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"We have a single system, and in that system the only question is the price at which the proletariat is to be bought and sold, the bread and circuses."The whole fabric of society will go to wrack if we really lay hands of reform on our rotten institutions. From top to bottom the whole system is a fraud, all of us know it, laborers and capitalists alike, and all of us are consenting parties to it." -- Henry Adams


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March 21, 2010

Mar 21 10:54

Lights, Camera, Distraction!

Days after our tough talking Vice President Joe Biden returned from his trip to Israel with a handful of broken glass, the Obama administration announced that it has blocked delivery of armaments slated for delivery to the state of Israel. This announcement brought cheers and jeers from opposite ends of the political spectrum while leaving those in the middle, well…perplexed.

The diplomatic theatre going on between Israel and the Obama administration has everybody fooled. But this entire political circus is purely for public consumption. The short-term goal is to create the illusion that there is a riff between the two nations, while the larger scheme is intended to give Israel complete inculpability when the U.S. finally decides to strike Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess I am not alone in this conclusion!

Mar 21 10:46

Memo to US: only fools rush in

Similar to the investment chapters in US trade agreements, BITs give foreign investors the right to bypass domestic courts and sue governments in international arbitration tribunals.

The United States has been at limited risk of being the target of such "investor-state" lawsuits because its 40 current treaty partners are nearly all developing economies with little investment in the US market. This lopsidedness has created a one-way street in favour of US corporations operating abroad.

The China negotiations could change all that. Chinese investors have ploughed billions into the US economy, particularly in the financial industry.

Mar 21 10:36

Depleted Uranium: A War Crime Within a War Crime

As if destroying a country and its culture ain’t bad enough, how about destroying its future, its children? I want to scream it from the rooftops! We are complicit in crimes of such enormity that I find it difficult to find the words to describe how I feel about this crime committed in my name! In the name of the 'civilized’ world?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Warning: extraordinarily graphic pictures, documenting what exposure to DU has done to these infants.

I urge you not to turn away from them, however.

Because it is always enlightening to see how the US government actually spends your tax dollars, right?!?

Imagine, just for one second, that one of these critically ill, deformed infants was your kid.

Just for one second.

How would you feel about the people who had done this to your child?!?

Mar 21 10:34

Library of Links (no LOL) - Israel does not want peace

It always bothers me when people say Israel wants "peace." It is a statement that is made to get you to accept a false premise - that "peace" is the objective. A strong arm robber wants "peace" - for you to peacefully hand over what is yours. It is obviously arguable what is "justice" in the situation but at least that is what is at issue here - not some distraction called "peace."

[btw, this is cut and pasted from another site]

Ariel Sharon quotes [some quotes here are dubious - use with CAUTION!]

Israel's Plans for Middle East Peace

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Mar 21 10:30

Israel: Arab family denied right to rent home

The Zakai and Tarabin families should be a picture of happy coexistence across the ethnic divide, a model for others to emulate in Israel.

But Natalie and Weisman Zakai say the past three years – since the Jewish couple offered to rent their home to Bedouin friends, Ahmed and Khalas Tarabin – have been a living hell.

"I have always loved Israel," said Mrs Zakai, 43. "But to see the depth of the racism of our neighbours has made me question why we live in this country."

Mar 21 10:28

Preparations for a Hit against Iran: Stopping Israel’s Next War

“A new war in the region is inevitable.” This is the pronouncement made by Mohammad Seyyed Selim, political scientist and professor at the universities of Cairo and Kuwait. Prof. Selim delivered his forecast on February 13, in a program on Nile TV’s “Cairo Watch,” in which I also participated. The moderator, Mohamed Abdel-Rahim, started off by asking what crisis situations in the region were most acute; Iran and the Arab-Israeli conflict were the obvious answers.

Mar 21 10:26

Obamacare: It’s About Enriching Bankers and Wall Street

Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean says Obamacare was written by Insurance corporations.

Makes sense, considering the fact Obama’s health care “reform” was crafted at the behest of large insurance corporations. “This is a very good bill for insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies,” said Rep. Stephen Lynch, a Democrat, on Thursday. “The insurers still rule,” Lynch added. “Were just pumping subsidies into the current system, but that won’t drive down costs.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to the United States of Corporatestan, a government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations, which have collectively purchased our alleged "representatives" as "acquisitions".

Except for being an endless (in Congress' imagination) resource for tax revenues, We the People have utterly no redress, nor any other function for this government.

Hmmmmmmm - I see to remember a rallying cry heard at the birth of this nation, and that was "taxation without representation!"

At this point in our very broken country, we are back to precisely the same situation.

The question is, how angry the American people will really get when they realize the degree to which they have been had by this government, and what form that anger will take.

That question may soon be far from academic.

Mar 21 10:21

Tony Blair’s Secret Deal with a Multinational Oil Giant

Blair’s Fight to Keep His Oil Cash Secret: Former PM’s Deals Are Revealed As His Earnings Since 2007 Reach £20Million

Tony Blair waged an extraordinary two-year battle to keep secret a lucrative deal with a multinational oil giant which has extensive interests in Iraq.

The former Prime Minister tried to keep the public in the dark over his dealings with South Korean oil firm UI Energy Corporation.


