 22 10:42

Tens of thousands march again in huge Hong Kong anti-government rally

Hong Kong witnessed another huge anti-government march on Sunday with seemingly no end in sight to the turmoil engulfing the finance hub, sparked by years of rising anger over Beijing’s rule.

The city has been plunged into its worst crisis in recent history by weeks of marches and sporadic violent confrontations between police and pockets of hardcore protesters.

The initial protests were lit by a now-suspended bill that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China.

But they have since evolved into a wider movement calling for democratic reforms, universal suffrage and a halt to sliding freedoms in the semi-autonomous territory.

Jul 22 10:42

Satellite images offer a glimpse of the bleached American flag, astronaut boot prints and lunar equipment frozen in time at the Apollo 11 landing site 50 years later

Fifty years on, remnants from the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing are still visible on the moon's surface, essentially frozen in time.

Without the threat of wind and water erosion we're used to on earth, even the footprints left behind by the Apollo 11 astronauts are believed to still be cemented into the moon's surface.

Buzz Aldrin described the moon's 'magnificent desolation' when he and Neil Armstrong became the first humans to ever set foot on the lunar landscape that had set untouched for 4.5 billion years.

The astronauts left behind ample evidence of their expedition, some scientific and some sentimental.

They set up a camera, Laser Ranging RetroReflector (LRRR) and Passive Seismic Experiment Package (PSEP) to send information back to earth in the future and ditched some of the gear used to collect samples loaded back onto the Eagle spacecraft - along with excrement that had accumulated on the journey.

Jul 22 10:39

New US military suicide report may revive debate to limit access to firearms

A newly released report by the US Defense Department on military suicides among active-duty service members in 2017 reveals that two-thirds of such acts involved the use of firearms, reviving debate on the need to limit soldiers’ access to guns in a bid to reduce the high rate of suicides among US troops.

According to the report released last week, of the 309 suicides among active-duty troops in 2017, firearms played a role in 202 of the fatalities, though most were privately owned guns, not service weapons, military.com news outlet reported Saturday.

The study further suggested that promoting separate storage of guns and ammunition, as well as discouraging public carry when not on duty, could decrease the military suicide rate, which in 2017 stood at nearly 22 deaths per 100,000.

Jul 22 10:39

Ghislaine Maxwell brought Bill Clinton to Jeffrey Epstein: report

Former President Bill Clinton’s connection to since-convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was established through British heiress and longtime Epstein pal Ghislaine Maxwell, who also became a friend of former first daughter Chelsea, according to a new report Sunday.

Jul 22 10:38

Jim Stone: Boeing Is Either Going To Get Woke Or Die.. The Firing Of White Male Engineers And Hiring Cheap Foreign SJW Labor Doomed Their 737 'Max'

If it does not kill Boeing, it is going to maim the company well into the future. Reason: Because it is a piece of crap put together by FOREIGN engineers who started life cooking with cow dung, got a less than stellar diploma, and then wooed a foolish SJW with "Me better than white male". FACT: If the problem with this plane could be rectified, they would all be flying now. If they are not flying by now, they never will fly. A multi billion dollar company is in a major push to try to solve the problems with this plane, and $10 billion later got nothing in the air again.

Jul 22 10:36

Jeffrey Epstein Chaired a $6.7 Billion Company that Documents Suggest May Have Received a Secret Federal Reserve Bailout

According to a database created by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists containing files leaked from the law firm Appleby, Jeffrey Epstein, who is under indictment as a sex trafficker and assaulter of underage girls, was the Chairman of Liquid Funding Ltd. from November 9, 2001 to at least March 19, 2007. The offshore business had been incorporated in Bermuda on October 19, 2000 and according to the Fitch ratings firm, it had $6.7 billion in outstanding liabilities in 2006.

In a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission in February 2003, Bear Stearns, the Wall Street investment bank that Epstein had resigned from under murky circumstances in 1981, confirmed that it was a 40 percent owner of Liquid Funding Ltd., writing as follows:

Jul 22 10:35

Illinois Trump Supporter’s Truck Smashed and Vandalized, ‘Antifa’ Painted on the Back

A Trump supporter’s truck was smashed and vandalized with the word “Antifa” outside his home on Monday evening.

Tom Lord of Champaign, Illinois, says that he woke up on Tuesday morning to find that a window on his truck had been smashed in and the word “Antifa” scrawled across the back with red spray paint.

