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July 13, 2010

Jul 13 07:41

Bilderberg Corporate Media Mogul Wrote Obama Speech

The fact that Barack Obama is nothing more than a corporate sock puppet, a completely hollow vassal being used and manipulated by his globalist controllers to carry out their agenda, has once again been emphasized with the revelation that corporate media mogul and Bilderberg luminary Mortimer Zuckerman wrote one of Obama’s political speeches.

“Well I voted for Obama, I helped write one of his speeches,” Zuckerman told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto yesterday.

Jul 13 07:40

When Will We Take Responsibility for the Obama Presidency's Failings?

While it is uncomfortable and in some respects unreasonable to take to task the people who should be the biggest allies of social movements and, in fact, an ally of this writer (who considers himself to be progressive), the cycle with which progressives have the Left going in is incredibly destructive to the future of this country, the world and in fact the whole of humanity. The strategy and tactics of progressives increasingly look like the definition of insanity--doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.

Jul 13 07:39

How to trick people into thinking you're good looking

Jul 13 07:30

Guantánamo: The Definitive Prisoner List (Updated for Summer 2010)

Andy Worthington

The Guantanamo Files: The Story of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison. In Andy Worthington’s The Guantanamo Files, the whole story of the Cuban camp emerges as a ghastly experiment in which the terrorist suspects became guinea pigs in a vast experiment of methods to crack the human soul. [This] is a powerful, essential and long-overdue piece of research, providing the first real Who’s Who of those held at the Cuban base. –Stephen Grey, New Statesman

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jul 13 07:09

Obama: 'I Have Met Israel and It Is "Us"'

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu set up another illegal Jewish settlement, this time on the White House lawn. And, it appears, President Obama has agreed to serve as its armed guard.

So complete was Obama’s identification with Israel yesterday that he actually referred to Israel as “us” before correcting himself:

“We strongly believe that, given its size, its history, the region that it’s in, and the threats that are leveled against us—against it, that Israel has unique security requirements.”

Jul 13 05:48

Vitamin D promotes memory and cognitive function in seniors

Those elders who did have adequate vitamin D scored far better on cognitive tests than those in the deficient and insufficient vitamin D categories, particularly on measures of executive performance, which included cognitive flexibility, perceptual complexity, and reasoning

Jul 13 05:46

Pharmacists give themselves cancer from dispensing toxic chemotherapy chemicals

One of the side effects of chemotherapy is, ironically, cancer. The cancer doctors don't say much about it, but it's printed right on the chemo drug warning labels (in small print, of course). If you go into a cancer treatment clinic with one type of cancer, and you allow yourself to be injected with chemotherapy chemicals, you will often develop a second type of cancer as a result. Your oncologist will often claim to have successfully treated your first cancer even while you develop a second or third cancer directly caused by the chemo used to treat the original cancer.

There's nothing like cancer-causing chemotherapy to boost repeat business, huh?

Jul 13 05:00

Legacy of the Exxon-Valdez-What to Expect in Gulf of Mexico

Teaser of Black Wave, a documentary about the Exxon Valdez tragedy. Check out the official website: http://www.blackwavethefilm.com .
In the early hours of March 24th 1989 the Exxon Valdez oil supertanker runs aground in Alaska. It discharges millions of gallons of crude oil. The incident becomes the biggest environmental catastrophe in North American history.

July 12, 2010

Jul 12 23:49

Exclusive Intifada Interview with Greta Berlin - Free Gaza Movement

What do you expect from a man (Netanyahu) who is the head of a country founded on terrorism? Israelis think everyone is a terrorist, because that’s how they got their country originally.

Jul 12 23:38

Has ‘Obamageddon’ Signed the World’s Death Warrant?

Considering the Zionist regime’s unhinged mentality and notorious lack of restraint, it is obvious that Israel’s 200 (or is it 400?) nuclear warheads pose a massive threat not only to the Middle East but the rest of the world. Those warheads can be targeted on European cities and, some say, already are.

Jul 12 23:35

Threatening World Order: US and Israel Quietly Announce Plans to Reconstitute Their Nuclear Stockpiles

The United States is moving forward with plans to strengthen Israel’s nuclear weapons stockpile.

Jul 12 22:08

Hell Has Come to South Louisiana

“We were primed for a great season,” Guidry says, “And it all got taken away.”

Jul 12 22:03

MAZIN : Palestinian Responsibility


“Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns. I am thankful that thorns have roses” - Alphonse Karr
It took over 10 hours to cross from Amman, Jordan to the Ghetto of Bethlehem, a distance of 60 miles. From the first moment on the bridge from Jordan, we begin to be immersed in Palestinian suffering.

Jul 12 22:00

Another Test For President Obama Looms

President Obama gets tested almost daily. Most of these tests he fails so utterly and completely that even a grade of zero is too high of a score. Every now and again he does however barely pass some tests put before him but it is with what could best be deserving of a D and nothing better. Those are just the facts. It is hard for someone that does not understand the very basics of economics and believes in command and control economies to do any better because the answers that are given to the tests are always answers that have been proven time and again not to work.

Jul 12 22:00

Commentary: A three-front war?

There is no better illustration of the futility of the $1 trillion Iraq war than news photos of a long line of gasoline tankers lined up bumper to bumper as they leave Iraq to enter Iran.

