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Chemical spill

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July 10, 2010

Jul 10 08:01


They drag you into war after war, have ruined your standing in the world and still this is not enough. They've now got another way to use America, you see, America is not good enough to actually live in, but because they can make more money in America, they work in the US and live in Israel

Jul 10 07:41

Ten Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced and Databased

Are technological advances infringing on our right to privacy?

Activist Post

The war on terror is a worldwide endeavor that has spurred massive investment into the global surveillance industry - which now seems to becoming a war on "liberty and privacy." Given all of the new monitoring technology being implemented, the uproar over warrantless wiretaps now seems moot. High-tech, first-world countries are being tracked, traced, and databased, literally around every corner. Governments, aided by private companies, are gathering a mountain of information on average citizens who so far seem willing to trade liberty for supposed security. Here are just some of the ways the matrix of data is being collected:

Jul 10 07:28

So much for Solar...

Most of the 16,000 applicants to the “microFIT” scheme are farmers hoping to cash in by building ground-mounted solar projects in their fields and selling electricity to the grid for a subsidized price of 80.2 cents per kilowatt hour. That’s 20 times the price paid for nuclear power.

But concerned the subsidy could cost Ontario electricity ratepayers an additional $1 billion over 20 years, the OPA now says only 58.8 cents per kilowatt hour can be paid for such power—while still forking out 80.2 cents for electricity generated from the roof-mounted solar panels more common in urban areas.

One Grit MPP said would-be solar entrepreneurs are calling MPPs at their homes, day and night, to vent their furor at what they see as a betrayal of a promise.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Something to remember when you hear all the promises abut the wonderful new "Green" economy.

Jul 10 07:21

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As predicted, the global warming and carbon tax people are back at it again, waving "dangerous heat wave" at us from the TV set (it's actually cool here) and spamming their most recent report of the investigation of the henhouse murders by the highly respected Mr. Fox.

Please repost this video everywhere the globak warming cultists are handing out flowers and asking for your money, together with CLIMATEGATE: A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jul 10 07:06


I was one that offered my ear to his ramblings, hardly ever agreeing with them….. BUT last week he crossed the line. He started spouting off about the violence displayed in baseball and how terrible that was….. but ended his rant with “Israel should learn something from that game, we should have bombed all of the ships in the Flotilla and killed them all”! I was beyond words, shocked would be too mild a word to express my feelings at the moment. I simply responded that “this is the end of this conversation” and walked away from him.

Jul 10 07:05


Under international law, any Jewish settlements built on occupied territory are illegal. These include all the settlements in the West Bank, and thousands of Jewish homes in East Jerusalem, the Arab-dominated sector of the city annexed by Israel after the 1967 Six Day War. The international community still regards East Jerusalem as occupied territory. Despite firm commitments from successive Israeli governments to dismantle illegal outposts built after 2001 and to cease expansion of the settlements, Israel has provided millions of dollars worth of incentives to encourage poorer families to move into the West Bank. Some 300,000 settlers live in the West Bank.

Jul 10 07:03


Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussing their countries’ foreign relations resembles two lovers discussing their future together. Though they have squabbled in the past over trivial things (things like settlement expansion that most other countries deem flagrant violations of international law), their July 6th meeting at the White House showed that their “unbreakable bond” cannot be shaken.

Jul 10 06:51

SEC: Government Destroyed Documents Regarding Pre-9/11 Put Options

The SEC responded:

This letter is in response to your request seeking access to and copies of the documentary evidence referred to in footnote 130 of Chapter 5 of the September 11 (9/11) Commission Report.


We have been advised that the potentially responsive records have been destroyed.

If the SEC had responded by producing documents showing that the pre-9/11 put options had an innocent explanation (such as a hedge made by a smaller airline), that would be understandable.

If the SEC had responded by saying that the documents were classified as somehow protecting proprietary financial information, I wouldn't like it, but I would at least understand the argument.

But destroyed? Why?

Jul 10 06:49

NYers go for the border

New Yorkers are among the most generous donors to a legal defense fund set up to fight President Obama's challenge to Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Jul 10 06:48

Senate Democrats yet to lock down votes for financial regulations bill

Senate Democrats yet to lock down votes for financial regulations bill

Jul 10 06:48

Oh come ON now!!!!!!

Afghanistan's Taliban insurgents are training monkeys to use weapons to attack American troops, according to a recent report by a British-based media agency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jul 10 06:44

Israel steps up bid to block aid ship bound for Gaza

Israel has stepped up its attempts to stop an aid ship breaking its blockade of Gaza, sending a letter to the UN and engaging Greece and Moldova in talks.

The Moldovan-flagged ship, Amalthea, chartered by a charity run by the son of Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi, was due to leave the Greek port of Lavrio on Saturday.

Israel said it now believed the ship would not reach Gaza.

An Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound ship in May killed nine Turkish activists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Correction, the Israeli raid killed eight Turkish activists and a 19-year old American from New York carrying a US passport.

Jul 10 06:43

Lebanon UN force urges co-operation with peacekeepers

The head of the UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon has appealed for calm, following recent incidents in which villagers attacked soldiers.

Jul 10 06:35

Doomsday: How BP Gulf disaster may have triggered a 'world-killing' event

Ominous reports are leaking past the BP Gulf salvage operation news blackout that the disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico may be about to reach biblical proportions.

