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"'Congress shall make no law respecting an institution of religion.' -- The First Amendment to the Constitution

A Nativity scene (or a Menorah for that matter) is not a law, it is a decoration. And on that basis, even though I myself am an atheist, I do not have a problem with Nativity scenes on government property, other than they are a reminder that those are the people we are bombing to steal their oil.

I do draw the line at the Ten Commandments being on display on government buildings with its prohibitions against lying, theft, and killing, as that clearly is a case of false advertising!" -- Michael Rivero



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February 19, 2020

Feb 19 13:08

China Could Grant Tariff Exemptions On U.S. Oil And LNG

Feb 19 12:56

Where to Get Income in a Low-Yield World

Feb 19 12:35

Washington Post Op-ed: ‘Give the Elites a Bigger Say in Choosing the President’

The Washington Post is taking criticism for an op-ed published Tuesday by Marquette University political science professor Julia Azari, titled: “It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president.”

Citing the “rocky start” to the Democratic Party’s presidential primary, Azari suggests that the process of choosing the nominee be taken from the people and returned to the politicians:

The current process is clearly flawed, but what would be better? … A better primary system would empower elites to bargain and make decisions, instructed by voters.

Feb 19 12:35

Washington Post Op-ed: ‘Give the Elites a Bigger Say in Choosing the President’

The Washington Post is taking criticism for an op-ed published Tuesday by Marquette University political science professor Julia Azari, titled: “It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president.”

Citing the “rocky start” to the Democratic Party’s presidential primary, Azari suggests that the process of choosing the nominee be taken from the people and returned to the politicians:

The current process is clearly flawed, but what would be better? … A better primary system would empower elites to bargain and make decisions, instructed by voters.

Feb 19 10:58

CBS News: 'How Jewish American Pedophiles Hide From Justice in Israel'

Jewish American pedophiles are escaping justice by fleeing to Israel and automatically attaining Israeli citizenship under their right of return laws, CBS News reports.

Feb 19 10:54

WATCH: Jerry Rice Praises Trump Outside White House After Latest Round Of Pardons

On Tuesday, famed NFLer Jerry Rice offered praise to President Donald Trump for pardoning former San Francisco 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo Jr.

Feb 19 10:53

The People Applauding ‘Drag Kids’ Are Applauding The Sexual Abuse Of Children

A video has recently gone viral (again) of “drag kid” Desmond Napoles hanging out on a couch with an adult cross dresser and joking about doing drugs. The child, who was about 9 years old at the time of the original livestream, appears visibly intoxicated while he pretends to snort ketamine off the back of his hand.

Feb 19 10:17

Bug in WordPress plugin can let hackers wipe up to 200,000 sites

WordPress site owners who use commercial themes provided by ThemeGrill are advised to update one of the plugins that come installed with these themes in order to patch a critical bug that can let attackers wipe their sites.

The vulnerability resides in ThemeGrill Demo Importer, a plugin that ships with themes sold by ThemeGrill, a web development company that sells commercial WordPress themes.

The plugin, which is installed on more than 200,000 sites, allows site owners to import demo content inside their ThemeGrill themes so they'll have examples and a starting point on which they can build their own sites.

However, in a report published yesterday, WordPress security firm WebARX says that older versions of the ThemeGrill Demo Importer are vulnerable to remote attacks from unauthenticated attackers.

Feb 19 10:15

Erdogan’s Excellent Syrian Adventure

by Daniel Lazare Posted on February 19, 2020

What’s a political strongman to do when his economy is weak and another round of financial turbulence is on the way? When political support is languishing and a series of budget-busting construction projects has people shaking their head in dismay?

The answer is obvious: he invades another country in order to distract attention and give his poll numbers a boost. Better yet, he invades two countries and then travels to a third in order to make highly bellicose comments about a forth. Then while the press back home buzzes with excitement, he folds his hands and prays that somehow it will all work out.

Feb 19 10:08

New tool “De-Mainstream” allows YouTube users to blacklist mainstream media for a more authentic experience

Over the last year, YouTube has made several sweeping changes to its algorithms to promote legacy media outlets at the expense of the independent creators.

Many of these changes involve classifying certain legacy media outlets as “authoritative sources” and then boosting them in search, Trending, and recommendations.

Now, a recently released browser extension, De-Mainstream YouTube, is allowing users to reverse some of this artificial boosting of mainstream media outlets and put the focus back on independent YouTube creators.

