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February 21, 2019

Feb 21 09:45

Ohio music store owner 'would rather starve and close' than serve Trump supporters

A music store owner in Ohio has made it known that he doesn't want any Trump-supporting customers, and that he'd "rather starve" than to take their money, according to The Hill.

Feb 21 09:45

Exclusive — Sen. Marco Rubio: ‘The Chinese Effort to Supplant America Has No Precedent’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) told Breitbart News exclusively that China’s intense international push for global dominance is the biggest threat that America has ever faced, even more substantial than the one that the Soviet Union posed in the 20th century during the Cold War.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bad, bad, bad, BAD China! As the US let its manufacturing decline, China became a manufacturing powerhouse! How dare they. How DARE they!

Feb 21 09:43

West Virginia Teachers Strike over Charter School Bill Governor Vows to Veto

West Virginia teachers will continue to strike into Wednesday, although Republican Gov. Jim Justice has vowed since January he will not sign into law an education bill allowing charter schools and education savings accounts in the state.

The New York Times, however, reported the teachers’ strike led to an immediate “victory” when the West Virginia House of Delegates voted Tuesday to table the bill. Similarly, the Associated Press reported union leaders were celebrating the decision of the West Virginia House of Delegates to kill the education bill that led to the strike:

Feb 21 09:43

Over 92 Percent of NRA Members Oppose Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

Over 92 percent of NRA members oppose criminalizing private gun sales via universal background checks.

This news runs counter to the myriad leftist claims that the NRA overwhelmingly supports the same draconian gun controls currently being pushed by House Democrats.

Writing in Ammoland, former NRA president Marion Hammer explains that the the views of NRA members are actually 180 degrees removed from those of the House Democrats and their surrogates in gun control groups around the country.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Feb 21 09:42

Murica Sent This Rusty Junk to Defend Eastern Europe From Russian Aggression

Couldn’t The Romania Journal find a better photo of USS Fort McHenry? Or perhaps use a little Photoshop? I have real doubts about NATO’s ability do defend Eastern Europe from Russian Aggression in case of an actual conflict now…

Feb 21 09:41

Independent Group: Could TONY BLAIR lead breakaway group?

ELEVEN MPs have joined the Independent Group from the Conservative and Labour parties and now all eyes are on who might next to jump ship - but could ex-Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair lead the centrist group?

Feb 21 09:41

Brexit LIVE: Chaos as UK to be blocked from MAJOR EU trade deals in event of no-deal

THE EU’s trade agreements with Japan, Algeria and Turkey will not automatically still apply to the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the Government has confirmed.

The revelation was made in the latest document released by Whitehall as the UK gears up its preparations to leave the Brussels trade bloc without a deal. The Government said it was “in the process of transitioning existing trade agreements of which the UK participates as a member of the European Union”. It is hoped a total of around 40 existing trade deals will roll over after March 29 in the event the Brexit deadlock is unable to be broken.

Feb 21 09:39

US can’t ignore India: Nasscom on proposed H-1B visa curb

IT industry leaders say any H-1B visa curbs will affect US economy as it lacks skilled manpower particularly in the field of science, technology, engineering and maths

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Thank you Common Core.

Feb 21 09:38

Jussie Smollett charged: 'Empire' actor staged attack because he was 'dissatisfied with his salary,' police say

"Empire" actor Jussie Smollett surrendered to authorities Thursday morning after he was charged with one count of felony disorderly conduct for filing a false police report.

At a press conference Thursday, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Smollett first faked a letter using racist and homophobic language and when that didn't get attention, Johnson said Smollett paid $3,500 to two brothers in order to stage the attack. Supt. Johnson said it was because he was "dissatisfied with his salary."

Feb 21 09:38

Great Civilizations Aren’t Murdered, They Commit Suicide: The U.S.’s Likely Collapse

Historian Arnold Toynbee in his 12-volume magnum opus A Study of History was an exploration of the rise and fall of 28 different civilizations. Toynbee concluded that great civilizations don’t “get murdered,” rather, they kill themselves, and all the signs of a civilization collapse are here.

The Roman Empire, for example, was the victim of many ills including overexpansion, climatic change, environmental degradation, and poor leadership. But it was also brought to its knees when Rome was sacked by the Visigoths in 410 and the Vandals in 455.

