Oct 21 05:21

A Multibillion-Dollar Clean Coal Plant Never Worked, and Now It’s Been Imploded

Residents in Kemper County, Mississippi, were startled early Saturday morning by a “loud explosion” coming from the local coal plant. It wasn’t an industrial accident, though. Instead, it was the planned demolition of parts of the Kemper Plant.

Dramatic footage posted to Twitter shows the plant’s implosion. (You should really watch it.) Local outlet KTOK reported that the explosions were meant to remove towers used in turning coal to gas as part of the plant’s original design—a design that failed spectacularly. The demolition is the last chapter in a decade-long, multi-billion-dollar disaster of a story about attempts to make clean coal happen.

Oct 21 05:20

Kemper Coal Gasification & Storage Plant Imploded (Obama’s climate ‘centerpiece’ bites the dust)

The quick fix of coal gasification and CO2 storage is all but dead. Projects will continue, and the subsidies will flow if Biden gets his way. But it is greenwashing and greenwasting.

The shiny star to be, Plant Ratcliffe, better known as the Kemper Project, a $6.7 billion integrated gasification power plant, was an experimental boondoggle from the start (mid-2010). The dream really ended years ago, with The Guardian reporting in March 2018:

“This was the flagship project that was going to lead the way for a whole new generation of coal power plants,” said Richard Heinberg, senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute. “If the initial project doesn’t work then who’s going to invest in any more like it?”

Company officials have blamed the failure on factors ranging from competition from tumbling natural gas prices to bad weather, bad timing and plain old bad luck.

Oct 20 10:52

Heat pumps are one of the biggest cons that I have seen and Boris's £5,000 grants to install them is doomed to fail, writes construction expert ROGER BISBY

On the building advice website that I now run, I have been deluged by unhappy customers who were persuaded to install heat pumps (which are either ground source or air source, depending on design) but who bitterly regretted their decision.

One told me that he bought a new-build house which had an air source heat pump installed.

The customer’s bills were similar to those from the gas boilers they had before: But now they pay an extra £450 a year for service and maintenance if something goes wrong – as it frequently does.

Another contact of mine in the trade told me of a customer north of the border who had a ground source heat pump installed thanks to a Scottish government grant. He said it had never worked.

Contractors had dug up his garden three times to refit various components. Eventually he gave up altogether, dismantled it, installed solar panels – and now relies on his old oil boiler during the winter.

Oct 20 10:28

Biden’s EPA Faces Lawsuit for Illegally Stacking Science Advisory panels

Legal Insurrection readers may recall that in September, in a break from “presidential norms,” the Biden administration asked 12 officials appointed to military service academy advisory boards by former President Donald Trump to resign or face dismissal.

That isn’t the only havoc Biden has been wreaking among important government boards, either. A new lawsuit claims Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael Regan has illegally fired dozens of independent scientific advisers from two key committees earlier this year and replaced them with academics dependent on the agency for grant money.

Stanley Young, a statistician who has worked on pharmaceutical research and is a former member of the EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB), alleged in a complaint filed in Washington, DC federal court Thursday that the March 31 purge by Regan showed that the agency “has a problem with dissent.”

Oct 20 09:07

Not Breaking: Manchin Rejects Centerpiece Of Biden's Climate Agenda... Which Progressive Dems Insist On

Update (1118ET): Manchin reiterated on Tuesday morning that he's not in favor of a carbon tax, and that he wasts the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed first.

Meanwhile, Sinema was spotted earlier in the day arriving at the White House to meet with President Joe Biden.

Oct 20 06:54

Emerging World Hands Dems A "$750 Billion Bill" For Climate Change Ahead Of Glasgow Summit

While the EU's leading unelected bureaucrats continue to play footsie with the Kremlin while energy prices soar and EU member states reckon with the prospect of a very cold winter, the Wall Street Journal has just taken the time to remind us why the far-left Democrats' progressive "Green New Deal" climate rhetoric is all but destined to fail. And they did it with a portrayal of John Kerry's uncomfortable silence after being confronted with the price tag for the Democrats' green energy aspirations not at home, but abroad.

According to WSJ, the made-for-camera moment happened at a global climate summit in July, when there were no cameras around, when Kerry was handed what the paper described as "a bill" for aiding the developing world in its shift away from fossil fuels - enough to achieve the "green energy" to protect them, and the world, from Global Warming.