Mar 21 10:20

Lawrence of Arabia's 1918 map of middle east shows Palestine

Mar 21 10:18

Make Mine Freedom (1948)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I remember seeing this when I was in grade school! (Yes I am that old).

The snake-oil salesman seemed kind of far-fetched, especially the part about how he would control the weather if only you would surrender your freedoms!

Yeah, seemed kind of far-fetched..... back then.

Mar 21 10:17

The Off-Shored Economy: The Ruins of Detroit

President Obama and economists provide platitudes about recovery. But how does an economy recover when its economic leaders have spent more than a decade moving high productivity, high value-added middle class jobs offshore along with the Gross Domestic Product associated with them?

Mar 21 10:14

Rampant Unemployment across America: 35 Cities Suffer Unemployment Above 15%

Unemployment rates continue to rise, with the majority of U.S. metropolitan areas showing an increase in January, according to a government report.

In fact, there were 35 metropolitan areas with unemployment rates at or above 15% in January. California and Michigan remain the hardest hit, with 19 cities in California showing rates above 15%, according to the Labor Department. Michigan logged the next highest number, with 6.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Recovery", my astrolabe!

Mar 21 10:12

What does O-B-A-M-A Stand For?

Oxymoronic forced "volunteerism"

Ben Bernanke renominated.

Afghanistan War escalated.

Marjiuana raids continued.

Another Bush term.

Mar 21 10:12

The US-NATO Conquest of Africa

NATO has now joined AFRICOM’s first war, in Somalia.

The bloc’s Allied Command Operations website announced on March 18 that from March 5-16 the North Atlantic military alliance had airlifted 1,700 Ugandan troops from their homeland to the Somali capital of Mogadishu for the intensified fighting that began there earlier this month.

The Pentagon supplied the transport planes “under the NATO banner” and the operation was “undertaken by USA contracted DynCorp International.

As with the government of Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan, the Western-backed Transitional Federal Government doesn’t even control its own capital. Since last week fighting there has led to hundreds of people being killed and wounded and thousands displaced.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This has nothing to do with freedom, democracy, human rights, or desperately needed aid for the Somalian people; this has everything to do with Somalia's as-of-yet unexploited resources, and which countries have access to those resources.

Mar 21 10:09

Bailouts Were an Extortion of the American People

The Fed and the US Government engaged in extortion of the American people by first telling us that the system was on the brink of collapse and martial law would be instituted, and then forcing, by mandate and the barrel of a gun, the people to fork over what little they have left of their paychecks to save too-big-to-fail bankers.

Mar 21 10:09


Nurit Peled spoke for thousands of Israeli Jews when she wrote that she will mourn on Nakba Day. Anyone with an ounce of human decency will mourn on that day as well. The Palestinians are not going to be alone on their day of mourning, neither will the Jews of conscience. It was the zionists that lit the flames, it is up to all Jews to extinguish them!

Palestine must once again take its rightful place among the family of nations, as a Free and Independent State!

Mar 21 10:08

Netanyahu to Ask Obama for Bunker Buster Bombs against Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will press the American administration during his upcoming visit to Washington to release sophisticated bunker-busting bombs needed for a possible strike on Iran’s nuclear sites, the Sunday Times reported in its website.

Mar 21 10:06

US Plots Against Iran While Offering Dialogue

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei accused on Sunday the United States of "plotting" against the Islamic republic even as it offers talks.

Mar 21 10:04

Why Israel Always Prevails

If the State Department had issued travel advisory warnings to US government officials about to travel to Israel, Vice President Joe Biden would have no doubt ignored them. A better friend to Israel could not have been found in the 36 years that Biden represented Delaware in the US Senate and there was speculation that his popularity among Jewish voters and major Jewish donors was the primary reason he was added to the Democratic ticket. According to all reports, Biden’s trip was to mend fences with the Israeli officials and with the Israeli Jewish public which had become disenchanted with the Obama administration where the president’s popularity is measured in the low single digits.

Mar 21 10:03

Huffs and Puffs From Gaza

Words fall short from describing the situation in Gaza. However, I may describe it as truly rebellious, disorderly, uncontrollable, tumultuous, unmanageable, riotous, confused, irrepressible, uncontainable, angry, anxious, incongruous, frantic, absurd, radical and revolutionary all in one. Thus, it is no wonder that Gazans have something and its opposite simultaneously. By all means, lives a situation of bread and blood. It’s a situation of identity and dignity too.

Mar 21 10:03

Is third intifada a stone’s throw away?

The renewed clashes have several causes: Continued Israeli settlement building in occupied territory, particularly East Jerusalem, the building of the separation barrier, as well as other incidents, such as the consecration of a synagogue in Jerusalem’s Old City last week or the addition to a list of Israeli heritage sites of religious sites in Hebron and in Bethlehem last month.

Israel invests millions of dollars to ensure settlers do not have to come into close contact with Palestinians, to the extent that tunnels are dug and new roads laid to re-route Palestinian traffic away from settler roads. Such slicing of territory leaves little room for the creation of a viable and contiguous Palestinian state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel is doing its best to provoke Palestinian rage to the point where the IDF will have its "justification" for forcibly deporting (and/or killing) every Palestinian left standing.

