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July 28, 2009

Jul 28 16:32

PETA - Where cash and ideology comes well before animal welfare

While working as a journalist in Louisiana, PETA descended on the Bayou State – known for it’s love of meat of all kinds, they don’t call it “Sportsman’s Paradise” for nothing -- some caged naked woman promoting PETA got all sorts of attention. It was said she wanted to bring the plight of caged circus animals to the public.

This publicity stunt got her and PETA a lot of attention – she was later arrested – and no animals were saved or protected. PETA simply loves to titillate and engage in raunchiness.

Jul 28 16:15

Obama declining approval reflected in reduced website traffic

Although the White House has redesigned its website at a cost of $18 million, hoping to bring in more traffic, it has now declined to that of George W. Bush during the waning days of his presidency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

7 months on the job, and already down to the Bush Leagues!

Jul 28 16:09

liberty news radio network archives are now free!!

Jul 28 15:45

'FBI sting was a case of anti-Semitism'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Because of course the FBI would have no reason to arrest a money laundering/organ trafficking operation if they didn;t hate Jews!!!!!

Jul 28 15:36

Virginia Tech Shooting Victim's Families want investigation reopened-Video

The statement follows disclosure last week that the former director of the university's counseling center found missing mental health records for Cho at his home.

Jul 28 15:15

Is Israel preparing to attack Lebanon?

Here we go again! The warmongers, Israel, is doing its best to go to war with Lebanon again in order to wipe the embarrassment they suffered in the last war with Hezbollah. Now, these bastards are doing their best to provoke the Lebanese, and especially Hezbollah, to fire the first shot so as to justfiy Israel’s invasion. There
are confirmed reports of advancing Israeli tanks in the Sheba Farms area. Six Israeli jets have entered Lebanese airspace and have circled the area. It seems that these Israeli Jews are never happy unless they have war in their blood. And then they have the nerve to accuse Arabs of trying to wipe Israel off the map. Poor little souls.

Jul 28 14:53

Scams And Bailouts The Cause of World Depression

Conspiracy charges were never brought against Mr. Madoff. We had information we published just prior to the story breaking of what Mr. Madoff had been doing. Our contacts not only gave us the story, but details of how the funds were transferred from NYC to Israel and other offshore locations, such as the Cayman Islands, Belize and Switzerland. There were many wire transfers and also the physical transfer of bearer bonds to these locations.

What was interesting was Mr. Madoff’s association with veteran officers in the US military. That leads us to intelligence sources that have told us that Mr. Madoff was operating his scheme with elements of the CIA, the Russian-Israeli mafia and the Mossad. This would explain Mr. Madoff’s closed trial.

Jul 28 14:42

White House Threatens to Veto $636B Defense Spending Bill Over F-22 Funding

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jul 28 12:59

Vienna Holocaust researchers quit over archives row

A new Holocaust research center designed to build on the work of Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal was in jeopardy on Tuesday because of a row between researchers and a Jewish group over access to archives.

The institute would be a research outpost of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights organization which helped to track down Nazi war criminals. It was intended to provide research and documentation of anti-Semitism, racism and the Holocaust.

But project researcher Anton Pelinka said the group representing Vienna's Jewish community (IKG) had blocked access to the community archive for months despite having initially given the go-ahead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Someone does NOT want to allow too close a look at Wiesenthal's papers!

Jul 28 12:38

Rockefeller Operative Named to New York Fed

The New York Federal Reserve will get an old school insider to replace a Goldman Sachs insider.

The chief executive of the nonprofit business organization Partnership for New York City, Kathryn Wylde, has been named a director on the New York Federal Reserve Bank’s Board.

Jul 28 12:24

Pot Is an Anti-Cancer Drug

The active ingredient in marijuana appears to target cancerous brain cells for destruction while leaving healthy cells alone, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Complutense University in Madrid, and published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Jul 28 12:23

Flashback:R. Emanuel, Now Obama's National Security Risk

by Sherman H. Skolnick
An instrumenal reputed player/facilitator in all this has been Rahm Emanuel and his gang. On a local PBS TV outlet show in Chicago, Rahm bragged how as Clinton White House Senior Advisor he had a desk closest to the Oval Office. The TV cameras were allowed right into the White House to show this. In effect, Rahm is reportedly the Deputy Chief, for North America, of Israel's secret police, The Mossad. Rahm is permitted to have dual citizenship. During the Persian Gulf War, he went to Israel to serve in their armed forces, reportedly in an espionage capacity.

Jul 28 11:44

What renegade MI5 officer David Shayler did next...

My Personal Bovine Excrement Detection Meter Just Exploded

Jul 28 11:33

Poll: Brits Say Afghan War "Unwinnable"

A majority of the British public believes the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan cannot be won and British troops should be withdrawn immediately, according to a poll commissioned by The Independent.

The results reflect a public wearied by near-daily headlines of troop deaths, scandals over how well those troops have been equipped for battle, and a prime minister whose credibility has shrunken dramatically during the past several months.

Jul 28 11:16

Israel attempts to silence Breaking the Silence

On Wednesday, Breaking the Silence released a report including testimonies from 26 unnamed soldiers who participated in the campaign and which claimed that the IDF used Gazans as human shields, improperly fired incendiary white phosphorous shells over civilian areas and used overwhelming firepower that caused needless deaths and destruction.

Jul 28 11:12

Leonard Peltier: brutal cop killer, political prisoner, or symbol of a defeated people?