Collapse is often quick and greatness provides no immunity. The Roman Empire covered 4.4 million sq km (1.9 million sq miles) in 390. Five years later, it had plummeted to 2 million sq km (770,000 sq miles). By 476, the empire’s reach was zero. –BBC

Feb 21 09:37

Trump State Dep’t describes Palestine as part of Israel

Yesterday, Trump’s State Department characterized Palestine as part of Israel, seeming to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the entire West Bank.

Said Arikat, a reporter for the Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds, asked State spokesperson Robert Palladino about US service to Palestinians once the U.S. consulate is merged with the embassy in South Jerusalem, reportedly next month.

Palladino assured Arikat that the U.S. will still be involved with “all of Israel.”

Feb 21 09:32

Disturbing Video Surfaces Shows NY Abortion Clinic Assuring Woman Baby Will Be Killed If Born Alive

With the issue of late-term abortions being debated in legislatures across the country, pro-life advocate Lila Rose shared an undercover video shot in 2013 showing a woman identified as a New York abortion facility worker promising a would-be client that a baby breathing following a procedure would be drowned.

Feb 21 09:29

Hell Hole on Earth Discovered at Fukushima

Most people think they have to die to go to hell but that is not true anymore. Today, in the mainstream press, they announced the existence of a hell hole in Japan at the destroyed nuclear power station at Fukushima. We have a hot spot on our planet that has never been imagined before and in the face of it human technology is helpless.

At the levels of radiation now being found a Fukushima, a robot would be able to operate for less than two hours before it was destroyed. And Japan’s National Institute of Radiological Sciences said medical professionals had never even thought about encountering this level of radiation in their work.

Feb 21 09:29

iPhone, iPad, Mac apps merging? Apple SDK will create iOS apps that work on Mac

Apple's incoming software development kit will reported initially let devs publish iPad apps that work on Mac.

Feb 21 09:29

Chicago police chief EVISCERATES Jussie Smollett for betraying the black and LGBTQ communities as he details how the actor sent HIMSELF hate mail and then staged his 'homophobic and racist attack' because he was not happy with his SALARY on Empire

Jussie Smollett was eviscerated by furious Chicago police bosses on Thursday who alleged that he mailed himself a threatening letter than staged a hoax attack on himself because he was unhappy with his Empire salary.

At an extraordinary press conference, Chicago Police Department Chief Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson abhorred him as a 'troubled young man' who has 'taken advantage of the pain and anger of racism to further his career' by allegedly lying that he was attacked by racist and homophobic assailants on January 29.

Smollett is paid $20,000 per episode on Empire but, according to the police, wanted more so 'concocted' the fake letter and attack in the hope that it would raise his profile and earn him more.

His motive 'p****d everybody off', Superintendent Johnson said, adding that Smollett's repeated 'lies' were 'shameful' and 'despicable'.

Feb 21 09:25

AP’s articles on Ilhan Omar left out much of the story

The Associated Press sent out two versions of a story on responses to Ilhan Omar’s comments regarding the Israel lobby. Both were entitled “Omar’s edgy Israel tweet no surprise to some back home.” One version was slanted; the other made that one look good.

As we’ll see below, such distortion on Israel-Palestine isn’t unusual for AP.

Feb 21 09:24

Israel court bans Al-Aqsa protest detainees from accessing compound

An Israeli court yesterday released 14 Palestinian detainees “on condition of staying away from the Old City of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque for 60 days”, reported Wafa news agency.

Those living in the Old City itself were banned from Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. The individuals were also ordered to pay around $400 in bail, according to Mohammad Mahmoud, an attorney with the Prisoners Commission. Two further Palestinians “were remanded in custody until Friday”.

As Wafa reported, “confrontations broke out inside Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Tuesday between Israeli police and Palestinians”, leading to several injuries and around 16 arrests.

Feb 21 09:23

Israel hiding 300,000 documents about massacres carried out against Palestinians

Israeli Jewish journalist Asaf Shalev, who lives in California, has said that Israel had been hiding 300,000 documents about crimes carried out against the Palestinians, thousands of them date back to 1800s, +972 Magazine reported early this week.