A memo to Hamas and Fatah: you had better bring your collective houses in order, and get to the point where your organizations can reconcile, in order to be able to speak to the Israeli government with one voice, and one vision, in behalf of the Palestinian people.

Otherwise, the fratricide between Hamas and Fatah will be the ultimate death blow to any possible viable Palestine, if that is at all possible at this point.

Mar 21 10:02

Pakistan officials: Suspected US missiles kill 4

Pakistani officials say suspected U.S. drones have fired missiles at a house and nearby truck in the country's northwest near the Afghan border, killing at least four people.

Mar 21 10:00

Peace Process Hypocrisy: Stillborn From Inception

Journalist Henry Siegman titled his August 2007 London Review of Books article, “The Great Middle East Peace Process Scam,” calling it likely “the most spectacular deception in modern diplomatic history.”
This writer omits most likely calling it the no-peace peace process, stillborn from inception, while Haaretz writer Gideon Levy, on March 7, 2010, wrote “There has never been an Israeli peace camp,” saying “let’s call the child by its real name: The Israeli peace camp is still an unborn baby,” the mother yet to become pregnant given decades of Israeli-Washington rejectionism.

Mar 21 09:54

Israel: East Jerusalem construction to continue

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared Sunday that Israel would not restrict construction in east Jerusalem, a step the U.S. has requested — sticking to a tough position hours before he sets off on his first trip to Washington since a diplomatic row erupted between the two allies.

Mar 21 09:53


Demonstrations were held in various locations throughout New York City yesterday protesting the continued presence of US troops in Iraq. They were held at the military recruiter stations in Lower Manhattan. These stations were established during the past year in the vicinity of Manhattan Community College. Scores of students pass them every day.

Mar 21 09:53


Sporadic but violent clashes between stone-hurling Palestinian youths and fully armed Israeli soldiers continued to rage all over the occupied territories for the fourth consecutive day following the opening of a large synagogue near the Haram Al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary) compound that is home to some of Islam’s holiest shrines.

Mar 21 09:51

U.S. Turns a Blind Eye to Opium in Afghan Town

The effort to win over Afghans on former Taliban turf in Marja has put American and NATO commanders in the unusual position of arguing against opium eradication, pitting them against some Afghan officials who are pushing to destroy the harvest.

From Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal on down, the military’s position is clear: “U.S. forces no longer eradicate,” as one NATO official put it. Opium is the main livelihood of 60 to 70 percent of the farmers in Marja, which was seized from Taliban rebels in a major offensive last month. American Marines occupying the area are under orders to leave the farmers’ fields alone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: American and NATO commanders have not been put"... in the unusual position of arguing against opium eradication."

The control and distribution of Afghan drugs, from which so many profit so handsomely, was one of the expected outcomes of the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

And please note that before the US/NATO invasion and occupation, the Taliban had managed to almost completely eradicate opium poppy production.

Do you believe that it was merely coincidence that after the US and NATO invaded Afghanistan, opium production soared?!?

As reported in:


"The spread of opium has not been curtailed since the United States invaded Afghanistan. In fact, the spread of opium, which is typically processed into heroin, has actually increased since the United States invaded Afghanistan. “In 2004, according to the United Nations, opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan rose by two-thirds, climbing to 320,000 acres and producing a yield of 4,200 metric tons (a metric ton equals 2,205 pounds)” (Williams, 2005, p. 58)"

This exponential growth can hardly be attributed to "coincidence".

And when the drug trade is controlled, where the drugs wind up is also controlled.

In fact, that part of the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan is working so magnificently well that, as reported on 12 March 2010 in:


"Russia's envoy to NATO has sharply criticized the alliance's shift away from fighting drug trafficking in Afghanistan, saying the resulting surge in heroin smuggling is endangering Russia's national security."

"(Russia) is losing 30,000 lives a year to the Afghan drug trade, and a million people are addicts," Rogozin said. "This is an undeclared war against our country."

Rogozin is absolutely correct in his assessment.

Mar 21 09:51


The renewed clashes have several causes: Continued Israeli settlement building in occupied territory, particularly East Jerusalem, the building of the separation barrier, as well as other incidents, such as the consecration of a synagogue in Jerusalem’s Old City last week or the addition to a list of Israeli heritage sites of religious sites in Hebron and in Bethlehem last month.

Owl 1
Mar 21 09:51


What constitutes “failure to comply with a lawful command” is open to interpretation. The Prosecution cited several moments within the melee which she claimed constituted “resisting”, but by her own admission I wasn’t charged with any of those things. I was charged only with resisting Beaudry, the guard I’d “choked”. My passenger of that day put the lie to that claim in short order, and the Prosecution wasn’t able to shake that. The Defense pointed out that I wasn’t charged with anything regarding anyone else, and the Prosecution had to concede that too. So what it came down to, ultimately, was those moments after I was repeatedly struck in the face by Beaudry (an event not in dispute, incidentally).

Mar 21 09:51

Socialized Medicine Horror Stories: Ripped from Britian and Canadian Papers

Here is an excellent site that tracks horror stories straight from the newspapers of socialist countries with socialized medicine systems.

Mar 21 09:45

FDIC Closes Seven Banks, 2010 Total Climbs To 37

Regulators on Friday shut down seven banks in five states, bringing to 37 the number of bank failures in the U.S. so far this year.