251 million years ago a mammoth undersea methane bubble caused massive explosions, poisoned the atmosphere and destroyed more than 96 percent of all life on Earth. [1] Experts agree that what is known as the Permian extinction event was the greatest mass extinction event in the history of the world. [2]

Jul 10 06:32

The Collapse Is Upon Us

Jul 10 06:27

Tag Archive for 'Julia Gillard' Australia’s Prime Minister is a pale shadow of nothingness

Sucked up to Israel - expressed no concerns about the Dubai passport & identity theft or the flotilla massacre while deputy PM, and will not stand up to Israel lobby as PM

Backed the Afghan war unconditionally – without asking Obama any questions about McChrystal’s dismissal, how long we need to have troops in occupation, what the exit strategy, etc.

Opposed same sex marriage – apparently the state decides which consenting adults can marry, not the adults, though her choice not to marry is hers alone

Jul 10 06:21

Poll - Do you support Arizona's tough new law on illegal immigration?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wait until you see the results. Obama and his buddies are taking a shellacking on this issue.

Jul 10 06:11

‘US will attack Iran (for Israel!) if it must’

Senators in Jerusalem to discuss Middle East tensions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people. A friend to Israel is no friend of America.

America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third.

Jul 10 04:17

Obama’s Gitmo – Torturing the rule of law

By Chase Madar
Source: orwellsdreams

President Obama may lack the nerve to stare down Liz Cheney or Bibi Netanyahu, but no one can deny that our commander in chief has the guts to take on a child soldier. Come August, a military commission in Guantánamo will try Omar Khadr, a Canadian national captured outside Kabul in 2002, when he was just 15 years old. This will be only the third Gitmo trial and the Obama administration’s first, and there won’t be anything kinder and gentler about it.

July 9, 2010

Jul 09 23:44

Neocons, Likud Conquer DC, Again

The clout of Washington’s neoconservatives and the political fear induced by Israel’s Likud hardliners were on display again with recently released e-mails in which Gen. David Petraeus grovels before a key neocon and in White House meetings at which President Obama pandered to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The e-mails from Petraeus to Max Boot reveal the four-star general renouncing his own congressional testimony in March because it included the observation that "the enduring hostilities between Israel and some of its neighbors present distinct challenges to our ability to advance our interests” in the Middle East.

Jul 09 23:41

New Tensions Test Old Allies

A number of prominent Republican and Democrat congressmen slammed Turkey’s “disgraceful conduct,” warning that there would be “payback” if Ankara continued to pursue its close relations with Iran and hostility towards Israel.

Jul 09 22:40

The Adoration of Bibi Netanyahu

Israeli news service Haaretz published a next-day headline that read, “Israel won’t attack Iran without coordinating with the U.S.” That caption implies that Obama gave the blessing of the U.S. for an Israeli attack, ensuring that Americans can once again be portrayed as…guilty by association.

Jul 09 22:37

How to Fight Conspiracies and Win - by Gary North

"Any attempt to expose a conspiracy on the assumption that once there is a successful exposé, the American public will throw out the conspirators, is naïve. Even if we were successful in exposing conspiracies in this way, the public would not change the system. The best that we could hope for would be to get a new set of conspirators running the show....

When individuals are willing to give up their own share of the loot, or their own age group's share of the loot, then I will begin to take seriously the Tea Party movement....

Jul 09 22:34

Holy Mackerel! Christians Must Love and Defend Israelis, Preaches Church Mission

Their return is achieved by ethnically cleansing the Holy Land, expelling the Arabs (whom God loves equally), slaughtering those who resist and trashing just about all of God’s commandments. Jesus is really going to appreciate that when he arrives.

Jul 09 19:11

Coast Guard dispatching ships and personnel to Costa Rica to threaten Nicaragua

Coast Guard dispatching ships and personnel to Costa Rica to threaten Nicaragua
By Wayne Madsen, July 8, 2010
"The official reason for Operation Joint Patrol is to combat drug trafficking but few in the Costa Rican opposition and in Nicaragua believe that to be the sole reason. The Joint Patrol operation is being likened to Plan Colombia, which has targeted the governments of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa from Colombian territory."
"It is also believed by WMR’s sources in Costa Rica that Costa Rican Vice President Lieberman, a noted Zionist, has arranged for Israeli special forces to enter Costa Rica in order to participate in operations directed against the government of Nicaragua."

Jul 09 19:06

Honduras Still in Crisis, Death squads back

One Year After Coup, Honduras Still in
Crisis; Is the US Enabling?
Jeremy Kryt, July 7, 2010
"We've now reached a point where it's like we've returned to the 1980's, when death squads killed several hundred people and effectively ended the Leftist movement in Honduras at the time," says Pine,.... "What we're seeing now is that they're using the same repressive strategies [as in the '80's]," she says. "Even the same people are in charge."
"The U.S. is complicit in a number of ways," says Pine. "Most definitely by its silence. And the fact that the [we've] refused . . . to acknowledge the human rights violations, and the targeted assassinations."

Jul 09 17:41

An American “Terrorist” in London

By Kenneth O’ Keefe
Welcome to Orwell’s ‘1984’ ladies and gentlemen, where black is white, white is black, and the truth is nothing but a word.