Shalev was reported saying to the magazine that Israel’s State Archives declassified secret documents last summer including documents which are more than a century old; however, he said, 300,000 documents which predate the creation of Israel remained classified.

The very existence of the 300,000 classified files—their names, dates, and origin within the state bureaucracy—had been kept a secret, until now, he was reported saying by +972 Magazine, noting that one-fifth of the files, deemed too sensitive still by the government, were excluded from the disclosure.

Feb 21 09:23

Kamala Harris Supports Canceling Columbus Day on New Hampshire Stop

Presidential contender Kamala Harris affirmed her support for doing away with Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous People’s Day during her first campaign swing through New Hampshire.

Sen. Harris (D-CA) told a Monday crowd in Portsmouth that she would support replacing the longstanding U.S. holiday in favor of “Indigenous Peoples Day,” a movement of the left, according to NBC News.

While hundreds outside were turned away, 1,500 people attended the event, but not before Harris gave them a few moments of her time.

Feb 21 09:22

It's SNOWING in Las Vegas!

Feb 21 09:22

5-Things To Do Before Retirement

Feb 21 09:20

‘Stunningly brave’! Titania McGrath’s take on Jussie Smollett will bring you ‘to whole new levels of wokeness’ (12 Pics)

Maybe we’ve been approaching this Jussie Smollett thing all wrong. As the inimitable and über-woke “radical intersectionalist poet” Titania McGrath points out, even if Smollett made up the whole “hate crime” narrative, we need to stay focused on the big picture. The greater good, if you will:

Feb 21 09:03

McClatchy: Jared Kushner Asks Business for Immigration Plan

Jared Kushner is working with business groups to develop a pro-business immigration policy for approval by President Donald Trump in coming months, according to the McClatchy news service.
The news service reports:

President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law is operating on at least two tracks — the first is working with a small group studying specific ways to redistribute employment visas and the second is helping lead a series of “listening sessions” with about three dozen interest groups important to Trump to see if there is a position that Republicans can rally around before the 2020 elections.

Feb 21 09:02

Ilhan Omar is helping turn the tables in Congress and the US establishment is freaking out

It is about time for a new narrative that looks at the equation of anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism as itself a manifestation of racism

Feb 21 09:01

Anti-semitism is cover for a much deeper divide in Britain's Labour party

The announcement by seven MPs from the UK Labour Party on Monday that they were breaking away and creating a new parliamentary faction marked the biggest internal upheaval in a British political party in nearly 40 years, when the SDP split from Labour.

On Wednesday, they were joined by an eighth Labour MP, Joan Ryan, and three Conservative MPs. There are predictions more will follow.

With the UK teetering on the brink of crashing out of the European Union with no deal on Brexit, the founders of the so-called Independent Group made reference to their opposition to Brexit.

Feb 21 08:59

This footage appears to show Israeli forces using dogs to intimidate Palestinians in Yaffa

Feb 21 08:58

70 years after the Nakba: What if Wales had been offered to the Jews as a homeland?

On 2 November 1917, British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour sent a letter to Lord Walter Rothschild, a prominent Zionist, which became known as the Balfour Declaration.

In it, the British government promised Palestine to the Zionists - and did so without consulting Palestinians, British Jews, or the wider British population. While Palestinian Arabs at the time made up 90 per cent of the territory's 700,000 population, they were bizarrely only referred to as "existing non-Jewish communities". The letter also said "that nothing should be done to prejudice" their "civil and religious rights".

Feb 21 08:57

Netanyahu Merges Extremist Parties, Seeking Support in Election

With the various far-right portions of the previous coalition government now split, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is looking for newer, farther right parties to court. He has made a deal on the merger of two extremist parties to try to get them above the electoral threshhold, and a deal to see those MPs join a Netanyahu-led coalition.

The merger combines what is left of the Jewish Home party, which is tiny since Naftali Bennett and other leaders left to form the New Right, and the Jewish Power party, a collection of racists loyal to the banned movement of Rabbi Meir Kahane.

This has sparked some criticism from Netanyahu’s rivals, with him trying to cobble together potential allies from racists and homophobes, in an effort to keep his far-right coalition standing, no matter how much farther right it has to go.

