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"'Congress shall make no law respecting an institution of religion.' -- The First Amendment to the Constitution

A Nativity scene (or a Menorah for that matter) is not a law, it is a decoration. And on that basis, even though I myself am an atheist, I do not have a problem with Nativity scenes on government property, other than they are a reminder that those are the people we are bombing to steal their oil.

I do draw the line at the Ten Commandments being on display on government buildings with its prohibitions against lying, theft, and killing, as that clearly is a case of false advertising!" -- Michael Rivero



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February 20, 2020

Feb 20 04:36

Japanese Epidemiologist Blasts "Chaotic" Conditions Onboard The 'Diamond Princess'

The Japanese professor Kentaro Iwata, an epidemiologist at the University Hospital of Kobe University, spent a day at the Diamond Princess as a volunteer. In multiple YouTube videos, he strongly criticized government policy.

“The cruise ship was completely inadequate in terms of controlling infections,” he said in one of them.

“There was not a single infection control professional on the ship, nor anyone professionally involved in infection prevention. The bureaucrats were in charge of everything.”

“There is no clear distinction between the green (healthy) zones and the red (potentially infected) zones. And the staff is running back and forth,” Iwata reported.

Feb 20 04:35

Turkey Denies Destruction of Its Vessel in Port of Tripoli

Ankara previously deployed military advisors and instructors to Libya to support the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) against the Libyan National Army (LNA), led by Khalifa Haftar.

Ibrahim Kalin, the spokesman of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday that Ankara can’t confirm claims that its vessel has been destroyed in the port of Tripoli, Libya.

“The ship was fired at, but there was no hit. Multiple shots were fired in return. I can say that after this the situation calmed down,” Kalin told reporters.

Feb 20 04:23

The World's Top LNG Producer Is In Trouble

International expansion in Australia, Qatar, Mozambique and Egypt, combined with a continuously strong US shale gas export drive, is pushing down prices further. Analysts have warned before that a possible LNG glut could end in tears, but nobody was expecting that the market would also be hit by a demand side shock such as China’s coronavirus. The last couple of weeks, major LNG export cargoes to China have been diverted to other clients or are still looking for a destination in an already woefully oversupplied market.

Feb 20 04:22

As China Grinds To A Halt, Firms Can No Longer Afford To Pay Workers

With every passing day that its economic disintegration is not reversed, China inches closer to what may be a very violent tipping point, one which sets billions of angry, starving, broke and quarantined citizens against the communist party oligarchy.

As China's economic output remains literally frozen, a new report suggests that many Chinese companies - which never factored for this type of calamity - don't have enough capital to cover wages, or have delayed or stopped paying workers, suggesting that the Covid-19 outbreak has left businesses on the brink of disaster.

Feb 20 04:20

"Keenly Aware"- FDA Braces For Drug And Medical Supply Shortages From China 

With every week its economic disintegration is not reversed, China is triggering the most massive supply chain "shock" the world has seen since the last financial crisis, now spreading from East to West.

The next impact won't just be Europe, which we've already mentioned the closure of a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles plant in Serbia, but will be America and could first be in the form of drug and medical supply shortages.

The FDA warns, "we are keenly aware that the outbreak will likely impact the medical product supply chain, including potential disruptions to supply or shortages of critical medical products in the U.S."

Feb 20 04:20

Syrian Air Defence Repels Attack on Jableh City Located on Mediterranean Coast - Reports

The Syrian Air Defence is repelling an attack on the city of Jableh on the Mediterranean coast in the province of Latakia, Al-Ekhbariya reported on Wednesday.

"Air defences are intercepting hostile targets in the vicinity of the city of Jableh", the report said.

There has been no information so far concerning possible casualties or damage as a result of the attack.

Feb 20 04:19

Trump Appoints US Ambassador Richard Grenell as Acting Director of National Intelligence

The US president has also thanked outgoing Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire "for the wonderful job he has done", adding that "we look forward to working with him closely, perhaps in another capacity" within the Trump administration.