Oct 20 06:23

News Corp's dramatic climate change backflip | Media Watch

Oct 20 06:11

What Greta Thunberg does not understand about climate change | Jordan Peterson

Oct 20 06:10

David Starkey Absolutely OBLITERATES 'Religious Nutter' Greta Thunberg for Shaming Britain

Oct 20 06:01

Moses of Climate Change Boris Says Climate Crisis Is Worse than Covid and We Have to Listen to the Science

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared himself the Moses of Climate Change, and said that global warming is worse than Covid and therefore “we have to listen to the scientists.”

Speaking at the Global Investment Summit at the Science Museum in London on Tuesday, the prime minister claimed that free-market capitalism, which produced the world’s coronavirus vaccines, needed to be mobilised again to “face a challenge that is even bigger for humanity” and “a threat to our way of life that is ultimately far worse than COVID”: alleged manmade climate change.

Referencing the COP26 climate change conference set to take place in Glasgow, Scotland, next month, the prime minister said: “In just a couple of weeks, the world will assemble in Glasgow. And I hope that many or all of you will be there.

“Because the lesson of COVID is absolutely clear. We have to listen to the scientists. We need urgent government action.

Oct 19 07:33

'Brown recovery' wipes out hopes that pandemic stimulus would drive climate spending

Governments in rich countries pledged last year to spend trillions of dollars to rescue their economies from the trough of the pandemic — and to channel that gusher of cash in ways that would aid the fight against climate change.

The climate change strategy largely failed.

More than 18 months later, mounting evidence shows that the spending did little to alter the trajectory that has the planet on a path toward blowing through global emissions targets. In fact, much of the stimulus spending was directed toward a “brown” recovery that pumped money into polluting industries and energy sources like coal, oil and natural gas. Nations unleashed their spending in a way that was open to all sectors, helping their incumbent industries rather than funding the promised transformation to a clean economy.

Oct 19 05:23

COP26: Former US President Barack Obama coming to Glasgow

FORMER US President Barack Obama is coming to Glasgow for COP26, it has been confirmed.

The 44th President will meet youth activists and address the threat of the climate crisis, as one of 13 high-level officials and cabinet members from the White House attending the summit.

It comes as President Joe Biden confirmed on Thursday that he will attend the opening of the conference after participating in the G20 summit in Rome.

Hannah Hankins, spokeswoman for President Obama, said: "He will lay out the important progress made in the five years since the Paris Agreement took effect, highlight the leadership of young people around the globe, and urge more robust action going forward by all of us - governments, the private sector, philanthropy, and civil society”.

Oct 19 05:20

Boris vows to make Britain 'the Qatar of hydrogen' and says 'green is good' as he woos business chiefs including Bill Gates at glitzy summit urging them to invest 'trillions' in tackling climate change

Boris Johnson vowed to make Britain the 'Qatar of hydrogen' today as he wooed businesses chiefs including Bill Gates at a glitzy summit - urging them to invest 'trillions' in tackling climate change.

The PM gave a speech and chatted to the Microsoft billionaire on stage as he asked industry leaders to commit funding to decarbonising the world economy - insisting 'green is good, green is right'.

He said the UK had a responsibility to act on cutting emissions as 'we were the first to knit the deadly tea cosy of CO2' - pointing to the 'big bets' the government is making on electric vehicles and gigafactories for battery production.

Oct 18 09:51

US Coal "Roars Back" Under Biden Unlike Trump 

One of the biggest ironies to start this decade is the transition from fossil fuel generation to green energy has created a global energy crisis that is forcing the U.S., among many other countries, to restart coal-fired power plants monumentally ahead of the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere to prevent electricity shortages.

The virtue-signaling assault by the green lobby spearheaded by hapless puppet Greta Thunberg must beside herself as U.S. power plants are on course to burn 23% more coal this year, the first increase since 2013, despite President Biden's ambitious plan for a national grid to run on 100% clean energy by 2035.

Oct 18 09:41

The Collision of Two Opposing Green Destinies: COP26 and East Anglia’s Fraud

Where one system increases deserts by spreading solar panels across the face of the earth, the other actually greens deserts by careful reclamation, desalination and water diversion programs, Matt Ehret writes.

With the world gearing up for Mark Carney’s upcoming COP26 Climate Summit in the UK this October 31- September 12, 2021, it is worth asking: Will China and India collaborate with other nations of the multipolar alliance once more to save the world from a supranational world government?

You may be asking what I mean by “once more”?