Jul 12 21:49

Breaking News: Due to Public Outcry, Coast Guard Rescinds Ban of Reporters and Photographers from Oil Spill

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See? Getting pissed off at the bastards is a good thing!

Jul 12 21:47

Bill Kristol will protect Israel with attack ads against Democrats

Thankfully, Hero of Democracy Bill Kristol is here to save Israel, along with some donors whose names will never be disclosed, because of freedom.

Jul 12 21:45

First Lady Encourages Americans to Vacation on Gulf – But Obamas Head to Maine Instead

The Obama family will be taking a mini-vacation of their own this weekend, but instead of going to the Gulf Coast they are traveling to Maine’s Mount Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park.

Jul 12 21:44

Debunking Joe Farah's Jewish Fables

The Bible warns Christians to ignore "Jewish fables." (Titus 1:14) In 1948 Israel violently drove half of the Arab population from Palestine, stealing land on which they had lived and farmed for thousands of years. To distract the world from this outrage, Israel created an elaborate tapestry of fables deluding generations of evangelicals and much of the world.

Jul 12 21:36


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Kellogg’s Cereals
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Carlsberg Beer
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Heineken’s Beer

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Fair is fair!

Jul 12 21:30

Council approves construction of 32 new homes in East Jerusalem

Approval is part of plan to build a total of 250 apartment units in Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood, despite Obama administration's characterization of Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem as settlements.

Jul 12 21:08



I got back from Arizona a bit ago, visiting with friends, mostly Vietnam vets. From Veterans Today we had Jim Hanke, Jeff Gates, regular Army and me, as usual, the lone Marine and with our hosts, Navy Seal Hershel Davis. Years ago it would have been talk about POWs and politics. Now its down to motorcycles and single malt. We did get a few minutes in on John McCain as he is running around the state playing war hero to stay in the thieving Senate. Some of us had fought both Kerry and McCain for years as POW advocates.

Jul 12 21:00

Tim King did a great job on this one,

I think Tim King did a really good job on this..I usually dont post here, and I disagree with Tim now and then, but he did a great job on this, so spread it around...thanks.

Jul 12 19:08

LeBron Nation: Americans Hypnotized As Country Collapses Programmed zombies get hysterical about basketball while their future is being destroyed Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com Monday, July 12, 2010 The sight of American citizens gathering to prot

LeBron Nation: Americans Hypnotized As Country Collapses

Programmed zombies get hysterical about basketball while their future is being destroyed

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, July 12, 2010
The sight of American citizens gathering to protest basketball player LeBron James’ decision to join Miami Heat last week, after Ohio Governor Ted Strickland joined celebrities to serenade James in a bizarre appeal video entitled “We are LeBron,” was a shocking reminder of how millions of Americans are more concerned about sports teams than the fact that their country is collapsing around them, and how potent a threat such wanton delusion is to the survival of freedom and prosperity in the United States.

Jul 12 18:54

Central banks start to abandon the U.S. dollar

A new report from Morgan Stanley analyst Emma Lawson confirms what many had suspected: the dollar is firmly on its way to losing its status as the reserve currency of the world. We already knew that central banks have preferred gold to dollars, and that they're even selling their gold for cash; now, according to Lawson's data, it seems that those central banks prefer almost anything to dollars.

Lawson found that central banks have dropped their allocation to U.S. dollars by nearly a full percentage point to 57.3% from 58.1%, and calls this "unexpected given the global environment." She adds, "over time we anticipate that reserve managers may reduce their holdings further."

Jul 12 18:50

Historian warns of sudden collapse of American ‘empire’

Harvard professor and prolific author Niall Ferguson opened the 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival Monday with a stark warning about the increasing prospect of the American “empire” suddenly collapsing due to the country’s rising debt level.

“I think this is a problem that is going to go live really soon,” Ferguson said. “In that sense, I mean within the next two years. Because the whole thing, fiscally and other ways, is very near the edge of chaos. And we’ve seen already in Greece what happens when the bond market loses faith in your fiscal policy.”

Jul 12 18:13

UK debt is 'twice as much as we thought'

The true scale of the national debt is £2 trillion - more than twice the official figure, an alarming study shows.

The black hole in the public accounts equates to £78,000 for every household in the country.

Jul 12 18:08

Times paywall shuts the door on its own contributors

More teething troubles for the Times paywall. A disgruntled hack pings Monkey: "Among those no longer able to access the Times online content are all the freelances that contribute to the paper from outside Wapping Towers. No provision has been made to give them some sort of log-on or password so that they could, you know, do radical stuff like read their own copy, see if anyone has commented (unlikely, obviously, since no one will be reading it) or even read what they wrote last week. I know. I am one." Oops.

Jul 12 17:17

Requiem for the Antiwar Movement by Cindy Sheehan

Last week, the Democratically controlled House of Representatives voted to give Barack Obama 33 billion more dollars to prosecute two idiotic and ill-advised wars. Of course they did—it wasn’t the first time since 2007 that a Democratic Congress voted to fund wars, and it won’t be the last—do you all know why? BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATS DON’T WANT PEACE—THEY ARE JUST ONE-HALF OF THE “WAR PARTY.”

Jul 12 16:20

Has “Obamageddon” signed the world's death warrant?