Mar 21 09:42

Anti-war protesters take to streets, defy US indifference

Thousands of anti-war protesters took to the streets of the US capital Saturday, on the seventh anniversary of the US-led war in Iraq in a show of frustration widely ignored by the media and public.

As the National Marathon wound down in the city, protesters after midday gathered outside the White House bearing signs alluding to the high cost of the war both in money and human lives and decrying the use of unmanned aircraft, or drones, to bomb US enemies.

Mar 21 09:41

German Central Bank Admits that Credit is Created Out of Thin Air

Most people think that banks lend solely from their base of deposits. Some also know that with fractional reserve banking, they can loan out many times more than they actually have in reserves.

But very few people - with the exception of those in the banking industry and financial experts - know where credit really comes from.

Germany's central bank - the Deutsche Bundesbank (German for German Federal Bank) - has admitted in writing that banks create credit out of thin air.

Mar 21 09:41

Spring snowstorm blankets North Texas

As much as six inches of heavy, fluffy, sticky snow blanketed North Texas on the first full day of spring.

Mar 21 09:41

Private Army Sets Sights on Iceland

A private company offering military support has expressed interest in working with the Icelandic government. Many Icelanders are strongly opposed to the idea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good reason to kick out the new government.

Mar 21 09:40

Scores arrested as English Defence League and anti-fascists clash in violent street protests

More than 70 people were arrested during clashes between right-wing and anti-fascist protesters which brought a town centre to a standstill.

Police condemned the violence in Bolton, Lancashire, yesterday which erupted between supporters of controversial right-wing group The English Defence League (EDL) and Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

Mar 21 09:39

'Pay £5,000 a day and you can meet Tony': Four top Labour MPs trapped in TV sting

Labour has been plunged into a cash-for-access row after three former Cabinet Ministers were secretly filmed discussing how they could help a fake lobbying company – with one boasting that he was a ‘cab for hire’ for £5,000 a day.

In the most damaging revelations, ex-Transport Minister Stephen Byers claimed that he managed to save ‘hundreds of millions of pounds’ for one company by using his influence with his successor Lord Adonis over a rail franchise.

Mr Byers also claimed that he had boosted the business interests of Tesco by phoning Peter Mandelson, and said that he could bring Tony Blair to meet clients of the lobbying company which was, in fact, a front for an undercover operation.

Mar 21 09:38

'Day of Wrath' brings Russians on to the streets against Vladimir Putin

Thousands of people across Russia took to the streets yesterday demanding the resignation of Vladimir Putin, in the largest show of discontent since he came to power more than a decade ago.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The push for globalism may have triggered a global revolt!

Mar 21 09:37

When drug makers' profits outweigh penalties

What Loucks, who was acting U.S. attorney in Boston until November, didn't know until years later was that Pfizer managers were breaking that pledge not to practice off-label marketing even before the ink was dry on their plea.

Mar 21 09:36


All that is necessary for success of “false flag” or “black ops” events is for the government to have its story ready and to have a reliable and compliant media. Once an official story is in place, thought and investigation are precluded. Any formal inquiry that is convened serves to buttress the already provided explanation.

Mar 21 09:36

Sober Up

Few people realize that for the past fifty years the policy of the United States government has been to get rid of jobs. Beginning with the Marshall Plan after World War II the government sent money, equipment and expertise to revive the economies of Europe and the Pacific Rim. In doing so, the U. S. called for open markets and free trade. Europe responded, but Japan never opened its market. Instead, Japan started a trade war for market share by closing its domestic market, subsidizing and selling its export at cost, making up the profit in the closed market. It worked. Today, Toyota is #1, while Ford, GM and Chrysler struggle. We have yet to force Japan to open its market.

Mar 21 09:35

US weighs more troops for north Afghanistan: official

US commanders may send an additional 2,500 troops to fend off the Taliban in northern Afghanistan, a region that had been relatively peaceful until recently, a defense official said.

US officers were conferring with German commanders leading Regional Command North about shifting some the forces in a US troop buildup to the north instead of the south, the official told AFP.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We do not now, nor have we ever had, 8 years on in this sordid military misadventure, anywhere near enough troops on the ground to achieve a military "victory" in Afghanistan.

Mar 21 09:34

U.S. Turns a Blind Eye to Opium in Afghan Town

The effort to win over Afghans on former Taliban turf in Marja has put American and NATO commanders in the unusual position of arguing against opium eradication.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Mar 21 09:33

Hightower: Two Right-Wing Billionaire Brothers Are Remaking America for Their Own Benefit

How billionaires' money took over Washington -- and created the mobs who rant against reform.

Mar 21 09:33

The US military may set up an additional headquarters in Iraqi Kurdistan

US military may set up an additional headquarters in northern Iraq even after Washington scales back its forces by a September deadline, a top US general said on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my (absolute absence of) surprise!!

We may be well in Iraq indefinitely.

Mar 21 09:32

The Mainstream, Corporate Media Is A Propaganda Mill Television Slyly Promotes War And False Paradigms

The Twentieth Century Fox Corporation is not unique in spreading propaganda, but they are rare in admitting it. Rupert Murdoch, himself in 2003, admitted that his Fox company helped to sell George W. Bush's Iraqi-Afghani wars to the American public.

