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March 8, 2010

Mar 08 13:08

60 Years of Drug Trafficking at the Venice Municipal Airport

During World War II, when it was known as the Venice Army Air Field, it was home to the Stateside operations of a man widely and credibly accused of using proceeds from international heroin trafficking to prop up the war machine of a corrupt Chinese warlord whose army, even after its defeat, hung on to a lion's share of Southeast Asian real estate which became known as the Golden Triangle.

Contemporary newspaper clips from the time show that the Venice Airport has had an extraordinary six-decade long history, and been the scene of covert activities including gunrunning, international heroin and cocaine trafficking, and being used as a launch pad for coups in the Caribbean and Central America.

Mar 08 12:45

The ‘magic bullet’ theory and a coup d’état in America

Whether you know it or not, the “magic bullet” theory is the critical keystone of the US government’s claim that a “lone gunman,” Lee Harvey Oswald, assassinated President John F. Kennedy. This theory has been conclusively proven false as of November 2009, with the publication of Reasoning about Assassinations, by Dr. James Fetzer, based upon research by a team of experts.

After all, it was the acceptance of this unbelievable theory that literally paved the way for a coup d’etat in America. That is, if you can assassinate a president in broad daylight in a major American city by deploying an elaborate set of lies and get away with it, what and who is left that is not within the province of US government intelligence agencies and cohorts to destroy?

Mar 08 12:43

Our glaciers are growing, not melting - More falsehoods from Al Gore

“Almost all of the ice-covered regions of the Earth are melting—and seas are rising,” said Al Gore -in an op-ed piece in the New York Times on February 27.

Both parts of Gore’s statement are false.

Never mind that Mr. Gore makes only passing reference to the IPCC’s fraudulent claims that the Himalayan glaciers will all melt by 2035. (“A flawed overestimate,” he explains.)

Never mind that Mr. Gore dismisses the IPCC’s fraudulent claims that the oceans are rising precipitously. (“Partly inaccurate,” he huffs.)

Never mind that Mr. Gore completely ignores the admission by the CRU’s disgraced former director Phil Jones that global temperatures have essentially remained unchanged for the past 15 years.

Mar 08 12:43

Prof. Kevin Howley Notes "Changing Journalistic Attitudes" Toward 9/11 Questions

The column concludes, "Changing journalistic attitudes toward the 9/11 Truth movement is a welcome and long overdue development. We also owe a debt of gratitude to international news workers who have shifted the terms of the debate away from conspiracy theory to a legitimate scientific debate worthy of public scrutiny." Howley maintains that "news media are the lifeblood of social movements. In the absence of thorough, substantive and accurate reporting of social movements, taboo subjects and uncomfortable truths remain out of sight and out of mind."

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Mar 08 12:18

Carbon Market Collapse Brings Gore Out of Hiding

Errors and false statements confirm once again he doesn’t understand the science. But that is not enough because he adds that ignorance to almost complete denial of the exposed fraud of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Gore personifies hypocrisy from his massive carbon footprint while telling others to live green, to the amount of money made from the carbon credit market.

Mar 08 12:11

Failed Banks May Get Pension-Fund Backing as FDIC Seeks Cash

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is trying to encourage public retirement funds that control more than $2 trillion to buy all or part of failed lenders, taking a more direct role in propping up the banking system, said people briefed on the matter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now they are going to loot your retirement plans to save the bankers from their own stupidity!

Mar 08 12:02

Nevada lawmakers' reliance on temporary fixes creates $3 billion hole

In the nearly three years since Nevada's economy crashed, lawmakers have scrapped together a patchwork of temporary fixes to the state budget, hoping an eventual recovery would rescue them from being forced to make permanent choices on how they tax and what they spend.

But the economy didn't get better. It got worse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take a cork out of one hole in the bottom of the boat, pound it into another, and call it "progress."

The government is going to go on robbing Peter to pay Paul until Peter punches the government good and hard in the nose and says, "Enough!"

Mar 08 11:58

State tax refunds safe in Georgia-Carolina, but not some other states

Here's some great news: if you live in Georgia or South Carolina, your tax refund is safe.

Several states, including North Carolina and Alabama are not sending refunds until the money is available.


Mar 08 11:58

Bleak future predicted for Michigan schools

Michigan public schools will lay off thousands of employees and more than 100 districts could be insolvent if the state doesn’t find a way to plug a $400-per-pupil funding shortfall in funding next year.

Mar 08 11:57

State trying to tax hotels that offer 'free' breakfasts

The so-called complimentary breakfasts at many hotels in Tennessee have stirred the appetite of state revenue officials.

The state wants to tax the lodging businesses for the food that they offer as free breakfasts as part of their room rate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just getting ridiculous!

Mar 08 11:50

Georg Ratzinger, Pope's Brother, Says He Will Testify In Church Sex Scandal

The brother of Pope Benedict XVI has told a newspaper he is willing to testify in the sex scandal rocking Germany's Catholic Church, even though he says he knows nothing about the alleged abuse of boys in a choir he later led.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Mar 08 11:33

IMF Head Calls For Huge Global Warming Slush Fund

International Monetary Fund head Dominique Strauss-Kahn today called for a huge global warming slush fund to be established as an interim measure before carbon taxes are implemented in the name of preventing weather disasters related to alleged man-made climate change.