Stuart Littlewood considers the deadly implications for humanity of US President Barack Obama’s decision to sell Israel nuclear materials and technology and to reaffirm “a four-decade-old secret understanding that allowed Israel to keep a nuclear arsenal without opening it to international inspections, against the background of total congressional servitude to Israel.

Jul 12 16:18

Witch-hunt begins in Israeli schools and colleges

Hundreds of Israeli college professors have signed a petition accusing the education minister of endangering academic freedoms after he threatened to “punish” any lecturer or institution that supports a boycott of Israel, Jonathan Cook reports.

Jul 12 15:53

Giant Florida Sinkhole Swallows Toyota Camry

The car disappeared down the sinkhole minutes after this photo was taken.

Jul 12 15:51

East Haven Cop Shoots Dog In Front Of Children

After the shooting and the arrest, Dadio says more cops arrived. They blocked off the street and didn’t let anyone enter the home for hours. Meanwhile, standing in the street, Dadio could hear his dog crying. He was so freaked out and upset, he says, that he left.

The dog bled to death.

The kids were so traumatized, says Dadio, that they wouldn’t sleep at the house for days.

Jul 12 15:49

Double standard: Unlicensed bar music vs. P2P users

Gertner cites numerous cases where restaurants failed to pay up, used the music for commercial gain, and were then hauled to court. The Spring Mount Area Bavarian Resort in Pennsylvania, for instance, was sued over its lack of a performance license back in 2008. The cost of license would have been $3,725; when the resort was found liable, it had to pay damages of $6,750. Other awards in similar cases include $30,000, $34,500, and $16,000 judgments.

By contrast, juries decided that sharing 30 songs on the 'Net (with no pecuniary motivation) was worth $675,000 and that sharing 24 songs might be worth anywhere from $220,000 to $1.9 million (the two Jammie Thomas-Rasset trials in Minnesota).

Jul 12 15:46

Chinese rating agency strips Western nations of AAA status

China's leading credit rating agency has stripped America, Britain, Germany and France of their AAA ratings, accusing Anglo-Saxon competitors of ideological bias in favour of the West.

Jul 12 15:38

Russia calls for renewing talks with Iran

For the first time since conceding to the UN Security Council sanctions against Iran, Russia says negotiations with Tehran should be renewed as soon as possible.

"This is what we see as the main aim of the UN Security Council resolution. If diplomacy loses this chance, then this will be a collective failure of all the international community," Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday.

Jul 12 14:58

BP 'to divest all North Sea assets' in dramatic attempt to reduce its costs

Embattled BP is to cut costs by $14bn (£9.5bn) in six months as part of a radical plan to sustain profitability in the wake of the explosion at its Deepwater Horizon oil rig that has led to the worst spill in US history.

Jul 12 14:58

WMD claims were lies says former envoy

Britain was taken to war in Iraq on the basis of “lies”, scaremongering and deliberate exaggeration, a former UK diplomat told the Iraq inquiry.

Carne Ross claimed that Britain and the United States privately did not believe that Iraq's weapons programmes posed a “substantial threat” before launching the 2003 invasion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jul 12 14:56

Controlling the wealth of America – top 1 percent control 83 percent of U.S. stocks.

Mayer Rothschild was quoted as saying “give me the power of the money and it will not matter any more who is commanding.” Today Wall Street is in full command of our government. The impact of massive lobbying has guaranteed that many of our politicians are bought off and are serving as serfs to their feudal lords on Wall Street.

Jul 12 14:52

Israel: a Failing Colonial Project?

Increasingly, despite its early military and political successes, Israel cannot for long endure as a colonial project. It must choose between wars – and destruction – or transition to a state for all its peoples.

In order to firmly secure its existence – as firmly as that is possible for any state – a settler state has to overcome three challenges. It has to solve the native problem; break away from its mother country; and gain the recognition of neighboring states and peoples. It can be shown that Israel has not met any of these conditions.

Jul 12 14:47

Debt commission leaders paint gloomy picture

The heads of President Barack Obama's national debt commission painted a gloomy picture Sunday as the United States struggles to get its spending under control.

Republican Alan Simpson and Democrat Erskine Bowles told a meeting of the National Governors Association that everything needs to be considered -- including curtailing popular tax breaks, such as the home mortgage deduction, and instituting a financial trigger mechanism for gaining Medicare coverage.

The nation's total federal debt next year is expected to exceed $14 trillion -- about $47,000 for every U.S. resident.

Jul 12 14:21

Mediaphobia at the IPCC

New York Times blogger Andrew Revkin had the scoop on Saturday—a letter that IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri recently sent to the 831 researchers who will contribute to the panel’s next assessment report, its fifth. In the letter, Pachauri tells scientists to "keep a distance" from reporters.

Jul 12 14:19

Video: New Documentary on Operation Gladio and False Flag Terrorism by NATO's Secret Armies

In 1990, alarming evidence of NATO-sponsored terrorist attacks came to light. This is the shocking story of Operation Gladio; a tale of espionage, conspiracy and political violence [47mins]

Jul 12 13:37

Chicago's new gun law goes into effect today

"Our big thing is knowing who has weapons," Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis. "Believe it or not, we are trying to make it as easy as possible for people to register their weapon."