Feb 21 08:56

SEE IT: Roseanne Barr calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a 'Farrakhan loving...bug-eyed b---h'

Less than a year after she was fired from her namesake ABC sitcom for a racist tweet about a former President Barack Obama senior staffer, she called Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “Farrakhan loving...bug-eyed bitch” in a new video posted to YouTube.

In the rambling video that starts out with Barr seemingly chewing, she begins by referring to the Bronx-born congresswoman as, “That Green New Deal...Farrakhan-loving bitch. I don’t remember her name. The bug-eyed bitch who looks like realtor.”

Barr, 66, mutters, “She got them realtor eyes,” and opens her own eyes wide.

Feb 21 08:54

Israel should apologise to Poland in Holocaust row: U.S. ambassador to Warsaw

Washington’s ambassador to Warsaw on Wednesday called on Israel to apologise to Poland in a row between the two countries over the Holocaust, after Israel’s acting foreign minister said “many Poles” had collaborated with the Nazis.

Feb 21 08:53

Netanyahu's strongest challengers form alliance in Israeli election

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s strongest challengers in an election in April joined forces on Thursday, adding more potency to the centrist candidates’ bid to end the right-wing leader’s decade in power.

Feb 21 08:51

Watch | A Millennial’s Guide to Promoting Regime Change in Venezuela

If you’ve been following developments in Venezuela, by now you’ve probably seen a video put together by viral YouTube comedian Joanna Hausmann. In the video, Hausmann says she’s fed up with disinformation about Venezuela currently spreading online and says she’s going to set the record straight. The points she makes are all generic mainstream talking points, and upon further investigation, her arguments don’t really hold up.

Feb 21 08:48

See For Yourself, 30 of the New, Modern, Amazing Airports of 'Stagnating Russia' (Great Pictures)

What prompted me to write this Awara Accounting report on the impressive development of Russia’s airports was to produce a cure for the but-beyond-the-MKAD syndrome. The MKAD is the 110 kilometer outer ring road around Moscow. And this syndrome refers to the habit of the detractors of Putin’s Russia to claim that any visible development of Russia, if any, has happened only within the limits of Moscow city – “just go outside the Ring Road and you’ll see there’s nothing but poverty and ruin.” Many of those who suffer from this syndrome live in a deep-seated cognitive dissonance where they just refuse to trust their lying eyes, while some of them are just peddlers of pure propaganda or victims of the latter.

So, let’s see what actually happens beyond the MKAD. Amazing airports have been built or reconstructed both in Moscow and across the vast country and many other impressive projects have been presented.

Feb 21 08:43

Gray Journalism About Yellow Vests: In Paragraph 18, The Anti-Semite Turns Out Be A Guy In A Keffiyeh

Gray Journalism is the opposite of Yellow Journalism: it’s covering up unpalatable realities by burying the interesting facts until long after most people have stopped reading. The Gray Lady, the NYT, is the leading practitioner of Gray Journalism. For example, articles in the New York Times about anti-Semitic incidents often take just about forever to get around to mentioning who the anti-Semite perps actually are:

Feb 21 08:42

Foreign Born Population At Highest Level In Over A Century

If you believe the Main Stream Media, we are living under a white nationalist dictatorship that is brutalizing immigrants and purging the land from foreigners. Meanwhile, in the real world, restrictions on immigration have almost completely collapsed and Americans are being systematically dispossessed from their own country.

Feb 21 08:34

Major advertisers jump ship as YouTube hit with ‘softcore child porn’ scandal

Payback has started! Ain't it a Bitch Youtube!

YouTube is in damage-control mode after several large companies, including Disney, Nestlé, McDonalds and Epic Games, pulled ads in response to a report accusing the platform of harboring a pedophile ring hiding in plain sight.
Multiple major corporations have temporarily suspended all YouTube advertising after learning their ads were playing before videos featuring minors as young as five performing sexualized versions of everyday activities. The advertisers were informed by Wired on Wednesday that their ads were playing before videos similar to the clips highlighted in blogger Matt Watson’s video exposé, posted earlier this week. Most responded with shock.

Feb 21 08:17

How Many Intersectional Diversity Pokemon Points Is Gay, Black & Jewish Jussie Smollett Entitled to?