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday named Richard Grenell, the American ambassador to Germany, as the next acting director of national intelligence.

Feb 20 04:18

Pentagon IG Report Finds $716 Million in Equipment Destined for Syrian Rebels Left to Rust

According to the February 13 report, leadership at Special Operations Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve (SOJTF-OIR) - which is part of Combined Joint Task Force-OIR (CJTF-OIR), the US military’s mission in Syria - failed to properly account for nearly $716 million in weapons procured for distribution to US-backed rebels fighting against the Syrian government. In addition to not maintaining comprehensive lists of all equipment purchased and received, the weapons were stored improperly, allowing them to rust and leaving them vulnerable to theft.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Feb 20 04:18

US Scientists Research Snake Venom as Potential Cancer Treatment

Snake venom could be used to cure cancer in the future, according to a team of scientists at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC).

Dr. Stephen Mackessy, professor at the UNC’s School of Biological Sciences, is conducting research to determine what kind of snake venom compounds can attack human cancer cells, CBS Denver reported.

Feb 20 04:17

‘Worst case scenario’: Kremlin slams Turkey's threat of military operation against Syrian government in Idlib

Turkey sending troops to Syria to fight against the government would be the ‘worst case scenario’, Kremlin spokesman said after Ankara threatened that such an operation was imminent.

Turkey’s President Erdogan said on Wednesday Ankara was prepared to launch a military incursion into Idlib to force the Syrian army out. Russia’s reaction to such a development would depend on what goals the Turkish troops decide to pursue, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

“If it will be an operation against terrorist forces in Idlib, that would certainly be within the spirit” of Russia’s agreements with Turkey, he said.

But if it is about an operation against legitimate Syrian armed forces, that would certainly be the worst case scenario.

Feb 20 04:15

Why’s Mike in Africa? Pompeo’s not visiting Senegal, Angola & Ethiopia for fun – he’s there to fight China

The US Secretary of State’s visit to Africa has more to do with China than anything else. After unveiling the first limb of its “Prosper Africa” strategy, the US finds itself further locked in a geostrategic battle against China.
Pompeo’s visit to Africa marks the first time in over 18 months that an American cabinet member has landed on sub-Saharan Africa.

According to Pompeo, the reason he is visiting Senegal, Angola and Ethiopia is because they are “three countries in various stages of development in their transition to democracy and their stability.”

Feb 20 04:14

US Senator Sanders calls Saudi Arabia's rulers ‘murderous thugs’

US Senator Bernie Sanders, the leading Democratic presidential candidate, has condemned Saudi Arabia's regime during a town hall meeting, calling the country’s leaders “murderous thugs.”

"For years, we have loved Saudi Arabia - our wonderful ally; the only problem is the people who run that country are murderous thugs," Sanders said on Tuesday, according to Middle East Eye.

The Vermont senator described Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as a "billionaire dictator."

Feb 20 04:13

Saudi Arabia to execute dozen Shia minor dissidents amid major crackdown

Saudi authorities will execute a dozen imprisoned minor dissidents from the oil-rich and Shia-populated Eastern Province, amid a crackdown led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman against pro-democracy campaigners, Muslim preachers and intellectuals in the kingdom.

Lebanon-based Arabic-language al-Ahed news website, citing sources from the European Saudi Organization for Human Rights (ESOHR), reported that the Qatif residents are facing death penalty at various levels of litigation.

Feb 20 04:10

The Perpetual War Scam

Years ago the late great historian and author Gore Vidal came up with that phrase ‘Perpetual War’. He knew, that even back to the early days of our republic, we are a nation predicated on Perpetual War. Whether it be war on Native Americans ( who were here way before the Mayflower landed), or war on different people of color ( Mexican War, subjugation of the Filipino people, orchestrated Coup de Tats against Cubans, Nicaraguans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Chileans… to name but a few), and of course WW1 and WW2, the Cold War vs. our former allies the Soviet Union ( who actually defeated Hitler’s Nazi juggernaut), Coup de Tats in Iran, Iraq, Egypt and much of Africa ( the latest being Libya ), subversions in Italy and Greece after WW2…. and on and on as my Yiddish friends would say Oy Gevalt!