My 1984 reality is culminating with the United States and Israeli Governments treating me and/or charging me with being a “terrorist”. Americans worry not, you can sleep better at night knowing your “homeland” is being defended from the likes of me. And Israel, rest easy as well, it’s Ken O’Keefe and his Arab collaborators who are in the Mossad crosshairs.

All kidding aside, I am a family man, with a beautiful family, a loving wife and baby boy, a boy who will be the biggest victim if his father is no longer in his life.

Jul 09 17:30

Letter from Sheriff Paul Babeau, Pinal County, Arizona: The War Zone

Letter from Sheriff Paul Babeau, Pinal County, Arizona: The War Zone
The Publisher on July 7, 2010
Although we, at the Federal Observer are no fans of the Manchurian RINO, McCain - what follows, is a presentation from Paul Babeau, Sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona - smack dab in the middle of the Arizona War Zone.
For all of you bleeding-heart basTURDS, all across this Republic, stop your sniveling about what Arizona is involved with, and start DEMANDING that YOUR beneficent leader - bleeder, gets off of his do-nothing ass, and does something FOR America for a change. Unless you live here, and fight the battles, which we Arizonans fight on a daily basis - then shut the hell up, or else they’ll be coming for you soon.

Jul 09 17:21

Church mission preaches Christians must love and defend Israelis

Stuart Littlewood exposes the contradictions, hypocrisy and un-Christian essence of a “Christian” Zionist body known as “the Church’s Ministry among Jewish People”, which despite being an apologist for Israeli crimes against Palestinian Christians and Muslims, is an official ministry of the Church of England – in effect its official Zionist wing.

Jul 09 17:18

Toxicologists: Corexit “Ruptures Red Blood Cells, Causes Internal Bleeding”, "Allows Crude Oil To Penetrate “Into The Cells” and “Every Organ System"

Now, two toxicologists are saying that Corexit is much more harmful to human health and marine life than we've been told.

Specifically Gulf toxicologist Dr. Susan Shaw - Founder and Director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute - dove into the oil spill to examine the chemicals present.

Jul 09 17:17


U.S. President Barack Obama phoned Mahmoud Abbas on Friday to brief the Palestinian president on the American leader’s recent meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and voice his strong support for Abbas’ leadership and commitment to peace.

Abbas’ leadership? Didn’t he announce his resignation not too long ago??

Jul 09 17:16

Violence erupts after peaceful protest against Mehserle trial verdict

Violence, vandalism and looting broke out in Oakland on Thursday night, after a peaceful protest against the verdict from the trial of former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle had ended.

Mehserle faced a murder charge or manslaughter but was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in a Los Angeles courtroom, for shooting to death Oscar Grant, 22, on New Year's Day of 2009.

Mehserle is white and Grant was an African American.

Jul 09 17:15

Canada may sue BP over oil spill

The Canadian government is considering a lawsuit against oil giant BP for environmental damage caused by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

P.E.I. fishermen were briefed about the potential move at a meeting with Department of Fisheries and Oceans officials Friday in Stanhope.

The meeting was called to plan for Canada's share of bluefin tuna stocks in the future, but fisheries scientists are also looking for signs of damage to North Atlantic tuna populations.

Jul 09 17:06

Nuclear Explosions Conducted in Various Parts of the Globe, From 1945 to 1998

It seems to me that we fought the Cold War by nuking, mostly, OURSELVES!

Missing: Israel-South Africa nuclear testing in 1979? http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/world/israel/nuke-test.htm

Jul 09 17:03

[Fishy smell!]Oyster harvesters got "surpise " BP damage-claim checks

Oysters await in oil-free bay as harvesters cash BP damage-claim checks
By Kevin Spear, Orlando Sentinel
9:55 p.m. EDT, June 23, 2010
APALACHICOLA — The capital of Florida's oyster industry has a history of surviving everything from drought to toxic algae, and it was bracing for an onslaught of crude oil when another sort of calamity struck that nobody saw coming: a flood of cash.
Emergency payments to local oyster harvesters by BP PLC, whose blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico has slathered four states with crude, has triggered an abrupt drop-off this month in the time harvesters are spending on Apalachicola Bay. That, in turn, has left seafood dealers on shore with far fewer oysters to process and sell.

Jul 09 16:29

For Propaganda to Work, It Must First Be Believable: The Captured Palestinian Missile Launching Garbage Truck

I received a wonderful piece of racist propaganda today by email from a dupe, someone who is obviously Pro-Israeli War Crime, a proponent of the genocide of an occupied people, the original inhabitants of Palestine or maybe just a paid shill, an internet troll mouthpiece paid by AIPAC for this type of PR work.

The email in this instance is entitled, "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS ON OUR NEWS ??????" and only an uneducated zionist-friendly tard could believe something so stupid and would definitley not do any type of research to see if it was true, taking it at face value and forwarding it as the gospel truth!

Here's the context of the viral email in all of its horrible formatting, probably to look like it came from just some bad typing American rather than out of some PR agency:

Jul 09 15:59

Corexit Being Sprayed From Coast Guard

Standard EPA tests for "toxicity" consider a product safe if nothing dies in 96 hours. The dispersant being used is only considered "safe" because it killed creatures two weeks later instead of in 4 days.