Mar 08 11:05

It’s time: Declare lies for war with Iran as treason against our soldiers and US Constitution

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Five thousand dead American soldiers in wars all based in known lies.

Thirty thousand admitted American soldiers wounded and injured with over 100,000 disability claims granted.

Over one million dead Iraqi and Afghan citizens and God knows how many wounded and suffering.

$3 to $5 trillion in long-term costs to American taxpayers. That’s $30,000 to $50,000 per US household of $50,000 annual income. If your household makes more than $50,000 per year, do the math to understand your personal obligation to pay for these long-term costs based on known lies.

And now the US threatens nuclear war with Iran based in known lies:

Mar 08 10:55

Quadra, Chinese utility in Chilean joint venture

Quadra Mining said on Monday it has agreed to form a joint venture with China's largest utility company to help expand its Chilean operations and fund its huge Sierra Gorda copper project, which is expected to cost over $2 billion.

The Canadian miner signed a memorandum of understanding with State Grid International Development Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of State Grid Corp of China. The joint venture will develop and operate Quadra's Sierra Gorda project and the Franke mine in northern Chile.


I wonder how long it will be before the US attacks Canada for terrorism?

Mar 08 10:55

Climate Scientists Plan to Hit Back at Skeptics

Undaunted by a rash of scandals over the science underpinning climate change, top climate researchers are plotting to respond with what one scientist involved said needs to be "an outlandishly aggressively partisan approach" to gut the credibility of skeptics.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 08 10:53

iPad: Perfectly flawed

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I see I wasn't the only one to think this is an iFlop!

Mar 08 10:47

How Goldman Sachs (Rothschild's) took over the world

Well they are the most powerful firm on Wallstreet but actually they are an outlet of the Rothschild's who have spread their power under different names into this century and the prior one. They create new entities to hide the web the have created of which the Bilderberger is one and Soros is another. The 30 mil. think tank I wrote about in an earlier post is the brain of the Obama administration and his closest advisers are all from the Rothshild boys from RUBIN, SUMMERS, VOLCKER and second tier next generation breed like Geithner. Emanuel and many more.

Mar 08 10:46

Japanese Have Washington Post Running Scared over 9/11

The giveaway as to how frantic The Post is over this matter is that they are editorializing before reporting. That Fujita, who as a graduate of Keio University is about as plugged in to Japan’s ruling “old boy” network as it is possible to be, has abandoned the 9/11 sinking ship was not previously even mentioned in The Post or anywhere else in the mainstream U.S. press, to my knowledge.

Mar 08 10:44

Bush Caught Lying About September 11th

Mar 08 10:43

Proof that 9/11 Truthers Are Dangerous

Below is a list of people who question what our Government has said about 9/11.

The list proves - once and for all - that people who question 9/11 are dangerous.

Email this list to everyone you know, to prove to them that 9/11 truthers are all dangerous nut cases.

Mar 08 10:38

Are the Oscars Rigged?

For example, after Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Co., received an Oscar nomination for Inglorious Bastards he said, “We’ll sell another million or two million DVD units” because of the nominations.

That’s real money. Surely enough money to offer some legal payola (trips, dinners, iPhones, etc.) to the Academy members. There was even a payola scandal over Scent of a Woman. (I am sure there are more, but this one was at my finger tips.)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I've been on the receiving end of the behind-the-scenes machinations of the Oscars. Stargate (the movie) was nominated for the Oscar for Visual Effects, but was dropped by the "Blue Ribbon Committee" because Carolco was in the throes of an IRS-induced financial collapse and unable to cash in on the nomination and possible win.

And Al Gore's Oscar for best (you will pardon the expression) documentary exposes the highly politicized nature of the awards.

This year, the bias towards pro-war ("Hurt Locker") and pro-Israel ("Inglorious Basterds") films was obvious and heavy-handed. Avatar, clearly a masterpiece and to judge by the box-office receipts, the favorite film of the ticket-buying public, has garnered relatively few awards this season, possibly due to the obvious anti-war message of the film.

If anyone from Jim Cameron's office is reading this; Jim, Avatar is the best picture this year. The Academy just didn't realize it.

Mar 08 10:15

Danish Scientist Absconds with $2 million More Info - Key character who "proved" vaccines don't cause autism.

A Danish scientist who was a key researcher in two studies that purport to show that mercury used in vaccines and the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine do not cause autism is believed to have used forged documents to steal $2 million from Aarhus University in Denmark according to reports in the Copenenhagen Post Online and a statement from Aarhus University.

Mar 08 10:11


He added that the film, which is co-directed by Copti and Israeli director Yaron Shani, features a mixed cast.

“There’s a Palestinian director, an Israeli director, Palestinian actors and Israeli actors. The film technically represents Israel, but I don’t represent Israel. I cannot represent a country that does not represent me,” he said, according to Army Radio.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They did not win the Oscar.