Feb 20 03:42

The Dangerous Virus That is Working Hard Trying to Destroy America [Cartoon]

Most readers know that the coronavirus is becoming a big global problem that could soon become a big problem here in the United States.

Feb 20 03:42

Here’s What Happens When a Freezing Man Asks Socialists for Their Jacket

The thing with socialists is that they tend not to be very social, at least not in the ways that they preach.

Feb 20 03:40

Commie Bernie Sanders Supporter AOC: “Billionaires Should Not Exist”

Communist Bernie Sanders supporter Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said “Billionaires should not exist” on Twitter Wednesday night as Sanders and other Democrat presidential candidates faced off in a Las Vegas, Nevada pre-caucus debate with late entrant Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire businessman and former three-term New York City mayor.

Feb 20 03:36

WORTH THE PRICE? Joe Biden and the Launch of the Iraq War (narrated by Danny Glover)

Feb 20 03:35

“It’s Called Communism!” – BOOM! – Bloomberg Calls Out Bernie Sanders the Communist at Dem Debate (Video)

The Democrat/Socialists held a debate tonight in Las Vegas.
Their plan for America is to destroy the economy and open the borders.

Feb 20 03:35

AMAZING! Trump Supporters Carry World War II Veteran Into Stadium to See President Trump! — THEN TRUMP HONORS THE VETERAN DURING TALK! (VIDEO)

Trump supporters carried an elderly World War II veteran into the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix tonight for the Trump Arizona rally.

Feb 20 03:33

Trump offered to pardon Assange if he denied Russia helped leak Democrats' emails: lawyer

U.S. President Donald Trump offered to pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange if he said that Russia had nothing to do with WikiLeaks’ publication of Democratic Party emails in 2016, a London court heard on Wednesday.

Feb 20 03:32

Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”?

The “Spanish Flu” killed an estimated 50-100 million people during a pandemic 1918-19. What if the story we have been told about this pandemic isn’t true?

What if, instead, the killer infection was neither the flu nor Spanish in origin?

Newly analyzed documents reveal that the “Spanish Flu” may have been a military vaccine experiment gone awry.

Feb 20 03:32

Emergency Meeting of Federal Judges Over Barr and Trump Indefinitely Postponed After Group Called Out by Trump

The ’emergency meeting’ of federal judges to discuss the intervention by Attorney General William Barr in the sentencing of Roger Stone and President Trump’s criticism of the proposed sentence was indefinitely postponed Wednesday.

Feb 20 03:29


The diocese of Richmond, Virginia is agreeing to compensate childhood victims of clergy sexual abuse but only if they agree to never sue the diocese.

On Monday, the diocese headed by Bp. Barry Knestout launched its "Independent Reconciliation Program" (program). A protocol of the program stipulates that a victim or "claimant" in signing the agreement or "release" forever surrenders the right to have the abuse case publically litigated in court.

"By signing the release, the claimant will waive any future civil legal claim relating to sexual abuse against the Richmond diocese," reads the protocol.

Feb 20 03:28

More Liberal Violence And Intimidation: Wisconsin GOP Field Office Vandalized In Milwaukee

On Wednesday, the GOP office in the 2200 block of North King Drive in Milwaukee was vandalized.

Feb 20 03:28

A Letter To The 2,000 Anti-Trump Ex-DOJ Lawyers: Where’s Your Outrage To These 27 DOJ-FBI Crimes?

Feb 20 03:27

Trump’s War on Huawei Devolves to a Cringeworthy Embarrassment for the US

Humiliated by the United Kingdom’s refusal to exclude Huawei from its 5G broadband network, the Trump Administration has doubled down on its attempts to stop China, with poor prospects for success.