Jul 12 13:33

Armed Guards Posted At Buffalo City Pools

The city's eight public outdoor pools were shut down last Thursday after fights broke out and a locker room was vandalized.

Jul 12 13:07

Toy Israeli Houses for Italian Kids, Destroyed Homes for Palestinian Children

While the systematic demolition of Palestinian homes by Israel continues, the Italian hypermarket instead sells colorful and cheerful plastic toy houses.
“Barkan, the second largest Israeli settlement discharges 810,000 cubic meters of industrial waste water per year, which ends up in rivers and lands near the Palestinian village of Salfit.”

Jul 12 12:55

Hey, Rep Kirk’s got to hide his Israel love away

Here is a what appears to be a very strange situation, but is not so strange after all. This link is to Illinois Rep. Mark Kirk’s page for Jewish voters, replete with Hebrew, which makes it appear that he is running for the Israeli Knesset and not the US Congress. Now this link is to his Senate campaign home page, where I was unable to find any link to his pro-Israel page (oh, wait, you can find it when you click on National Security issues).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Are we having an effect?

No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people. A friend to Israel is no friend of America.

Memorize this list of Israel's whores in the US Government and vote them out of office before it is your children being murdered by Israel! There is no more important issue this election!

America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third.

Jul 12 12:38

Blockade: Dockers Respond to Israel’s FLOTILLA Massacre and Gaza Siege

This was the first ever boycott of an Israeli ship by workers in the US, where Zionism has counted on influencing the traditional stance of the mainstream labor movement, as well as elected politicians

Jul 12 12:18

Former DOJ Attorney Makes Explosive Accusations

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"If a government cannot prove the accuracy and honesty of the elections b which they claim authority over the people, then the people are neither legally nor morally obligated to obey that government's dictates, nor to pay its bills!" -- Michael Rivero

Jul 12 12:17

Adams: DOJ's Handling of Case 'Constitutes Corruption'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"If a government cannot prove the accuracy and honesty of the elections b which they claim authority over the people, then the people are neither legally nor morally obligated to obey that government's dictates, nor to pay its bills!" -- Michael Rivero

Jul 12 12:17

Civil Rights Attorney on Accusations vs. DOJ

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"If a government cannot prove the accuracy and honesty of the elections b which they claim authority over the people, then the people are neither legally nor morally obligated to obey that government's dictates, nor to pay its bills!" -- Michael Rivero

Jul 12 11:59

Al-Shabaab vows allegiance to Osama

Somalia's al-Shabaab group has publicly announced its loyalty to al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, in a video documentary released recently.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Somalia's al-Shabaab group appears to be another fake terrorist organization that exists only on video tapes shown on "Islamist" websites (As usual, registered through Domains By Proxy to conceal the real owners from the public) to justify more wars of aggression.

There are two problems with this video. The first is the obvious use of english titles (not sub-titles; designed right into the video) when the official story is that this video "Al-Shabaab fighters distributed the video in several Mogadishu neighborhoods, including in Suqaholaha, where a public screening was also organized following the Eid prayers", audiences where English would be a rarity. Second, of course, Osama has been dead since December 2001, a fact known quite well to all nations outside the US propaganda blanket.

So, we are being told that the Uganda bombing was carried out by TV Islamists swearing allegiance to a dead guy.

And they wonder why nobody believes this crap any more.

Jul 12 11:54

Diary Of July 12th, 2006: Operation “Truthful Pledge”

On July 12th 2006, the Islamic Resistance carried out a bold quality ambush operation at the Lebanese-Palestinian border in Khallat Wardah area near Ayta Al Shaab town. Of the Zionist soldiers targeted in the ambush the resistance was able to capture two and kill a number of others.

Jul 12 11:39

A Southern Symphony: Woe Unto The Wretched

“They’re bombing Lebanon”

I remember my mothers words as they stung me like hot coals; On July 12th, 2006 my family was huddled around the television, listening to the news. The voices would shatter my eardrums as the death toll would climb higher and higher. Soon it was just noise.

Jul 12 11:31

BP Whistleblower: 'What This Company Is Doing To This Country Right Now Is Just Wrong'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember that all that BP has done to the United States was done with the permission of the US Federal Government. The MMS, which is supposed to keep an eye on the oil corporations in this country, was known to suffer from rampant corruption and incompetence when Obama took office. Obama had 400 days to get the Federal Agencies like MMS (and SEC) back to doing their jobs. Instead, we learned that MMS had come to believe they worked for the oil companies rather than for the American people, and in the months before the Deepwater Horizon explosion, occupied themselves with internet porn, drugs, and hookers provided by the very oil companies they were supposed to be keeping an eye on.

Yes, BP deserves everything it gets, but it should not stand alone on the gallows.

Jul 12 11:25

French minister in boy sex tourism claim

A senior aide to French President Nicolas Sarkozy defended Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand who is facing calls for his resignation for having written about paying boys for sex.

The revelations were made in a 2005 autobiography The Bad Life and have surfaced after Mitterrand passionately defended film-maker Roman Polanski, who faces deportation from Switzerland were he was arrested to the United States for having had sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

Politicians from all parties have criticised Mitterrand for his attack on the United States.

Jul 12 11:23

Six dead in office shooting

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More people reach the breaking point.