Jul 22 10:34

Trump Administration Considering Full Shutdown of Refugee System

Elements within the Trump administration are considering implementing a freeze on the nation’s costly and troubled refugee resettlement program, according to sources within the administration.

White House policy advisor has been described as a key proponent of the plan. A full refugee resettlement pause could serve to reenergize the immigration patriots that served as the core supporters of Donald Trump’s historic 2016 Presidential campaign.

Jul 22 10:34

Brain-Damaging Pesticide for Use on Foods Kids Eat. It’s Legal

Farmers can keep spraying fruits and vegetables with a pesticide shown to harm a child’s brain even at low levels of exposure, the Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency said today.

With a court deadline looming, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced his decision to allow chlorpyrifos to continue to be used on conventionally grown food crops, like peaches, cherries, apples, oranges and corn. The chemical is not allowed for use on organic produce.

In April, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously that the EPA must decide by mid-July whether to reverse the Trump administration’s overturn of a scheduled ban on chlorpyrifos. The ban had been strongly supported by EPA scientists.

Jul 22 10:32

Analysis – The GOOD And The BAD of Today’s “Anti-Vax” Movement…

Despite Well Funded Constant Assaults By Big Pharma, And Their Sleazy Minions, The Worldwide “Anti-Vax” Movement Gets Smarter, Tougher, And Stronger – And Far More Knowledgeable, And Sophisticated, EVERY Day...

Jul 22 10:31

Send Liberty Packing! (Cartoon)

Jul 22 10:31

Pampers Joins Huggies in Selling “Smart” Diapers Despite Health Warnings, Privacy and Security Issues

Activist Post reported about Huggies’ “Smart Diapers” in May. Now Proctor & Gamble has announced they will start selling their own “Smart” diapers in the fall. Unlike the Huggies line, their diapers will only track pee (not poo) but they will also track babies’ sleep patterns.

The Lumi by Pampers line, which Pampers says has a waitlist ahead of its US launch this fall, includes an activity sensor that secures to a “landing” on the front of a baby’s diaper. It comes with a baby monitor and a 10-day supply of diapers. The sensor works with a corresponding app to log the kid’s pee and identify patterns. Additional packs of Lumi by Pamper diapers will be sold separately. Pricing has not been finalized.

Parents using the Lumi diapers will in theory not have to worry about checking any of that because they’ll get smartphone alerts. The app will display one of three diaper statuses: dry, wet, very wet.

Jul 22 10:30

Mainstream media ran with Dem lawmaker's claims of grocery store racism. Then the truth came out.

Mainstream media outlets, Twitter, prominent presidential candidates, and even New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio rushed to condemn what Georgia Rep. Erica Thomas (D) claims was an incident of racism at her local Publix grocery store on Friday.

Jul 22 10:30

Google exposes itself as pro-pedophilia, pro-child abuse by opposing sex trafficking laws that would protect children

A child protection bill with broad bipartisan support is under fire by Google because it threatens to actually hold the Silicon Valley tech giants accountable for their complicity in allowing underage children to be abused and sex trafficked through their platforms.

If passed, the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, or SESTA, would amend the Communications Decency Act (CDA) of 1934 to specify that tech companies like Google will no longer be shielded from liability for sex crimes committed on their platforms, specifically against underage children.

Because Google and other tech companies are profiting from this child sex trafficking, SESTA would implicate them for “benefiting from ‘participation in a venture’ engaged in sex trafficking of children.” SESTA would also allow for state attorneys general to file civil actions against Google and other tech companies on behalf of the residents of their respective states.

Jul 22 10:30

Viral video shows Rashida Tlaib being forcibly dragged out of Trump campaign event in 2016 by Secret Service

Hundreds of protesters were forcibly removed from Donald Trump's campaign rallies during his historic run to the White House in 2016. Now we know that Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) was one such protester.

Jul 22 10:29

Former Mueller Probe Witness Indicted For Child Sex Trafficking

When it came to the character of witnesses upon whom he relied during his nearly two-year investigation, Robert Mueller clearly didn't discriminate. He even relied on a man convicted of child porn charges - Lebanese businessman George Nader - to give evidence against people in Trump's circle.

Now, Nader on Friday was indicted on new charges of importing child pornography and traveling with a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity, Politico reports.

Jul 22 10:28

Strait of Hormuz: UK Ministers Catch Heat for Seizing Iranian Tanker as Tehran Hits Back

Friday’s seizure of a British-flagged tanker off Iran's coast came two weeks after the Royal Navy detained an Iranian vessel near its Mediterranean peninsular exclave Gibraltar, further deteriorating already-poor relations between London and Tehran.