Mar 21 09:30

Iraq's electoral commission rejects request for recount

Iraq's electoral commission said Sunday it would not recount votes from the March 7 parliamentary election, despite accusations of fraud and requests for a manual recount from Iraq's president and prime minister.

With the vote so close Maliki, an isolated politician who's popularity in the streets may not make up for the number of enemies he's created as a national leader, will find it difficult to garner the political allies needed to assure him his seat of power.

Maliki's statement seemed to imply that he may not step down as prime minister if he found the results unacceptable.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could get interesting - and ugly - in a heartbeat.

Mar 21 09:28


Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Clinton and Joint Chief’s Chairman Mike Mullen have all recently visited Israel on two issues, reliable information that Israel was planning an attack on Iran, a plan designed to push America into a war our leaders believe is both wrong and likely to risk a global nuclear confrontation with Russia and the building of a massive housing project on the Arab side of Jerusalem in violation of numerous agreements, a project that is likely to cause a spike in world terrorism and send thousands of new fighters to Afghanistan to face American forces there.

Mar 21 09:27

In impoverished Pakistan, millions of children forgo classrooms for hard labor

At least 10 million children are believed to be working in Pakistan at a variety of jobs, including some of the hardest and most poorly-paid.

The children who work often lose their chance to attend school and are vulnerable to abusive employers. Still, those are considered acceptable risks for the many poor families who need every member to pitch in for food, shelter and clothing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Child labor, grinding poverty, and a thoroughly corrupt, non-responsive government are the elements which produce a population for whom insurgency begins to look at least attractive, if not the only way out of their dire circumstances.

Mar 21 09:27

Winter storm surprises many in Albuquerque

Winter in the Albuquerque area didn't go without a fight as a storm that began on the eve of spring made for plenty of travel troubles.

Mar 21 09:26

Mossad Did 9/11 Says Former US Army Director

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of studies at the US Army War College says that the military brass now know that Israel and those traitors within our nation committed the 9/11 attack.

Mar 21 09:24

Avi Shlaim: Cut off the cash and Israel might behave

Israelis are not renowned for their good manners, but their treatment of Vice-President Joe Biden during his recent visit to their country went beyond chutzpah. Biden is one of Israel's staunchest supporters in Washington, and the purpose of his visit was to prepare the ground for the resumption of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. An official announcement that Israel planned to build 1,600 new Jewish settler homes in East Jerusalem scuppered the talks, alienated the Palestinians, and infuriated Biden. It was a colossal blunder that is likely to have far-reaching consequences for the special relationship between the two countries.

Mar 21 09:22


Mar 21 09:20

Report: Netanyahu to ask Obama for weapons to strike Iran

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will use a visit to Washington this week to press the U.S. to release advanced weapons needed for a possible strike on Iran's nuclear sites, the Sunday Times reported.

Ahead of his departure Sunday night, Netanyahu bowed to U.S. demands and promised the administration of U.S President Barack Obama that Israel will make several goodwill gestures toward the Palestinians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

1. There have been no substantive "concessions" on the part of Netanyahu's government.

2. US bunker-busters missiles have already been shipped to Diego Garcia, ready for deployment in any regional theatre of war.

3. The real reason for this meeting is for Netanyahu to verbally eviscerate Obama as to why Iran has not already been attacked by the US at this point.

Mar 21 09:19


Does our government respect human life the way it claims to do?

Hardly. And being a soldier is no deterrent.

Ignore for a moment the lies surrounding 9-11, TWA 800, the USS Iowa, and the Gulf of Tonkin, and step back into horrid history with me.

PUBLIC LAW 95-79 [P.L. 95-79]

"The use of human subjects will be allowed for the testing of chemical and biological agents by the U.S. Department of Defense, accounting to Congressional committees with respect to the experiments and studies."

"The Secretary of Defense [may] conduct tests and experiments involving the use of chemical and biological [warfare] agents on civilian populations [within the United States]."


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WRH Exclusive
Mar 21 09:18

US admits germ war tests in Britain

The United States has acknowledged it carried out a sweeping Cold War-era test programme of chemical and germ warfare agents in Britain and North America.

An unknown number of civilians were exposed at the time to "simulants", or what were then thought to be harmless agents meant to stand in for deadlier ones, the Defense Department said. Some of those were later discovered to be dangerous.

"We do know that some civilians were exposed in tests that occurred in Hawaii, possibly in Alaska and possibly in Florida," said William Winkenwerder, assistant secretary of defense for health affairs.

Mar 21 09:14

Loan aid leads to drop in credit scores

Some homeowners who sign up for the government's mortgage assistance program are getting a nasty surprise: lower credit scores.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable!

Mar 21 09:12

Pope Slams Irish Church Over Sex Abuse Scandal, But No Mention of Vatican Responsibility

Pope Benedict XVI's unprecedented letter to Ireland apologizing for chronic child abuse within the Catholic Church failed Saturday to calm the anger of many victims, who accused the Vatican of ducking its own responsibility in promoting a worldwide culture of cover-up.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This has nothing to do with the Catholic church's alleged "moral authority", but everything to do with potential financial liability against the Vatican.