Jul 12 11:18

Trouble in Golan , Trouble In The Syrian Front

It seems that we can see a major Syrian uprising at last in the Golan heights after more than 40 years of occupation that can remind the world with the fact that this is an occupied territory.

Jul 12 11:16

The Three Stooges Go To Israel

Slowly I turned…step by step…inch by inch…

Does anyone remember the famous black-and-white skit, performed by the Three Stooges, where a psychotic Moe goes berserk and attacks an innocent bystander who unwittingly utters the trigger words “Niagara Falls!”?

Today, we have a new cast of crazies doing the same routine. However, you can substitute the word “Iran!” in place of the words “Niagara Falls!” and still get the same reaction out of the likes of Joseph Lieberman (I – CT), John McCain (R – AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R – SC), AKA: The Three Stooges.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You know, I seem to recognize those three men in that photograph and as I recall, those are UNITED STATES Senators, elected by and paid by the American people to take care of the UNITED STATES (which really needs some looking after right now).

So what the hell are these clowns doing in a foreign country when their job is supposed to be here?

No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people. A friend to Israel is no friend of America.

America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third.

Jul 12 11:11

BP's paid less than half of claims

Since the Deepwater Horizon well exploded April 20, BP has paid fewer than half of the claims filed in six states, including Mississippi.

Jul 12 11:10

Why Loan Mods & Short Sales are a Sucker's Game

Loan modification and short sales are a sucker’s game the banks play with you. They are designed to lure you into a false hope and squeeze you for every last dime the they can get out of you before they throw you into the street.

Here’s why.

First and primarily, you are negotiating with your servicing entity, not the true owner of the note. As such, the person you are talking to has no authority to do anything. They can’t do anything without permission from the note holder. And who is the note holder? No one knows and that is the entire basis of this website.

Jul 12 11:08


One of my sidelinks leads to a Blog called Window Into Palestine….
if you click on it you get the following popup from Google….

Reported Attack Page!

This web page at windowintopalestine.blogspot.com has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.
Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.

Some attack pages intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.

Jul 12 11:04


Jul 12 11:03


My readers might have noticed cartoons done by a new artist on this site lately. Pete Pasho is another one of those that expresses his feelings via the toon, rather than with long (sometimes boring) essays.

As was proven a few weeks ago by the international ‘toon fiasco’ created by one of Latuff’s creations, the cartoon has become a mighty weapon in our struggles for justice.

Jul 12 11:02


The Boycott is growing and working….. following are International updates on what is going on….

Jul 12 10:49

Local Currencies: Communities Printing Own Money To Keep Cash Flowing

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The original thirteen colonies printed their own currency, and it worked very well at empowering commerce and turning the young America into a powerful growing economy, free of the poverty and unemployment that even then crippled London. But the bankers of Europe, long used to private banks issuing the public currencies, were horrified by the American approach and saw it as a threat to their deeply cherished religious belief that the gods intended for he bankers to have all the wealth of the world. So, the Bank of England lobbied King George III to impose the Currency Act on the colonies, which forbade the colonies to use their own money and required them to borrow their lawful tender from the Bank of England, at interest. Within a few short years of the Currency Act, the colonies were gripped with the same poverty and unemployment as London. It was the rage from the effects of the currency act that fueled the drive towards revolution. But because the Congress in 1913 sold us back into the same style banking system, present-day schools seldom mention the currency act, preferring to lay the blame for the revolution on the Tea act and the Stamp Act, which were rather mild offenses by comparison.

Previous Presidents have resorted to their constitutional authority to issue government currency to challenge the primacy of the bank notes, Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, both of whom were killed and their currencies removed from circulation immediately following their deaths.

Jul 12 10:37

Charles Manson investigates, concludes Sharon Tate committed suicide.

Jul 12 10:33

Israel, The Master of Exploitation

History and religion can be powerful tools in justifying the present. And nobody does this better than Israel. The problem is that Israel, its leaders and by proxy, its people, expect that they can exploit and twist history and religion without ever feeling the sting from the backlash of such exploitation from others.

Jul 12 10:22

Crisis Awaits World’s Banks as Trillions Come Due

The sovereign debt crisis would seem to create worry enough for European banks, but there is another gathering threat that has not garnered as much notice: the trillions of dollars in short-term borrowing that institutions around the world must repay or roll over in the next two years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The problem is that a global crash is now inevitable. Because of the western style system of banking where all money is created as debt at interest, there simply is not enough money in the entire world to repay the banks. Even if governments confiscate all private property to sell to pay their bills, the money to BUY the confiscated property is also the product of a loan, which means the total debt still increases! All of this operates because people BELIEVE this is the way an economy is supposed to work. It's a religion, not science. People go along with the deliberate impoverishment because they believe this is the way it is supposed to be. But it is not,. There are other systems of national economy that work far better, including the one this nation was started with.

The time has come for us all to become banker heretics, to reveal the monsters that lurk underneath those fine clothes and to understand that the institutions in those garish buildings do not serve the people but enrich and empower the money-priesthood.