The American response includes prosecution of Huawei under the Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) statute, drafted to combat organized crime.

It also includes proposed regulations that would stop the sale of any US components to Huawei and China’s second-rank telecommunications firm ZTE if 10% of their production comes from American technology.

Feb 20 03:26

Pentagon to Adopt Detailed Principles for Using AI

The Defense Department will soon adopt a detailed set of rules to govern how it develops and uses artificial intelligence, officials familiar with the matter told Defense One.

A draft of the rules was released by the Defense Innovation Board, or DIB, in October as “Recommendations on the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence.” Sources indicated that the Department’s policy will follow the draft closely.

Feb 20 03:25

Navy Takes Major Step Toward Building Its Drone Ship Fleet

Dozens of companies will vie for nearly $1 billion in Navy contracts as the service works toward building a fleet of new high-tech, self-driving unmanned ships.

Naval Sea Systems Command selected 40 companies that will compete for work in developing payloads, sensors, autonomous systems and other technologies for the Navy's future fleet of unmanned surface vessels.

Feb 20 03:24

100 soldiers will leave the Army for the Space Force sooner than you think

Some soldiers will soon leave the Army and join the new Space Force, becoming whatever the new branch decides to call their service members sooner than they may have thought.

In the Army's fiscal year 2021 budget request, released last week, the service says that of the 1,000 soldiers it's looking to add in that year, 100 of them will "transfer to the United States Space Force."

Feb 20 03:24

Turkey Edges Toward Direct War With Syria in Idlib Province

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says that a military operation in northwest Syria to expel Syrian forces from Idlib is only “a matter of time,” as Turkey continues to send more troops into the area.

Turkey has launched multiple attacks against the Syrian military in the past month, mostly to try to slow Syrian military advances against al-Qaeda. Erdogan has repeatedly demanded Syria abandon the Idlib Province to the Islamist groups, and now intends to try to directly force this.

Erdogan presented this new war as necessary because talks with Russia failed to get them to expel Syria from this Syrian province. Russia, however, is warning Turkey against trying to impose a military solution in northwest Syria.

Feb 20 03:22

Video shows US military vehicle running a Russian military truck off the road in Syria

A video has emerged showing a U.S. military vehicle running a Russian armored truck off the road in Syria after it tried to pass an American convoy.

Questions still remain about the incident, to include when it occurred, though it appears to have taken place on a stretch of road near the Turkish border town of Qamishli, according to The War Zone.

Feb 20 03:21

Yalta And The Death Of The ‘Good War’

FDR painted World War II as a crusade for democracy, hailing Stalin as a partner in liberation. From 1942 through 1945, the U.S. government consistently deceived the public about the character of the Soviet Union. Roosevelt praised Soviet Russia as one of the “freedom-loving Nations” and stressed that Stalin is “thoroughly conversant with the provisions of our Constitution.” Harold Ickes, one of FDR’s top aides, proclaimed that communism was “the antithesis of Nazism” because it was based on “belief in the control of the government, including the economic system, by the people themselves.” (Shades of Bernie Sanders!)

The fact that the Soviet regime had been the most oppressive government in the world during the 1930s was irrelevant so far as FDR was concerned. As Georgetown University professor Derek Leebaert, author of Magic and Mayhem, observed, “FDR remarked that most of what he knew about the world came from his stamp collection.”

Feb 20 03:20

Michael Bloomberg Is Trying To take Down Bernie Sanders, Not Trump

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign has called on the other “moderate” candidates, such as Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg, to step down and unite behind him as the only force that can stop Bernie Sanders, who, he warns, will soon have an insurmountable lead in delegates.

Feb 20 03:19

The Israel lobby is mobilising to stop Bernie Sanders

In September 2016, the Jewish Labour Movement in Britain held a small barbecue to establish a new youth wing. Thanks to the fact that an undercover journalist from Al Jazeera was among the tiny handful of attendees, we know in quite some detail what was said at the event.