The theory of Intersectionality — roughly, that the more categories of Victim you can check, the more Victim Privilege you enjoy — has been immensely influential since about 2013.

It’s popular with, say, black female homosexuals who want an intellectual-sounding justification for why they are Marginaler Than Thou to use on, say, straight black men or lesbian white women. Black women homosexuals clearly win in a matchup with white lesbians or black men through simple dominance logic. Black female lesbians check all the boxes that their traditional allies can check plus at least one more, proving their precedence.

That, by the way, is one reason why transgenders have swept to so many triumphs in recent years. Bruce Jenner, a rich Republican retired jock and devout golfer who has fathered six kids, enjoyed about as many intersectional Pokemon Points as Peyton Manning. But Caitlyn Jenner checks off all sorts of boxes: woman, transgender, even lesbian.

Feb 21 08:17

The Ramp Up to War on Iran is Here

John Bolton never met a war he didn’t like, except Vietnam. That would be the one he refused to fight in.

Today he is calling up every marker he has to create the narrative for a legal justification for an attack on Iran that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spilled the beans on just before the Warsaw Stink Fest last week.

Feb 21 08:16

Joan Ryan, MP who fabricated anti-Semitism, quits Labour

Lawmaker Joan Ryan quit Labour on Tuesday, citing party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s supposed “demonization and delegitimization” of Israel.

Ryan is the leading member of Parliament in Labour Friends of Israel – an Israeli embassy front group.

She notoriously fabricated a charge of anti-Semitism against Labour member Jean Fitzpatrick at the UK opposition party’s 2016 annual conference.

Labour Friends of Israel was defiant on Tuesday night, insisting that Ryan would “remain in her position as our parliamentary chair” despite her departure from the Labour Party.

Feb 21 08:15

Gulf leaders praise Israel ties in closed-door meeting

Gulf officials showcased their hostility towards Iran and their affection for Israel at the Warsaw conference hosted by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last week.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office leaked and then deleted a video of a closed-door meeting at the conference showing officials from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates spewing invective against Iran and defending Israel.

Bahrain’s foreign minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa downplayed Israel’s oppression of Palestinians.

“We grew up talking about the Palestine-Israel dispute as the most important issue,” he said in the video. “But then at a later stage, we saw a bigger challenge. We saw a more toxic one, in fact the most toxic in our modern history, which came from the Islamic Republic, from Iran.”

Feb 21 08:14

Meghan McCain calls Tulsi Gabbard an 'Assad apologist' in heated exchange on Syria

Since Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard declared she's running for president in 2020, she's been hammered in interviews over her controversial interactions with and statements on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Gabbard's Wednesday appearance on ABC's "The View" was no exception to the trend as the Hawaii Democrat got into a heated debate with host Meghan McCain.

As Gabbard discussed her foreign policy stance, McCain interrupted to address the lawmaker's stance on Assad.

"When I hear the name Tulsi Gabbard, I think of Assad apologist. I think of someone who comes back to the United States and is spouting propaganda from Syria," McCain said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And if there's going to be propaganda spouted around here, it will be AMERICAN propaganda! Got it?"

Feb 21 08:07

Pompous Fox Host Can't Stop Defending The Ultra-Rich

Feb 21 08:07

What If They Started a War and No One Showed Up?

The humiliation of United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Warsaw last week was a good thing. The ancient Greeks, exercising their demonstrated ability to synthesize defining characteristics, had a word for it: hubris. Hubris is when one develops an extreme and unreasonable feeling of confidence in a certain course of action that inevitably leads to one’s downfall when that conceit proves to be based on false principles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

From "MASH":

Flagg: I've got to nip this rotten apple in the bud! This sort of action's contagious. One man decides he's not gonna fight, it catches on, the next thing, you know what you've got on your hands?

B.J.: Peace?

Feb 21 08:04

How hate crime hoaxes damage society - Tucker Carlson

Feb 21 08:00

Opium, Oil, Proxy Wars: Ex-Reagan Adm. Official on US' Long Afghanistan Saga

US policy-makers are continuing to oppose Donald Trump's decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan. Speaking to Sputnik, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, economist, author and former US official, shared his views on the US' decades-long Afghanistan saga, surprising rise in opium crops under the American occupation and apparent use of Islamists by the US.