The extension works on desktop Chrome and Firefox by blocking certain mainstream media outlets from YouTube search results and recommendations while also giving users “a truly unbiased Youtube Trending section” which shows the most popular videos from the last 24 hours based on view counts.

Feb 19 10:02

Apple moving production from China to Taiwan due to Wuhan coronavirus

Apple shifting manufacture of AirPods, iPad, Apple Watch from China to Taiwan due to ongoing outbreak

Feb 19 10:01

Federal Judges Meeting Will Target Trump And Barr, Report Says

On Wednesday, a group that is comprised of over 1,000 federal judges will meet to reportedly discuss, among other things, the intervention made by the Department of Justice in the case against Roger Stone, who has been associated with President Trump.

Feb 19 10:00

Driver stranded after connected rental car can’t call home

Over the weekend, a trip to the Californian boonies by Guardian journalist Kari Paul turned into a cautionary tale about the perils of the connected car and the Internet of Things. Paul had rented a car through a local car-sharing service called GIG Car Share, which offers a fleet of hybrid Toyota Priuses and electric Chevrolet Bolt EVs in the Bay Area and Sacramento, with plans to spend the weekend in a more rural part of the state about three hours north of Oakland. But on Sunday, she was left stranded on an unpaved road when the car's telematics system lost its cell signal. Without being able to call home, the rented Prius refused to move.

Feb 19 09:55

Online v Brick & Mortar

Feb 19 09:54

Avoiding space debris might require new legal framework, US lawmakers say

The ever-growing number of satellites and orbital debris in space prompted calls for change at a House hearing, although how this will be legislated is still under consideration.

At issue is the rise of privately owned satellite constellations by companies such as SpaceX and OneWeb. Satellites today are smaller and more affordable than the big machines of past decades, thanks to advancements in technology. But with fleets of small satellites comes other risks, such as more chances for them to slam into each other. And high-profile near misses are starting to become more common.

"This is one of the most important and rapidly evolving issues facing our ability to operate in space," said Kendra Horn, D-Okla., chair of the House Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics, in her opening statement at the hearing in Washington, on Feb. 11.

Feb 19 09:51

US natural gas operator shuts down for 2 days after being infected by ransomware

A US-based natural gas facility shut down operations for two days after sustaining a ransomware infection that prevented personnel from receiving crucial real-time operational data from control and communication equipment, the Department of Homeland Security said on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s advisory from the DHS’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA, didn’t identify the site except to say that it was a natural gas-compression facility. Such sites typically use turbines, motors, and engines to compress natural gas so it can be safely moved through pipelines.

The attack started with a malicious link in a phishing email that allowed attackers to pivot from the facility’s IT network to the facility’s OT network, which is the operational technology hub of servers that control and monitor physical processes of the facility. With that, both the IT and OT networks were infected with what the advisory described as “commodity ransomware.”

Feb 19 09:49

Jeff Bezos likes to start fires then cosplay as a firefighter. His $10 billion climate change check is no different

Last year, Bezos ostensibly donated out of the good of his heart to Seattle's homeless shelters — while Amazon aggressively lobbied the city to drop a tax which would help the homeless

Feb 19 09:27

European Gas Prices Set To Slump

Feb 19 09:23

What If Public Schools Were Held Liable For Sex Abuse Cases In The Same Way As The Boy Scouts?

Changes in liability laws that opened the Boy Scouts up to lawsuits from abuse cases over 30 years ago appears to have had more to do with the organization's bankruptcy than their recent embrace of liberal values.

According to USA Today, "about 90%" of sex abuse cases the Boy Scouts are being sued over "took place more than 30 years ago."

Feb 19 09:18

26 people quarantined in New York after returning from coronavirus outbreak areas

The 26 Westchester residents — who are being voluntarily quarantined, mostly in their homes – have not shown any symptoms of the illness, county health chief Dr. Sherlita Amler said Tuesday.

“These people are not ill, but we still have to monitor them,” Amler told reporters, according to The Journal News/lohud.com.

Feb 19 09:10

Report: Here’s What Obama’s Saying In Private About The Democratic Primary

With the Democratic primary race increasingly looking like it’s heading for a bruising brokered convention, many in the party have been increasingly desperate to determine which candidate to consolidate behind, particularly if that candidate isn’t the currently front-running Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the most far-left of the already strongly left-leaning field.