Over the years, these have been many and famous: among them, naturally, the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, as well as Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela, the actor Robert Redford, the European Parliament, various national legislatures in Europe, a former UN commissioner for human rights and Amnesty International. Amnesty does not classify Peltier as a prisoner of conscience, but it too is urging that parole be granted, because of doubts about whether his trial was fair and whether political factors played a part in his conviction.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The parole hearing is over. Results expected soon, but parole board has up to 21 days to make its decision known.

We hope for justice, but too many people in power are afraid of yet another embarrassment walking around free to talk to the world press. I am expecting that Peltier will get the same treatment as the torture victims at Guantanamo, life behind bars and away from the eyes of the public.

Jul 28 10:59

Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the Leonard Peltier case

Jul 28 10:54


Jul 28 10:52

Leonard Peltier

As of this year, my good friend, Native American leader Leonard Peltier, has been imprisoned for 29 years for a murder that even the government has no idea if he committed or not. The Appeals Court judge that sentenced him wrote a letter to President Clinton asking for clemency, and informing the President that the case had many errors in it, but that his hands had been tied. Furthermore, he held the FBI equally culpable for the events that started a massive fire-fight on the Sioux reservation that resulted in the deaths of two FBI agents.

Jul 28 10:41

Suskind: Cheney wanted ’show of force’ on 9/11 anniversary

Vice-President Dick Cheney wanted to use the arrest of the Lackawanna Six accused terrorists as an advertisement of America’s might and resolve on the first anniversary of 9/11, says a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.

Ron Suskind, author of The Way of the World, a book about the Bush administration’s misdeeds in the “war on terror,” told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that “Cheney had his eye on the 9/11 anniversary, he wanted a big show, a show of force, a show of resolve, a show of expanded power, and that’s part of what I understand was driving Cheney’s desire to send troops into downtown Lackawanna.”

Jul 28 10:29

Check your connection speed

This page provides information on your broadband connection speed.

Jul 28 10:26

Cranks, Kleptocrats and Killers: The "Good War" on the Ground

"Almost eight years after the Taliban regime was toppled, our hopes for a truly democratic and independent Afghanistan have been betrayed by the continued domination of fundamentalists and by a brutal occupation that ultimately serves only American strategic interests in the region."

"You must understand that the government headed by Hamid Karzai is full of warlords and extremists who are brothers in creed of the Taliban. Many of these men committed terrible crimes against the Afghan people during the civil war of the 1990s."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was never about freedom and democracy for the Afghan people: it was always about the installation of pipelines and protection of the drug trade, both of which make handsome profits for their owners.

Jul 28 10:25


Leonard Peltier is an imprisoned Native American considered by Amnesty International, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, National Congress of American Indians, the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Rev. Jesse Jackson, among many others, to be a political prisoner who should be immediately released.

Jul 28 10:23

Israeli Government Atttempts to Stop Foreign Funding of Breaking The Silence

In reaction to a recent report by Breaking the Silence, containing testimonies of Israeli soldiers, discussing possible Israeli military violations of international law during the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip earlier this year, it was reported that the Israeli ambassador to the Netherlands met with the director general of the Dutch Foreign Ministry, demanding that the Dutch government reevaluate its funding of the organization. However, according to the Dutch newspaper, de Volkskrant, "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denies that Israel has complained. There is therefore no reason for public subsidy to stop." This fits into the human rights policy, a priority of Minister Verhagen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Those Israeli soldiers whose testimonies have been recorded in "Breaking the Silence" were very brave to have come forward, and deserve to be heard, no matter what the Israeli government says.

Jul 28 10:18

West Bank Settlers Top 300,000 as Growth Continues

According to the Israeli military, the population of settlers in the West Bank passed 300,000 for the first time this year, and sits at 304,569 as of the end of June, an increase of 2.3% in the past six months. Usually growth rates are even higher in the second half of the year. The number does not include some 200,000 more settlers living in East Jerusalem.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama is being seen as catastrophically impotent by Arab country leaders because he will not use the only bargaining chip he has with Israel, and the only thing the Israeli government understands: the immediate cessation of all US aid, financial and military.

Jul 28 10:17

A $100 million bonus

Citigroup (C) is considering paying a $100 million bonus -- to one guy.

This is the same Citigroup that received $45 billion in bailout money. The same Citigroup that will soon be 34% owned by the U.S. government. The same Citigroup that has lost 95% of its share value since 2007.

Jul 28 10:15

Ten Things You’re Not Supposed to Know about the Swine Flu Vaccine

Notably, there is absolutely no safety data on the use of adjuvants in infants and expectant mothers — the two groups being most aggressively targeted by the swine flu vaccine pushers. The leads us to the disturbing conclusion that the swine flu vaccine could be a modern medical disaster. It’s untested and un-tried. Its ingredients are potentially quite dangerous, and the adjuvants being used in the European vaccines are suspected of causing neurological disorders.

Jul 28 10:13

Police: Taser use on disabled man justified because he had umbrella

“Officers who used pepper spray and a Taser to remove a man from a store bathroom found out only later he was deaf and mentally disabled and didn’t understand they wanted him to open the door, police said Tuesday,” the Associated Press reports. “A spokesman for the Mobile Police Department said the officers’ actions were justified because the man was armed with a potential weapon — an umbrella.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

From: the department of "You Can't Make this Stuff Up".

Unflipping believable!

Jul 28 10:10

MoD challenges compensation payouts to injured soldiers

Light Dragoon Anthony Duncan, who now walks with crutches after being shot while on patrol in Iraq, was originally awarded £9,250 which was increased to £46,000 by an appeal tribunal.

Royal Marine Matthew McWilliams fractured his thigh in a military exercise and was awarded £8,250, increased to £28,750 on appeal.

Now the MoD has taken the case to the Court of Appeal, where lawyers are expected to argue the pair should be compensated only for the initial injuries and not subsequent health problems.