Mar 08 10:10

Police told to arrest innocent people to meet targets

Police told to arrest innocent people to meet targets

An NYPD officer breaks his silence and admits that innocent people are set-up and falsely arrested and ticketed in order to meet funding quotas.

Mar 08 10:10


First, a question… why is there a special day designated for women? For centuries women took a ‘back seat’ in all social and political issues, forbidden to work, vote, and receive an education…. Yet they fought these injustices and won. Doing so, they proved that they are truly equal.. in fact in many cases superior to men.

Mar 08 10:09


Mar 08 09:41

The pseudo-science of "environmentalism"

Mar 08 09:38

Truth and Consequences in the Gaza Invasion By Norman Finkelstein

"This Time We Went Too Far"

Unable to deflect criticism of Israel, apologists now conjure bizarre theories to account for its ostracism. Reaganomics guru George Gilder posits that a free-market system singularly unleashes human potential, and that under such a system Jews are and must be “represented disproportionately in the highest ranks” because they are the most gifted.

Owl 1
Mar 08 09:38

Give Ben some credit

Mar 08 09:28

Who Told Giuliani the WTC was Going to Collapse on 9/11? (updated)

“I went down to the scene and we set up headquarters at 75 Barkley Street, which was right there with the Police Commissioner, the Fire Commissioner, the Head of Emergency Management, and we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse. " -- Giuliani

Mar 08 09:22

Geraldo Rivera Give 9/11 Truth The Finger

Mar 08 09:13

'Liquid bomb' smuggled onto plane to US

A DUTCH undercover journalist has managed to carry on what could have been liquid explosives onto a flight from Amsterdam to the US.

The Detroit News said the revelations came in a Dutch television program, Undercover in Nederland, which aired recently.

In the show, journalist Alberto Stegeman demonstrates how he managed to smuggle six litres of water from Schiphol International Airport and on to England's Heathrow International Airport.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But TSA groped my wife yesterday on her way from Tucson to Phoenix!

Does TSA not like music or something?

Mar 08 09:12

Into March, and France gets pounded by snow!

Mar 08 09:09

UK promises flexibility after Iceland shouts 'no'

Britain is "prepared to be flexible" to reach a deal with Iceland over the £2.3bn debt owed since the collapse of the online savings bank Icesave, the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, said yesterday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Britain is trying to make nice here because they realize that if the people of Iceland flat-out refuse to cover the bank losses there is little that Britain can do. Under the legal principle of Odious Debt, the people of Iceland are only obligated for debts incurred by the government for the betterment of the people of Iceland, such as schools, hospitals, and civil infrastructure. Clearly, saving a private corporation from their own reckless folly does not fall into that category!

Yes, Britain could invade and easily take control of Iceland, but the political costs of such an invasion would be high. Gone forever would be the myth that modern wars are fought for high ideals like freedom and democracy. An invasion of Iceland would show to all the world that Britain had returned to the days of enslavement by military force.

Mar 08 09:02

Government attempts to keep torture case secret

The government will attempt today to have a case about torture heard entirely behind closed doors in a move that some lawyers say would extend secrecy to a new area of hearings, overriding ancient principles of English law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Binyam Mohammed is the victim of torture whose body reportedly bears the scars of scalpels used on his genitalia, proof that far worse things were done than waterboarding and the suspected reason that the US Government dares not release the remaining Guantanamo prisoners.

Mar 08 08:59

'We will not offer Greece a cent': German economy minister deals hammer blow to Athens as rioters attack police on the streets

It could almost be a battle from Greece's ancient past - a melee of fighting at close quarters with shields, raised weapons and flags.

But this was the scene in Athens yesterday as riot police clashed with protesters outraged by cutbacks designed to slash the country's huge budget deficit.

The violence came as Germany ruled out offering Greece 'a cent' of financial aid, insisting it should sort out it own problems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The European Union turned out to be nothing more then a larger scale looting of the people. And now that the Greeks and Icelanders have decided they no longer want to be looted, this could tear the EU apart.

Mar 08 08:52

How Dare They Crash Our Tea Party

The phenomenon unfolding should come as no surprise. The tea parties were, from the beginning, an expression of outrage toward status quo politicians. Do you really not expect politicians not to act in self defense? They manipulate events, twist words and lie. Of course they are going to take over the tea party.

Mar 08 08:46

Warmists overwhelmed by fear, panic and deranged hatred as their 'science' collapses

A sharp-eyed viewer has noticed that when I was debating George Monbiot on TV yesterday and I mentioned that his cherished “peer-reviewed science” had been discredited by Climategate he bared his teeth like a cornered cur. Says my body language expert John Lish:

“It was a quite aggressive and defensive gesture which was noticeable when he was attempting to dismiss you (talking about peer review). A definite body-language sign of being rattled. He’s definitely uncomfortable about what’s occurring and others will have spotted that as well.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I imagine that believers in the Geocentric solar system reacted much the same way when Galileo pointed out the problems in their view of the universe.