Although to date, the Vatican has never been successfully sued in a sex abuse case to date, the tsunami of claims rocking the church just might change that equation.

And this is what Pope Benedict is desperately trying to prevent from happening.

Mar 21 09:12

US Military Biological Weapons Tests on YOU!!!!!

1968: Submarine Sprays Bacillus Over Part of Oahu
Edit event

The US government sprays bacillus globigii from a submarine “over part of Oahu, Hawaii, and over several boats off the coast, to gauge how Venezuelan equine encephalitis would be carried by wind.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 21 09:10

Another Mossad assassination, this time in Hungary?

IntelNews got word last night that an unidentified Syrian man was shot dead in Budapest early on Wednesday morning, as he was driving his car. Witnesses reported that the assailant stole a small black briefcase from the 52-year-old victim’s vehicle, before fleeing the scene of the crime on foot. A few hours later, it emerged that, in the week prior to the mysterious shooting, Hungarian air controllers located two Israeli Gulfstream spy planes hovering over the Hungarian capital, close to the airport, where Wednesday’s shooting actually occurred.

Owl 2
Mar 21 09:09

How a lawsuit over school laptops evolved

Now a law firm and forensics experts are trying to count how many times the software was activated - and figure out if it was ever used to spy on students instead of tracking missing computers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We know this was the case. The camera was activated on a laptop NOT reported stolen or missing. Therefore the camera was being used to spy in the kid. The issue came to light because whoever was using the camera to spy on the student (in the privacy of his own room) mistook come candy for illegal drugs and showed a captured image to the student's parents, who initiated the lawsuit.

Mar 21 09:04

Obama invites defiant Israeli PM for talks

US President Barack Obama on Sunday invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet him at the White House, even as the Israeli leader rebuffed a key US demand to halt settlement construction in east Jerusalem.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Netanyahu has demanded a meeting with US President Obama as to why the US has not yet attacked Iran.

Mar 21 09:03

Hundreds evacuated as volcano erupts in Iceland

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And that is what you get when you refuse to bail out my bankers!" -- God :)

Mar 21 09:00

The multiple ways Monsanto is putting normal seeds out of reach

People say if farmers don't want problems from Monsanto, just don't buy their GMO seeds.

Not so simple. Where are farmers supposed to get normal seed these days? How are they supposed to avoid contamination of their fields from GM-crops? How are they supposed to stop Monsanto detectives from trespassing or Monsanto from using helicopters to fly over spying on them?

Mar 21 08:59

Ban to Gazans: We stand with you

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon entered Gaza on Sunday and called for an end to the blockade, imposed after Hamas seized the Strip in 2007.

In a visit to a Gaza City neighborhood badly damaged during IDF Operation Cast Lead, Ban promised residents appealing for an end to the blockade that "we stand with you."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

After having said "We stand with you" to the Gazan people, he should have added the following: "But we are totally impotent to help you because the UN is unwilling and unable to deal with Israel."

Mar 21 08:59

One Very Tragic Death

Even as the Lehman scapegoating campaign is on in full force, there is little doubt that the man who somehow was in the middle of virtually everything, was not Dick Fuld, or any of the bevy of rotating Lehman CFOs, but Lehman's very much under the radar Global Product Controller, Gerard Reilly. Reilly was the point man on Repo 105, the point person for E&Y's "investigation" into the Matthew Lee whistleblower campaign, Lehman's Level 2 and Level 3 asset valuation, the brain behind the idea to spin off Lehman's commercial real estate business, Lehman's Archstone investment, and likely so much more. Reilly stayed on at Lehman, solid as a rock, even as the CFO's above him rotated one after another.

Mar 21 08:58

IDF soldiers kill 2 Palestinians after pitchfork attack

Israel Defense Forces soldiers on Sunday shot dead two Palestinians who attacked them with pitchforks near the West Bank city of Nablus, bringing to four the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in 24 hours.

According to initial reports, soldiers from the IDF's Nahshon Battalion were stationed south of the Israeli settlement of Itamar in order to protect Palestinians plowing their land.

The soldiers opened fire after two Palestinians tried to attack them. The soldiers were not harmed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But... but... Israel says the Palestinians have rockets and mortars and death stars?!?


I don't buy the pitchfork story. I think a couple farmers got killed and this lame-ass story was the best the IDF could come up with to justify it.

Mar 21 08:56


Is asking questions a crime? If you develop doubts about the Holocaust, isn’t the only way to get rid of these doubts by asking questions? A lot of individuals and groups are enraged by those who ask critical questions about the Holocaust. These doubters, who call themselves Revisionists, are often defamed as "Holocaust deniers."

Mar 21 08:54

(D) Congressmen Lynch opposed Obama care and calls it like it is.

Mar 21 08:50

Americans' Global Warming Concerns Continue to Drop

In response to one key question, 48% of Americans now believe that the seriousness of global warming is generally exaggerated, up from 41% in 2009 and 31% in 1997, when Gallup first asked the question.

Mar 21 08:48

Alex Breaks Down McCain & Lieberman's "Enemy Belligerents" Bill

Mar 21 08:45

An open letter to Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

You are already well aware of the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza consequent on Israel’s devastating military attacks and its siege. As recently as December 27of 2009, you called the blockade of Gaza “unacceptable.” While this statement is certainly valid, it constitutes a gross understatement of the actual situation which amounts to slow genocide. Such understatement suggests that you are trimming your language to accommodate US pro-Israeli policy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The United Nations has zero credibility as a potential future global government so long as it is unable and unwilling to deal with Israel.