Jul 28 10:09

It’s the Jobs Stupid: Why There will be no Recovery until Employment Stabilizes. When Obvious Financial Truth Becomes Uncommon.

It should be rather obvious that without any sustained job growth there will be no economic recovery. In the same breath, you will have someone tell you that this is no common recession yet when it comes to talking about the stock market they will tell you that in normal times, stocks recover before jobs. That is true if this were your run of the mill recession. It is not. When you have five states like Oregon, Rhode Island, Michigan, South Carolina, and California all having unemployment and underemployment over 20 percent then you know the unemployment situation cuts deep and wide. With massive market volatility that has sent the S&P 500 rallying 40 percent in only 4 months. That is not normal.

Jul 28 10:09

More Federal Police State “Stimulus”

The Obama administration has announced the distribution of $1 billion in grants to hire 5,000 “local” police nation-wide.

Jul 28 10:06

Gates in plea to Israel for 'patience' over Iran

The United States has once more urged Israel to remain patient as it attempts to reignite fizzled diplomatic contacts with Iran over its nuclear enrichment programme while indicating that the window for Tehran to respond would not remain open for ever.

The message, which betrays renewed anxiety in Washington that Israel may be tempted to take military action, was carried to Jerusalem yesterday by the US Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, who held talks on regional security with his counterpart Ehud Barak and the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The picture at the upper right of this article says it all: Gates has been given his marching orders on Iran by Barak and Netanyahu.

Were I a betting person, I might be tempted to bet that such an attack by the US (and perhaps Israel, although they really love to outsource the fighting and dying bit to the Americans, as happened in Iraq) will happen before the end of this year.

Jul 28 10:02

Israel: Iran the biggest supporter of terrorism

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gabriela Shalev on Monday called Iran the biggest supporter of terrorism because of the money, support, and training the Islamic Republic gives to terror organizations in the Gaza Strip and South Lebanon.

Shalev's comments came during a special UN Security Council session held to discuss the situation in the Middle East, in which she also called on the international community to take serious, immediate action to put a stop to Iran's nuclear program and support of terrorism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You've just got to love Dr. Shalev's approach here.

First, you have a country, and a representative for that country, which will take absolutely now approach to their own contributions to Middle East instability.

Then, you get the "big lie" about Iran's nuclear program.

Iran is building a power plant, which it is perfectly within its right to do, as a signatory to the NPT. IAEA inspections have consistently indicated that Iran isn't building bombs. There has been no nuclear material gone walkabout, nor any indication that the degree of enrichment is anything other than that necessary for creating a power plant.

Unfortunately, Dr. Shalev's playing fast and loose with the facts here indicates that we are probably in for a world of hurt before the end of the year, courtesy of the US/Israeli attack against Iran.

She knows, with absolute certainty, that she will not be able to get the UN to go along with a resolution calling for a military attack against Iran, because Russia and China will veto.

Apparently, the UN is about to become (as happened right before the invasion and occupation of Iraq) "irrelevant". Shalev's remarks are simply pro forma, setting the stage for that to happen.

Also, it is obvious that Dr. Shalev hasn't spoken with, and is not listening to, her Russian counterparts at the UN.

Russian leadership has told both Tel Aviv and Washington, in no uncertain terms, that such an attack will lead to World War III.

And we don't need to guess upon which side Russia will be fighting.

Jul 28 10:01

Dillinger pistol sold at auction for $95,600

The Remington .41 caliber Double Derringer was said to have been found hidden in one of Dillinger's socks when he was arrested in Tucson, Arizona in January 1934

Jul 28 09:56

Frontline Examines The Bank Of America/ Merrill Lynch Merger

The merger between Merrill Lynch and Bank of America was sold to us as a marriage made in heaven that would save the financial system. It wasn't, and it didn't. Now Frontline takes a closer look at the now-infamous debacle that cost tax payers billions — and CEO Ken Lewis his chairmanship.

Jul 28 09:55

FLASHBACK - Native American trust fund accounting botched by U.S.

The suit, first filed in 1996 by Blackfeet Indian Elouise Cobell, claims the government has mismanaged more than $100 billion in oil, gas, timber and other royalties held in trust from Indian lands dating back to 1887.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In a nutshell, these cases, far too common to be mere accident, reveal that the US Government has done the same thing to the Native American trust funds that it did to Social Security; loot them for extra cash to float along the debt-stricken government.

Jul 28 09:53

Haaretz: Hitting the right notes

The influence of North American Jews is a function not of their electoral weight, but of their position in society and the amazing organizational abilities they provide for their candidates. This ability is concentrated in the hands of the big organizations like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which are usually at the center of the political spectrum

Jul 28 09:52

Nez Perce Tribe, et al. v. Salazar, et al. Tribal Trust Funds Accountings Lawsuit

On December 28, 2006, the Native American Rights Fund filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes seeking full and complete accountings of trust funds that the United States government holds as trustee for the Tribes. These hundreds of accounts are worth billions of dollars and derive from income from tribal resources required by law to be managed by the United States and compensation for the illegal appropriation by the United States of tribal land.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time to send those blankets back?

Jul 28 09:48

FLASHBACK - 1973: Siege at Wounded Knee

A short history of the 71-day uprising of Native Americans at Wounded Knee. Armed American Indians occupied the territory, which they legally owned, with several demands, including an investigation into the 371 treaties signed between the Native Nations and the Federal Government, all of which had been broken by the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The siege at Wounded Knee occurred just two years before the killing of the two FBI agents for which Peltier is in prison. When asked who on the reservation might have had motive to kill Federal agents, the consensus was "everyone."