Not unlike the screeches of indignation I get from the "Bangers" regarding this article. :)

See also this excellent speech "ALIENS CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING" By Michael Crichton (pdf)

Mar 08 08:44


There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.

In addition, let me remind you that the track record of the consensus is nothing to be proud of. Let’s review a few cases.

Mar 08 08:37

To Hell in a Handbasket

This country could solve ninety percent of its problems by the simple act of getting money out of politics and thereby (re)turning the American government into being an instrument for the benefit of the public, rather than a servant for aggregating wealth on behalf of a predatory plutocracy. Among the immediate benefits such a change might be expected to realize would be precipitous drops in military spending and corporate welfare, along with a serious rise in revenues from a tax system that required the rich to actually pay their share.

Mar 08 08:25

Hundreds more town hall staff to get police-style powers

Hundreds more town hall staff and private security guards are to be handed police-style powers in a fresh Home Office drive to create an army of civilian "spies".

Mar 08 08:22

Dodgy dossier aide now the £100,000 boss of White House lobbying firm

The man who wrote the infamous ‘dodgy dossier’ for Tony Blair about Saddam Hussein’s weapons is now a £100,000-a-year adviser working at the nerve centre of Barack Obama’s military and foreign policy establishment.

Mar 08 08:22

Va. health bill could foil Obama proposal

Here in the former capital of the Old Confederacy, where resistance to the supremacy of federal law has a long and tortuous history, a new battle is being waged over a question that could undercut a key part of President Obama’s health care proposal: whether Washington can require that most Americans have health insurance.

Mar 08 08:21

A Detention Bill You Ought to Read More Carefully

Why is the national security community treating the "Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010," introduced by Sens. John McCain and Joseph Lieberman on Thursday as a standard proposal, as a simple response to the administration's choices in the aftermath of the Christmas Day bombing attempt? A close reading of the bill suggests it would allow the U.S. military to detain U.S. citizens without trial indefinitely in the U.S. based on suspected activity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Along with announcing that freedom of speech is again under attack, that John McCain introduced this bill should end any speculations that voting for him instead of Obama would have changed anything at all.

Mar 08 08:21

SAS in Afghanistan suffers worst losses for 60 years

BRITAIN’S special forces have suffered the worst blow to their fighting strength since the second world war, with 80 members killed or crippled in Afghanistan.

Serious injuries have left more than 70 unable to fight, while 12 have been killed. It means the forces have lost about a sixth of their full combat capacity.

Mar 08 08:19

Methane, The Panic Du Jour

Is 1.85 ppm a large number? Let’s look at an analogy of what a population concentration of 1.85 parts per million really represents. If the population of Wyoming (544,270) represented all the molecules in the atmosphere, there would be only one methane molecule in the entire state. At 1.85 ppm, there would be fifteen methane molecules in New York City, out of population eight million. There would be on average zero in Nunavut, Canada.

I wonder how much methane Taco Bell indirectly generates per annum? I also wonder why so many Arctic/Greenland studies include only the years 2003-2008. Perhaps they are only interested in reporting data from unusually warm years in the Arctic?

Mar 08 08:14

FLASHBACK 2000: Clinton White House And The MSM Package Propaganda As Entertainment

Original post by Barry Grey at the indefatigable WSWS.

Over the past two years an agency of the Clinton White House, the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), has secretly worked with all of the commercial television networks to broadcast anti-drug propaganda as part of the story lines of popular, prime time programs.

Mar 08 08:13

On Iran, Skype and a Fallen Prince

He claimed having be contacted by his relatives and threatened to be cut his allowance if he didn’t cooperate by making this call to me. Then he informed me that Arik’s website was taken off-line. I checked out that immediately and found this information correct. It was clear his claim of being blackmailed by people cooperating with Israel was true. It was also clear that Skype was collaborating with the American politician and the security services.

Mar 08 08:12

Rachel Corrie's parents get nasty letter from professor at Haifa University

Your daughter, and apparently you as well, never had any understanding of the Middle East conflict. The Middle East conflict is?? not about the right to self-determination of Palestinian Arabs, but rather about the right to self-determination of Israeli Jews.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Steven Plaut is a professor at Haifa University. He can be contacted at steveneplaut@yahoo.com

Mar 08 08:10

Report reveals that one percent of US children, and growing, have autism

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a new report showing that one out of every 110 children in America today have some form of autism. With an estimated three-quarters of a million children somewhere on the autism spectrum, child advocacy group Autism Speaks is calling on the federal government to increase research efforts to combat the disease.

The report, published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report illustrates a 57-percent increase in autism cases between 2002 and 2006. A staggering 600-percent increase in the disease has occurred over the past two decades, plaguing boys more often than girls. Roughly one out of every 70 boys currently has some form of autism.

Mar 08 08:09

CSIS secretly interrogated Afghan prisoners

Canadian spies have been interrogating captured Taliban fighters in Afghanistan since 2006.

