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Feb 21 09:57

Hollywood Comedienne: Trump’s Pardons Are Racist. One Woman Pardoned Obliterates That In Two Words.

On Tuesday, President Trump granted pardons to seven people: Former Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich; Edward DeBartolo Jr., Ariel Friedler, a technology entrepreneur; Tynice Nichole Hall; former New York City police commissioner Bernard B. Kerik; financier Michael R. Milken; Judith Negron; Crystal Munoz, and Angela Stanton-King.

Feb 21 09:08

House Subcommittee Requests Data From Amazon Ring On Law Enforcement Partnerships

By Aaron Kesel

Amazon’s Ring is under fire from U.S. senators who want a briefing by the end of the month on how the consumer technology operates, stores data and works with law enforcement.

In a letter to Amazon Feb. 19, Democratic Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, the chairman of the Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy, requested various documents and policies from Ring, including the most asked question how the company partners with law enforcement agencies. The letter states the subcommittee is examining “traditional constitutional protections against surveilling Americans” and balancing civil liberties with security interests...

Feb 21 09:05

Warren: Bloomberg ‘Disqualified’ From Being President, But I’ll Support Him If He’s The Nominee

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) continued to attack fellow candidate Michael Bloomberg on Thursday night during a CNN town hall, claiming that Bloomberg was “disqualified” from being president while adding that she would support him if he was the party’s nominee.

Feb 21 09:05

Socialism Or Freedom? GOP Rep Destroys Dems Over 2020'S Most 'Clear Choice'

A Republican member of Congress came down hard Wednesday on Democrats who tried for months to remove President Donald Trump from office, adding that the 2020 election presents a “clear choice” between socialism and freedom.

Feb 21 09:05

Toddler Hugs Pizza Delivery Driver Not Knowing the Driver's Daughter Had Just Passed Away

A toddler’s impromptu hug in appreciation of his pizza delivery man ended up bringing a measure of comfort to a family in the throes of grief.

Feb 21 09:04

Chelsea Handler Gets Dragged on Twitter After Falsely Suggesting Trump Pardons Only Whites

Democrats are desperate as they see their chances of winning in the 2020 presidential election slipping away, and they are clinging to the one thing they know: the race card.

Feb 21 09:04

Matt Gaetz Hammers Joy Behar Over 'Death of the Political Left' in His First Seconds on 'The View'

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida wasted no time Thursday morning on “The View,” ruffling feathers from the moment cameras began rolling on his appearance with four of ABC’s most prominent hosts.

Feb 21 09:04

Bolton Breaks Silence on 'Grossly Partisan' Impeachment, Blasts Dems Who Wanted Him To Testify

To listen to the Democrats in Congress you would think all they needed was the testimony of former National Security Advisor John Bolton to have scored an impeachment conviction against President Donald Trump in the Senate.

Feb 21 09:04

Obama Weaseled Out of a Subpoena 10 Years Ago, but Trump Just Freed the Man Behind It

The year was 2010. Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was embroiled in a court case that threatened to send him away for over a decade.

Feb 21 09:03

Anti-Gun Bloomberg Group Spending Millions in Bid To Turn Texas Anti-2A

It was like a nightmare for firearm owners: As of Wednesday evening, former New York City mayor and Second Amendment scold Michael Bloomberg had risen to third place in the national poll average for the Democratic presidential nomination, right behind the plummeting former Vice President Joe Biden. He’d quickly become the toast of the establishment, the only thing preventing a hard-left socialist from marching to standard-bearer status.

Feb 21 08:07

Hundreds Camp Out In Freezing Temperatures Over 24 Hours Before Trump Rally

Opponents can say what they will about President Donald Trump’s supporters, but nobody can claim they lack dedication.

Feb 21 08:07

Bernie Sanders Hypocrisy Over Bloomberg 'Buying the Election' Brutally Exposed in One Cartoon

Current Democratic Party frontrunner Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is livid about Michael Bloomberg using his own money to supposedly buy the presidential nomination.

Feb 21 08:07

Omar Responds To Claim That She Married Her Brother By Promoting Conspiracy Theory

Far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) responded to new allegations on Thursday that she had told friends that she married her brother in an apparent attempt to defraud the U.S. education system by claiming that she was the victim of a conspiracy theory and by attacking Meghan McCain.

Feb 21 08:06

Keith Ellison Claims ‘Bernie Bros’ Are Not Violent. Steve Scalise Responds With A Zinger.

Minnesota Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison suggested on Thursday that supporters of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who are often referred to as “Bernie bros,” are not mean or rude to other people despite numerous reports showing the opposite.

Feb 21 08:06

Trump Campaign Press Sec Rips 2020 Dems: 'The Party of Lincoln Will Defeat the Party of Lenin'

The Trump campaign’s national press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, told The Western Journal in an exclusive interview that President Donald Trump is prepared to litigate “the case against socialism” if the Democratic Party chooses democratic socialist candidate Bernie Sanders as its nominee.

Feb 21 08:06

Bloomberg Thinks Any Idiot Can Be a Farmer, World Crop Failures Prove How Wrong That Thought Is

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg suffered an embarrassing blow earlier this week as past footage revealing his true thoughts on farmers’ intelligence surfaced, but American growers’ resilience amid worldwide crop failures proves this city slicker has no idea what he’s talking about.

Feb 21 08:06

As Islamists Rampage, Dozens of Christians Killed During Church Service in Burkina Faso

The small West African nation of Burkina Faso has an unpleasant distinction: It’s one of the world’s hotspots for violent Christian persecution.

Feb 21 08:05

Trump Savages Bloomberg's Debate Showing: 'Perhaps the Worst in the History of Debates'

President Donald Trump mocked former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s debate performance in a late-night Wednesday tweet.

Feb 21 07:51

Joe Biden Essentially Calls For Banning Nearly All Firearms

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden made extreme remarks during a CNN town hall event on Thursday night where he called for banning semi-automatic firearms and “clips that have multiple bullets in them,” which would effectively ban nearly all firearms.

Feb 21 07:51

WATCH: Biden Can’t Remember What Son’s Job Was, Thinks He Was U.S. Attorney General

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden could not remember what his late son Beau Biden did for work during a CNN town hall event on Thursday night, falsely claiming that his son was “Attorney General of the United States.”