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"This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people no longer. It is a government of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations. - How is this?" -- From The Diaries of Rutherford B. Hayes, March 11, 1888.



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October 7, 2019

Oct 07 05:51

Americans Are Taking Out Ridiculously Long Auto Loans

Oct 05 04:51

California winemaker gets FIVE MONTHS in prison for agreeing to pay $250k to bribe his daughter's way into USC - the longest sentence in the college admissions scandal so far

October 4, 2019

Oct 04 21:33

China trade war triggers closings, layoffs at US hardwood lumber mills

It is hard times for the U.S. hardwood lumber industry. The trade war with China has caused a steep drop in U.S. exports of the product, and now the industry is cutting jobs.

China used to account for about half of all U.S. hardwood lumber exports, about $2 billion annually. The Trump administration’s 25% tariff cut through that demand.

Oct 04 21:19

Space bagel: Russia to fly donut-shaped spaceship to edge of solar system

The spaceship’s clever method of sourcing fuel will allow it to overtake even the fastest probes, unravel questions about the origin of comets, and even provide electricity to future martian colonists, all while proving Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

The plate covering the middle part of the bagel-shaped ship is a solar sail. It is coated in a special substance that will begin to evaporate as it approaches the Sun, giving the ship a boost of jet acceleration without having to carry heavy engines.

Using the pressure of sunlight in this ingenious manner will allow the sailboat to speedily get to the mysterious Oort cloud at the edge of the solar system, where it’s believed that comets are born.

“The duration of flights to other stars is gigantic. The Voyager 1 high-speed space probe will take 300 years to reach the Oort cloud. Our sail can reach it in 20-30 years,” said Professor Olga Starinova, of Samara University’s Department of Space Engineering.

Oct 04 21:08

Beware Awakening China

By Eric S. Margolis

Special for LewRockwell.com

“China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world.” Napoleon

France’s future emperor never saw China, but he was wise enough to understand its immense latent strength and future importance. Two centuries after making this prediction, China has proved the Corsican correct.

While Washington fiddles and burns, Chairman Xi Jinping, the new Chinese emperor, is fast making China great again.

Oct 04 21:07

HP to Cut as Much as 16% of Workforce Amid Print Unit Woes

HP Inc. will slash as much as 16% of its workforce as part of a broad restructuring meant to cut costs and boost sales growth amid the company’s first change in top leadership in four years.

The personal computer giant said it will cut 7,000 to 9,000 positions through firings and voluntary early retirement. The job reductions will help save about $1 billion by the end of fiscal 2022, the Palo Alto, California-based company said Thursday in a statement. HP had 55,000 employees as of a year ago, the last time it disclosed the figure.

Oct 04 20:51

How An Ever Sanctioning Superpower Is Losing Its Status

The U.S. loves to dish out sanctions left and right and the Trump administration has increased their use. But sanctions, especially unilateral ones, do not work. The U.S. has not recognized that because it never looked if those sanctions fulfill their aims. A recent Government Accountability Office report found:

Th U.S. sanctions and sanctions and sanctions but never checked if sanctions work to the intended purpose. The efforts to sanction Russia have surely led to some unintended consequences. They are the reason why the alliance between China and Russia deepens every day. The U.S. has the exorbitant privilege of having its own currency being used as the international reserve. The sanctioning of U.S. dollar transactions is the reason why the U.S. is now losing it:

Oct 04 20:34

Why China’s New WZ-8 Hypersonic Surveillance Drone is Very Bad News for the U.S. Navy

On October 1st China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) unveiled a number of new pieces of high end military hardware during a large scale parade in Tiananmen Square, staged to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China and conclusion of the Chinese Civil War.

While the unveiling of the DF-41 hypersonic intercontinental range ballistic missile drew the most attention among the new weapons systems, it was perhaps the smaller WZ-8 hypersonic surveillance drones which had the most significant implications for the PLA’s future capabilities.

Oct 04 20:18

Axis of Resistance.The West and its Allies Support al Qaeda and ISIS Globally

The real Axis of Evil consists of Washington-led NATO and its allies. The magnitude of the human and environmental catastrophe is unimaginable in scope. Western governments and their agencies send strong delusion to North Americans, who remain largely ignorant to the reality of the catastrophe being committed in their names.

The Western War Of Terror, to which our governments remain committed, loots public treasuries to commit and sustain an overseas holocaust, wherein the West and its agencies support, command and control the very same terrorism that they proclaim to be fighting.

Oct 04 20:10

David Icke: Who Did 9/11 and Why? Part One of a Two-Part Interview

David Icke’s new book The Trigger really triggers some people…like The Washington Post‘s passive-aggressive book reviewer Ron Charles, who brags, shedding crocodile tears all the while: “I banned a book. Or at least I helped get it banned, which makes Banned Books Week a little awkward for me this year.”