Jul 28 09:44

Casualties of War, Part I: The hell of war comes home

Almost all those soldiers were kids, too young to buy a beer, when they volunteered for one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Almost none had serious criminal backgrounds. Many were awarded medals for good conduct.

Slaughter became a part of life. Soldiers in body armor went back for round after round of battle that would have killed warriors a generation ago. Discipline deteriorated. Soldiers say the torture and killing of Iraqi civilians lurked in the ranks. And when these soldiers came home to Colorado Springs suffering the emotional wounds of combat, soldiers say, some were ignored, some were neglected, some were thrown away and some were punished.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All Vets who have seen combat should have an assessment when they come home, and the top military brass should never shame these people for what they have endured in battle, and the effects that combat has had on them.

These Vets should be receiving the best medical and psychiatric care possible during their tour of duty, and when they come back home: this country owes them that for having sent them into harm's way based on a pack of lies.

Jul 28 09:41

Ala. police: Taser use on disabled man justified

Officers who used pepper spray and a Taser to remove a man from a store bathroom found out only later he was deaf and mentally disabled and didn't understand they wanted him to open the door, police said Tuesday.

A spokesman for the Mobile Police Department said the officers' actions were justified because the man was armed with a potential weapon — an umbrella.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Oh my GAWD; he has an UMBRELLA! RUN!! RUN!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!"

Jul 28 09:37

Gates Threatens ‘Tough Sanctions’ Against Iran

Following meetings with top Israeli officials, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said the US would seek tough new sanctions against the Iranian government if it rejected the US offer for talks. Gates vowed that such measures would not be incremental.

Despite US and Israeli officials’ persistent threats over Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program, Yukiya Amano, the new head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, says there is no evidence the nation is even working on such weapons.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

SecDef Gates is apparently trying the "If at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again" gambit here.

Iran is building a power plant, and every single inspection by the IAEA has confirmed that exactly.

And what I would be curious to know is, what pressure can the US and Israel bring to bear without the complete and full support of the UN, which will not happen because of Russia's and China's veto power in the security council?

So are we talking about some kind bi-lateral military-type "containment" of Iranian vessels in the Gulf, which would be perceived by the Iranian government as an act of war?

Because other than that, the US and Israel have nothing in terms of sanctions which would really hurt Iran all that much.

Jul 28 09:32

Incident at Oglala - The Leonard Peltier Story

Jul 28 09:28

Britain: Next Step in Helmand Operation Is Talks with Local Taliban

The prospect of seeking a rapprochement with lower level Taliban in an attempt to drive a wedge between them and their top leadership is nothing new: indeed US and Afghan officials had been talking openly about it last year. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has also made talks with Taliban a key part of his strategy if reelected. So far, however, those attempts have all met with failure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These Taliban have absolutely no reason to talk: they are winning this war, and the US/British/NATO forces are losing.

Jul 28 09:24

Massacre of Bedouin in 1918 revealed

In his book "Beersheba," Daley recounted O’Brien’s recollection of the massacre of between 40 and 200 Bedouin residents of Surafend in 1918 in what was then Palestine. He said about 200 Australian and New Zealand troops, including some from the famed Australian Light Horse Brigades, murdered the locals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But, but, but, Israel says there really never was any such place as Palestine!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 28 09:24

Chris Matthews and Friends: Failed Watchdogs become Psychologists-Videos

Ad hominem attacks from the corporate-owned media shills directed toward the masses serves the careful viewer by highlighting the sameness that is the U.S. media mushroom factory.

Jul 28 09:24

U.S. envoy sees progress with Israel on peace push

U.S. envoy George Mitchell and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could not agree on a Jewish settlement freeze in talks on Tuesday but said negotiations were advancing.

"We are making progress," Netanyahu told Israel army radio.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The "progress" characterized by Netanyahu has nothing to do with settlements; he and the Knesset have already spit in Obama's face and told him it's raining.

Obama has made it clear that he will not use the one bargaining chip he has in this instance, which is the complete and immediate cessation of all military and financial aid to Israel.

The only "progress" Netanyahu can be describing is that of having given George Mitchell his marching orders regarding a military strike against Iran, probably before the end of this year, and after the first session of the United Nations in September.

One has to wonder who will do the "Colin Powell" role of spewing the projectile-vomit spray of lies against Iran during those opening sessions of the UN.

Jul 28 09:20

Pfizer sues over non-kosher ingredient

A New York dietary-supplement company allegedly tricked Pfizer pharmaceuticals into buying an ingredient that wasn't kosher, a lawsuit charges.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, so Pfizer feels it is morally okay to use Nigerian children as human guinea pigs for unlicensed non-consensual tests of drugs, but will go to court because a supplier's grade seed extract wasn't actually blessed by a Rabbi?

Jul 28 09:18

More News • Yen Advances Versus Euro as Drop in U.S. Sentiment Revives Safety Demand • Colombia Peso to Fall as Rally Concerns Central Bank, RBC, Barclays Say

The dollar fell to the lowest level this year against the currencies of six major U.S. trading partners as speculation the global economy is emerging from the recession reduced demand for a refuge.

Jul 28 09:16

Obama's Plan Isn't the Answer

For the 85 percent of Americans who already have health insurance, the Obama health plan is bad news. It means higher taxes, less health care and no protection if they lose their current insurance because of unemployment or early retirement.

President Obama's primary goal is to extend formal health insurance to those low-income individuals who are currently uninsured despite the nearly $300-billion-a-year Medicaid program. Doing so the Obama way would cost more than $1 trillion over the next 10 years. There surely must be better and less costly ways to improve the health and health care of that low-income group.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why don't we take all those dollars funding these endless wars without end and divert them to a health care program which really works for We the People?