Jul 09 15:38

Memory-restoring compound could destroy Alzheimer's forever

Aging rats have had their memory loss reversed, thanks to a compound that helps them form new memories again. The compound could be a breakthrough treatment for Alzheimer's.

Jul 09 15:35

Climategate: reinstating Phil Jones is good news – the CRU brand remains toxic

As I pointed out earlier this week, the AGW lobby has recently shown signs of belatedly getting its PR act together, of assuming a false humility, of being less dogmatic, in an effort to win round public opinion. It is an attempt to turn over a new leaf – on the Dave Cameron model, to detoxify the brand. It is, of course, a ploy to recover lost credibility and impose upon the public more effectively. Putting Phil Jones back at the centre of the picture completely wrecks that rehabilitation scheme. It is as if Dave appointed Lady Thatcher to oversee his “compassionate Conservatism” agenda.

Jul 09 15:32

Then Con of the Decade Part II

Yesterday I described how the financial Plutocracy can transfer ownership of the Federal government's income stream via using the taxpayer's money to buy the debt that the taxpayers borrowed to bail out the Plutocracy.

Jul 09 15:24

The Con Of the Decade Part I

In effect, it's a Third World/colonial scam on a gigantic scale: plunder the public treasury, then buy the debt which was borrowed and transferred to your pockets. You are buying the country with money you borrowed from its taxpayers. No despot could do better.

Jul 09 15:01

In the Panhandle, the 'Summer of Oil' seems endless

...If the wind is blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico, she said, "the oil smell is often very strong, too strong to be outside."

In ways big and small, the Deepwater Horizon disaster is reshaping the gulf coast. It's doing more than damaging the tourism and fishing industries; it's permeating the air people breathe and the way they think and feel, altering habits formed over a lifetime...

Jul 09 13:13

27 People onboard Libyan Aid Ship to Gaza

A ship commissioned by a Libyan charity organization made preparations Friday to set sail to Gaza loaded with aid.

It comes over a month after Israel raided Gaza-bound ships, killing eight Turks and a Turkish-American on one of them. The flotilla was trying to break Israel's blockade on Gaza.

Jul 09 13:12

Decades of Palestinian Displacement in East Jerusalem

The UN General Assembly's 1947 Resolution 181 internationalized Jerusalem as a separate body (a corpus separatum), administered by a UN Trustee Council, a policy still binding but not followed. Nor have other resolutions or international law provisions Israel rejects, ones interfering with its military occupation, affecting E. Jerusalem Palestinians repressively since June 1967, more still after passage of the July 30, 1980 Basic Law, declaring "Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel."

Jul 09 13:10

Boycott, divestment and sanctions in Australia, five years on

Australia is still a long way off from the effective boycott strategies being implemented in the UK, Europe and the US, which includes an increasing number of divestments from Israeli companies by churches, municipal councils, colleges, unions, banks and pension funds and some countries are calling for sanctions on arms trade with Israel. Certainly, the Australian government is most unlikely to impose sanctions regardless of which political party takes over in the coming elections.

The power lies with activists, unionists and people of conscience to turn these first steps into a dynamic boycott movement much like what is already sweeping the world. The catastrophe facing the Palestinians demands that we give BDS our best shot, and indeed, history is on our side.

Jul 09 13:08

Two State Hypocrisy

The current argument for creating two states is simply another attempt to carve out a Jewish state, called Israel, where Jews have by law superior rights to non-Jews. It involves ethnic cleansing, segregation, and racism; it is definitely not a formula for lasting peace.

Jul 09 13:06

Behind Turkey and Israel's Not-So-Secret Meeting - Business as Usual

Recriminatory words exchanged between Turkey and Israel over the latter’s May 31 assault on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla have given way to the pragmatism of national self-interest. On June 30, ministers from the two countries “secretly” met in Brussels to attempt to smooth over differences and repair bilateral ties marred in the wake of the attack.

It was a startling development when contrasted with the indignation voiced by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan after eight Turkish activists and one dual U.S.-Turkish citizen aboard the Mavi Marmara were killed by Israeli commandos. At the time, he characterized the damage done to Turkey-Israel relations as “irreparable.”

Jul 09 13:04

Big Corporate Oil vs The People of Santa Barbara (A Cautionary Tale)


A detailed, thorough account by one Harvey Molotch of what happens when people who have everything in their favor take on Big Oil. Not to give it away, but how they are utterly screwed shows cleary how Big Oil operates. None of the usual extenuating factors (like lack of political organization, lack of familiarity with the system, lack of money, power, education or influence) exist to obscure the evil. Something wicked this way comes...

Excerpts and download links at source.

Jul 09 12:06

This is a Racism Test

Jul 09 12:02

Netanyahu: Israel a Stabilizing Force in Middle East

Contrary to what some believe, Israel is actually the greatest source of stability in today's Middle East, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said this week while speaking at the Council of Foreign Relations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Every time I have come to the conclusion that Netanyahu cannot possibly get more Orwellian with his use of language, he surprises me yet again!

Jul 09 11:44

117 Iraqis Killed in Two Days of Attacks on Pilgrims Nearly 500 Wounded as Bombings Tear Through Baghdad

The hopes that the rising violence seen throughout 2010 was starting to subside after a comparatively calm June seem to be subsiding tonight, after two days of attacks on Shi’ite pilgrims in the capital city have left 117 Iraqis killed and nearly 500 wounded.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More "progress" in Iraq, I see.