Feb 19 09:09

John Bolton Worries White House Will ‘Suppress’ His Upcoming Memoir

Donald Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton is now openly worrying about his upcoming memoir being censored by the White House.

Feb 19 09:09

REPORT: Hollywood Execs Secretly Support Bloomberg, Fear Bernie Sanders

Fearing that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will clinch the nomination and plunge the Democrats into disarray, Hollywood executives have expressed joy over the rise of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Feb 19 08:57

Neighbors in Las Vegas upset over homeless camp

Feb 19 08:57

Most Expensive Currencies In World 2020

Feb 19 08:32

REVEALED: All But Two Of The Radical Far-Left DOJ Attorneys Who Signed Petition For Fraudulent Mueller Investigation Also Signed Petition For AG Barr To Resign

Former New York City Mayor and President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani was on Lou Dobbs Tonight on FOX Business channel to discuss recent events involving the Democrats actions to destroy the US Constitution. The first topic surrounded the list of former DOJ attorneys that asked AG Barr to resign over the weekend.

Feb 19 08:32

BOOM! President Trump Threatens To Sue Deep State Operatives Behind Fraudulent And Criminal Mueller Witch Hunt

After years of criminal activity attacks and attempted coups President Trump on Tuesday warned that he may sue the deep state operatives behind the criminal Mueller witch hunt.

Feb 19 08:32

Academic ‘Study’ Encourages SCOTUS Packing: No Political Fallout For Democrats

Fearing that the Supreme Court could swing reliably to the Right if President Trump gets reelected, leftists are now openly pushing the idea of court-packing for the day that Democrats occupy the White House again.

Feb 19 08:31

Puerto Rico’s Government Lost More Than $4 Million In Email Phishing Scams

The government of Puerto Rico, suffering through a debt crisis and strapped for cash after enduring two major natural disasters, reportedly lost more than $2 million in an email phishing scam directed at one of its finance directors, according to the Associated Press.

Feb 19 08:31

WATCH: Pompeo Bluntly Tells Europe: ‘Name Me A Moment In History When The Weak And The Meek Have Prevailed’

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threw down the gauntlet to other Western countries, asserting, “Over the past few years, I’ve seen, we’ve all seen, democratic leaders questioning America’s commitment to the transatlantic alliance and America’s leadership in the world.”

Feb 19 08:31

Now Elizabeth Warren Dumps On The ‘Bernie Bros:’ A ‘Foundation of Hate’

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) just cannot catch a break from his top competitors for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. After former Vice President Joe Biden compared his more motivated supporters — the so-called “Bernie Bros” — to President Donald Trump, Sen.

Feb 19 08:30

UNEXPECTED: Liberal Rock Star Praises Trump For Honoring Limbaugh

A rock star who participates in left-wing causes has given a shock to her leftist fans by praising President Trump for honoring conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, paying tribute to her father at the same time, saying he “would have been so delighted” at Trump’s action.

Feb 19 08:27

Study Coronavirus bind to human cells 20 times more than SARS, Sneezes can travel up to 200 feet

Feb 19 08:27

Want To See How Bad It Really Is?

Feb 19 08:13

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Family and Friends of Clinton Stewart Chant “TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!” as He Is Released from Prison in First Step Act (VIDEO)

Clinton Stewart was released today from prison.
President Trump granted him clemency.
A Federal Judge asked Obama to grant Clinton clemency… but Obama refused.

Feb 19 08:13

Feds Arrest Crooked State Democrat David Nangle in Massachusetts — He Was Sitting on House Ethics Committee

Federal authorities arrested Massachusetts state Democrat David Nangle Tuesday on several corruption charges.

Feb 19 08:13

MLB Star Banned From World Series Reunion Over ‘Politically Incorrect’ Tweets, Photo Of Gun Range With Sons

On Monday, The Athletic reported that MLB star Aubrey Huff was barred from the upcoming 2010 World Series Championship reunion over his past tweets, which includes a photo of Huff at a gun range with his sons and a tweet joking about Iranian women.

Feb 19 08:12

Cher Loses It When She Realizes None Of The 2020 Democratic Candidates Can Beat Trump

Another election is approaching, so, of course, it’s time to hear from Cher.