Donald Trump's decision to withdraw 1,000 or more US troops from Afghanistan has prompted concerns among American lawmakers and Washington's European allies. On 16 February the bipartisan group of US congressmen met with Afghan President Ashaf Ghani on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference to discuss the painful dilemma.

The US' Afghanistan war, which will mark its 18th anniversary this October, started in 2001 following the 9/11 terror attack under then-US President George W. Bush.

Owl 2
Feb 21 08:00

Europe to Sign Own 'Suicide Pact' If Hosts New US Missiles – German Politician

Europe’s possible agreement to host US intermediate and shorter-range ballistic missiles will be tantamount to signing a "suicide pact" in light of Russia’s declared resolve to target these potential security threats, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the leader of Germany’s Civil Rights Movement Solidarity party, told Sputnik.

"If Europe were to accept the installation of new US missiles on its territory in this strategic environment, it would sign a suicide pact," Zepp-LaRouche said.

Feb 21 07:59

Germany Not Interested in Anti-Russia Sanctions - Economy Minister

Europe is not interested in cutting off relations with Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated on 16 February on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference.

German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said in a statement that the country is not interested in the anti-Russian sanctions, as they were adopted for political reasons, stressing that it is necessary to work to change them.

"I personally think that we have no interest in sanctions", Altmaier said, adding that "we accepted these sanctions, because there were political grounds for this, repeatedly extended them. "the EU was united, but we have to work on changing political relations and arrive at other solutions".

Feb 21 07:58

Germany's suffering center-left SPD gets a boost in latest polls

The Social Democrats have seen a bounce following historically low support, according to a new poll. Their proposal for a guaranteed basic income for pensioners was also met with approval.

Feb 21 07:57

Angela Merkel's successor seeks tougher line on immigration

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats have met in an effort to shore up their credentials on immigration. The party, which now has a new leader, has seen support hemorrhage since the 2015 refugee crisis.

Feb 21 07:57

'Fake police' steal hundreds of thousands from Germany's elderly

Germany's Federal Police Office (BKA), working alongside Turkish authorities, has announced the arrests dozens of suspects believed to be calling elderly Germans and pretending to be police officers, local media reported on Thursday. The perpetrators are believed to have relieved pensioners of hundreds of thousands of euros by posing as officials.

"One of our tasks is to boost international cooperation with Turkey," the BKA told DW, "...the effectiveness of this cooperation was clearly seen in December, when Turkish police carried out a number of raids based on the preliminary investigation. In Antalya Province, for example, several residences and buildings were searched in connection with the fraud commited against victims living in Germany."

"The Turkish authorities also detained several of the top and mid-level management of the call centers."

Feb 21 07:56

Scholar: London Risks Shooting Itself in the Foot By Blindly Following US Govt

British Defense Secretary argued that the UK should prepare to intervene against countries that "flout international law" such as Russia and China, backed up by new military technologies and capabilities.

This is not the first time the country has tried to intervene in these waters. London recently conducted its first joint drills with Washington in the South China Sea region.

Last October, British Royal Navy forces vowed they would assert their rights to navigate in the South China Sea despite China's provocation claims, the Financial Times reported.

As the former world power on which "the sun never sets," the UK has had to relinquish the seat of global hegemony to the US since the 20th century, albeit unwillingly.

Feb 21 07:55

US ambassador voices concern over Hezbollah’s role in Lebanese govt

The US ambassador to Lebanon has expressed concern over militant group Hezbollah’s growing role in the new cabinet. Hezbollah, which also takes part in elections, has named a health minister and two other posts in Lebanon’s government. US officials have called on Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s new cabinet to ensure the group does not receive support from public resources.

Feb 21 07:55

UK has until mid-March to seal Brexit deal – EU diplomats

Britain has until mid-March to seal a deal with the European Union, diplomatic sources in the bloc said on Wednesday. Otherwise, it would be too late for the gathering of 28 national leaders later that month to approve it before Brexit day on March 29. “They have until March 10, maybe March 15 at the latest,” Reuters quoted one EU diplomat as saying.

Feb 21 07:54


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cut a deal on Wednesday that paves the way for Otzma Yehudit, an extremist and racist group with roots in Kahanist political philosophy, to sit in the next Knesset when it opens.