Jul 09 11:41

Palestinian workers say attacked with electric batons

Four Palestinians said they were beaten with electric batons while they were at work inside Israel Wednesday, Ma’an’s correspondent reported.

They were not allowed to go to hospital in Israel, and were treated in Al-L’temad hospital in Yatta when they reached the city several hours later, Yatta council spokesman Abed Al-Aziz Abu Fanar said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to "normal" for Palestinians working in Israel.

Jul 09 11:33

Washington Pushes the Reset Button with Moscow: Obama Administration Renews U.S. Claims On Former Soviet Space

As Clinton’s own comments best illustrate, Russia is a partner of the United States when it assists in levying onerous sanctions against Iran, provides support for the nine-year American and NATO war in Afghanistan (and neighboring Pakistan), and timidly accedes to the Pentagon taking over military bases and stationing interceptor missile batteries along Russia’s Western flank from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

Jul 09 11:29

The US Treasury and the Federal Reserve are Manipulating the Gold Market

As it has turned out the Treasury and the N.Y. Fed manipulates markets 24/7 worldwide, and they have a particular interest in the suppression of gold and silver prices; they being the antitheist of the US dollar. It should be noted that there were several times that the US Treasury and the privately owned Fed manipulated gold and silver prior to August 1988. We have found in 50 plus years of tracing this manipulative activity by the US government that it happens over and over again.

Jul 09 11:25

BP's Deepwater Horizon Disaster; Mitigating Annihilation

While BP has put forth great effort in securing tax benefits acquired from leasing rigs like the sunken Deepwater Horizon, it has also saved money by choosing not to pursue better cleanup methods and technologies. We live in a corporate world where profit is god. Profit rules. Showing a profit on the next quarterly earnings statement is everything. This is how a multi-billion dollar oil giant like BP (yes, we can include the others as well - Exxon/Mobile, ConocoPhillips, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Total S.A.) spends vast troughs of money on developing the latest oil exploration and drilling technologies. But when it comes to cleaning up their toxic mess when disaster strikes, every expense is spared.

Jul 09 11:23

Horrific serial infanticide files found in home of Cardinal Danneels. He is to be questioned today.

Some confidential judicial documents of which certain belong to the Dutroux dossier were found at the end of June in the possession of the Archbishop of Malines according to the daily Het Laaste Niews. The interrogation of Msgr Danneels which takes place today could bring a response to this strange discovery.

Jul 09 11:22

Pipeline Geopolitics: The Russia German Nord Stream Strategic Gas Pipeline

South Stream gas pipeline will transport Russian gas to western Europe, bypassing Ukraine, where Washington in recent years has expended considerable effort to push the country into an anti-Russian pro-NATO position.

Completion of South Stream would weld a major geopolitical bond between the countries of the EU, Central Europe and Russia, something that would represent for Washington a geopolitical nightmare. US policy since World War II has been to dominate western Europe first by fanning the Cold War with the Soviet Union, and after 1990, by extending NATO eastwards to the borders of Russia. An increasingly independent western Europe turning east rather than across the Atlantic, could spell a major defeat for continued US “sole Superpower” domination.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US has been (unsuccessfully to date)waging wars for its energy needs; Russia and China have been making deals to achieve the same outcome, and this approach has been successful for Russia.

Jul 09 11:19

US senators fail to condemn Israel, targets Turkish charity

Most US senators have failed to condemn Israeli attack on an international aid ships, instead praised Obama's inability to condemn deadly raid.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And come January 1, these same people plan to hit you with the largest tax increase in history ... in part to continue to send money and weapons to that very nation which attacked America a month ago.

Jul 09 11:17

India warns youth over violent IHK protests

The Indian government on Thursday appealed for parents in Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) to keep their teenage sons indoors after the deaths of several young men in violent protests over the last month. At least 15 people have died in separate incidents as Indian security forces opened fire to disperse angry protesters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to the Indian government: killing kids with live fire ammo for throwing stones is not going to build any kind of confidence or trust here, but will hugely exacerbate the situation.

You have to have the courage to give the Kashmiri people their right to self-determination through the long-promised referendum, which will go a very long way to ratcheting down tensions between India and Pakistan.

Jul 09 11:15

Is the IMF about Ready to Muscle U.S. Taxpayers?

I smell a rat.

The IMF has long been a bought, and paid for, muscle arm of the U.S. government and the banking elite.

The play goes like this. Banks loan money to third world countries that have no chance in hell of paying the money back. The IMF comes in with "austerity" programs that include heavy new tax burdens on the working class. The revenue from the new taxes will, of course, go to payoff the banking elite. It's a sick game, but the elite seem to get their jollies by pulling this scam in country after country.

It appears the elite appear to want to up the ante. It appears they are getting set to turn the guns inward and go after the hard earned money of Americans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jul 09 11:12

Gaza aid ship prepares to set sail from Greece

A ship commissioned by a Libyan state charity organization made preparations Friday to set sail to Gaza from Greece loaded with aid.

It comes over a month after Israel raided Gaza-bound aid ships, killing eight Turks and a Turkish-American on May 31. The flotilla was trying to break Israel's blockade on Gaza.