If a country like Belgium, for heaven's sake, can manage to take care of its people from an standpoint of healthcare, why can't the US?

Jul 28 09:16

FLASHBACK - Romania probes Israeli adoption agency link in organ trafficking

The Romanian Embassy in Israel has asked for, and received from the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry, a list of all children born in Romania who have been brought to Israel for adoption in recent years. The Romanian officials are trying to ascertain if all such children arrived in Israel with all organs in their bodies.

Jul 28 09:12

FLASHBACK - Suspect in international organ trafficking ring testifies Israeli government financed transplants

A retired Israeli army officer under arrest on suspicion of participating in an international organ trafficking scheme testified before a Brazilian court that the Israeli government financed organ transplants, the daily O Globo reported.

In South Africa, where the transplants were performed, police arrested an elderly physician and a regional transplant coordinator for a private hospital group for their involvement in the Israeli-led organ trafficking ring that was uncovered last December. The scheme involved donors from Brazil, and transplants performed in South Africa for patients from a variety of countries.

Jul 28 09:07

Verizon to cut 8,000 employee and contractor jobs, won't be hiring much until recession ends

Phone company Verizon says it will cut 8,000 jobs from among employees and contractors before the end of the year to keep costs in line as the recession saps demand from businesses for telecommunications services.

Jul 28 09:06

Fed up? Fed out!

Oh, just everyday folks with names like Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan and Rothschild who, a century ago, joined forces to saddle the U.S. with a central bank that, naturally, they’d control, in turn giving them control over the country’s money supply.

Alas! If only our nation’s framers had been smart enough to anticipate a ploy like this and thus guard against it in the Constitution.

Jul 28 09:05

Has Evony become the most despised game on the web?

On the surface, Evony is a pretty standard online strategy game – a simulation in which players take the role of a medieval noble who must build up an empire. But the way the game has been marketed has created a bit of a stir: the games marketer Bruce Everiss has charted the volume of spam being sent by its creators, while Jeff Atwood, a US programmer and blogger, has documented the ads' increasingly racy nature – from a simple medieval warrior promising the game would be "free forever", through a string of increasingly racy images ... until, finally, it was simply advertising itself by showing a pair of breasts.

Jul 28 09:04

New Taser can shock three people at once

Manufacturers of the Taser stun gun on Monday unveiled a new handheld weapon on Monday which is capable of shocking three people without having to reload.

A December 2008 report from Amnesty International said 334 people had died after being shocked by Tasers between 2001 and August last year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Watch the number of deaths and injuries from the use of this device by police skyrocket.

The use of these devices, coupled with the increasing militarism of America's police does not make me feel one bit more safe; in fact, quite the converse.

Jul 28 08:58

Ben Bernanke's 'Traveling Medicine Show'

These days Traveling Medicine Shows use private jets and limos to take them to Town Hall meetings where they sell the American public BS about how the Fed is our friend, is looking out for the USA and outright lies, like this one... "The Federal Reserve is an independent government agency also called the central bank."

And this one: "We are an agency of the government, but we're - within the government we need to have some independence from Congress and the administration, and the most important area is monetary policy."

The Fed is NOT a government agency. It is a cartel of private banks and families that own the system and 'lend' the USA it's own money, from which they make a handsome GUARANTEED return.

Jul 28 08:56


One of the main items that was discussed on Israeli TV last night was the ‘threat’ Iran is to the security of Israel. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates seemed to be in agreement with every statement made by Ehud Barak, Israel’s Minister of Defense.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Iran does not have nukes and has not invaded anybody for 200 years.

Israel has nukes and constantly invades its neighbors.

Jul 28 08:54


Avigdor Lieberman, the brashly-racist foreign minister of the apartheid Israeli state, reportedly recently ordered Zionist embassies around the world to circulate a 1941 photo showing the former Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin Husseini meeting with German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Lieberman hopes that the picture would help counter growing international pressure on the Zionist regime to stop ethnic-cleansing measures against the Palestinians, especially in occupied Jerusalem .

Lieberman’s desperate act is likely to raise many eyebrows since it comes from a man whose mindset and ideological convictions differ little from those of Adolf Hitler.

Jul 28 08:53


It is really sad that the children still think of the cruel war against Gaza earlier this year. These are talented children but in drawing the scenes of war and prison their worst nightmares are relived over and over again.

Jul 28 08:52


Israeli racists calling President Obama a racist…..because his support of apartheid is questionable at this time…..

Jul 28 08:52

FLASHBACK - Israel Kills Palestinian Boys, Steals Organs For Transplants

The Zionist state has tacitly admitted that doctors at the Israeli forensic institute at Abu Kabir had extracted the vital organs of three Palestinian teenage children killed by the Israeli Army nearly ten days ago.

Zionist Minister of Health Nessim Dahhan said in response to a question by Arab member of the Zionist Parliament 'Knesset', Ahmed Teibi, on Tuesday that he couldn't deny that organs of Palestinian youths and children killed by the Israeli forces were taken out for transplants or scientific research.

"I couldn't say for sure that something like that (taking out the organs) didn't happen."

Jul 28 08:49

7 arrested in North Carolina on terrorism charges

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A very newsworthy report, just in time to take the focus off of the New Jersey corruption arrests.

But read carefully; these guys haven't actually DONE ANYTHING. And even the supposed planned actions were supposedly to be carried out in other countries.

This feels like "Wag the Muslims" to take the focus off the organ trafficking scandal.

Jul 28 08:44

Online petition stalls plan to ban violent videogames in Germany

German government plans to ban violent videogames will have to be put on hold, after a successful internet petition by German gamers.