Mar 08 08:08

Ban of Controversial Painkiller Dramatically Cuts Suicides in UK

The withdrawal of a popular painkiller from the market in the United Kingdom has led to a dramatic decrease in the number of suicides and accidental overdoses in that country, according to a study conducted by researchers from Oxford University's Centre for Suicide Research and published in the British Medical Journal.

The drug in question is a combination of the narcotic painkiller dextropropoxyphene (in the opioid family) with the over-the-counter painkiller acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol or Tylenol. In the United Kingdom, the drug was marketed as co-proxamol, but it is also known as Darvon with APAP, Capadex, Di-Antalvic, Di-Gesic and Lentogesic.

Mar 08 08:02

Coming to Israel, Biden flags U.S. support vs Iran

The Obama administration has boosted U.S. defense ties to Israel and will close ranks with its ally against any threat from a nuclear-armed Iran, Vice President Joe Biden said on Monday ahead of a trip to Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even the imagined threats?

Joe, if you want to be Vice President of Israel kindly move there.

Mar 08 08:02

Iceland Voters Reject Repayment Plan

Iceland’s voters expressed their outrage on Saturday against bankers, the government and what they saw as foreign bullying, overwhelmingly rejecting a plan to pay $5.3 billion to Britain and the Netherlands to reimburse customers of a failed Icelandic bank, Sarah Lyall reported in The New York Times.

With about 98 percent of the votes counted Sunday, roughly 93 percent of voters said no to the plan, in the first public referendum ever held on any subject in Iceland. Less than 2 percent voted yes, and the rest of the votes were invalid.

But the referendum was more symbolic than substantive, and the Icelandic government hastened to make clear that Iceland would still pay back the money, albeit on different terms from the ones rejected.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Iceland's people are declaring their economic freedom. It is clear that the people of Iceland do not want more IMF debts, and may not even be all that eager to join the EU if perpetual debt-slavery is the price to join that club.

The Icelandic people understand something that our Congress does not. Banks are private businesses, and private businesses that make reckless and foolish mistakes deserve to go out of business and government has no moral right at all to loot the general population to save rich bankers from their own greed and folly.

Of course the corporate media and government spokes-slugs will all condemn the people of Iceland for their refusal to pay for the failings of private bankers. Both governments and corporations are inextricably linked with bankers, so any attempt to refuse indentured servitude, any expression of refusal, any attempt to delink from the global banking cartel will be reported in the darkest possible terms, no different that the manner in which a confederate newspaper would have reported on the escape of a slave.

The faux-outrage is clear; how dare those Icelandic people fail to stand by their banks!

Look around you. Do you see the banks standing by We The People?

It is reckless of the Icelandic government to make promises of money the people of Iceland have so clearly rejected. The Icelanders have courageously kicked out one government already over this mess. I doubt they will hesitate to do so again.

Mar 08 08:00

China Snubs Israeli Calls for Iran Sanctions

The prime minister of contract murder, Binyamin Netanyahu, was not long permitted to rejoice over the agreement to sanction Iran which he had wrested from the Russian leadership. A few days later, China made it clear that it would in no case help to carry out such sanctions. Consequently, Netanyahu believed it necessary to pay a visit to the Chinese leadership, in order to bring them on course through an Israeli word of command.

But the Chinese leadership did not even once want to see Netanyahu. So “Bibi” had to stay home. On Feb. 25, 2010, Israel sent a high-ranking government delegation to Beijing, including Vice Premier Moshe Yaalon, as well as the currency bank chief, Stanley Fischer, in order to move the Chinese leadership to hard sanctions against Iran.”

Mar 08 07:53

Why Quietly Pro-War 'Hurt Locker' Has the Oscar Edge

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As I speculated when I reviewed Avatar, the fact that it has a strong anti-war statement did result in being snubbed at the Oscars, although it did win (and certainly deserved) the Oscar for best visual effects.

Mar 08 07:44

Fed To Keep Bank Oversight

The Federal Reserve has won its battle to maintain singular regulatory oversight of America's major financial institutions, the Financial Times reported Sunday night.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Fox continues to guard the (nearly empty) hen house!

Mar 08 07:05

Vitamin D 'triggers and arms' the immune system

The so-called sunshine vitamin, which can be obtained from food or manufactured by human skin exposed to the sun, plays a key role in boosting the immune system, researchers believe.

In particular it triggers and arms the body's T cells, the cells in the body that seek out and destroy any invading bacteria and viruses.

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have discovered that Vitamin D is crucial to activating our immune defences and that without sufficient intake of the vitamin, the killer cells of the immune system – T cells – will not be able to react to and fight off serious infections in the body.

Mar 08 07:03

Iraq Inquiry: David Miliband says war has boosted Britain's reputation in Arab world

If you believe that I've got a watch to sell you

Mar 08 06:59

Dissenters To Be Detained As “Enemy Belligerents”?

New bill allows U.S. citizens to be kidnapped and detained without trial indefinitely based on “suspected activity”

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, March 8, 2010

Since the establishment media is convinced that tea party members, 9/11 truthers, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, and basically anyone with a dissenting political opinion is a likely domestic terrorist, they should be celebrating the fact that a new bill would allow the government to detain such people as “enemy belligerents” indefinitely and without trial based on their “suspected activity”.