The Moldova-flagged cargo ship Amalthea will leave by Saturday from the port of Lavrio, south of Athens, carrying 2,000 tons of food and medical supplies, officials from the organization told The Associated Press. There will be 27 people on board.

Jul 09 11:10

‘Fun to Shoot People’ General Named as New CENTCOM Commander

The Pentagon has announced its selection of a replacement for General David Petraeus as Central Command (CENTCOM) Commander today, and it will be the controversial Gen. James Mattis that goes to Congress for final approval.

In 2005, then Lt. Gen. Mattis spoke of his “fun” experience in Afghanistan at a forum in San Diego, describing it as “a hell of a hoot.” After laughter from soldiers in the audience Mattis went on to declare “it’s fun to shoot some people.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And this is the best the Pentagon could possibly come up with as a replacement for Petraeus?!?

Jul 09 11:06

Hope and Change Fade, but War Endures

Our political leaders, the media, and the military interpret enduring war as a measure of our national fitness, our global power, our grit in the face of eternal danger, and our seriousness. A desire to de-escalate and withdraw, on the other hand, is invariably seen as cut-and-run appeasement and discounted as weakness. Withdrawal options are, in a pet phrase of Washington elites, invariably "off the table" when global policy is at stake, as was true during the Obama administration’s full-scale reconsideration of the Afghan war in the fall of 2009. Viewed in this light, the president’s ultimate decision to surge in Afghanistan was not only predictable, but the only course considered suitable for an American war leader. Rather than the tough choice, it was the path of least resistance.

Jul 09 11:05

Here comes more "Attack Iran now" propaganda.

First, current trends suggest that Iran could achieve nuclear weapons capability before the end of this year, posing a strategically untenable threat to the United States. Contrary to a growing number of voices in Washington, we do not believe a nuclear weapons-capable Iran could be contained. Instead, it would set off a proliferation cascade across the Middle East, and Iran would gain the ability to transfer nuclear materials to its terrorist allies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My comment to the WaPo: I take strong exception to the claim that Iraq's non-existent nuclear weapons will set off a proliferation race in the Mideast. That "honor" has already been co-opted by Israel. According to documents disclosed in the Guardian in the UK, Israel not only has nuclear weapons but has tried to sell them to other countries including Apartheid South Africa.

Before we fall for this "we should kill them because we think they may kill us" trick a second time, please recall that after the destruction of Iraq, no weapons of mass destruction were ever found.

Fool me once ...

Jul 09 11:02

Is Yemen the Next Afghanistan?

Yemen's once-obscure vital statistics were flashing across TV screens everywhere: it is the Arab world's poorest country, with a fast-growing and deeply conservative Muslim population of 23 million. It is running out of oil and may soon be the first country in the world to run out of water. The central government is weak and corrupt, hemmed in by rebellions and powerful tribes. Many fear that Al Qaeda is gaining a sanctuary in the remote provinces east of Sana, similar to the one it already has in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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As reported on 4 January, 2010 at:


"The United States is quickly ramping up its aid to Yemen, which Washington sees as a revived new front against Al Qaeda."

"Mr. Saleh presents the Obama administration with a problem that is all too familiar in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is amenable to American support, but his ineffective and corrupt bureaucracy has limited reach. And his willingness to battle Al Qaeda, which he does not view as his main enemy, is questionable."

So the bottom line here is, we are already supporting a tinpot dictator, just as we did with the Shah of Iran, and Batista in Cuba. If you remember what the outcome was in those two cases, you don't have to be psychic to figure out what the most likely outcome will be in Yemen.

So, the question needs to be put: does the US try for "regime change," as it did in Iraq, what will be the cost in American blood and money?

The corrupt Saleh regime is not going to go quietly, and with what will it be replaced?

When poverty, corruption, and hunger converge, that is the point where insurgency starts looking as attractive, as it appears to be the only way out of a really bad situation.

The logical thing for the US to do, rather than propping up this guy and his family, would be to look for - and fund - a moderate leadership which can unite the country, and create a functioning infrastructure, and something approximating a business climate where people could find jobs that would give meaning and a betterment of life to Yemen's people.

Of course, that would be logical.

Jul 09 10:39

European Court Halts ‘Terror’ Extraditions to US, Citing Human Rights Concerns

Ruling today at a court in Strasbourg, a European judge has halted the extradition of British-born Babar Ahmad, a computer expert sought by the US since mid 2004, over concerns about the possible human rights violations he could face once turned over to American custody.

Ahmad holds the unhappy distinction of being the British citizen held for the longest period of time in detention without a trial, having been arrested in August 2004. He is accused of running websites supportive of terrorism.

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Now that the European Court has made its ruling,Barbar Ahmad should have his day in court in the UK.

Jul 09 10:38

Climategate Investigations Are Arrogant Insults

There were two British investigations into the behavior of scientists at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia (UEA) exposed in leaked emails. Both reports provide no answers, no explanations and are only telling for what they did not ask or do and how they were manipulated. The blatant level of cover up is frightening. These are acts by people who believe they are unaccountable because they have carried out the greatest scam in history with impunity. The degree of cover up in both cases is an arrogant in-your-face statement that we are the power and are not answerable to anyone. Their cover up almost belittles the ones they are investigating.