The UK government is expected to come under scrutiny for their decision to seize an Iranian oil tanker off Gibraltar two weeks ago, without ensuring that it could protect British-operated vessels sailing through the Strait of Hormuz, according to the Guardian.

Lord West, the former commander of the Royal Navy, said that the UK should not "pretend we're surprised" by the seizure of a British-flagged tanker by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.

"What I find extraordinary is that we knew that the Iranians would try something like this a few days ago,” he told Sky News.

Jul 22 10:28

The Myth of Authority: Mnuchin Denies USD Is Used Criminally

By Graham Smith

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has once again weighed in on Bitcoin, claiming the U.S. dollar has not been used to finance “nefarious” activity on a recent episode of CNBC’s Squawk Box. Democratic House Representative Maxine Waters also dropped a tasty nugget of a soundbite as well, sharing her thoughts on “bitcom” and the need for regulation. Such blatant demonstrations of economic incompetence being so frequent recently, bitcoiners worldwide are left wondering about the nature of centralized regulation and the concept of authority itself...

Jul 22 10:27

Filmmaker Was Documenting Abuses in CPS and Children Murdered Under State Custody Before He Died

Bill Bowen was a former firefighter and federal investigator. He was also known for exposing the New York City Fire Department in a book, Radio Silence F.D.N.Y. The Betrayal of New York’s Bravest, which he coauthored with Battalion Chief John Joyce. The book describes how 125 New York City firefighters and numerous civilians lost their lives on 9/11 due to problems with their two-way radios.

While he had many irons in the fire, his top priority was finishing Innocence Destroyed as well as helping people initiate class action lawsuits against Child Protective Services agencies in all fifty states. (Source: Daniel Weaver – Albany CPS and Family Court Examiner, September 10, 2010.)

Jul 22 10:26

'More dangerous than Bin Laden': Tech giants under fire in Washington

With the US seized by debate about whether it is acceptable for a president to tell non-white congresswomen to "go back" to their countries of origin, many Americans were in despair about the state of their national discourse this week.

But one group may have felt grateful that the public's attention was focused on Donald Trump's tweets: the executives of the country's biggest tech companies. The "big four" players in the US tech industry - Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon - this week faced a blizzard of inquiries on Capitol Hill into their market power, expansion plans and political leanings.

Jul 22 10:25

The Royal Navy: From Piracy to Impotence

The British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has been busy in the past 24 hours trying to deflect blame, or criticism, from the British government for inflaming tensions in the Persian Gulf.

As part of his diplomatic offensive, Hunt has accused Iran of “illegal” and “destabilizing” behaviour, all the while apparently impervious to the irony of his position.

The Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has hit back by reminding Hunt that: “Unlike the piracy in the Strait of Gibraltar, our action in the Persian Gulf is to uphold international maritime rules”.

Diplomatic spats aside, any objective review of the facts will not fail to recognise that in recent events in the Persian Gulf and the Gibraltar Strait, the UK has engaged in illegal, and destabilising, activities on at least three occasions.

Jul 22 10:24

Forces in UK seek to escalate tensions ‘well beyond issue of ships’ – Iran’s envoy in London

As Tehran and London trade accusations over the seized tankers, Iran’s ambassador in London warns that certain forces in the UK aim to use the crisis to boost tensions even further.

Ramping up pressure would be dangerous and “unwise,” Hamid Hamid Baeidinejad warned in a tweet on his personal account on Sunday.

That’s why it’s key now for the UK government to “contain those domestic political forces who want to escalate existing tension between Iran and the UK well beyond the issue of ships.”

That said, Tehran is “firm and ready for different scenarios,” Baeidinejad said.

Jul 22 10:24

Rep. Jim Jordan Reminds Dems Who Really Built 'Cages' At The Border

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) tore into Democrats during a Thursday House Oversight Committee hearing, reminding the selective-outrage brigade that "Not One Single So-Called Cage Has Been Constructed By The Trump Administration... not one."

"During the presidency of Barack Obama, we didn't see outrage from the Democrats then. We didn't see prominent Democrat members of Congress condemning the "concentration camps" torture then. Again, President Trump has not built a single "cage."

The cages you see in the news and on Twitter were constructed by President Obama's administration.

Jul 22 10:23


Saudi Arabia's minister of state for foreign affairs on Sunday condemned Iran's seizure of a British flagged tanker in the Strait of Hormuz and urged the international community to take action to deter such "unacceptable" behavior.