Mar 08 06:54

Lucozade to lose orange colour because of link to hyperactivity

Lucozade could lose its distinctive orange colour because research has shown the chemical used to create it is linked to hyperactive behaviour.

The manufacturers, Glaxo-SmithKline, are struggling to find a replacement for the colouring agent Sunset Yellow, which is among a number of suspect food additives.

Until the chemical is removed, the company has decided to put a warning label on Lucozade bottles which reads: 'Sunset Yellow may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children'.

Mar 08 06:50

Strained US – China Relations: China’s Crucial Role as America's Creditor

Ultimately what we have is a conflict between two diametrically opposing political economic systems.

On the one hand, a United States military driven empire, which focuses on conquering Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran, backs the ambitions of a militarist Israel, seeks marginal client states in Latin America and militarizes Pakistan, Colombia and Mexico.

On the other hand, China deepens its economic ties with dynamic Asian countries; increases its oil links with Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Gulf States, Venezuela, Russia and Angola; displaces the US as the leading trading partner of Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile; and increases its trade and investment links with Southern Africa in minerals and related infrastructure projects. The contrast is striking.

Mar 08 06:49

Zionism Unmasked

February 10, 2010 by Jeff Gates

While Zionism is clearly a nationalist ideology, that narrow framing does the term an injustice as it is so much more.

Zionism is more accurately described as a strategy for targeting thought and emotion as a means to influence behavior. Naïve Jews were its first victims when induced to identify with an enclave in the Middle East that President Harry Truman, a Christian Zionist, was induced to recognize as a “state.”

Mar 08 06:43

Pacifists undermining quest for world peace?

Pacifists are undermining efforts to establish world peace, or so says a cabinet member of a country that calls itself a superpower.

Addressing NATO officers and officials at the National Defense University in Washington on February 23, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the demilitarization of Europe, “where large swaths of the general public and political class are averse to military force and the risks that go with it,” is impeding efforts to establish real security and lasting peace in the twenty-first century.

This sounds like the slogans from George Orwell’s book 1984: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

Mar 08 06:23

I hate what America has become

Best of Craigslist

Warning English Language used

There are so many reasons that frankly, it's hard to pick a place to start:

First of all.....when 28% of you brain dead fucking morons give a blithering IDIOT like Sarah Palin positive approval ratings and think she ought to run for president in 2012, it really makes me sick to know I am lumbered with that many mouth-breathing Cro-Magnons I unfortunately have to consider as my fellow countrymen....trust me.....I don't. You motherfuckers are beyond help.

Mar 08 06:11

Does the Financial System need New Guard Rails?

The bailouts are not the problem, they merely indicate the extent to which the banks control all parts of the political apparatus. That's right, the problem is political not economic. Speculators will always try to bend the rules and game the system. It's human nature. But it's the public's responsibility to make sure their representatives keep a tight leash on the high-stakes gamblers and other flim-flammers. That means tough, hardnose regulations; a new regime of stop signs, speed limits and guard rails. Cross the meridian, and it's "off to the poky". Presently, the rules only apply to those who are not powerful or well-connected enough to shrug them off, which is why the system is broken.

Mar 08 05:38

Sabido Methodology – (or, Soap Operas Proven VERY Effective Propaganda)

The Sabido Method is.... the classic literary device of character growth.. developed... for television... to tackle the most sensitive of subjects — sex, abortion, family planning, AIDS....

During the decade 1977 to 1986, when these Mexican soap operas were on the air, the country experienced a 34% decline in its population growth rate. As a result, in May 1986, the United Nations Population Prize was presented to Mexico.... Thomas Donnelly, then with USAID in Mexico, wrote,

“Throughout Mexico, wherever one travels, when people are asked where they heard about family planning, or what made them decide to practice family planning, the response is universally attributed to one of the soap operas that Televisa has done. …The Televisa family planning soap operas have made the single most powerful contribution to the Mexican population success story.”

N.B. USAID is one of the few more well-known front organizations whose acronym does not incorporate all three of the letters found in that of a certain infamous Intelligence Agency for whose agents USAID is commonly believed to provide cover.

Mar 08 05:34

First Iceland, then the World

Who cleans up the mess when ignorant, greedy bankers rack up massive debt then go broke? The people of Iceland made a strong statement Saturday. The sins of big bankers and government regulators shouldn't fall on the citizens. By a 93% to 2% margin, they voted down a proposal requiring them to cover bad debt incurred by one of the nation's oldest and largest banks. Covering the debt would have cost Iceland's 317,000 citizens around $17,000 each.

Iceland's national referendum was the first opportunity for the people of any nation to vote directly on who pays when the financial elite fail.

Mar 08 05:17

Iran begins production of cruise missiles

"Iran also boasts an array of short and medium-range missiles capable of hitting targets in the region, including Israel, US military bases in the region and much of Europe."