Otzma Yehudit- or Jewish Power in English– is an offshoot of a political movement that has been designated a terrorist organization abroad and banned from Knesset lists since the 1980s.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Netanyahu is desperate!

Feb 21 07:53

Netanyahu postpones meeting with Putin ‘due to Israeli internal political reasons’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly canceled a trip to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday. The meeting was postponed because of assessments that Netanyahu’s main rival, Benny Gantz, will join forces with Yesh Atid’s Yair Lapid ahead of the election, Haaretz daily said on Wednesday, citing sources in Likud.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See next article down

Feb 21 07:53


The Yesh Atid and Israel Resilience Parties, which merged early Thursday morning as the Blue and White Party, revealed its list in the afternoon: 52 people, many of them IDF generals or other military professionals.

Feb 21 07:51

N. Korea’s US envoy, delegation arrive in Hanoi ahead of Trump-Kim summit

Pyongyang’s special representative for the US, Kim Hyok-chol, arrived in Hanoi on Wednesday with a North Korean delegation, ahead of a summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un next week, AFP reported. “A team of North Koreans arrived on a flight from Beijing,” a source at the airport said. Kim Hyok-chol was seen walking into a government guesthouse where other North Korean officials in town for pre-summit preparations were staying over the weekend.

Owl 3
Feb 21 07:50

Anti-Zionism equals Anti-Semitism? Macron fuels debate on how to define anti-Jewish hate

Addressing a rise in hate crimes against the Jewish diaspora in France, President Emmanuel Macron has supported the expansion of the definition of anti-Semitism to outlaw anti-Zionism as well, fueling public debate over the terms.

“Anti-Semitism is hiding itself behind anti-Zionism,” Macron said Wednesday, speaking at the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (Crif) and announcing that France seeks to define “anti-Zionism as a modern-day form of anti-Semitism.”

The rise of hate crime incidents in France, including the verbal abuse of philosopher Alain Finkielkraut at a Yellow Vest rally last weekend and the desecration of a Jewish cemetery near Strasbourg, has prompted the French government to seek new means to fight growing animosity towards their Jewish population, the largest in Europe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note the effort to tangle the yellow vests up in this mess.

And criticism of the government of Israel is NOT anti-Semitism, no more than criticism of the Nazis represents hatred for all German people.

Feb 21 07:49

Bolton Says Venezuela UN Military Attache Recognized Guaido as Interim President

National Security Adviser of the United States John Bolton said that Venezuelan Military Attache to the United Nations had recognized the country's opposition leader Juan Guaidó as an interim Venezuelan president.

"Venezuela's military attache to the United Nations, Colonel Pedro Chirinos, has announced his official recognition of Juan Guaido as Interim President of Venezuela," US National Security Adviser John Bolton said via Twitter on Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why are we not hearing this directly from Colonel Chirinos himself? After that embarrassment with Japan, it's hard to trust claims of who supports Guido.

Feb 21 07:48

Labour: Anti-Semitic or just resisting occupation? The war on Corbyn hots up

Stuart Littlewood highlights that the latest defections from the Labour Party – most recently by Joan Ryan, the MP who fabricated anti-Semitism at the party’s 2016 annual conference, is a desperate attempt by Israel’s stooges to shield it from growing criticism. >>

Feb 21 07:47

Malcolm X's Famous Speech After Returning From Mecca

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Today is the anniversary of Malcolm X's assassination.

Feb 21 07:46

Q The God-Emperor

This kind of open-ended information bombing lets Qvians free-associate on the data and eventually come to a consensus, usually with the "Anons," known here as the Apostles and Acolytes, leading the way.

In other words, this is classic Dialectic Conformity in action. A group of people are presented a vague issue, planted leaders emerge from within the group, predetermined solutions are proposed, and ultimately the group settles on a conclusion they've surreptitiously been led to. All the while, the group fervently believes it has been acting independently and exercising free choice.

As I have shown before, Q also uses a psychological technique called "transference". Q uses emotional triggers to transfer religious, militaristic, political, and cultural fervor to itself, and thus to Trump's presidency and support.