Oct 18 09:40

Green Policies Return The World To Coal

There’s scarcely a place in the modern world that will not be feeling the high cost and discomfort of a shortage of energy supplies and their increasingly soaring prices. Lebanon already is. Due to a shortage of oil, the two power plants that supply 40% of that country’s electricity shut down. There is no electricity in Lebanon and will not be any for some days.

It’s an extreme case, but even the United Kingdom, the EU, the U.S., and China are running up against diminishing ability to obtain the necessary energy supplies to keep things running smoothly. Some of the shortages are due to accidents, like the cutting of an undersea cable to the UK, but most are due to green policies and stupid political choices, ironically shutting down oil and gas-fired power plants and fossil fuel exploitation and transport at the demand of the greens, who grossly overestimate both global warming and the ability of air, sun and water to take their place.

Oct 18 08:57

Dozens Of Climate Activists Arrested After Storming Interior Department, Police Sustain "Multiple Injuries"

A group of activists protesting against fossil fuels were arrested after staging a sit-in at the Interior Department in Washington on Oct. 15.

Oct 17 08:20

Interior Secretary Haaland Says Wind Turbines May Soon Line US Coasts

Speaking at a wind industry conference held by the American Clean Power Association, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland announced plans by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to arrange seven offshore lease sales along the U.S.’ coastlines by 2025, in line with the Biden administration’s executive order, “Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad,” which directed the Secretary of the Interior to “[double] offshore wind by 2030.”

The proposed sites would include the coast of northern and central California, the coast of Oregon, the Gulf of Mexico, the Carolina Long Bay, the Central Atlantic, the New York Bight, and the Gulf of Maine.

The American Clean Power Conference at which Secretary Haaland spoke also featured remarks from Sen. Ed Markey (D.-Mass.) and various wind industry insiders, and was sponsored by GE Renewable Energy, Siemens Gamesa, Shell, Vineyard Wind, and other firms with a financial stake in wind power.

Oct 14 19:52

A Freezing Antarctic Winter Shatters Records

Antarctica just logged its coldest winter on record, with average temperatures hitting a blustery -78 degrees Fahrenheit. Individual temperatures hit as low as -144 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the coldest South Pole winter since records began in 1957.

The dramatically cold temperatures are part of what some scientists see as a larger cooling pattern in Antarctica. NASA published a study in 2015 which showed that the Antarctic ice sheet had gained billions of tons of ice each year for decades. That included a net gain of 82 billion tons of ice per year between 2003 and 2008.

Oct 14 09:31

Delingpole: Prince Charles Is a Blithering Green Idiot

Prince Charles is a blithering green idiot. Obviously this is a headline that could have been written any time in at least the last 30 years. But someone needs to remind the toxic, airheaded nincompoop that he doesn’t speak for all of us. And since no one is going to say this anywhere in the fawning, worthless and obsolete legacy media, I guess the job will have to fall to me…

Here is the Prattish Prince’s latest idiocy. It’s a BBC interview in which Charles effectively lends his royal imprimatur to eco-fascist groups such as Extinction Rebellion and their side project Insulate Britain.

Sure, he starts cautiously by gently chiding their methods: “It isn’t helpful, I don’t think, to do it in a way that alienates people.”

But having got that neat little piece of arse-covering out of the way, he quickly flashes his true colours:

Asked if he sympathised with Greta Thunberg, the climate campaigner who has also criticised leaders for failing to act, he said:?”Of course I do, yes.

Oct 14 08:28

Hundreds of Miners Protest as EU Moves to Kill Coal Jobs in Name of Green Agenda

Hundreds of Bulgarian coal miners and energy workers staged a protest on Wednesday to demand government guarantees for their jobs amid bids by the European Union to close mines and reduce carbon emissions.

Buses carried protesters from across Bulgaria for the rally in downtown Sofia, where demonstrators chanted “We want jobs” as they marched to the headquarters of the government.

Bulgarian miners say the EU’s timeframe for closing coal mining and coal extraction is too short and argue it shouldn’t come at the expense of the bloc’s poorest and most carbon-dependent regions.

Oct 14 07:58

Here is The Hidden $150 Trillion Agenda Behind The "Crusade" Against Climate Change

We now live in a world, where bizarro headlines such as the ones below, have become a daily if not hourly occurrence:


Now, in case someone is still confused, none of these institutions, and not a single of the erudite officials running them, give a rat's ass about the climate, about climate change risks, or about the fate of future generations of Americans (and certainly not about the rising water level sweeping away their massive waterfront mansions): if they did, total US debt and underfunded liabilities wouldn't be just shy of $160 trillion.