If Icke is such a nut, and The Trigger is just “harebrained word vomit,” why would anyone—least of all a Washington Post book reviewer who pretends to hate censorship—feel the need to have it banned? The likely answer, of course, is that Charles knows or suspects, consciously or unconsciously, that Israel was behind 9/11.(1)

And why wouldn’t he? Even the most naive and cursory observer of 21st century geopolitics can see that Israel was the biggest beneficiary of 9/11, which brainwashed the whole world to hate Israel’s Muslim enemies, and hijacked the American military to attack and/or destroy nations that Israel considered a threat.

Oct 04 19:20

Hack attack puts health details of one million New Zealanders at risk

A mass hack has placed in jeopardy the medical details of a million people.

The Ministry of Health is in the dark over what - if anything - was taken in the cyber attack on a two months ago.

It has admitted the hack attack revealed previous cyber intrusions going back to 2016 with data back to 2002 at risk.

The hack attack appears to have come from a hacker or hackers dubbed Vanda The God, which this morning tweeted about the exploit saying: "Yes I'm Have 1 million datas PHO Zealand."

The tweet came with an offer to sell information.

Oct 04 18:43

Attackers exploit 0-day vulnerability that gives full control of Android phones

While the vulnerability reported on Thursday is serious, vulnerable Android users shouldn’t panic. The chances of being exploited by attacks as expensive and targeted as the one described by Project Zero are extremely slim. Just the same, it may make sense to hold off installing non-essential apps and to use a non-Chrome browser until after the patch is installed.

Oct 04 18:40

Here’s what quantum supremacy does—and doesn’t—mean for computing

Google’s achievement is significant, but quantum computers haven’t suddenly turned into computing colossi that will leave conventional machines trailing in the dust. Nor will they be laying waste to conventional cryptography in the near future—though in the longer term, they could pose a threat we need to start preparing for now.

Here’s a guide to what Google appears to have achieved—and an antidote to the hype surrounding quantum supremacy.

Oct 04 18:19

‘Hit by our own missile’: Indian air force chief says downed helicopter’s friend-or-foe system was off during clash with Pakistan

New Delhi’s air force chief has confirmed that an Indian helicopter was brought down by one of the country’s own missiles during a skirmish with Pakistan back in February, when the two sides clashed in the skies over Kashmir.

The country’s newly appointed Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Bhadauria has offered the first official ‘mea culpa’ on Friday following a probe into the friendly fire mishap, which killed 6 air force personnel and one civilian on the ground in Kashmir’s Budgam district.

Oct 04 17:28

FBI softens stance on ransomware: it's (sort of) okay to pay off crims to get your data back

The FBI is easing up a bit on its hardline stance against paying ransomware demands.

The Bureau has posted an updated version of the guidance it offers for companies on how to handle ransomware demands with a section discussing the option of paying the hackers to get data decrypted.

In short, the FBI still says that companies should not cave to hacker demands and pay to have their data unlocked, but the bureau acknowledges that paying is an option.

Oct 04 16:28

New 0-Day Flaw Affecting Most Android Phones Being Exploited in the Wild

Though Google will release a patch for this vulnerability in its October's Android Security Bulletin in the coming days and also notified OEMs, most affected devices would not likely receive the patch immediately, unlike Google Pixel 1 and 2.

Oct 04 16:19

PayPal withdraws support for Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency

However, a report published by the Financial Times yesterday said PayPal had begun distancing itself from the project amid increasing regulatory scrutiny. The company reportedly signaled its intention to skip a meeting in Washington, DC scheduled for today, and the FT reports that at least one primary concern for PayPal has been the lack of attention Facebook executives have paid to Libra’s considerable backlash. Another key concern is how the platform will combat money laundering activity.

Oct 04 16:15

Netflix viewing eats up world's data

Video streaming service Netflix is the world's most data-hungry application, consuming 15% of global net traffic, according to research from bandwidth management company Sandvine.

Video in general accounts for more than half of net traffic, it suggests.

Other media streaming such as embedded video on websites accounts for 13.1%, YouTube, 11.4% and web browsing, 7.8%.

The report also found that gaming and file-sharing are becoming a significant force in traffic volume.

Video accounts for 58% of the total volume of downstream traffic on the internet, followed by web browsing (17%), gaming (7.8%) and social media (5.1%), according to the report.

Oct 04 16:13

24% of Your Cable TV Bill Is Just Bogus Fees, Study Says

A new study by Consumer Reports finds that at least 25 percent of your monthly cable TV bill is made of sneaky fees, many of which have no actual purpose outside of making your cable provider richer.

The consumer group’s study took a closer look at 787 consumer cable bills from 13 top cable providers and found that while the average user paid about $156.71 a month for cable TV, users in reality paid $217.42 a month once fees were added. In other words, about 24 percent of your cable TV bill each month ($37.11) is made up of fees and hidden surcharges.