Officials had hoped to bring in a ban before federal elections in September, but the level of online opposition means the Bundestag must now examine and discuss gamers' demands. With more than 67,000 signatures, the e-petition calls for a ruling against the ban of violent video games and an increased focus on keeping such games out of children's hands. German gamers also want more government promotion of the videogame industry.

Jul 28 08:43

Protesters stroll through Brooklyn’s Prospect Park singing for boycott of Motorola

Fifteen New York human rights advocates strolled through Prospect Park in Brooklyn on Saturday for two and a half hours, singing songs calling on park-goers to boycott communications giant Motorola until it stops providing technology that aids Israel’s army and settlement movement in committing human rights abuses. The protesters carried a 13-foot-wide banner that was seen by thousands of park-goers saying “Boycott Motorola”, “Free Palestine,” “Goodbye Motorola, Goodbye Apartheid.” The protest is part of a growing worldwide movement to boycott Israel that has gained momentum since Israel’s recent attack on Gaza killing 1400 Palestinians.

Jul 28 08:38

Butchers: The hidden truth about Israel's kidney theft ring

Nancy Scheper-Hughes of the University of California, Berkeley, was and is very clear as to Rosenbaum's role in the ring.

"He is the main U.S. broker for an international trafficking network," she said.

Her sources include a man who started working with Rosenbaum imagining he was helping people in desperate need. The man then began to see the donors, or to be more accurate, sellers, who were flown in from impoverished countries such as Moldova.

"He said it was awful. These people would be brought in and they didn't even know what they were supposed to be doing and they would want to go home and they would cry," Scheper-Hughes said.

Jul 28 08:34

DoD concludes military failures caused death of Shaler Green Beret

The Department of Defense today concluded that failures within military systems and the operations of Houston-based defense contractor KBR Inc. led to the 2008 electrocution death of a Shaler Green Beret.

Findings released by the U.S. Inspector General indicate that "multiple systems and organizations failed," leaving Staff Sgt. Ryan Maseth, 24, exposed to "unacceptable risk" prior to his Jan. 2, 2008 death.

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This is mil-speak for "they wired the building backwards with all the switches and circuit breakers on the neutral line."

Jul 28 08:32

Anti-Obama Rally in Jerusalem

For the first time in years, the nationalist camp will hold a large scale rally against United States policies vis-à-vis Israel.

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A really meaningful protest would be to refuse those checks.

Jul 28 08:25

When Will Americans Come to the Aid of Palestine?

Unless President Barack Obama resolves to expunge 'special' from the U.S.-Israeli 'special relationship,' this entangled alliance will continue to ensure that the U.S. is portrayed as guilty by its association with Tel Aviv's thuggish behavior in Palestine and elsewhere. And by the U.S. insistence that Israel not be held accountable under international law.

Jul 28 08:24

Dershowitz's Anti-Palestinian Slander

"The truth," wrote Dershowitz, "is that the Palestinian leadership, supported by the Palestinian masses, played a significant role in Hitler's Holocaust."

This claim is preposterous. And, needless to say, Dershowitz utterly fails to prove it, managing only to establish the already known facts that a Palestinian leader, Husseini, had a relationship with the Nazis, and that many Palestinians still consider Husseini something of a nationalist hero. The idea that Husseini, let alone the Palestinians as a whole, played a "significant role in Hitler's Holocaust" is laughable, as if the Nazis required one of the sub-human races to sign off on their plans for mass murder.

Xmas w/o borders
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Word of ex-Nazi guard to play crucial role in Demjanjuk trial

In 1977, Demjanjuk was accused of being "Ivan the Terrible," a sadistic guard at the Treblinka death camp, and was deported to Israel. Two years later, the KGB interviewed Danilchenko again, and he provided them a much more detailed version of Demjanjuk's duties as a guard, including herding Jews into the gas chamber.

The 1949 statement was used against Demjanjuk during his trial in Israel, linking him to Nazi camps in Sobibor and Flossenburg, but not Treblinka. The second statement was not turned over to defense attorneys, and Demjanjuk's lawyers argued the document and others that were withheld could have helped him prove his innocence.

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In Israel, the accusation of being a Nazi camp guard is so serious that even innocence cannot be used as a defense!

Jul 28 08:07

Today we all stand before Leonard Peltier’s Parole Board

Peltier was charged more than a third of a century ago with the murder of two FBI agents. The circumstances of the prosecution, and the legal history of the case, involve thousands of pages of missing evidence, compromised witnesses and procedures so twisted as to stagger the imagination and leave any sense of fair play and reasonable jurisprudence buried in the dust.

Through it all, Peltier has maintained his dignity and strength with astonishing grace. He will be 65 years old in September, having spent more than half his life behind bars. His body is wracked with prison-related ailments. He has great grandchildren he has never seen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

From http://www.leonardpeltier.net/theman.htm

A participant in the American Indian Movement, Peltier went to assist the Oglala Lakota people on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the mid-70s where a tragic shoot-out occurred on June 26, 1975. Accused of the murder of two agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Peltier fled to Canada believing he would never receive a fair trial in the United States.

On February 6, 1976, Peltier was apprehended. The FBI knowingly presented the Canadian court with fraudulent affidavits, and Peltier was returned to the U.S. for trial.

Key witnesses were banned from testifying about FBI misconduct & testimony about the conditions and atmosphere on the Pine Ridge Reservation at the time of the shoot-out was severely restricted. Important evidence, such as conflicting ballistics reports, was ruled inadmissible. Still, the U.S. Prosecutor failed to produce a single witness who could identify Peltier as the shooter. Instead, the government tied a bullet casing found near the bodies of their agents to the alleged murder weapon, arguing that this gun had been the only one of its kind used during the shootout, and that it had belonged to Peltier.