Feb 19 08:12

NASCAR Provides Update On Ryan Newman Following Horrific Crash

On Monday night, NASCAR released a statement announcing driver Ryan Newman was in serious condition and being treated at Halifax Medical Center for his non-life threatening injuries following a horrific crash during the final lap of the Daytona 500 on Sunday.

Feb 19 08:12

Two Trump Critics To Headline White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Over the past few years, the White House Correspondents’ Association took so much grief for hiring comedians who hate President Trump that last year the WHCA opted to choose as its “entertainment” one of the most eminent biographers of American presidents and statesmen, Ron Chernow.

Feb 19 07:52

Hackers trick Tesla into breaking speed limit by 50mph using two inches of tape

Researchers at cybersecurity firm McAfee have shown that two inches can make all the difference, fooling two types of Tesla car into speeding up by 50mph (80.5kph).

Using a small, almost imperceptible sticker on a speed limit sign, the McAfee scientists were able to trick the cars’ MobilEye EyeQ3 camera system into thinking the sign read ‘85’ and not ‘35,’ confirming that autonomous driving systems and the machine learning algorithms that power them still have a long way to go.

Feb 19 07:52

WATCH: Amy Klobuchar On Forgetting Mexican Prez’s Name: I Was Too Tired, ‘This Is Not A Game Of Jeopardy’

If running for president of the United States were indeed a game of “Jeopardy,” then the Mexican president’s name would be filed under “World Leaders For $100.” According to Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), though, knowing the name of the leader for a neighboring country is a task too far for a presidential candidate.

Feb 19 07:52

WATCH: Ted Cruz Shreds Bernie, AOC Bill To Ban Fracking

Sen. Ted Cruz released a digital ad on Tuesday that slammed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) – both of whom are socialists – for their attempts to ban fracking, which would harm American energy production.

Feb 19 07:39

737 Max: Debris found in new planes' fuel tanks

The US plane maker said it discovered so-called "Foreign Object Debris" left inside the wing fuel tanks of several undelivered 737 Maxs.

A company spokesman told the BBC: "While conducting maintenance we discovered Foreign Object Debris (FOD) in undelivered 737 Max airplanes currently in storage. That finding led to a robust internal investigation and immediate corrective actions in our production system."

Foreign Object Debris is a technical term that covers any substance, debris or article that isn't part of a plane which would potentially cause damage.

Feb 19 07:31

Europe’s Nuclear Weapons and the Arms Reduction Treaty

© Photo: Flickr / EU2018BG
It is intriguing but almost inevitable that examination of so many European policies must begin with reference to the United States. The reason is that the US is majestically (and the word is used advisedly) important to Europe, and no matter what opinions may be held of Washington’s policies under the erratic Trump, these will always have influence in Europe’s capitals.

One major Europe-US consideration is the Trump administration’s decisions on nuclear strategy which have an enormous impact that will be likely to shape international relations indefinitely.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As an American, I do not feel at all safter, in light of the Trump Administration's seeming to want to ignore this treaty completely, and Macron is absolutely correct to bring it up in this address.

Feb 19 07:25

First Group of Coronavirus Evacuees Leaves Quarantine at San Diego Marine Base

After two weeks pent up at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, the first group of coronavirus evacuees to arrive in San Diego finally got to leave Tuesday.

Shortly after a final round of health checks, a procession of white tour buses began rolling out, helping families and individuals quite literally get on with their lives after 14 days spent under constant monitoring by a group of public health workers keen on spotting every sneeze, sniffle or cough.

Feb 19 07:24


Boeing moved quickly on Wednesday to reassure airlines that the discovery of potentially dangerous debris in 737 MAX fuel tanks would not delay vital maintenance work designed to return the stricken model to service.

The statement comes after an internal memo leaked to Reuters revealed how ‘foreign object debris’ – thought to include rags, tools and metal shavings – was found in “several” grounded 737 MAX aircraft in Seattle.

In the email, Boeing vice president Mark Jenks called the development “absolutely unacceptable” and added “one escape is too many”.

Australia is one of 40 countries to have banned the aircraft, alongside territories including China, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Oman, the European Union, Singapore and Canada.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And yet...no one at Boeing goes to jail for understanding what was happening, and yet signing off on this massive set of problems with the craft anyway?!?

Forgive me, but where .... is the outrage on this?!?"