Jul 12 10:18

Israel's Settlement Enterprise: Longstanding, Outrageous And Illegal

B'Tselem, the Israeli human rights organization, addressed it in its July 2010 report titled, 'By Hook and By Crook: Israel's Settlement Policy in the West Bank', ahead of a July 6 meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Obama, their fifth - a shameless love fest endorsing Israeli crimes, Obama saying Israel has "got to be able to respond to threats or any combination of threats in the region," ones it manufactures to pursue ruthless, lawless policies, nonviolent civilians the victims.

Jul 12 10:14

Witch-hunt Begins in Israeli Schools and Colleges

Hundreds of Israeli college professors have signed a petition accusing the education minister of endangering academic freedoms after he threatened to “punish” any lecturer or institution that supports a boycott of Israel.

Jul 12 10:12

UC online degree proposal rattles academics

Taking online college courses is, to many, like eating at McDonald's: convenient, fast and filling. You may not get filet mignon, but afterward you're just as full.

Now the University of California wants to jump into online education for undergraduates, hoping to become the nation's first top-tier research institution to offer a bachelor's degree over the Internet comparable in quality to its prestigious campus program.

Jul 12 10:11

Gilad Atzmon discusses Tolerance, History and Revisionism on Aspen GrassRoots TV

This set of six video clips covers an almost taboo controversy to do with freedom of speech. In the discussion, I stress the ethical and logical need for history to be open to revision.

Participants, left to right: Gilad Atzmon — Harvie Branscome (Moderator) — Steve Kaufman (founder director of Access Roaring Fork ( http://www.accessrf.org/ ) — Michael Conniff of KUUR-FM Aspen, Colorado

Jul 12 10:10


Israel is busy creating as many options as possible which can be used as a casus belli to begin the final confrontation with Iran with the endgame being the creation of a Greater Israel and the destruction of its enemies.

Because Israel has created many enemies, it has, in turn, created many options with which it can begin the final confrontation that will lead to the destruction of all its enemies. Israel has now adopted a tactic whereby it is attempting to create an environment via the use of provocation that will unite its enemies so that when the appropriate moment to start the final confrontation arrives it can then deal with all of its enemies at once with the help of the US and some of its other Western allies.

Jul 12 10:08

Former Contractor: BP Not Interested In Cleaning Up Oil Spill

As we have highlighted, as one of the founding members of the cap and trade lobby, BP stands to reap a financial bounty if the Obama administration succeeds in exploiting the worsening oil spill crisis to push through a carbon tax.

Jul 12 10:03

From a fishing village, to an Oil Town: Hell Has Come to South Louisiana

“Kill the Ocean, Save the Beaches,” a “Trade-Off” decision. Under what logic does this work? The Gulf is the Mother and the Estuaries are the nurseries. If the Mother dies, there will be no children to incubate.

The reality is the oil and chemical dispersants are entering our estuaries as we speak. The “Trade-Off” logic FAILED.

As I stated, I represent commercial shrimp fishermen. I have members, friends and family presently working to contain and clean-up the spill. They are relating to me BP’s total disregard for providing workers with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A corporation has no conscience.

This is why, when it comes to any oil drilling, the regulations and best professional practices must be observed by the corporations, and documented, by the regulatory agencies which oversee these industries.

Both BP and the US government failed catastrophically in these regards, and the people of the Gulf Coast are paying - and will continue to pay, some even with their very lives - for that failure.

Jul 12 09:53

'First Arab Leader to Affect Israeli Opinion in 30 Years'

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah was the first Arab leader in 30 years who, through his speeches, had the potential to affect the Israeli public.

The acknowledgment was made by a high-ranking Israeli intelligence officer, whose last name cannot be disclosed and who studied Sayyed Nasrallah's speeches during the Second Lebanon War, which began four years ago today, in the course of graduate studies at the University of Haifa.

Jul 12 09:52

Israeli forces confiscate Hebron land

Israeli soldiers issued orders barring residents of four small villages in the southern West Bank from their land, mayor Suleiman Al-Adam said Sunday.

The orders declared the agricultural land a closed military zone, and ordered farmers and others working on the land to evacuate. The soldiers also confiscated farming equipment, a statement by Beit Ula’s mayor said.

Jul 12 09:51

Obama's Collapse

The spectacle of an American sucking up to an Israeli Prime Minister is familiar but no less sickening every time it happens. Not since Eisenhower has an American president had the guts to stand up to Israel. With this single exception, all of them have fallen over in their haste to give Israel whatever it wants and to hold it responsible for nothing, not even the murder of its own citizens. The recent meeting between Barack Obama, effectively apologising because his middle name is Hussein, and Benyamin Netanyahu surely marks the lowest point in this sick relationship. Obama has now thrown in the towel. That is what the White House meeting represented. He talked of a peace process which does not exist and Israeli 'concessions' which have never been made.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Name me one other President in US history who, following an attack on Americans in international waters, sided with the attacking government against his own people.

Just one.

UPDATE: A reader just reminded me that there is indeed onje other President who, following an attack on Americans in international waters, sided with the attacking government against his own people. That traitor was Lyndon Johnson, who protected Israel following Israel's attack on the USS Liberty.

So let me change the question. Aside from Israel, is there any nation on Earth that can attack Americans and have the Predident of the United States side with the attacking government against his own people?

Jul 12 09:51

Anger in Costa Rica Over Deal to ‘Invite’ 46 US Warships

Costa Rica’s opposition is expressing increasing opposition to the government’s agreement to allow the United States to send a significant force, 7,000 US Marines and 46 warships, into the tiny Central American nation.