The JLM’s then chairperson Jeremy Newmark stated that a year earlier, in September 2015, he and a small group of associates had met in a cafe and planned on “re-forming the JLM to do something with it”. That something was “utilising the rights and privileges” that the Jewish Labour Movement “enjoys as a socialist society” within Britain’s Labour Party. This plan to reconstitute the JLM came against the backdrop of what Newmark said was “the rise of Jeremy Corbyn” in Britain and “Bernie Sanders in the States.”

Feb 20 03:18

Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent Darpa Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

In recent weeks, concern over the emergence of a novel coronavirus in China has grown exponentially as media, experts and government officials around the world have openly worried that this new disease has the potential to develop into a global pandemic.

As concerns about the future of the ongoing outbreak have grown, so too have the number of theories speculating about the outbreak’s origin, many of which blame a variety of state actors and/or controversial billionaires. This has inevitably led to efforts to clamp down on “misinformation” related to the coronavirus outbreak from both mainstream media outlets and major social media platforms.

Feb 20 03:17

Government of Charlottesville, Virginia Publishes Study on Crime Blaming White People for High Rate of Arrests of Black Males

The City of Charlottesville and the County of Albemarle have completed the first phase of the Disproportionate Minority Study — a multi-disciplinary project that examined how minorities are treated within the criminal justice system — to find that black individuals are overrepresented at every point in the local criminal justice system.

Using data from 2014 to 2016, the 14-member Adult Disproportionate Minority Contact Research and Planning Committee worked with MGT Consulting, a Florida-based public sector consulting firm, to determine the extent of racial disproportionality and disparity in the local adult criminal justice system.

Feb 20 03:16

NYC: Negro Attacks Random White Man on Street, Rubs Burger in His Face

A 55-year-old man was attacked in a New York street by a stranger who knocked him to the ground before launching an unprovoked assault on him with a hamburger in broad daylight, NYPD officers have said.

Dramatic footage appears to show the stranger rub fast food in the man’s face, pummel him and lift his leg to stomp on his head in the Upper West Side.

Police said the unidentified suspect, with no provocation, blew smoke in the victim’s face before waving a McDonald’s bag at him, the Daily News reported.

Feb 20 03:15

Georgia: Gentleman of Color Kills Coalburner Inside Macon Hotel

At 9:54 on Saturday morning, deputies responded to the Econo Lodge Inn and Suites on Chambers Rd. about a shooting.

Upon arrival, they found Wease unresponsive with a gunshot to her upper body. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Deputies located Miller, just minutes later at the corner of Eisenhower Pkwy and Presidential Pkwy and took him to the Bibb County Jail and charged him with murder. He is being held without bond at this time.

Feb 20 03:14

Collusion: Franklin Roosevelt, British Intelligence, and the Secret Campaign to Push the US Into War

We’ve heard a lot recently about alleged secret and illegal collaboration by prominent Americans with foreign governments. Collusion is widely regarded as so malign and disgraceful that any official who cooperates with a foreign power in an underhanded way is considered unfit to hold public office. In particular, politicians and media commentators have been charging that devious cooperation by Donald Trump with the government of Ukraine or Russia renders him unfit to be President.

However valid such accusations may be, secretive and unlawful collusion by an American leader with a foreign power that subverts the US political process is not new. The most far-reaching and flagrant case was by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1940-41.

Feb 20 03:13

Trump Accuses Sen. Murphy, John Kerry of Violating Logan Act by Meeting With Iran’s Zarif

President Trump on Wednesday accused Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) – and former Secretary of State John Kerry – of violating a two century-old law by holding meetings with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

“Kerry & Murphy illegally violated the Logan Act,” Trump tweeted. “This is why Iran is not making a deal. Must be dealt with strongly!”