Later, Mr. Peltier’s attorneys uncovered, in the FBI’s own documents, that more than one weapon of the type attributed to Peltier had been present at the scene and the FBI had intentionally concealed a ballistics report that showed the shell casing could not have come from the alleged murder weapon. Other troubling information emerged: the agents undoubtedly followed a red pickup truck onto the land where the shoot-out took place, not the red and white van driven by Peltier; and compelling evidence against several other suspects existed and was concealed.

At the time, however, the jury was unaware of these facts. Peltier was convicted and sentenced to two consecutive life terms. He is currently imprisoned at the U.S. Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.


Back in 1976, most Americans were still unaware of the degree to which the FBI fabricates evidence, even in the wake of the COINTELPRO hearings in Congress. Today, looking back at the FBI's long run of exposed lies and deceptions, it is far easier to understand what happened to Peltier and how easily it can be made to happen to any of us.

I hope for the best in today's parole hearings. But ours is a government that does not tolerate embarrassments, and I expect Peltier will be treated the same way as the torture victims of Guantanamo; be kept out of sight for the rest of his life.

Jul 28 08:05

Apple jettisoning Google Voice from App Store

The systematic disappearances don't have a larger official explanation but, given the common thread of their using the same service, is now thought less to a matter of Apple guarding its built-in features and more cellular carriers pushing it to keep the service out. Google Voice not only lets users provide one virtual phone number to call multiple real phones but greatly reduces the cost of outbound long-distance and messaging, all of which potentially deprive AT&T and eventually other carriers of possible extra revenue.

Apple and AT&T have some explaining to do.

Jul 28 08:04

Whistleblower tells of America's hidden nightmare for its sick poor

It was July 2007 and Potter, a senior executive at giant US healthcare firm Cigna, was visiting relatives in the poverty-ridden mountain districts of northeast Tennessee. He saw an advert in a local paper for a touring free medical clinic at a fairground just across the state border in Wise County, Virginia.

Potter, who had worked at Cigna for 15 years, decided to check it out. What he saw appalled him. Hundreds of desperate people, most without any medical insurance, descended on the clinic from out of the hills. People queued in long lines to have the most basic medical procedures carried out free of charge. Some had driven more than 200 miles from Georgia. Many were treated in the open air. Potter took pictures of patients lying on trolleys on rain-soaked pavements.

Jul 28 08:00

MPs ignore public anger and give themselves £9,000 expenses deal by stealth

MPs have ignored public anger over the expenses system by quietly introducing new rules which allow them to claim up to £9,125 a year without producing any receipts.

Jul 28 08:00

US troops back on patrol in Iraq

Nearly a month after American troops officially withdrew from urban areas in Iraq, they are quietly going back in again, patrolling the streets of towns and cities where, despite improvements in security, violence remains an everyday occurrence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear Mr. President

You campaigned on a promise to end the wars and bring our kids home.

If you cannot or will not keep that promise, kindly resign in favor of someone who will.

"The will of the people is the law of the land." -- Harry S Truman

Jul 28 07:57

Israel okays extradition of suspected Israeli mob kingpins to U.S.

Jerusalem District Court on Wednesday approved the state's request to extradite senior mob figures Yitzhak and Meir Abergil to the United States as per a criminal indictment that was served against them last year. The Abergils are the subject of a racketeering investigation.

Israeli authorities will also extradite three additional suspected criminals - Sason Barashi, Moshe Malul, and Yisrael Ozifa - implicated in the Abergil investigation.

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But, but, but, all those Hollywood movies said that the Italians were the mob guys!!!!!!!

Jul 28 07:49

MSNBC Implies People Skeptical Of Government Are Psychologically Insane

During a discussion of the Obama birth certificate controversy, MSNBC host Chris Matthews and his guests implied that anyone who questions the official 9/11 story, thinks the Bilderberg group are exercising power to create a world government, people who are worried about gun control and immigration, or even people who are merely skeptical of government, are psychologically insane.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This tells us that the Obama birth certificate story is being used as a straw man to "poison the well" of public discussion about the government.
The media are going to fan this issue up, then Obama will show his real birth certificate, and the corporate media will use that to attack discussions about 9-11, Israel, the validity of the wars, torture, etc.

Jul 28 07:39

Obama Hawaii born, insist Isle officials

"I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawai'i State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawai'i State Department of Health verifying Barrack Hussein Obama was born in Hawai'i and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago...."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think that the fact that more and more people are signing onto this nonsense reveals the high degree of disappointment in Obama, confirming the numbers we are seeing from Rasmussen and Zogby.

Jul 28 07:38

Hawaii again declares Obama birth certificate real

Jul 28 06:06

Citizens of the United States Welcome to Animal Farm 2009

The United States has gradually degenerated from a Republic based on individual liberties to a socialized oligarchy run by an exclusive few. The country was founded upon the platform of individual rights. We declared our independence from Great Britain because of excessive regulation and taxation. Americans fought for the right to live their lives free from the subjugation of an overbearing governmental body. The Founding Fathers declared our independence with these immortal words:

July 27, 2009

Jul 27 21:28

Real Unemployment Rate Hits a 68-Year High

From December 2007, when the recession began, to May of this year, 6.0 million U.S. workers lost their jobs. The big three U.S. automakers are closing plants and letting white-collar workers go too. Chrysler, the worst off of the three, will lay off one-quarter of its workforce even if it survives. Heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar and giant banking conglomerate Citigroup have both laid off thousands of workers. Circuit City, the leading electronics retailer, went out of business, costing its 40,000 workers their jobs. Lawyers in large national firms are getting the ax. Even on Sesame Street, workers are losing their jobs.