"Any attack on the freedom of navigation is a violation of international law," Adel Aljubeir said in a Twitter post.

Jul 22 10:22


US President Trump also took to Twitter on Sunday night to exchange tweets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulating him on surpassing David Ben-Gurion over the weekend as Israel's longest serving leader.

Trump tweeted, "Congratulations to Bibi @Netanyahu on becoming the longest serving PM in the history of Israel. Under your leadership, Israel has become a technology powerhouse and a world class economy...."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But at what cost to the people is Israel and palestine.

Jul 22 10:17

Neil deGrasse Tyson's Globalist Apollo 11 Message Met With Blowback Over Glaring Flaw

Despite being a brilliant astrophysicist and a captivating television host, Neil deGrasse Tyson can still make a fool of himself on social media at the same rate as the rest of us. In response to the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the former "Cosmos" host tweeted out a globalist message meant to reduce America's achievement 50 years ago to a "human achievement" free of any nationalist pride.

Jul 22 10:16

Women’s Group Complains About Women Holding Most College Debt, Blames Sexism. Here’s The Real Reason.

It seems that women these days have absolutely no control over their own choices, as consequences that stem from the choices they make are explained as the result of institutional sexism.

Jul 22 10:10

The NSA Gave Israel Access to All US Citizens' Communications Data, Leaked Docs Reveal

Jul 22 10:06

Most Americans, and nearly all Democrats, say 'heated' political rhetoric headed to violence in U.S., in new poll

Americans are worried about the future of discourse, dialogue, and actual civil peace, a new poll from Pew Research demonstrates. Though the fact that those fears have risen should be evident to anyone who observes the news or social media.

Jul 22 10:06

South Bend cops warn of ‘mass exodus,’ as morale tanks over Buttigieg handling of shooting

As South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg commands national attention with his media-savvy presidential bid, the firestorm back home over an officer-involved shooting shows no sign of settling soon -- with the mayor facing criticism not only from protesters but police who say his handling has crushed morale and risks a “mass exodus” from the force.

Jul 22 10:05

Video surfaces showing Nancy Pelosi advocating Republican policy on border crisis

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has objected to nearly every single proposal from Republicans and President Donald Trump meant to alleviate the ongoing border crisis.

Jul 22 10:05

Goldfinger, Silver and Gold

As of July 5, the gold to silver ratio stood at 93, the highest since 1993. This ratio is not a precise timing indicator, but high ratios have always indicated major bottoms in both metals. While low silver prices anger some investors, the wise are buying.

The stock market since 2009 has rallied based on near-zero interest rates, huge stock buybacks benefiting management, media hype, and trillions of new corporate, government and individual debt. It might rally further, but a risk to reward analysis suggests a high risk and low potential reward for the over-valued stock market in 2019.

Silver is in the opposite position. Prices have fallen for eight years and built a five-year base. Expect much higher prices in late 2019 and 2020.

Jul 22 10:04

What The Latest Secret Government File Tells Us About The West's Middle East Policy

The British government is refusing to release a 1941 file on Palestine, as it might “undermine the security” of Britain and its citizens. Why would a 78-year-old document be seen as so sensitive in 2019?

One plausible reason is that it could embarrass the British government in its relations with Israel and Iraq, and may concern a long but hidden theme in British foreign policy: creating false pretexts for military intervention.

Jul 22 10:03

China’s Investments in US Plummet by Nearly 90 Percent Under Trump

The nosedive comes against the background of the ongoing trade row between Beijing and Washington, which, however, showed signs of nearing a resolution late last month when President Trump announced that he will not impose new tariffs on China.

China’s direct investments in the US have plummeted by almost 90 percent since Donald Trump was elected US President in 2016, according to statistics by the economic research group Rhodium Group.

The data shows that the investments shrank to about to $5.4 billion in 2018 from a peak of $46.5 billion in 2016, which amounts to a total drop of 88 percent.

Jul 22 10:03

Iranian Documentary Reveals How CIA Recruited Agents, Sent Equipment to Assets in Iran (Video)

Earlier Monday, Iranian media confirmed that a major cyber-espionage ring run by US intelligence had been uncovered and dismantled, with some 17 CIA-trained spies said to have been identified, some receiving long prison sentences while military personnel got the death penalty for treason.