Ostensibly the extension of a long-standing agreement to cooperate in the US war on drugs, the new version actually explicitly allows the US to send warships instead of Coast Guard ships and allows the troops to “carry out the activities it deems necessary” in the nation, basically giving the US military a blank check for all operations in Costa Rica.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This most likely has nothing to do with the US's wrong-headed and counterproductive "war on drugs", and everything to do with having a strike force "parked" in Central America, ready to wreak havoc on any Central or South American country which is not behaving in the way the US wishes.

Jul 12 09:47

July 12, Israel Condemns Itself to Irreversable Failure

Four years ago today, Israel waged war on Lebanon. It was not the kind of wars Israel had engaged in and triumphed in a just a couple of days.

Never had Israel's deterrent capability and reputation suffer such a blow. Never had Israel fought an Arab army for less than a week before overcoming it. But it was the first time in the Zionist entity’s history that it engaged in a 33-day war, the fiercest ever, and gets defeated. Israel is still concerned about Hezbollah's growing power as well as Sayyed Nasrallah's pledge to deal Israel the deadly blow in case it wages another war on Lebanon.

Jul 12 09:47

Free to Go

Jul 12 09:41

A Day in the Life Of Oil Spill Clean-Up Volunteer Barrett Johnson

If oil is being picked up or messed with, the individuals on the boat are required to wear a full body, hazwoper suit. The suit is to be duct-taped around the gloves and shoes to make sure that no oil comes in contact with your skin.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A Hazwoper suit; what the oil cleanup people have to wear when there are no cameras around.

Jul 12 09:40

Pakistan as China's force-muliplier against India

Mr.Shiv Shankar Menon, India's National Security Adviser (NSA), visited China as the special envoy of Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh from July 3 to 6,2010, for talks with Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and other Chinese leaders. President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan visited Beijing for four days from July 6. Thereafter he proceeded to Shanghai to visit the International Expo. He was to return to Pakistan from Shanghai.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let me see if I get this right; in order to get what it wants, China is making deals, rather than waging wars.

In order to attempt to get what it wants (and failing spectacularly, as has been the case with Iraq and Afghanistan), the US has been - and continues in - waging wars rather than making deals.

What's wrong with this picture?!? Everything.

Jul 12 09:37

The Creativity Crisis

Kyung Hee Kim at the College of William & Mary discovered this in May, after analyzing almost 300,000 Torrance scores of children and adults. Kim found creativity scores had been steadily rising, just like IQ scores, until 1990. Since then, creativity scores have consistently inched downward. “It’s very clear, and the decrease is very significant,” Kim says. It is the scores of younger children in America—from kindergarten through sixth grade—for whom the decline is “most serious.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe the emphasis on "repeat" rather than "think" in education as something to do with it.

See Am I Already Dead?

Jul 12 09:35

Islamists suspected in deadly Ugandan World Cup bombings

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, stop and think for a moment.

Why would Islamists do such a thing right now? Israel's reputation is shattered around the world because of CAST LEAD and the flotilla attack. The US Government has lost the support of most of the American people for all things Israel for failing to respond to the attack by Israel on Americans. Why would any real Islamists carry out an act that would restore Israel and the US to the hallowed place of victimhood?

They wouldn't. But Israel most certainly wood and I would like to remind everyone Uganda has been a hotbed of Mossad activity in Africa going back to when Idi Amin allowed Israeli intelligence to stage a fake hijacking at the Entebbe airport to blame on the Palestinians.

Jul 12 09:26

Roman Polanski avoids extradition to U.S.

Citing a possible flaw because U.S. authorities failed to turn over certain papers, Swiss authorities reject the extradition request that originated in Los Angeles. The Oscar-winning director is released from house arrest.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Pope just asked for asylum in Switzerland!

Jul 12 09:21

'US attack on Iran a matter of time'

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad says the US compelled the UN Security Council to impose sanctions against Iran in order to weaken the country and lay the ground for a military attack.

He went on to add that these sanctions were adopted despite the fact that Mohamed ElBaradei, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), had repeatedly stated that there is no evidence of Iran pursuing military nuclear program.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I frankly don't believe that the US and Israel are really going to wait for the sanctions to truly take effect.

Obama is facing a midterm election which could go very south for the Democrats, and desperately needs the "mother of all distractions from a lousy economy, two failing wars, and his abject failure to keep any of the campaign promises he made.

Likewise, Israel desperately needs a distraction from its deliberate failure to achieve any just peace with the Palestinians, and it's rapid annexation of Jerusalem and the West Bank.

My sense is that Obama will cynically time such an attack at the point where he believes it will best boost the Democrat's control of the House and Senate, taking the "way too soft on Iran" Republican accusations against him off the table as an election issue.

We may well have a whole new meaning to the phrase "October Surprise" in the works.

Jul 12 09:15

Romanian Recession Deepens on Cuts

Romania’s recession this year will be deeper than previously seen as the government cut spending and raised the value-added tax to curb a swelling budget deficit, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Refresh my memory; how long ago was it the Romanians machine-gunned their leader on national television?