Jul 09 10:34

Netanyahu Pans Settlement Freeze, Suggests No Extension

Even when the settlement freeze was in place, Israel never really stopped construction or even the approval of new construction permits in the West Bank, and increased efforts to build in occupied East Jerusalem, which the government insisted “didn’t count.” In fact efforts by the US to broker peace talks between the two sides have come crashing to a halt, more than once during this so-called freeze, primarily on the basis of massive new settlement announcements.

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The alleged "freeze" never existed in the first place.

The only thing "frozen" here is the cadaver of the possibility any kind of peace process.

Israel doesn't want peace; it wants territory, and by any means necessary.

What is coming here is the rapid Israeli annexation of the West Bank and Jerusalem, coupled with forced expulsions of Palestinians who have been living on that land for generation, marginalized to the status of stateless refugees.

And President Obama, along with Congress' Israel-enablers, will do absolutely nothing to prevent this from happening.

Jul 09 10:27

General: US Casualties in Afghanistan Will Continue to Rise

June’s devastating record death toll in Afghanistan, 103 NATO troops including 61 Americans, may just be the tip of the iceberg, according to second in command Lt. Gen. David Rodriguez.

Lt. Gen. Rodriguez’ comments suggest the toll is the new normal, and furthermore he cautions against drawing any conclusions about how badly the war is going based on the massive death tolls. “This is a contest of wills,” he insisted, adding that there was an “upward trajectory in the war.

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I am waiting for the "body count" moments to begin on the corporate news regarding Afghanistan soon, just as happened in the unwinnable, immoral, and illegal war against North Vietnam.

Jul 09 10:20

U.S. marks 3rd-largest, single-day debt increase

The nation's debt leapt $166 billion in a single day last week, the third-largest increase in U.S. history, and it comes at a time when Congress is balking over higher spending and debt has become a key policy battleground.

The one-day increase for June 30 totaled $165,931,038,264.30 - bigger than the entire annual deficit for fiscal year 2007 and larger than the $140 billion in savings the new health care bill will produce over its first 10 years. The figure works out to nearly $1,500 for every U.S. household, or more than 10 times the median daily household income.

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And what are we actually getting back from this red ink?!?

Nothing, nada, zip... except more money for these immoral and illegal wars without end and, of course, Israel.

Jul 09 10:13

Residents outraged: BP dumping oily waste in Gulf landfills

The Gulf area may have to live with oil long after the beaches have been cleaned. Some residents are outraged that BP has been dumping oily waste in landfills in their areas.

After BP crews scoop up the oil off Gulf beaches, the waste is transported to Mississippi's Pecan Grove landfill. Even workers' protective suits, gloves, shovels, rakes and anything else that touches oil is buried there.

The Board of Supervisors in Harrison, Mississippi passed a resolution saying they don't want any BP waste in their community but there is little they can do. BP has cut deals with Waste Management, the owners of the landfill. They answer to the state instead of local county government.

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Unflipping believable.

Jul 09 09:53

6'4" Cop Bullies 4'11" Videographer as She Videos a BP Worker Taken Away in Ambulance

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On another note, I think she found someone who could be cast to play Beaufort T. Justice if they ever remake Smokey and the Bandit.

Jul 09 09:48

Rand Paul: Obama jabs at BP could harm spill cleanup

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Rand is NOT his father's son!

Jul 09 09:46

Christians must love and defend Israelis, preaches church mission

Jul 09 09:37

Will America Free Omar Khadr From Gitmo?


Come August, a military commission in Guantánamo will try Omar Khadr, a Canadian national captured outside Kabul in 2002. He was a boy, aged 15 then. Now a burly, bearded 23-year-old who has spent one-third of his life at Guantanamo. He bears scant resemblance to the fresh-faced, teen, who had survived multiple gunshots wounds and several major surgeries. There must be some reason why this lad did not die from his wounds. A shotgun blast to the back with sufficient force to exit the chest is a pretty fatal event. Perhaps the Power that kept him alive this long will reveal His purpose in time.

Jul 09 09:36

Dick and Jane get Crucified on Corfu.

Why this and what is the connection here? Israel is a Rothschild creation. It is a country created to front for criminal activity with the rights of a sovereign nation. You can do a lot of things when your Crime Syndicate happens to be a country. Then, when your central bankers take control of the most powerful nation on Earth, as well as some number of the others, well it’s no stretch to say that Satan lives in Tel Aviv. No other country on Earth, not even Myanmar, I don’t think, would murder aid workers in cold blood AND steal all their money and belongings, while those human hemorrhoids, the IDF, use their credit cards for shopping sprees. This is how Rothschild does business. Only a two legged lizard on PCP with a candiru up his urinary canal would behave like this.

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Don't sugar-coat it like that; tell them how you REALLY feel!

Jul 09 09:30


But that was then, and this is now. Over a month after the deadly raid, and after an overwhelming bipartisan majority in Congress signed onto an American-Israel Public Affairs Committee letter that expressed “strong support for Israel’s right to defend itself,” the Obama administration is letting Israel get away scot-free.

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The President is a PUSSY!

Jul 09 09:23

Road pricing could become yet another tax

Jul 09 09:22

Six Months to Go Until The Largest Tax Hikes in History

In just six months, the largest tax hikes in the history of America will take effect. They will hit families and small businesses in three great waves on January 1, 2011:

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Look at the tent cities springing up across America right before your eyes. That is the future the government has decided for you.