Oct 14 07:53

Finland Will Lobby The EU To Give Nuclear Power "Sustainable" Status

It looks as though Finland is starting to come back around to the idea of nuclear power - and that they plan on taking their advocacy for the clean energy to the European Union. The country will now lobby the EU for a "sustainable" label on nuclear power.

The EU's decision on whether or not nuclear is "sustainable" has yet to be made. Despite the fact that plants are emission free, "nuclear is currently considered only a low-carbon energy source due to emissions caused by mining and transport," Euractive wrote this week.

Finland's fifth nuclear plant is nearing completing after years of delays, the report notes. Nuclear remains an important energy source for the country, which has a target of being carbon neutral by 2035. Nuclear currently accounts for 30% of the country's power.

Oct 14 07:24


The price of energy from all sources conventional is exploding globally. Far from accidental, it is a well-orchestrated plan to collapse the industrial world economy that has already been weakened dramatically by almost two years of ridiculous covid quarantine and related measures. What we are seeing is a price explosion in key oil, coal and now especially, natural gas energy. What makes this different from the energy shocks of the 1970s is that this time, it is developing as the corporate investment world, using the fraudulent ESG green investment model, is dis-investing in future oil, gas and coal while OECD governments embrace horrendously inefficient, unreliable solar and wind that will insure the collapse of industrial society perhaps as early as the next months. Barring a dramatic rethinking, the EU and other industrial economies are willfully committing economic suicide .

Oct 14 06:54

Wall Street’s Takeover of Nature Advances with Launch of New Asset Class

Last month, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced it had developed a new asset class and accompanying listing vehicle meant “to preserve and restore the natural assets that ultimately underpin the ability for there to be life on Earth.” Called a natural asset company, or NAC, the vehicle will allow for the formation of specialized corporations “that hold the rights to the ecosystem services produced on a given chunk of land, services like carbon sequestration or clean water.” These NACs will then maintain, manage and grow the natural assets they commodify, with the end of goal of maximizing the aspects of that natural asset that are deemed by the company to be profitable.

Oct 14 05:55

The EPA head shows who’s really in charge in America

Michael Regan is the administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency. His job makes him a subset of the Executive branch but you’d never know that from his threat to Congress: If the legislators don’t give him the legislation he wants, he’d go ahead and do what he wants without them. This is a shocking usurpation of legislative authority but it’s par for the course in Biden’s Washington, D.C.

When our Founders drafted the Constitution, they were excessively concerned lest one branch of government gain disproportionate power, turning into a tyranny. The Constitution, therefore, spreads out power between the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial branches, with each institution checking the power of the two others.

Oct 13 09:18

Climate lockdown: UCL professor advocating lockdowns to combat “climate change”

Mariana Francesca Mazzucato, a professor at the University College London, has been advocating lockdowns for climate change. It may be unusual, but she is not alone in her views.

In an essay endorsed by establishment media, Mazzucato is pushing for draconian measures to curb what she says is the tipping point of climate change. She says if we don’t take such dramatic interventions immediately, human civilization will come to an end, and so will the planet.

Under a “climate lockdown,” as she calls it, governments would limit the use of private vehicles, ban the consumption of red meat and impose extreme energy-saving measures. Fossil-fuel companies will have to stop drilling, as well.

Oct 13 05:49

Record Cold/Winter Storm Brewing.

Oct 12 07:23

Hatred of Nuclear Tells You Climate Cult Isn’t Really About Carbon

‘They take too long to build!’ That is the rallying cry of anti-nuclear activists everywhere when they run out of arguments against nuclear power stations.

So here’s something to bear in mind. It took France just 12 years to decarbonise from the 1970s onwards, when it built 56 nuclear reactors. France’s main objective back then was to secure energy independence by reducing its reliance on imported fossil fuels. The French still enjoy the fruits of this decision today, with over 70 per cent of their electricity coming from clean energy sources.

Today, with gas prices skyrocketing, climate change closing in on us and air pollution proving deadly, we in the UK arguably have more reasons than ever to follow France’s lead.

What’s more, nuclear technology is also better now than it was over four decades ago. Reactors are now much more efficient and, in theory, quicker to build. And, once a nuclear power plant is up and running, it can remain operational for over 60 years.

Oct 12 07:02

Insulate Britain Threaten to ‘Unleash Hell’ if Boris Johnson Fails to Meet Green Demands

The radical eco-extremist group Insulate Britain is reportedly planning to blackmail Prime Minister Boris Johnson with threats of unleashing “Hell” if the government fails to meet the group’s climate demands.