Mar 08 03:57

Mixed reports over whether al Qaeda American arrested in Pakistan

While a senior Pakistani government official said that Gadahn was arrested Sunday in Karachi -- and a second senior Pakistani government official later confirmed Gadahn's arrest -- a U.S. intelligence official said there appears to be no validity to the reports that Gadahn was in custody. Other U.S. officials also said they have no indication that Gadahn has been captured.

Mar 08 01:13

Privacy International: UK's new ISP interception plans will be illegal

Media Release from Privacy International.

It has been reported in the press that Virgin Media is planning to deploy the trials across 40% of its customer base without either obtaining a warrant or seeking the consent of all parties involved in the communications.

Owl 3

March 7, 2010

Mar 07 21:19

'Sex mad' cop Jessica Parfrey loses unfair dismissal claim after being fired for wanting to bone everyone

A POLICE officer who was sacked after begging colleagues for sex has lost her unfair dismissal claim.

Within days of being posted Jessica Parfrey propositioned her supervisor to have an affair because "everyone knows you're supposed to fall in love with your buddy".

A month later, after he turned her down, she told him: "Can't we just f***? I am a 19-year-old girl, what is wrong with you?"

The Industrial Relations Commission in Sydney heard that Ms Parfrey also offered an officer oral sex in a pub toilet and carpark and later propositioned another, saying: "I know you want me."

Both men refused.

Mar 07 16:57

Attack on 911 Truth repelled: Alex Jones Destroys the Faux News Duo

Why do the talking heads continue to call those calling for 911 Truth "conspiracy theorists" - when their only "crime" has been an examination of evidence the U.S. Government has done backflips to pretend doesn't exist?

Mar 07 15:23


Detained Taliban Militant's Identify Verified, Ending Confusion Over Reports of Adam Gadahn's Detention in Pakistan

Mar 07 15:21

A damning indictment of Israel’s “peace camp”

Alan Hart views an article published in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, in which Gideon Levy castigates the Israeli “left” and “peace camp” for their “impossible adherence to Zionism”, for their complacency and for the unwillingness of their followers to take personal risk and show courage, which, he says, mean that Israel's left is “illusory” and its peace camp “an unborn baby”.

Mar 07 15:18

A superpower and “the world's sickest warrior state”

Paul J. Balles says the US “has not only become the world's major power, it has become the world's sickest warrior state”. He calls on humanitarians to reject the double standards set by warmongers, on the clergy to stop preaching sanctimonious sermons and on teachers to teach a zero tolerance policy for self-righteous warriors.

Mar 07 14:50

US hunts for citizens training with Al Qaeda, other terrorist groups

Mar 07 14:46

Should the United States Annex The Sudetenland?

Mar 07 14:41

Kucinich orders Afghan War vote: “Trillions for war, no money for Americans!”

We hold these Truths to be self-evident...
Congressman Dennis Kucinich invoked a procedural rule to help protect Americans from endless war to compel members of Congress to debate and vote whether to continue US war in Afghanistan.
The war in Afghanistan is unlawful in Orwellian degree; tragic-comic in its violations of US war laws (useful analogy to well-understood laws for individual self-defense here). Although the laws of war are crystal-clear, complicit corporate media lies by omission and commission to explain what these laws have meant for 65 years and how they apply to unlawful US invasion of Afghanistan:

Mar 07 14:34


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take a close look at this screen capture from Twitter. Note the exact same tweets being posted over and over again using multiple identities, with photos that look like they were clipped from the ads of dating services.

We saw this exact same pattern during the failed coup plot against Iran last year.

This proves that the flood of tweets about Adam Gadahn's arrest is a staged propaganda event. He is being promoted as this major terror arrest even though the reality is that he has done nothing at all except pose for video cameras!

UPDATE: Whatever was being planned with "Emmanuel Gadahn" appears to have collapsed. The Pakistanis are now saying that the man they arrested is not Adam Gadahn (Pearlman), leaving CNN and the rest of the news networks to clean the egg off of their faces following the constant pounding about "American Al Qaeda" (nudge nudge wink wink). Given the earlier certitude, a genuine mistake seems unlikely. Given the obvious propaganda push, I think that whatever was being planned had the plug pulled.

Mar 07 13:19

Fake Al Qaeda

"The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . ." -- Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

Mar 07 13:02


Gaza – Protests against the crippling siege imposed on the Gaza Strip should spread across the world, said Palestinian lawmaker Jamalh Al-Khudari on Sunday, as the blockade enters its 1000th day.

Mar 07 12:56

Free-range serfdom

Mar 07 12:08

FLASHBACK - The Media Calls him Al Qaeda, but his Jewish Father calls him Adam Pearlman

How much longer will it take Western citizens to wake up to the fact that all those scary terror organisations such as Al Qaeda and Hezbollah are actually creations of their own governments, or to be more precise, Mossad, CIA, MI5 and alike. Their sole purpose is to scare ordinary citizens into blind support of their criminal governments, enabling them to dismantle civil rights and social services in the name of combatting terror and create excuses for brutal oppression of whoever is in the way of profit maximisation for their neo-fascist corporations.