Iranian television has aired a Farsi language documentary detailing CIA operations in Iran, including a clip showing one alleged CIA officer in the United Arab Emirates trying to recruit an unidentified Iranian.

“There are many [Iranian] intelligence officers here in Dubai. It is very dangerous,” a woman, speaking Farsi with an accent and appearing to be an American, was shown telling the would-be agent.

Jul 22 10:02

Rare Lava Lake Found on Top of Sub-Antarctic Volcano

Hollywood would have you believe that at the peak of most volcanoes is a roiling, red-hot lake of lava, perfect for human sacrifices or killing James Bond. Persistent lava lakes are actually quite rare; of Earth’s roughly 1,500 volcanoes, only seven are known to have lava lakes. So, the discovery of an eighth lava-topped volcano in the sub-Antarctic Sandwich Islands is a big deal, according to a new study in the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research.

The new lava lake is found on the summit of Mount Michael on Saunders Island, which is part of the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. According to a press release from the British Antarctic Survey, the hot spot was originally hinted at in 2001 when low-resolution satellite data showed a geothermal anomaly at the top of the peak.

Jul 22 10:01

Rotherham, UK: Muslim child rapists get half a million pounds in legal aid – victims get nothing

Three brothers have received up to £500,000 in legal aid after raping children in Rotherham – while dozens of their victims have yet to receive any compensation.

Arshid, Basharat and Bannaras Hussain – known as Mad Ash, Bash and Bono – pleaded poverty despite running a petrol station, takeaways and an egg farm that supplies supermarkets, alongside owning a number of properties.

And were awarded £370,000 in legal aid for their costs in the 2016 crown court trial. This does not include other magistrates hearings and family court battles which experts say could tot up to £100,000 more.

Jul 22 10:00

Italian priest in his 70s beaten by a gang of migrant youths in Venice

A 70-year-old priest from Venice claims to have been attacked and threatened by a group of young migrants who became physically aggressive toward him after he confronted them about their bad behavior.

Don Roberto Trevisol, the parish priest of San Giorgio Martire di Chirignago, outlined his experiences in a church newsletter where he recounts how the migrant youths had constantly vandalized areas in and around the church, Il Giornale reports.

Jul 22 10:00

Was Jeffrey Epstein Treated Like A Wealthy ‘Client’ In Florida Prison? Sheriff’s Office Wants To Know.

As multimillionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein comes back into the news based on new charges of sex trafficking dozens of minors, a sheriff’s office in Florida is looking into how it treated the former inmate.

Jul 22 10:00

Dangerous “Swedes” wanted for kidnapping and torture arrested by Spanish police in Málaga

Two of Sweden’s “most wanted” have been arrested in a shopping centre in Málaga, Andalusia, Southern Spain.

The brothers, aged 35 and 37, were apprehended on Sunday at around 2pm in a complex next to Malaga train station.

Jul 22 09:59

US Military Not Backing Down After 1 Million People Pledge To Storm Base

It’s one of the last great pieces of modern folklore there is. The secret military test facility, which is located inside the Nellis Military Operations Area in the middle of the Nevada desert, is supposed to contain everything from preserved aliens to secret, hyper-advanced test aircraft. (The last part is actually kind of true, given that the SR-71 Blackbird, F-117 stealth fighter and U-2 spy aircraft were all birthed there.)

Jul 22 09:58

Doctors Without Borders responds to BBC report on sexual misconduct

The global NGO Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has issued a statement saying it has been unable to confirm allegations that its logistics staff members working in Africa were commonly engaged in sexual misconduct, but takes the allegations seriously.

The response Thursday followed a BBC report featuring interviews with former employees who said the practice was commonplace among men who “took advantage of their exalted status as a Western aid worker” to exploit women, many of them described as very young.

In one case, a whistleblower’s male colleague allegedly boasted how easy it was to barter medication for sex with young girls in Liberia during the Ebola crisis.

The BBC said it could not confirm that incident, and MSF said it had similar difficulties.

Jul 22 09:58

Violence Against Public Officials Surges in Germany Due to Public Fury Over Migrants

Mayor of Hockenheim, a city in southwest Germany, was left bloodied and hospitalized after an unknown assailant punched him. Amid a sharp rise in threats to the political elite, one politician has already died. Reports suggest that such attacks are becoming more common.

Dieter Gummer, a member of the notoriously pro-migrant left-wing Social Democratic Party, answered his door on Monday evening to find an unfamiliar face outside. The visitor heavily punched the 67-year-old politician in the face, according to police in nearby Ludwigshafen.