Feb 21 07:45

First Venezuela, now Nicaragua? Bolton says Ortega’s days ‘numbered’ & people ‘will soon be free’

US President Donald Trump’s top foreign policy advisor John Bolton appears dead set on resuming his decades-long stand-off with Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega, hinting that Washington-backed regime change may be in the offing.

“The Ortega regime has sentenced three farm leaders to 550 years in prison for their roles in protests in 2018, where Ortega’s police forces reportedly killed 300 activists. As President Trump said Monday, Ortega’s days are numbered and the Nicaraguan people will soon be free,” the national security advisor to the US president tweeted on Wednesday.

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Here's your rifle, John...

Feb 21 07:44

JPMorgan is creating a cryptocurrency pegged to the dollar

JPMorgan Chase is developing a new cryptocurrency called JPM Coin whose value will be tied to the US dollar, the bank said on Thursday. The new private blockchain platform is designed to help large JPMorgan clients move money around the world. The new cryptocurrency will be built atop JPMorgan's Quorum blockchain technology, a variant of Ethereum that has been modified to serve the needs of a major financial institution like JPMorgan.

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Tied to the US dollar? What could possibly go wrong?

Feb 21 07:43

How the NSA identified Satoshi Nakamoto

The ‘creator’ of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is the world’s most elusive billionaire (worth more than $7B as of November 2017). Very few people outside of the Department of Homeland Security know Satoshi’s real name. In fact, DHS will not publicly confirm that even THEY know the billionaire’s identity. Satoshi has taken great care to keep his identity secret employing the latest encryption and obfuscation methods in his communications. Despite these efforts (according to my source at the DHS) Satoshi Nakamoto gave investigators the only tool they needed to find him?—?his own words.

Feb 21 07:43

North Korea's Kim replaces key diplomats ahead of Trump summit

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has shuffled some of his top advisers and diplomats ahead of next week's meeting with President Trump in Vietnam, Reuters reported Wednesday.

The news outlet reported that Kim has swapped out a number of veteran negotiators, including some who served his father and grandfather, with younger counsel.

One of the most notable changes is Kim's appointment of Kim Hyok Chol to lead working-level talks with U.S. nuclear envoy Stephen Biegun, Reuters reported. Kim Hyok Chol was expelled as ambassador to Spain in 2017 and has since worked at North Korea's State Affairs Commission, according to the report.

Kim Hyok Chol replaces Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui, who led talks ahead of Trump and Kim's first meeting last June.

Trump is set to travel to Hanoi, Vietnam, for a summit with Kim on Feb. 27 and 28.

Feb 21 07:42

Gay journalist slams LGBTQ athletes group for kicking out Martina Navratilova over comments on trans women

Former nine-time Wimbledon champion Martina Navratilova has been taking heat for an op-ed published over the weekend, where she argued that allowing transgender female athletes to compete in sports against biological women is "insane and cheating."

Feb 21 07:41

Did You Know That The United States Once Planned on Nuking The Moon?

The United States once planned on shooting a nuclear bomb at the moon. If you presumed that the reasoning behind such an act was “because we can,” you are absolutely correct.

Feb 21 07:14

Clapback master Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finally addresses the conspiracy machine trying to take her down (17 Pics)

During the 2018 election, her campaign funneled payments to Brand New Congress PAC, which in turn funneled payments to Brand New Congress LLC, which then made payments to her boyfriend, Riley Roberts, meaning the then-candidate effectively funneled money back to herself, according to Federal Election Commission filings compiled this week by GOP operative Luke Thompson.

Feb 21 06:22

Lindsey Graham Blasts Trump's Syria Exit Strategy

President Trump's announcement that the US would be withdrawing its entire contingent of 2,000 troops from Syria amid the defeat of Daesh (ISIS)* has shaken pro-war officials and lawmakers across Washington, prompting to a string of resignations of senior administration officials, including (now-ex) Pentagon chief Jim Mattis.
The Republican senator then began listing off a series of terrible consequences that a US withdrawal would mean, including the return of Daesh, Turkish forces attacking Syria's Kurds, and Iran gaining an 'advantage' in the country.


Feb 21 06:07

Putin warns US with new weapons aimed at Western cities

Moscow will retaliate in kind if US deploys new missiles in Europe, Russian president says as he addresses the nation.