Mar 07 12:08

FLASHBACK - Adam Pearlman, al-CIA-duh Patsy

If you listen real hard, you can hear Robert Spencer (a columnist in David Horowitz’s Scaife-funded stable) and other right-wingers salivating over the prospect of Adam Yahiye Gadahn, aka Adam Pearlman, a nice Jewish boy (Gadahn’s Jewish grandfather was a prominent surgeon) from the southern climes of California. Gadahn-Pearlman recently made headlines when he supposedly released a video promising death to infidels in the name of Osama and his CIA-trained Muslim cave-dweller crew.

Mar 07 12:05

1,000 days of 6sraeli siege killed 500 Gazans

The Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip has so far resulted in the death of 500 Palestinians, says a Palestinian lawmaker as the siege enters its 1,000th day.

Mar 07 12:05

FLASHBACK - Jewish Terrorist Adam PEARLMAN releases another recording

Another MOSSAD/CIA release of some bogus "al Qaeda" type recording is released, and again thru a Jewish media outlet, Rita KATZ's SITE.

When it's not Rita the Meter Maid releasing "al Qaeda" recordings, found on the 'Net first by her, it's another Jewish/MOSSAD front, Ben VENZKE's IntelCenter, always the first to get hold of these "al Qaeda" recordings.

Adam Gadahn's real last name is PEARLMAN and he is the grandson of JDL terrorist Carl Pearlman.

Mar 07 11:55

Al-Qaida calls on US Muslims to attack America

Al-Qaida's American-born spokesman on Sunday called on Muslims serving in the U.S. armed forces to emulate the Army major charged with killing 13 people in Fort Hood.

In a 25-minute video posted on militant Web sites, Adam Gadahn described Maj. Nidal Hasan as a pioneer who should serve as a role model for other Muslims, especially those serving Western militaries.

Mar 07 11:50

Icesave referendum casts cloud of uncertainty over Iceland

Iceland's economic and political future hangs in the balance as it heads towards a referendum on how to compensate Britain and the Netherlands for money lost in the collapse of an Icelandic bank.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Iceland's people are declaring their economic freedom. It is clear that the people of Iceland do not want more IMF debts, and may not even be all that eager to join the EU if perpetual debt-slavery is the price to join that club.

Of course the corporate media and government spokes-slugs will all condemn the people of Iceland for their refusal to pay for the failings of private bankers. Both governments and corporations are inextricably linked with bankers, so any attempt to refuse indentured servitude, any expression of refusal, any attempt to delink from the global banking cartel will be reported in the darkest possible terms, no different that the manner in which a confederate newspaper would have reported on the escape of a slave.

The faux-outrage is clear; how dare those Icelandic people fail to stand by their banks!

Look around you. Do you see the banks standing by We The People?

Mar 07 11:48

Condition Red: More Hidden Greek Debt Exposure Discovered

Gordon Long, founder of a private venture-capital fund, said in an investor note that there is more than $600 trillion in notational value in the global derivative market, with $437 trillion of it tied to interest rate swaps.

Mar 07 11:37

Israels Operation Cast Lead & Mass Executions

The Israeli military Operation “Cast Lead” is based on ethnic cleansing of the ittihad_news-4families of Palestinian politicians and resistance in Gaza. According to the cabinet of the criminal Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak, and the chief of the Israeli intelligence, Yuval Diskin, the military Operation “Cast Lead” must put an end to some political activists, Palestinian resistance and their families as the only solution to “decrease the terror” of revenge against Israel. According to these Israeli war criminals, the murder of the families of Palestinian political activists and resistance fighters is very important for the security of Israel. By murdering their families, Israel will guarantee that no revenge would be possible in the future.

Mar 07 11:36

Angry Iceland Voters Reject Plan To Repay Britain, Netherlands

Still furious over the crippling aftermath of the global financial crisis, Iceland's voters on Saturday resoundingly rejected a $5.3 billion plan to pay off Britain and the Netherlands for debts spawned by the collapse of an Icelandic Internet bank, according to initial results.

Results returned from around 83,500 ballots — or more than 40 percent of the total ballots expected — counted so far showed that 93 percent of voters said "no" in the referendum, compared to just 1.5 percent who said "yes."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Icelandic people understand something that our Congress does not. Banks are private businesses, and private businesses that make reckless and foolish mistakes deserve to go out of business and government has no moral right at all to loot the general population to save rich bankers from their own greed and folly.

Mar 07 11:11

How Have U.S. Stocks Defied Gravity for So Long?

Every single day, minimal volume pushes the futures index higher. Good news, bad news, it don’t matter to the Goldman S&P and Russell 1000 futures desk: they just lift every micro offer, giving the impression that the market is unstoppable, often leapfrogging each other as the latest viagra’ed GDP or unemployment rumor is spread.

Come morning, it is time for the HFT brigade to come in and scalp their trillions of pennies while leaving the market unchanged, then at 4pm handing it off again to leveraged futures manipulation and dark pools. In a nutshell, this is the secret of the past quarter’s phenomenal market performance.