The Extinction Rebellion (XR) splinter group is said to be planning another wave of sit-down motorway blockades on Wednesday, with the aim of causing as much disruption and embarrassment as possible.

Insulate Britain is allegedly aiming to have at least 120 of their far-left eco-warrior members arrested during the upcoming United Nations COP26 climate change summit, with the express purpose of shaming Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the world stage, according to the Mail on Sunday.

A reporter from the paper claimed to have infiltrated a meeting of the far-left group at St Pancras Church Hall in Central London.

Oct 12 06:41

Snow To Blanket UK As Rare Polar Vortex Collapse Could Spell Trouble For Power Grid 

A sensation headline from UK's tabloid newspaper, Daily Star, sums up a possible rare weather event that could throw the UK into a more profound energy crisis. The headline states: "As gas supply chaos sends price sky-high a -10c polar vortex is heading our way..."

Meteorologists warn a stratospheric warming event could generate a polar vortex split that pours freezing weather into the country later this month or early November.

Oct 12 06:20

Doc's Encouraged To Not Treat Patients In The Name Of Climate Change

Doctors should think less regarding the health of their patients and more about the health of the planet, an editorial in the BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) has urged.

The editorial, issued as part of a special edition devoted to the anticipated COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, says that medical treatment contributes greatly to "greenhouse gas emissions" and that this carbon footprint can be reduced if only "health professionals" can learn to reduce "overdiagnosis" and "overtreatment."

Oct 11 05:56

Snow falls on Stevens Pass

People driving on Stevens Pass near got see snow Sunday morning.

The National Weather Service said a light amount of snow fell overnight. It doesn’t stop there, another inch or two is expected throughout Sunday.

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) said it snowed across U.S. 2 highway. Anyone traveling up there is encouraged by WSDOT to be cautious.

Stevens Pass goes through the Cascade Mountains along the King and Chelan County border.

Oct 11 05:23


Oct 10 08:44

Insulate Britain ringleader ADMITS he's a 'hypocrite' after being challenged over his own home that does NOT have the green measures he is demanding for the rest of UK

The ringleader of eco-fanatics Insulate Britain who have terrorised British road users in recent weeks has sarcastically admitted he is a 'hypocrite' who 'doesn't care' about insulation.

Liam Norton, 36, made the bizarre admission while being interviewed by talkRadio presenter Cristo Foufas on his failure to run an energy-efficient home on Saturday morning.

When asked by Foufas why the ardent eco-warrior has failed to insulate his own £360,000 London flat, Norton jokingly replies: 'Because I'm a hypocrite'.

Oct 10 06:38

Among Europe’s dirtiest: ‘Green’ biomass power plant in Yorkshire burning ‘renewable’ wood emits MORE CO2 than UK’s coal – report

A supposedly “carbon neutral” Drax biomass power plant is the UK’s leading source of CO2 emissions, and belches out more harmful carbon and particulate matter than some of Europe’s dirtiest coal plants, according to a new report.

Renewable energy firm Drax describes its plant in North Yorkshire as a “purely renewable” facility, boasting that it has slashed its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 90% since 2012. The plant burns biomass – pellets of compressed wood – and received £832 million ($1.13 billion) in direct government subsidies last year, on top of an estimated £258 million ($351 million) in carbon tax breaks.

Oct 10 06:36

First major winter blast of the season is set to bury parts of the Rockies from Montana to New Mexico under 30 inches of snow

A blockbuster snowstorm is set to bury parts of Rockies with areas from Montana to New Mexico receiving more than 30 inches of snow. Even Denver could see its first snowflakes of the season.

A potent, winterlike storm is forecast to spread from the Northwest and across the Rockies next week and deliver widespread accumulating snowfall that will be a welcome sight for snow lovers and an early-season boon to ski resorts. Snowfall totals could be measured in feet rather than inches.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 08 07:38

Google, YouTube to prohibit ads and monetization on climate denial content

Google and YouTube on Thursday announced a new policy that prohibits climate deniers from being able to monetize their content on its platforms via ads or creator payments.

Why it matters: It's one of the most aggressive measures any major tech platform has taken to combat climate change misinformation.

Details: Google advertisers and publishers, as well as YouTube creators, will be prohibited from making ad revenue off content that contradicts "well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change," the company's ads team said in a statement.

Oct 07 05:10

Here we go: First mountain snowstorm likely next week

Here we go, winter lovers.