Jul 09 09:14

Commercial real estate transactions collapse 90 percent from 2007 to 2009.

Jul 09 09:14

‘They made us do it…’ — The Disordered Psychology of Israel

What more does Israel have to do for the world to wake up, for the world to finally acknowledge the reality that the Palestinians have had to live with every day since 1948? Israel’s attack on the Peace Flotilla earlier this week enraged and upset me deeply but didn’t surprise me. I don’t trust Israel and I know it is capable of anything. With no mainstream moral or rational restraints from within, and no challenge from its so-called friends in the US administration, we can only expect the worst from Israel.

Jul 09 09:13

Neocons, Likud Conquer DC, Again

The clout of Washington’s neoconservatives and the political fear induced by Israel’s Likud hardliners were on display again with recently released e-mails in which Gen. David Petraeus grovels before a key neocon and in White House meetings at which President Obama pandered to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Jul 09 09:07

Tony Blair 'very much exaggerated' Iran's role in Iraq

Tony Blair "very much exaggerated" Iran's role in supporting al-Qaida insurgents in their attacks on British and US forces in Iraq, Britain's ambassador in Tehran at the time of the invasion said today.

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Jul 09 09:05

Broadcast viewership hits record low

Americans avoided television in historic levels over the past week.

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Jul 09 09:03

CNN fires editor over Hezbollah remark

CNN has fired a senior editor for Middle East news after she published a Twitter message that said she respected a Lebanese Shi'ite cleric branded a terrorist by the United States, U.S. and British media said on Thursday.

Jul 09 09:02

US Professors Raise Doubts About Report on South Korean Ship Sinking

Speaking in Tokyo Friday, the two said the investigation was riddled with inconsistencies and cast "profound doubt" on the integrity of the investigation. "The only conclusion one can draw on the basis of the evidence is that there was no outside explosion," Suh said. "The JIG completely failed to produce evidence that backs up its claims that there was an outside explosion."

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Jul 09 08:54

Obama US Attorney expected to stand behind federal gay marriage ban, plaintiffs say

The gay rights law group that convinced a federal district court judge Thursday to strike down a federal ban on gay marriage has told the New York Times they "fully expect" the Justice Department to appeal the decision -- a move that could shatter Obama's image in the gay community and cost his party millions of dollars in donations from gay donors.

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But fan gay rights as a divisive issue on which to run an election campaign instead of riding out the economy and gulf oil disaster to certain electoral doom.

Jul 09 08:52

Obama’s Gitmo

President Obama may lack the nerve to stare down Liz Cheney or Bibi Netanyahu, but no one can deny that our commander in chief has the guts to take on a child soldier. Come August, a military commission in Guantánamo will try Omar Khadr, a Canadian national captured outside Kabul in 2002, when he was just 15 years old. This will be only the third Gitmo trial and the Obama administration’s first, and there won’t be anything kinder and gentler about it.

Jul 09 08:52


If only Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky could see what has become of his great-grandson, David Axelrod.

Jul 09 08:50


The following is realities answer to the ‘We Con The World Video’…… (supposedly removed by YouTube, but still there)

Jul 09 08:49


I once asked a Zionist supremacist why, of all peoples, Zionist Jews, constantly brag about their “intelligence” while other peoples who even outmatch Jews, e.g. French, English, Russians, or Germans, don’t do that. I also asked him why he thought the “super Jewish intellect” couldn’t save European Jewry from Hitler’s incinerators.

The Zionist supremacist prevaricated left and right for a few moments before throwing the anti-Semitism charge at me. He said the questions I posed shouldn’t be asked in the first place since it reflected deeply-held Judeophobia.

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Jul 09 08:45

Gaza still dealing with unexploded bombs from CAST LEAD

At precisely 12 noon on a Thursday afternoon, among the rolling sandy hills in southern Gaza, a controlled explosion destroys another round of white phosphorous shells left in Gaza following the 2008-2009 Israeli war on Gaza.

Jul 09 08:43

Untidy beds may keep us healthy

Failing to make your bed in the morning may actually help keep you healthy, scientists believe.

Research suggests that while an unmade bed may look scruffy it is also unappealing to house dust mites thought to cause asthma and other allergies.

A Kingston University study discovered the bugs cannot survive in the warm, dry conditions found in an unmade bed.

I'm going to quote this story to anyone who complains about the bombsite called my bed :)

Jul 09 08:42

Netanyahu Wins Again

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So what did Obama get from meeting Netanyahu..? nothing...

But Netanyahu got a lot from Obama..
He was assured of keeping his WMDS, and was assured of getting latest US tech to continue in this field.
Was assured of more money.
Was assured of protection in the UN.
Never was asked but was supported regarding the flotilla..in fact all criticism Obama directed to Turkey.
Was assured of more pressure on Iran.
No mention of Gaza.
No mention of withdrawing from Palestinians land..and more money leaving US to build more settlements.

Obama got photo opportunity to help Democrats in coming November election.
He hopes!!

Jul 09 08:30

UK envoy's praise for Lebanon cleric draws Israel anger

Israel has criticised Britain's ambassador to Lebanon for eulogising a recently deceased Lebanese cleric said to have inspired Hezbollah.

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Israel once again shows that it sees itself as the center of the New World Order by presuming to pass public judgment on what people in other countries think, say, and do.