How in the name of all that's holy, can a "price" be put on this, as compensation for families who lost their family members on these planes, when corporate knew what the problems were, decided the problems presented an "acceptable risk", and allowed these planes to fly anyway?!?

Feb 19 07:18

Judge Napolitano: Lead Juror Tomeka Hart In Roger Stone Case Could Be Jailed, Conviction Could Be Overturned (VIDEO)

Napolitano told Tucker Carlson this week that the lead juror in the Roger Stone case could be jailed for lying to the court. Napolitano went on to say the entire case in crooked Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s court could be tossed out due to the open bias of the jurors.

Feb 19 07:18

CRAZY TRAIN: Bernie Bros Brawl At Colorado Rally After White Guy Accuses Black Guy Of Wearing Racist “Black Guns Matter” T-Shirt (VIDEO)

A brawl broke out on Sunday between two fellow travelers at a Bernie Sanders rally.
Here’s the run-up to the brawl.
The white guy accuses a black guy of a racist T-shirt.

Feb 19 07:17

Journalists Search Their ‘Souls’ To Find Out How They Confused Michael Avenatti With The Holy Spirit [Satire]

American journalists and other pitiful misuses of the miracle of human life are engaged in searching what archaeologists say may once have been their souls in the wake of Michael Avenatti’s conviction on charges of fraud and extortion.

Feb 19 07:17

Senior White House Official Calls California “Occupied Territory” as Trump Lands in Los Angeles at Start of Four Day West Coast Swing

Joe Grogan, Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council, set off a firestorm of criticism when he called California “occupied territory” in a tweet Tuesday night about President Trump’s trip to the Golden State.

Feb 19 07:17

“Justice is Supposed to be Blind. Bill Barr Can’t See That.” – Comey Attacks AG Barr in WaPo Op-Ed…AGAIN!

Fired FBI Director James Comey attacked US Attorney General Bill Barr again on Tuesday in a WaPo op-ed.
Comey obviously feels threatened by Bill Barr because this is the second time he has attacked the Attorney General in one week!

Feb 19 07:16

Pete Buttigieg On Millions Of Americans Possibly Losing Their Private Health Insurance: “I Don’t Care” (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders has been pushing for Medicare for All, while other candidates have advocated a more moderate approach.
Pete Buttigieg let the mask slip on this issue during a campaign event this week.

Feb 19 07:16

Pelosi Admits She Tore Up State of the Union Speech Page With Soldier’s Surprise Homecoming; Had Previously Demanded Video Meme Tweeted by Trump Be Taken Down as False

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) demanded earlier this month that social media companies Twitter and Facebook take down a video commentary meme by TPUSA that was tweeted by President Donald Trump that juxtaposed a video clip of Pelosi standing behind Trump as she made a show of tearing up a copy of his State of the Union address at the end of the speech with video of Trump introducing Americans whose stories were featured in Trump’s speech. Pelosi sicced her spokesman Drew Hamill on Twitter and Facebook to get the video removed for allegedly being false.

Feb 19 07:16

President Trump Says He Commuted Blago’s ‘Tremendously Ridiculous Sentence’ Prosecuted by ‘the Same People, Comey’ (VIDEO)

President Trump on Tuesday commuted former Illinois Governor Rod “Blago” Blagojevich’s sentence.
Blago was prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to 14 years in prison for trying to sell Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat.

Feb 19 07:11

WHO says no indication of coronavirus cases in North Korea

The World Health Organization said on Wednesday it had no indications the new coronavirus had spread to North Korea, after South Korean media suggested there were cases and deaths there that were being covered up by the Pyongyang authorities.

Feb 19 07:10

Fund Manager: The Fake News Economy

Feb 19 07:08

Financial Feudalism - The New American 'Dream'

“Happy 18th Birthday! Meet your new Daddy,” read one website advertisement. “Do you have strong oral skills? We’ve got a job for you!” cooed another.

A message on another billboard directed at the “daddies” was more blunt: “The alternative to escorts. Desperate women will do anything”…

SeekingArrangement was founded by Las Vegas tech tycoon Brandon Wade. Wade is apparently worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 million. His motto is, “Love is a concept invented by poor people”…

SA also markets itself as an antidote to student debt. In the U.S. and elsewhere, college students are enduring financial instability and hardship. Because of rising college fees and rent, and the lack of time available for work during studies, many women are extremely vulnerable to exploitation.