After an exceptionally mild and dry few weeks, it looks like a more winter-like pattern moves into Colorado starting this weekend, with perhaps a stronger storm bringing more widespread snow and chilly weather by the middle of next week.

The second storm will probably bring the mountains their first healthy snowfall event of this winter season. And no, we're not just talking about a dusting at the highest elevations.

For starters, there'll be two separate storms creating the winter-like weather, the first of which arrives this weekend.

The first storm arrives from the Southwest this weekend, and an accompanying cold front will drop temperatures across Colorado on Friday and Saturday. That'll lead to some mostly light snow for elevations at or above 10,000 feet this weekend, mainly across the western half of the state.

Oct 06 10:31


“Excuse me,” says your landscaper. “The mower’s out of juice. Mind if I plugin?” You look from the immobile machine to your half-cut lawn. “Outlet’s over there,” you tell him. “But let’s knock $20 off your fee? What are we up to now, 25 cents a kilowatt-hour?”

Welcome to the future. Welcome to California.

The state, committed to net-zero emissions by 2045, is moving to ban sales of gas-powered landscaping equipment as early as 2024. This is not the first attempt. Politicians tried and failed to do the same in 2003. Since then, though, more than half of homeowners in the state have swapped out their consumer-grade equipment for “zero-emission equipment” (ZEE), meaning, battery-powered weed whackers, leaf blowers, hedge clippers, chainsaws, and even lawnmowers.

Oct 05 09:46

People have 'every right' to question climate projections: Newman

Former Queensland premier Campbell Newman says people have "every right" to question climate projections.

"The hysterical projections made ... 30, 34 years ago, exactly the same sounding sort of projections that we hear today," he told Sky News host Alan Jones.

"It's right and proper we question it."

Oct 05 06:43

COVID has Replaced Climate Change as the Religion of the Left

Religion is a belief system based on a combination of logic and faith, mostly beyond the realm of what can be proven scientifically. A dictionary definition is, “Religion is belief in a god or gods and the activities that are connected with this belief, such as praying or worshipping in a building such as a church or temple.”

Or in simpler terms, religion can create order and meaning in a random and chaotic world. Religion is also strongly held and deeply personal, not something tossed aside based on the words of a government, politician, or celebrity.

For many, politics has become a religion and. as a centuries-old etiquette rule advises, “Never discuss politics or religion in polite company.” Unfortunately, today, science has now become political and entered the realm of religion.

Oct 05 05:36

Siberia set for extreme winter deep freeze, Russian experts predict, as Europe faces energy shortages with cooler weather on way

One of Russia’s top forecasters has warned that extreme weather is predicted to hit the Northern Hemisphere later this year, sparking concerns that it could worsen a deepening energy crisis setting in across parts of Europe.

Harsh conditions are predicted to hit Russia in early January, with snow in Siberia estimated to reach levels twice as severe as the average. On Monday, the meteorological center Phobos also reported that “snowdrifts almost a quarter larger than the norm” could sweep across Moscow.

In recent weeks, much of Western Europe has seen a rapidly growing energy crisis, with some parts of the continent experiencing a 250% increase in the price of gas for the heating and fuelling industry. Petrol stations in the UK running dry faster than they can secure new deliveries have caused severe delays and fights breaking out at refill forecourts.

Oct 04 12:31

South Pole posts most severe cold season on record, an anomaly in a warming world

Amid a record hot summer in large parts of Northern Hemisphere, beset by devastating fires, floods and hurricanes, Antarctica was mired in a deep, deep freeze. That’s typically the case during the southernmost continent’s winter months, but 2021 was different.

The chill was exceptional, even for the coldest location on the planet.

The average temperature at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station between April and September, a frigid minus-78 degrees (minus-61 Celsius), was the coldest on record, dating back to 1957. This was 4.5 degrees lower than the most recent 30-year average.

We first learned of this record through a tweet from Stefano Di Battista, who has published research on Antarctic temperatures. The legitimacy of Di Battista’s information was confirmed by Richard Cullather, a research scientist at NASA’s Global Modeling and Assimilation Office.

Oct 04 07:49

Homes may have gas cut off if they refuse to take part in hydrogen trial

Residents in one village will begin the pilot scheme by 2025 to help the Government assess whether hydrogen gas can be used as a low-carbon alternative for heating homes across the country.

Ministers insisted the powers to enter people's homes and switch off their gas would only be used as a "last resort" if the homeowners had refused to engage with any other options.