Feb 20 03:12

CONFIRMED: CoVid-19 coronavirus found to contain unique “gain-of-function” property “for efficient spreading in the human population” … exact quote from science paper just published in Antiviral Research

A new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Antiviral Research (Vol. 16, April 2020) is entitled, “The spike glycoprotein of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV contains a furin-like cleavage site absent in CoV of the same clade.”

It reveals that the CoVid-19 coronavirus contains unique features that allow it to function as a more efficient weapon system for human-to-human transmission, which helps explain why the virus has been impossible to contain (even under “quarantine” conditions, which have universally failed in China, Japan, Korea and elsewhere).

Feb 20 02:40

Who won the Democratic Debate?

Feb 19 21:51

Olympia woman tests positive for coronavirus after Diamond Princess cruise

Marianne Obenchain, who lives in Olympia, has tested positive for coronavirus or COVID-19. She was tested by Japanese health officials Saturday, when the U.S. government evacuated American citizens off the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Obenchain said she was surprised to get the results.

“That news almost floored me,” she said. “I wasn’t showing any symptoms.”

Feb 19 19:31

Are Used Chevys Worth Buying? Let’s Find Out

Feb 19 18:33

They’re Freaking Out: Chris Matthews Says Bernie Sanders Could Lose 49 States (VIDEO)

The more it looks like crazy Uncle Bernie is going to win the Democrat Party primary the more the leftie media hacks are starting to panic.

Feb 19 18:31

Dana Rohrabacher Says He Never Offered Assange A Pardon From Trump

Readers will no doubt be shocked to learn the media's top story of the day was a total hoax.

Feb 19 17:43

Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads 2020 Dems by 15 Points

Can Bernie Sanders and the Bernie Bros stop Michael Bloomberg from outright buying the Democratic primary?

Feb 19 17:33

Three Cartoons Explain Problem With Bloomberg's Candidacy, He's an Elitist Big Government Snob

By now most people know that not only has Michael Bloomberg entered the 2020 race but he’s using his vast fortune to try and buy the nomination.

Feb 19 17:33

An Advance Look at Tonight's Democrat Party Debate That Includes Bloomberg(Cartoon)

Most people know that tonight,they before the Nevada caucus, the remaining Democratic Party 2020 hopefuls including Michael Bloomberg will debate in Las Vegas.

Feb 19 17:30

Lisa Page Spouts Off About Bill Barr Amid Beltway Rumors He Was Considering Resigning Over Trump’s Tweets

Lisa Page, the corrupt former FBI lawyer who plotted to keep President Trump from office had the nerve to spout off about AG Barr.

Xmas w/o borders
Feb 19 17:29

GOOD NEWS: President Trump Expected to Name Ambassador Richard Grenell as Acting Head of Intelligence

President Trump is expected to name ?Ambassador Richard Grenell? as Acting Head of Intelligence.

Feb 19 17:26

Flanked by Black Trump Supporters and Ex-Cons, Self-Described “Trumpocrat” Rod Blagojevich Says it is Trump Who is Fixing “Broken and Racist” Criminal Justice System

Democrats and Never-Trumpers are shaking with rage as Trump’s move to commute Governor Rod Blagojevich’s 14-year sentence was met with jubilation from Chicago’s black community.

Feb 19 17:24

Judge Amy Berman Jackson Enters Letters in Roger Stone Sentencing Case File That Praise Judge, Attack Trump and Barr; One Letter Bragged of Burning US Flag When Trump Elected

Judge Amy Berman Jackson has entered letters in the sentencing case file for Roger Stone by seemingly random Trump-haters who write in praise of the judge while also spinning Trump-Barr conspiracy theories likely picked up by non-stop watching of MSNBC. One letter writer bragged they burned an American flag given to them by a veteran when Trump was elected.

Feb 19 17:23

‘Woke’ Quid Pro Joe Joins Culinary Union Workers Picketing Outside Palms Casino (VIDEO)

“5th place” Joe Biden joined the Culinary Union workers picketing outside the Palms Casino in Las Vegas on Wednesday.
Biden is desperate for good press after taking a punch to the gut in Iowa and receiving zero delegates in New Hampshire.