Jul 12 09:13

Military police general guilty of drug smuggling

Italian news reports say that a military police general was convicted of smuggling drugs during the course of an investigation and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A military uniform is like a priest's robes of a congressman's suit. You are supposed to think it means the person wearing it is moral, but it doesn't really.

Jul 12 09:12

Discovery of second pipe in Deepwater Horizon riser stirs debate among experts

While Allen said he believes the second pipe fell from above, some experts have advanced another explanation. They believe poorly cemented casings -- tubes that are supposed to form solid walls down thousands of feet of the well bore -- may have been dislodged by the blast of natural gas that shot up out of the well and above the sea floor.

If that's what happened, the piece of pipe would have gone into the blowout preventer, the 450-ton tower of valves and pistons that sits on top of the well head and is supposed to shut off the well in an emergency. The Deepwater Horizon's blowout preventer failed to cut through the pipe that ran through it, and subsequent efforts to shut the so-called shear rams using remote-control submarine robots also failed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This second drill pipe was being discussed here on the blogs more than a week ago, but was only officially acknowledged Friday.

Jul 12 09:11

Governors: Obama's Immigration Suit Is 'Toxic'

Democratic governors expressed "grave" concerns to White House officials this weekend about the Obama administration's suit against Arizona's new immigration law, warning it could cost the party in crucial elections this fall, The New York Times reported late Sunday.

"Universally the governors are saying, 'We've got to talk about jobs, and all of a sudden we have immigration going on,'" Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee, a Democrat, was quoted as saying. "It is such a toxic subject, such an important time for Democrats."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Illegal immigration is a crime, according to US Federal statutes.

If the Federal government can and will do nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigration, state leaders have to come up to the plate and get it handled.

This lawsuit against the Arizona state law (with many states very readily are considering copying in their own states) is going to have horrendous repercussions for this Administration in November, unless the plan is to immediately offer clemency to every illegal alien by executive order, in the hopes that they will all register and vote as Democrats.

Jul 12 09:10

Eco tax slips in under radar

Checking her receipt as she left a downtown Canadian Tire, Chris Colorado noticed a new charge.

Her $1.99 bottle of dish soap was accompanied by a 13-cent “eco fee.”

The levy for thousands of new products, from pharmaceuticals to fire extinguishers, quietly came into effect July 1, the same day as the harmonized sales tax.

But unlike that tax, provincial agencies have done little to publicize the new fees, catching consumers like Colorado by surprise.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Green Economy" = "more taxes"

Jul 12 09:07

American Credit Scores Crash To New Lows

Webmaster's Commentary: 

America's manufacturing lost another place this year, down to fifth place where we used to be the leading manufacturer in the world. We are losing a place a year with no signs of a change or even that the government wants to change.

Jul 12 09:04

80,000+ still need to pay income taxes

The Indiana Department of Revenue is sending out more than 80,000 tax bills to those who still owe income tax money.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What part of "We The People Don't Have It" are these bozos not getting? In 1913, the US Government sold us all into a financial system intentionally designed to draw all the wealth into the hands of the privately owned Federal Reserve. But nobody stopped to plan on what to do when the scheme actually succeeded, which is where we are today.

I wonder how many of those 80,000 people know how to fly a plane?

Jul 12 09:02

North Korea, US to Hold Warship Talks

Senior officers from the U.S.-led United Nations Command and North Korea are expected to meet Tuesday to discuss the recent sinking of a South Korean warship. The United Nations Command said Monday the meeting will be at the truce village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone.

North Korea had initially rejected the U.N. Command's request to discuss possible violations of the 1953 truce that ended the Korean War.However, Pyongyang changed its stance after Seoul rejected its proposal to send a military team to inspect the Cheonan, which sank after an explosion in March.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a small, but positive, step toward ratcheting down tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Hopefully, these talks will lead to some kind of final status negotiations, and a genuine peace treaty to replace the 1953 armistice.

Jul 12 09:00

Will we lose mortgage deductions, Medicare?

The chairmen of President Obama's national debt commission painted a gloomy picture Sunday as the United States struggles to control its spending.

Republican Alan Simpson and Democrat Erskine Bowles told a meeting of the National Governors Association that everything needs to be considered — including curtailing popular tax breaks, such as the home-mortgage deduction...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is NOT 'cutting spending'; that is keeping spending and gouging the people.

History is against this approach. Every government in history that ran itself into this much debt and tried to deal with it by taxing the people into poverty collapsed.

In contrast, look at the Reagan tax cuts, which in allowing the economy the freedom to operate actually increased economic activity to such an extent that net tax revenues rose.

Jul 12 08:59

Growing Lobbying Battle Reported Over New START treaty

The Obama and Medvedev governments finalized the terms of the new START treaty, a key nuclear arms reduction pact, in late March, but the battle for the possible passage of the treaty through the US Senate is just now starting to pick up, with growing efforts to organize opposition to the reduction of America’s nuclear weapons arsenal.

The pact as finalized by the two governments would reduce both of their arsenals by roughly 30 percent, and leaves open the controversial US missile defense systems, allowing only non-binding signing statements from both sides on the matter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If passed by the Senate, such a treaty would go a long way toward reducing tensions between the US and Russia.

One has to wonder if those opposing this treaty have heavy investments in defense infrastructure companies; I would almost bet that might be the case.