A consultation, which ended this week, suggests the Government will seek powers to allow gas distribution networks to enter homes if their owners do not wish to take part in the trial, in order to safely switch them off from the gas grid.

Current powers enable network operators to enter premises for a variety of purposes, including for suspected gas leaks or inspecting pipes and fittings.

Oct 04 05:37

German Wind Turbine Mysteriously Collapses One Day Before It Was Supposed To Officially Be Inaugurated

A massive wind turbine in the town of Haltern, Germany, collapsed just hours before it was set to be inaugurated this week.

The huge alternative energy device sported rotor blades at a height of 784 feet, according to a report by AP. It fell over, without warning, late on Wednesday this week.

The turbine was supposed to be officially launched the next day and had been hooked up to the power grid for over six months.

It's part of a larger effort in Germany to use renewable energy while the country attempts to transition not only away from fossil fuels, but away from nuclear.

Recall, Friday morning we wrote about a recently penned letter from professors from Oxford, Harvard and American University alongside a group of environmentalists, encouraging Germany to postpone their exit from nuclear power.

Oct 03 19:15

Greta Thunberg has ‘nothing to say’ on how to fix climate change

Activist Greta Thunberg has “nothing to say” on what to do about climate change, according to Sky News host Rowan Dean.

“She’s got nothing to say about what is actually happening on climate change,” Mr Dean said.

“She just simply says ‘action, action, action’ – the cry of every despot, every dictator, every communist, every socialist, every Marxist.”

Oct 03 19:02

Flashback: There's a ‘genuine fear of debate’ about climate change: Alan Jones

There is a “genuine fear of debate” of the critical issue of climate change, and if we keep announcing policy “based on fear” we are in deep trouble, according to Sky News host Alan Jones.

“I have been around for a while, the greatest policy rubbish being dished up is this business about net-zero carbon dioxide emissions,” Mr Jones said.

“I think the federal government know this net-zero talk is rubbish and what I have called for years an economic suicide note. But they are frightened of the Greens.”

Oct 02 06:47

A New Water Source That Could Make Drought a Thing of the Past

Lack of fresh water is now a global crisis. Water shortages mean food shortages, with hunger creating death tolls substantially exceeding those of the current Covid-19 crisis. According to the United Nations, some 800 million people are without clean water, and 40% of the world’s population is impacted by drought. By one measure, almost 100 percent of the Western United States is currently in drought, setting an all-time 122-year record. Meanwhile, local “water wars” rage, with states, cities and whole countries battling each other for scarce water resources.

The ideal solution would be new water flows to add to the hydrologic cycle, and promising new scientific discoveries and technologies are holding out that possibility.

Oct 02 05:38

Science behind temperature changes that we've been told is 'shambolic'

Oct 02 05:38

Net-zero is a 'completely meaningless concept'

Oct 01 05:55

Yup, it's only September and it's snowing in Arizona

It's been a very active Monsoon 2021 across the state of Arizona, with many spots receiving several inches of rainfall over the past few months.

And while the monsoon may be coming to an end this year, it doesn't mean Mother Nature didn't have a couple more surprises up her sleeve.

Thursday morning, the National Weather Service tweeted out some surprising news. Snow was actually falling in eastern Arizona. IN. SEPTEMBER.

Yes, actual snowfall!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 01 05:10

Powerful blizzard hits Northern Iceland

A deep cyclone with estimated pressure below 970 hPa is bringing intense snowstorms and blizzard conditions to northwest Iceland on September 28, 2021. Bad weather is expected to continue through Wednesday, September 29.

Blizzard conditions are expected in the north- and west parts of the country today, with a severe blizzard in the Westfjods and Strandir and severe to whole gales at Breidafjordur and on southern Snæfellsnes, according to the Icelandic Met Office (IMO).1

The office issued an Orange weather alert for Faxafloi - Southwest Iceland, Breidafjordur - Westnorthwest Iceland, Westfjords, and Northwest Iceland.

A Yellow alert was issued for Reykjavik - Capital Region, Faxafloi, Breidafjordur, Westfjords, Northwest Iceland, Northeast Iceland, East Iceland, and Central highlands - Uninhabited part of Iceland.

Northwest winds up to 90 km/h (56 mph) and considerable or heavy snow with blowing snow and poor visibility are expected in the NW.

Sep 30 13:10

Climate alarmists hype sea level rise by 2050, claim it could be 50 times greater than actual data

Climate alarmists are hyping articles that greatly exaggerate claims by California “experts” that the state’s future coastal sea-level rise by 2050 could be 3.5 feet.