Jul 27 21:21

Zogby: Obama’s Slipping Popularity

The public opinion honeymoon appears to be over for the Obama Presidency. Here’s what our latest measure of his popularity shows:

“A new Zogby Interactive survey shows a slight decline in President Barack Obama’s job approval, with 48% of likely voters now approving of the job he is doing as president, down from 51% who said the same in an interactive/telephone hybrid poll conducted in mid-June. Forty-nine percent now say they disapprove of the job the president has done so far in office and 4% are not sure.

Jul 27 20:31

Israel on Iran: Anything it takes to stop nukes

JERUSALEM – Israel hardened its insistence Monday that it would do anything it felt necessary to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb, just the ultimatum the United States hoped not to hear as it tried to nudge Iran to the bargaining table.

Jul 27 20:18

US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has urged Iran to respond to US diplomatic overtures by September

Mr Obama made an overture to Iran, saying that if it and countries like it were "willing to unclench their fists"....

Unclench their fists Mr. Obama? --like the U.S. has been doing with torture and colonization over the past decades? That's a good one Mack Daddy.

Jul 27 20:17

Other Unknown Facts : The Truth About Cops and Race

The Truth About Cops and Race
By Michael Filozof
Last week, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, a black man, was arrested by a white police officer for disorderly conduct. Gates accused the officer of racism. President Obama created a national media firestorm by commenting on the arrest, saying the cops "acted stupidly" and that the U.S. has a "long history" of "African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that's just a fact."
It's that old liberal stereotype once again - bigoted white cops picking on poor, innocent blacks, just like Selma, Ala. in 1963. Really?
The truth is quite the opposite: minority suspects are likely to kill or injure white officers at a rate much higher than the minority component of the overall population.

Jul 27 19:59

Not so honest Skip Gates gets caught

July 27, 2009
Skip Gates corrects his foundation's filings
Thomas Lifson
Oops, that research grant wasn't a research grant. And a conservative blogger apparently forced the "distinguished scholar" to come clean.
Chalk up another leftist embarrassed into doing the right thing by a conservative blogger. Dan Riehl of Riehl World View last Saturday exposed the rather questionable practices of Henry Louis Gates Jr's very own Inkwell Foundation, located in his Harvard-owned home on Ware St. in Cambridge. The one Sgt. Crowley tried to protect from a reported burglary.

Jul 27 19:29

Obama administration eases restrictions on lobbyists for stimulus money

Rather than holding their ground, the Obama administration has decided to revise the restriction that did not allow lobbyists to meet with government officials to discuss potential uses for the Federal stimulus money they have been allocated. Under the guidelines prior to this revision, lobbyists were forced to put their contacts with holder’s of stimulus money in writing, telephone calls and in-person visits were restricted.

Jul 27 18:58

Conyers Sees No Point in Members Reading 1,000-Page Health Care Bill

During his speech at a National Press Club luncheon, House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.), questioned the point of lawmakers reading the health care bill.

Jul 27 18:49

House votes to outlaw cartoons

Not one Democrat opposed the SAFE Act. Two Republicans did: Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning presidential candidate from Texas, and Rep. Paul Broun from Georgia.

Jul 27 18:43

Banned On Youtube


Jul 27 18:30

7 Muslims arrested in US

Kinda have to read between the lines - this guy Boyd was involved with terrorists in Afghanistan....when the terrorists were the GOOD GUYS! LOL!

Jul 27 18:17


Israel has made it quite clear that in any future conflict with Hezbollah, Israel will regard the Lebanese government as being responsible for Hezbollah’s actions. This means that any attack Israel launches against Hezbollah will now include action against all of Lebanon and Lebanon’s armed forces.

Since Israel now regards Hezbollah as an integral part of the Lebanese government, any future war launched by Israel to destroy Hezbollah will have to involve a full-on invasion – which, of course, is what the Israelis have always wanted to do and have attempted a number of times before. But next time will different. Next time the Israelis invade Lebanon it will be with overwhelming force and the resulting occupation of southern Lebanon up to the Litani River will likely be permanent.

Jul 27 18:12

Deadly Nigeria clashes spread

The fighters belonged to a group known as Boko Haram - which means "Western education is sin" in the local Hausa dialect - and have called for a nationwide enforcement of sharia (Islamic law).

Jul 27 18:07

Please show your ID, Sir

By Paul Proctor
July 24, 2009
The fact that Barack Obama commented on the incident at a Wednesday news conference, saying that police “acted stupidly,” seemed rather odd to me, bringing to mind another controversial identity issue in the news: Obama’s own refusal to provide a copy of his original long-form, hospital-generated, birth certificate to prove his American citizenship – something every candidate for president must do to satisfy the Constitutional requirement of being a “natural born citizen.

Jul 27 18:03

Researcher Steven Hatfill wins settlement in anthrax case

And should anyone question his innocence, he will have $5.8 million to show that the government no longer considers him a suspect.

Jul 27 18:00

Dr. Steven Hatfill Wins Settlement in Anthrax Case

From 2008 press release regarding Hatfill winning case against FBIf:
"Our journalists also failed us, by putting aside their professional skepticism and shoveling the leaked information all too willingly into publication without questioning the accuracy of the information, the motives of the leakers, or the fairness of the government's tactics."

Jul 27 17:13

Did 'Blue Dog' bash his liberal constituents as conspiracy nuts?

But many Minnesotans in the seventh congressional district may wonder why their Democratic representative thinks a quarter of them are so nuts that he won't go to town meetings anymore.