Mar 21 07:16

The U.S. Personal Income Tax: It Goes to The Family Rothschild

by William Dean A. Garner

The Rothschild-Owned Federal Reserve Bank: "I've got you, my pretties!"
The more people like me speak out about this, the more will scratch their heads and go, “No way!” or “You’re an idiot, Garner!” or, worst of all, “You’re not an American!”

I’ve heard this crap before, and it always comes from ignorant souls who just don’t understand how the political and economic systems work in the western world.

After more than 30 years of anecdotal research, connecting thousands of dots across an endless sky, a distinct pattern begins to emerge, something I’ll share a bit with you here.
Where shall I start?

Mar 21 07:14

Everything You Have Ever Learned is a Lie

There is no bonified LAW requiring you to pay TAXES.
The FEDERAL RESERVE IS A PRIVATE BANK owned by private Investors such as David Rockefeller, Evelyn Rothschild, Leehman Brothers and a very few more to keep the American people enslaved.

Mar 21 04:11

“An island of rich Israelis set in a sea of Palestinian serfs”

Fareed Zakaria describes the future image of Israel, while Ambassador Oren rejects the notion of an American peace plan

Israel opposes the idea of an American Peace settlement that will lead to the creation of a Palestinian state. According to Ambassador Michael Oren, who was interviewed on PBS, trying to force a solution from the outside will be like “forcing somebody to fall in love.”

Mar 21 01:49

Preparations for a Hit against Iran: Stopping Israel’s Next War

“A new war in the region is inevitable.” This is the pronouncement made by Mohammad Seyyed Selim, political scientist and professor at the universities of Cairo and Kuweit. Prof. Selim delivered his forecast on February 13, in a program on Nile TV’s “Cairo Watch,” in which I also participated. The moderator, Mohamed Abdel-Rahim, started off by asking what crisis situations in the region were most acute; Iran and the Arab-Israeli conflict were the obvious answers.

Mar 21 01:36

Netanyahu To The West–Destroy Iran Before Israel Destroys You

“What would serve the Jew-hating world better as repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a nuclear winter? Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens? For the first time in history a people facing extermination while the world either cackles or looks away have the power to destroy the world. The ultimate justice?”

March 20, 2010

Mar 20 23:17


EVENTY-EIGHT year old Mustapha Al Jamal waits, hoping his home will be rebuilt. As Jan. 4—the one-year anniversary of his loss—approached, however, when and how remained unknown. His 30-year-old son, Mohammed, is less than optimistic: he believes Israel’s siege on Gaza, approaching its fourth year, will continue for a decade. “The world has just accepted that we suffer,” he explained in an interview.

Mar 20 23:17


Mar 20 23:16


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sent a written document to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her visit to Moscow, reflecting the Israeli agreement to the Obama administration’s demands, American media reported Saturday. The document was sent following a 40-minute phone conversation between the two officials.

Mar 20 23:15


“The steel wall is a serious threat that will make life impossible for us here in Gaza,” said Abu Ayman, one of thousands of workers at the smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. The 41-year-old man, who declined to give his full name, explained that this is the only job that allows him to feed his four children, wife and two elderly parents. “What do you expect us to do,” he asked, “when there is a high rate of unemployment, and no other means of survival?”

Mar 20 23:15


UC Berkeley student senate votes in favor of divestment

Mar 20 23:14

Baylor, You Have a Problem

Here is the text of an email that I sent to a member of Baylor University’s history department upon hearing that Kenneth Starr had been selected to be the president of that university, beginning this summer:

Mar 20 23:10


At a non-violent demonstration on Friday at An Nabi Saleh, 25 demonstrators were injured by Israeli Defence Forces [IDF]. [ISM] International Solidarity Movement’s co-founder Huwaida Arraf has been released after being arrested and kept in detention for a day. ISM volunteer Ellen Stark was shot at point blank range (4 meters) with a rubber bullet as she stood with medics, Popular Committee members and other internationals. ISM co-founder Huwaida Arraf was arrested while negotiating with the IOF to allow Ellen through the military line to get to the hospital.

Mar 20 19:03

The number of inmates in US state prisons is down – but only in an effort to save money

In the fight for reform of America's grim, overcrowded and gang-ridden prison system it is a small victory. But so rare that it deserves mention. A new study by the Pew Centre revealed last week that America's state prisons have actually reduced their total number of inmates. The tiny dip – by just 0.4% – marks a reverse in one of the most stubborn trends in American society: the booming of its prison population. In fact it was the first recorded drop in the number of prisoners held at state jails since 1972. The numbers, of course, are staggering. The survey showed that America's creaking state jails are still home to 1,403,091 people.

Mar 20 18:58

Iranians train Taliban to use roadside bombs

TALIBAN commanders have revealed that hundreds of insurgents have been trained in Iran to kill Nato forces in Afghanistan.