According to Consumer Reports, cable TV and broadband providers increasingly use hidden fees to advertise one price, then hit consumers with a significantly higher rate once the bill comes due. As a result, the cable industry generates about $450 per year per consumer in fees.

Oct 04 16:10

Turmeric Compound Effects on Listeria

Lab studies suggest that curcumin, by itself or combined with other antibacterial compounds, can suppress Listeria bacteria.

Encapsulated curcumin is much more potent than plain curcumin. It substantially inhibits even antimicrobial-resistant Listeria.

Research (mostly lab studies) show that other individual compounds in turmeric also have antibacterial effects against Listeria. These include:

1,8-CINEOLE (v.67, 73)
ALPHA-PINENE (v.67, 78)
BETA-PINENE (v.67, 78)
CAMPHOR (v.67, 74, 75)
EUGENOL (v.75, 76)
GERANIOL (v.76, 77)
LIMONENE (v.67, 75)

All of these performed better than the antibiotic streptomycin in the disc-diffusion type of test, which had no effect on Listeria.

Oct 04 15:03

US-Saudi-Israeli alliance against Iran floundering in crisis: Haaretz

An anti-Iran alliance forged between the leaders of the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia is faltering as each have become overwhelmed by their own dilemmas, Israel's leading daily Haaretz reports.

“The three leaders who have led the anti-Iran line in recent years were each absorbed in his own domestic crisis this week,” Haaretz wrote on Thursday.

The Israeli paper pointed to the recently intensified impeachment inquiry surrounding US President Donald Trump and pre-indictment hearings threatening the tenure of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the past week as signs that the two leaders were mired in crisis.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The more the internal bickering continues in the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, the less energy can be expended toward any kind of an alliance between the three countries and Israel against Iran.

Oct 04 14:53

Ebola Crisis Worsens, Threatening Tanzania, But New Vaccine Appears Effective

The most recent and ongoing devastating outbreak of Ebola in central Africa raging since August 2018 has claimed over 2000 lives and resulted in 3000 confirmed infections, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

And perhaps most alarming are recent new reports of possible Ebola deaths in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania at the major international port there — a surprising development given the WHO did not even rank Tanzania as among the "most vulnerable" countries for an outbreak (those listed are Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Uganda based on reported cases near busy border crossings). This after in early summer it spread from worst hit Congo to neighboring Uganda, resulting in multiple deaths, including a child.

Oct 04 14:14

Why are California Utility Bills so High?

Oct 04 12:50

Oil Prices Tank On Global Recession Fears

Oct 04 12:44

In America, police officers now lose their jobs for enforcing immigration law

Democrats are the authors and backers of so-called “sanctuary city” policies, which forbid local police officers from identifying and helping federal officials remove people who are not in our country legally. -- So enamored with open borders are today’s Leftist Democrats that they are beginning to punish officers who dare to cooperate with federal immigration agents in removing illegal aliens.

Oct 04 12:41

Trouble Brewing In The Senate? Mitt Romney Calls Trump’s Behavior “Wrong And Appalling”

Oct 04 12:31

Why Israel is struggling to find a way out of its political deadlock

Jonathan Cook argues that despite the failure of the main political parties in Israel to form a government following September’s elections, “there is strong unity in Israel – over shared, deeply ugly attitudes towards Palestinians, whether citizens or those under occupation”.>>

Oct 04 12:31

Tony Heller: Greta Makes Earth As Hot As Venus

Comments at: https://twitter.com/Tony__Heller/status/1180196769675665414?s=20

In this short video, Greta does a simple science experiment which makes Earth as hot as Venus. In doing so, she clears up decades of misunderstanding created by Carl Sagan.

Oct 04 12:30

U.S. Customs Officer Harasses “Defense One” Journalist at Dulles Airport

Activist Post Editor’s Note: As regular readers might know, we often cite Defense One‘s reporting of new developments in military and surveillance technology. We don’t always agree with the pro-military-industrial-complex tone of some of that reporting, but the treatment received by one of their journalists at a U.S. airport is absolutely despicable and highlights the increasingly hostile climate for journalists everywhere. Perhaps we at least can learn to find some common ground across the political spectrum on the most fundamental issues that threaten our freedom.

A passport screening official held a Defense One journalist’s passport until he received an affirmative answer to this repeated question: “You write propaganda, right?”...

Oct 04 11:06

Journalism group launches anti-fake news campaign ahead of election

Recent polling by Ipsos, Earnscliffe Strategy Group and MIT researchers suggests nearly all Canadians have come across misinformation online, yet only 40 per cent feel they know how to differentiate between fake news and the real thing

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So ... the people who have been feeding Canadians misinformation want to set up a group to reassure said Canadians that their messages are the truth!