Feb 19 17:20

Buttigieg Slams Trump And His Christian Supporters: Says President’s Conduct Not Compatible With Scripture

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, slammed President Trump and his Christian supporters in a CNN town hall held at the Sahara in Las Vegas, Nevada broadcast Tuesday night, saying when asked if Christians can support Trump, “I cannot find any compatibility between the way this president conducts himself and anything that I find in scripture.”

Feb 19 17:15

Uganda's army fights fast-moving swarms of locusts as East Africa enters 'panic mode' over the crisis

'We have not yet planted our crops but if they return at harvest time they will destroy everything. We are not at all prepared.'

East Africa's regional expert group, the Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC), warned Tuesday that eggs laid across the migratory path will hatch in the next two months, and will continue breeding as the rainy season arrives in the region.

This will coincide with the main cropping season and could cause 'significant crop losses... and could potentially worsen the food security situation', ICPAC said in a statement.

Feb 19 17:06

Ecuador's 'Throat of Fire' volcano may be heading towards a 'potential collapse', scientists report

The active volcano — known locally as 'The Black Giant' — appears to be developing an unstable western side, or 'flank', which could lead to a colossal landslide.

Such a collapse could cause widespread damage in the surrounding area — which includes Baños de Agua Santa, the second most populous city in the region.

Researchers are recommending that Tungurahua be closely monitored to keep an eye out for signs of an flank collapse.

'This possible instability we have detected could led to a collapse one day, in a thousand years or never,' said geophysicist James Hickey of the University of Exeter.

Feb 19 16:35

The MSM is not even hiding it anymore

How anyone can argue that the elites don’t have enough power in politics is beyond me

Feb 19 15:52

Now The Gibson Guitar Raids Make Sense

IRS Scandal: The inexplicable raid nearly two years ago on a guitar maker for using allegedly illegal wood that its competitors also used was another targeting by this administration of its political enemies.

On Aug. 24, 2011, federal agents executed four search warrants on Gibson Guitar Corp. facilities in Nashville and Memphis, Tenn., and seized several pallets of wood, electronic files and guitars. One of the top makers of acoustic and electric guitars, including the iconic Les Paul introduced in 1952, Gibson was accused of using wood illegally obtained in violation of the century-old Lacey Act, which outlaws trafficking in flora and fauna the harvesting of which had broken foreign laws.

Feb 19 15:25

Meghan McCain to AOC: Bernie Bros Are 'Deeply Misogynistic,' 'Sexist,' 'Violent' And Made My Mom Cry

As far as I can tell, this is supposed to make the Bernie Bros look bad.

Feb 19 15:04

Fitton: Judicial Watch Sues FBI for Seth Rich Records

I know many Americans remain concerned about the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

We know that the Seth Rich controversy came up in Peter Strzok-Lisa Page emails we just uncovered. In a heavily redacted August 10, 2016, email exchange, Strzok sends Page a forwarded message from unidentified agents from the FBI’s Washington Field Office (WFO) discussing Rich.

A public affairs official whose name was redacted opens the WFO email chain, writing:

Feb 19 15:04

Fitton: Judicial Watch Sues FBI for Seth Rich Records

I know many Americans remain concerned about the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

We know that the Seth Rich controversy came up in Peter Strzok-Lisa Page emails we just uncovered. In a heavily redacted August 10, 2016, email exchange, Strzok sends Page a forwarded message from unidentified agents from the FBI’s Washington Field Office (WFO) discussing Rich.

A public affairs official whose name was redacted opens the WFO email chain, writing:

Feb 19 13:45

Issues with CDC Test for Covid-19

Feb 19 13:13

Sheldon Adelson 'Advocated' for Trump to Grant Clemency to Michael Milken; Plans Major Fundraiser

Pro-Israel GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson "advocated" for "Junk Bond King" Michael Milken to be granted clemency by President Trump, according to a report from the Associated Press.