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Nov 12 06:07

Virginia Doctor Arrested After Allegedly Performing Hysterectomies Without Patients’ Consent

A Virginia doctor has been arrested after he allegedly performed hysterectomies and tied fallopian tubes without the patient’s consent.

Nov 12 06:06

Trump Supporters Raise Thousands To Pay Legal Fees Of Man Who Popped ‘Baby Trump’ Balloon

When President Trump jumped down to Tuscaloosa to catch the Alabama-Louisiana State University game on Saturday, a smattering of protesters gathered. As they have done before, they brought along a giant balloon of the president wearing a diaper.

Nov 12 06:06

TIME BOMB: Almost 80,000 People In California Are Collecting Six-Figure Taxpayer Funded Pensions

California is at ground zero of a future financial implosion.
The number of people in the state collecting massive taxpayer funded pensions is simply unsustainable.

Nov 12 06:05

SARA CARTER: Horowitz Report on FISA Abuse Will be Damning, Expected to Contain Several Criminal Referrals

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to release his much-anticipated FISA abuse report before Thanksgiving and it is expected to contain several criminal referrals, reported investigative journalist Sara Carter.

Nov 11 20:59

Large explosion rocks eastern Gaza!