Feb 19 07:07

Israeli court orders Facebook to unblock account of NSO Group employee

A Tel Aviv court ordered Facebook Inc to unblock the private account of a worker at Israeli surveillance company NSO Group, and similar rulings are expected for other employees in the coming days, an NSO spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

A group of NSO employees filed a suit against Facebook in November, saying the social media group had unfairly blocked their private accounts when it sued NSO in October.

Feb 19 07:06

Netanyahu's trial to begin on March 17 - Israeli Justice Ministry

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption trial will start on March 17, two weeks after Israel holds its third national election in less than a year, the Justice Ministry said on Tuesday.

Netanyahu, the first sitting Israeli prime minister to be charged with a crime, has denied any wrongdoing in the three corruption cases against him.

In addition to his legal battle, Netanyahu, who heads the right-wing Likud party, is fighting for his political life in a March 2 election, after inconclusive ballots in April and September.

Feb 19 07:05


Although he is ranked as the twelfth richest man in the world (with a net worth of over $60 billion), I didn’t pay much attention to Michael Bloomberg until this January. Guns rights activists in Virginia have denounced him for funding Democratic legislators there as well as Virginia’s controversial gun control laws, which resulted in the huge Virginia gun rights rally on January 20.

Then I noticed the name of Bloomberg—who didn’t launch his campaign until last November—starting to appear in election coverage more and more. On February 13, Trump called him “Mini Mike” in a Tweet (Bloomberg is 5 feet 7 inches tall). Since Bloomberg cannot do anything about his height, the mainstream media rushed to his defense over this insult. Inadvertently or not, Trump had given Bloomberg a publicity boost.

Feb 19 07:01

China Expels 3 WSJ Reporters Over "Racist" Opinion Piece

Update (0720ET): CNBC's Eunice Yoon, who has also been a reliable source of information out of Beijing since the outbreak began, has published a statement from Beijing about the expulsions: "Chinese people do not welcome media that publish racially discriminatory and malicious slander on China. In light of this, China has decided to revoke the press cards of the three Wall Street Journal correspondents in Beijing starting today."

Eunice Yoon
#China revoked the press credentials of three @WSJ journalists based in Beijing. Foreign Ministry said move was punishment for a recent @WSJ opinion piece. @joshchin, @Chao_Deng, @PhilipWen11 ordered to leave in 5 days, said @JChengWSJ

Webmaster's Commentary: 

During this horrific time for the entire planet, given the lethality, and spread of this virus, it would have been exceptionally responsible, and the morally right thing to do, for the WSJ to call upon both Chinese, and world scientists to collaborate, as the brothers and sisters they are, united by their science, to find a way of stopping this virus, and developing a vaccine against it.

China's President Xi is now in a very tough position right now, and perhaps this is precisely where the US wants him to be, as he is being made to look weak to his own people, for he and his management team not having handled this outbreak better.

But I need to ask what is tantamount to an almost sympathetic question here, and that is; did the team originally responsible for this virus, immediately and truthfully communicate the true potential for the scope of its spread, and potential lethality, when it somehow got beyond the control of the lab working with it, or were they too afraid of the potential draconian Communist Party repercussions, once its management understood precisely what had happened here?!?''

After all, when China executes someone in the 21st century, they still charge the family of the executed the cost of the bullet.

My intuition tells me, "No."

Feb 19 06:57

‘A Violation of the Logan Act’ – Trump Blasts Dem Sen. Chris Murphy For Secretly Meeting with Iranians (VIDEO)

President Trump on Tuesday suggested Democrat Senator Murphy (CT) violated the Logan Act when he secretly met with Iranians last week in Germany.

Feb 19 06:56

“SO DONE!!!!! GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!” – Hah-Hah! – Pennsylvania Democrat Forced to Apologize to Party over Old Pro-Trump Facebook Posts

You gotta love this!
Democrats endorsed “moderate” Heather Kass last week to run for the state House of Representative to replace retiring Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Penn., in April.

Feb 19 06:55

Global Surgical Mask Shortage Spells Doom For U.S. Amid Coronavirus Pandemic — TAIWAN CUTS OFF EXPORTING MASKS, THAILAND LIMITS EXPORTS!!

In January my brother Joe called to tell us the stores were out of surgical masks as fear of coronavirus spread in China.
We sent Joe and his family a box of surgical masks, hand sanitizers, gloves and Zicam.