OPEN LETTER to Q: I just watched a video linked on this website which said "WE HAVE IT ALL" in reference to Trump draining the swamp and getting all these countries and leaders to "capitulate to him", and that this is all a grand plan and that we are to "trust the plan". Ok, then Qtards, answer me this: if the NSA and the "good guys" truly do "have it all", how much more than "all" do you need before starting to make these people answer for their ONGOING crimes against children? If it's true that 800K children go missing in the US each year, what are you waiting for, you Good Guys? Until a million children disappear each year? If it's true (and I personally, fully, believe that it is) that these people HRC, et al are engaged in or have engaged in ritualistic child rape, torture and murder, and you already "have it all", and have had "It All" for YEARS now, are you waiting for them to do this to even more kids before acting? Is this really "THE PLAN" that this intellectually childish video says we must trust?

AND if it's true as you claim Q, that Trump has "put them on notice" and that these sick monstrous Governments and individuals are now "working for him", haven't you so call Good Guys now shown over and over that despite "having it all" you will still stand by FOR YEARS and (outside of apparently empty threats) DO NOTHING? There is no statute of limitations on murder, there is NO reason these monsters have not been acted on already and NO reason they are not acted upon TODAY. Is Trump and Team Good Guys allowing these monsters time to re-adjust to the fact that he "has it all" and are they are now working for Him and if so, TO WHAT POSSIBLE ENDS? What possible benefit can there be for allowing these monsters to continue to run free? Remember Q, the NSA and Team Good Guys "have it all", right?! I say to you that you have NOTHING. Nothing! Because Trump et al will not act (no arrests, no imprisonments, no ultimate exposure of the evils and horrors of child sex trafficking). They will do nothing, you will do nothing. Prove me wrong you Qaint of heart Qowards. Prove me wrong AnyMouse- so clearly scared of these monster's shadows! Lets see these horrors posted,have names named listed, shown, told, shared, saved, printed, EVERYWHERE and NOW not "later" or when the time is "right". If you/the NSA really do Have it All, then out with it, now. Or else STFU and make way for the real truth tellers to arise.
Scott-Santa Fe NM


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ā€” That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government..