Western officials troubled by growing Iranian support for the Taliban describe the accounts as credible. A military crackdown in Pakistan is thought to have encouraged Taliban leaders to look to Iran for more help.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This attempt to link the Taliban and Iran has absolutely zero credible sourcing.

Notice the weasel-wording here:

"TALIBAN commanders have revealed that hundreds of insurgents have been trained in Iran to kill Nato forces in Afghanistan. "

OK, which Taliban commanders?!? These people have names, don't they??

"Karl Eikenberry, the American ambassador to Afghanistan, recently described signs of co-operation between Iran and the Taliban as disturbing.

“Iran or elements within Iran have provided training assistance and some weapons to the Taliban,” he said."

OK, if you're talking Iranian weapons, show me the weapons!

Without truly credible evidence, this alleged "story" doesn't pass the smell test.

But one has to wonder; is this being planted in outlets in the West so that if a false flag event occurs soon, that everyone in the West will blame it on Iran?!?

Were I a betting human being, I would be more inclined to see the timing of this story as a prelude to seeing some kind of false-flag "terrorist event" to blame on Iran, to get the war started.

Mar 20 18:47

Health warning over statin taken by millions

Simvastatin is taken by around three million people in order to lower their cholesterol and reduce the risk of having a heart attack.

However an analysis of clinical trial data in America has found that high doses can cause muscle damage and a rare condition which induces kidney problems and may be fatal.

Patients were told not to stop taking simvastatin but advised to talk to their doctor if they have concerns.

The American medicines regulator, the Food and Drug Administration, has issued a warning to patients to be alert to signs of problems when taking the 80mg daily dose of simvastatin. It has also listed drugs that should not be prescribed to those on high doses of statins.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If this drug is this toxic, why has the FDA simply gone with the warning, "Patients were told not to stop taking simvastatin but advised to talk to their doctor if they have concerns."?!?

Those patients being prescribed this medication may not know that they are in a world of hurt until it is way too late to do anything about it.

Mar 20 18:28

U.S. denies reports on discussions with China over N. Korean contingency

At issue are loose nuclear materials that might be funneled to terrorist groups, and a potential flood of refugees to the northeastern part of China, which borders North Korea.

U.S. officials have said they would mobilize to send troops to North Korea in case of a crisis there. The U.S. currently maintains 28,500 troops in South Korea as a legacy of the 1950-53 Korean War.

A Council on Foreign Relations report has said that an additional 460,000 troops -- three times the number of U.S. troops deployed in Iraq -- would be needed to help maintain stability in North Korea and assure the safe removal of North Korea's nuclear warheads and other weapons of mass destruction in case of its collapse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With Kim Jong-Il's heath in a shaky state, their economy foundering, and smoldering public resentment at a government which gives nothing back, this situation could turn nasty at the speed of light.

Mar 20 18:12

Another Gulf War Syndrome?

Before her last deployment, 31-year-old Staff Sergeant Danielle Nienajadlo passed her Army physical with flying colors.

She was sent to Walter Reed Army Medical Center and learned she had been diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia, a fast-progressing form of the disease. She told her doctors and her family she had felt fine until she started inhaling the oily black smoke that spewed out of the base's open-air trash-burning facility day and night. At times, the plume contained dioxins, some of which can cause the kind of cancer Nienajadlo had.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember: if you are an enlisted service person in the US Army and you get ill, you are expendable.

Please share this story with every young person you know contemplating enlisting in the Army.

Also, if you are an Iraqi citizen breathing this stuff, you are also expendable to the US government.

Mar 20 17:55

16,500 more IRS agents needed to enforce Obamacare

New tax mandates and penalties included in Obamacare will cause the greatest expansion of the Internal Revenue Service since World War II

Mar 20 17:52

Pentagon Sees a Threat From Online Muckrakers

To the list of the enemies threatening the security of the United States, the Pentagon has added WikiLeaks.org, a tiny online source of information and documents that governments and corporations around the world would prefer to keep secret.

Mar 20 17:38

Police Brutality

Police Brutality videos.

Mar 20 17:28

Dem Congressman On Health Bill: Insurance Companies Are “Holding Hostages”

A Democratic Congressman has stated that he will refuse to vote yes on the pending health care reform bill, declaring that the legislation represents a vastly bloated giveaway to insurance companies and big pharma.

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) asserts that the Senate bill bankrolls the very companies that president Obama says are taking advantage of the American people.

Mar 20 16:03

Iraq war 8th year: All “intelligence” for war proven as Orwellian and treasonous lies. Now what?

*hyperlinks and 3 videos live at source*

When US government “leaders” told known lies to unlawfully invade Iraq seven years ago, they committed the crime of treason by levying war against our own soldiers and Constitution. Corporate media are complicit in treason as they also lied by commission and omission to dupe American soldiers and public into “emperor has no clothes” obvious unlawful Wars of Aggression.

Those Americans in key positions committed to keeping our constitutional republic rather than a fascist empire are running out of time to enact their Oath to protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, to refuse all orders associated with these unlawful wars and arrest those who issue them.

Mar 20 15:10

Watch Closely... at no Time does the Hand leave the Wrist

Now we hear that the military knows that the Rothschildlandians did 9/11. Wow! They just found out. That’s impressive. Now we see spokes-cretins from major powers condemning settlement activity. Wussup with that?