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Sep 15 07:57

Arizona has closed hundreds of polling places following Voting Rights Act decision

Election officials in Arizona have closed hundreds of polling places across the state following a U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down parts of the Voting Rights Act, a survey by civil rights groups has found.

Sep 15 07:56

Ivanka Trump, Unironically: I Got My Moral Compass From My Dad This is an actual thing the first daughter said, out loud, in front of people.

Like many of the most terrible people in history, Donald Trump should never have been allowed to reproduce. Nevertheless, he has famously spawned numerous children, each of whom has inherited some of his specific traits. Don Jr. got his dad’s IQ. Eric got his head for numbers. Tiffany got use of his last name. Barron got tacit acknowledgement that they’re related. And what gift did he bestow upon Ivanka? The answer may surprise you:

Sep 15 07:36

Liquidity Crisis & Financial Crash

Sep 15 07:30

Number of uninsured Americans jumps by nearly 2 million: Census Bureau

The number of Americans without health insurance jumped by nearly 2 million in the year after President Donald Trump took office -- the first time in a decade that there has been a year-to-year increase, according to federal data released Tuesday.

Sep 15 07:29

Ahead of statehood hearing, DC displays US flags with 51 stars

Dozens of American flags on display in D.C. Friday have a small addition that carries big meaning: each has 51 stars.

Sep 15 07:20

China Deal? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Sep 15 07:15

Never Forget