Oct 04 11:03

As Streaming Wars Heat Up, Disney Bans Netflix Ads From Its Channels

Oct 04 10:53

Economics Is Like Quantum Physics

Oct 04 10:45

Hillary Clinton: This Is The 'Real' Witch Hunt

Perpetually aggrieved two-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is apparently the victim of an actual witch hunt!

Hillary, who has yet to endorse a Democratic presidential candidate amid rumors that she may throw her hat in the ring, now says that the renewed State Department investigation into her private server - which was allegedly blind-copying a Gmail address bearing the name of a Chinese company - is the 'real' Witch Hunt.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Oct 04 10:44

Do I Need ID to Ride a Train?

By Edward Hasbrouck

We’ve been trying for years to find out what the real story is with respect to ID requirements for travel by train, especially on Amtrak.

Amtrak and Greyhound ID policies and practices are of paramount importance to the mobility of undocumented people and people who, whether or not they are eligible for or have chosen to obtain government-issued ID credentials, don’t want to show their papers to government agents as a condition of exercising their right to freedom of movement.

Amtrak and Greyhound policies and practices will become even more important if the government and/or airlines further restrict air travel by people who don’t have, or don’t show, ID credentials that comply with the REAL-ID Act.

The latest responses to our requests for federal and state public records reveal more about passenger railroad policies and practices, but still don’t give a clear answer...

Oct 04 10:43


Syrian, Iranian and Russian forces started a joint military drill, involving heavy military equipment, rocket launchers and warplanes, on October 1, al-Watan newspaper reported on October 2. According to al-Watan, the drills coincided with a series of protests against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria.

Pro-government sources speculate that the military drill is a warning to the US-backed group. During the past few months, several sources claimed that the US-led coalition and the SDF is planning an attack on the Syrian Army on the western bank of the Euphrates.

Oct 04 10:36

Is There A Ukrainian Armageddon Dead Ahead For Dems?

For three years now, Americans have been hearing the cry “no one is above the law.” Those who have been repeating that mantra – aimed at President Donald Trump – seem to feel, however, that they themselves truly are above the law. As the Democrats’ Ukraine scandal unfolds, this becomes harder to ignore.

Oct 04 10:34

Hillary Clinton Urges Trump Officials Involved in Impeachment Inquiry to ‘Tell the Truth’

That’s right, the same woman who has been lying about why she lost the 2016 election for nearly three years is advising others to tell the truth.

Oct 04 10:32

Nancy Pelosi and husband involved in some fishy business

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s home district includes San Francisco. Star-Kist Tuna’s headquarters is in San Francisco.

Star-Kist is owned by Del Monte Foods and is a major contributor to Pelosi. Star-Kist is the major employer in American Samoa, employing 75 percent of the Samoan work force.

Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s husband, reportedly owns $17 million of Star-Kist stock.

In January 2007 when the minimum wage was increased from $5.15 to $7.25, Nancy Pelosi had American Samoa exempted from the increase so Del Monte would not have to pay the higher wage. This would make Star-Kist production less costly than their competitors’.

Oct 04 08:35

FLASHBACK - $37 screws, a $7,622 coffee maker, $640 toilet seats; : suppliers to our military just won’t be oversold

As a citizen who has always paid his taxes honestly and without complaint, I am sometimes depressed when I read in the paper about some corporation that has grossly overcharged the government for something I was helping to pay for.

Of course most of our taxes go for weapons, and weapons are so expensive that few of us can feel that we are contributing in any substantial way to any one weapon.

For example, I have been paying taxes for 40 years, but one day I was driving along the San Diego Freeway through Camp Pendleton when a Marine helicopter flew over the car; I realized then that all the taxes I had paid in all my life would not pay for that one helicopter.

Oct 04 08:34

Maxine Waters Urged People To Harass Trump Officials – Now Complains She Gets Threats

A couple of years ago, she was filmed telling people to harass members of the Trump administration in public places.

Oct 04 08:34

Obama’s Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, Who’s Connected to the Russia Collusion Hoax Attacks President’s Attorney Rudy Giuliani

President Obama’s former Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, is still up to no good. Yesterday on CNN he was busy slandering President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Oct 04 08:34

Trump Was at a Loss for Words When He Saw the Results of One Poll on Impeachment

Leading up to Nancy Pelosi’s declaration that the investigations the Democrats were conducting effectively amounted to an impeachment inquiry, every poll delivered one clear message – impeachment was wildly unpopular with the American people.

But after Pelosi’s announcement, the ground began to shift.

A brand new Politico/Morning Consult poll taking after Pelosi’s impeachment call to arms showed a 13 point swing in favor of opening an impeachment inquiry with voters deadlocked 43 percent to 43 percent over the issue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The problem is that the corporate media are OVER sampling Democrats to get the numbers they want.