The coastal sea level rise prediction by the state’s experts is based on the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change computer climate model scenarios. It ignores the coastal seal level rise tide gauge recorded at numerous California locations, which demonstrates that the sea-level rise remains consistent with past periods and is not increasing despite assertions.

Sep 30 10:35

Bye, Bye, Mr. Exxon Guy

Remember the Exxon lobbyist who got caught on tape admitting that the company had poured money into “shadow groups” in order to fight against climate science? He’s officially out of a job. E&E News confirmed with Exxon on Tuesday that Keith McCoy, the lobbyist in question, was no longer at the company.

“Mr. McCoy no longer works for the company,” Exxon spokesperson Casey Norton said in an email to E&E News. “This is a private personnel matter, and we will decline to comment further.”

For those who need a refresher, investigators at Unearthed posed as recruitment consultants looking to hire a DC lobbyist for a major client and set up interviews with two then-Exxon employees (the other interviewee left the company before the exposé aired). The secret tapes were released in July, and McCoy’s interview was far and away the more explosive of the two.

Sep 28 19:35

Eco-turd First, Greta

Sep 28 14:53

Biden Is SLAMMED For Being Fake?

Extreme climate change activist Greta Thunberg condemned President Joe Biden at a climate change protest in Berlin on September 24.

Thunberg lashed at Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda and suggested that the President’s speech is only meant to soothe far-left activists who want to pass climate change action.

“And now, as we move out of the pandemic, many are talking about using this as an opportunity for a green, sustainable recovery, whatever that means,” she said. “And world leaders are talking about ‘building back better,’ promising green investments, and setting vague and distant climate targets in order to say that they are taking climate action.”

Sep 27 06:23

New Yorker hosts climate change extremist who advocates for 'intelligent sabotage'

The New Yorker hosted environmental activist and professor Andreas Malm on their podcast where he promoted "intelligent sabotage" and property damage as a way to stop climate change.

"Andreas Malm insists that the environmental movement rethink its roots in nonviolence and instead embrace ‘intelligent sabotage,’" the description of the interview states.

In the podcast, Malm, who is a professor from Lund University, emphasized "a call for escalation, a call for the movement to diversify its tactics and move away from an exclusive focus on polite, gentle and perfectly peaceful civil disobedience."

"I am recommending that the movement continues with mass action and civil disobedience, but also opens up for property destruction," Malm said.

While Malm, who is a human ecology professor at Lund University does not dismiss peaceful demonstrations and does not condone hurting people, he did emphasize that destroying private property would not be "morally illegitimate."

Sep 27 05:34

‘I don’t want to shame Greta Thunberg, but…’: Activist dubbed ‘anti-Greta’ by media RIPS INTO ‘climate alarmism’

The media have invented the ‘anti-Greta’ label to portray her as an “evil right antichrist,” but it only attracted more people to her ideas, Naomi Seibt, who says the human effect on climate change is vastly exaggerated, told RT.

Seibt calls herself a “climate realist” and bluntly rejects the term “climate change denier,” which is another label used to describe her and her supporters by the opposing side. It implies that “we’re just selfish and ignorant,” but it’s not the case, she pointed out.

“We’re about being scientific skeptics and looking into more sensible ways to improve the environment to be more in line with our values when it comes to interacting with nature,” the 19-year-old said.

It looks a much less radical stance than the one of 17-year-old environmental activist and mainstream media darling Greta Thunberg, who insists that mankind must urgently cut emissions to zero to avoid a catastrophic breakdown of the climate on Earth.

Sep 26 06:32

The Day of the Nitwits: Remember the Triffids? Well, the Green zealots are nearly as dangerous, argues PETER HITCHENS

Are we at the start of some huge and endless decline? Or is there really nothing to worry about?

Our current state reminds me of John Wyndham’s brilliant novel The Day Of The Triffids, in which small, even silly or enjoyable, events turn out to be signs of an approaching nightmare.

Wyndham sets his story in a very normal modern Britain. At first, people laugh at the ridiculous walking plants on the newsreels.

At first, they gaze happily at the spectacular meteor shower illuminating the night sky. Far too late they grasp that these were the beginnings of an utter transformation in their lives.

Of course there are no Triffids. But think of them as a metaphor.

Sep 25 06:34

City of Boulder preparing for snow

The City of Boulder is preparing its residents for the winter season, more specifically, snow and ice.

The City of Boulder prioritizes clearing emergency routes, major streets, and access to hospitals and schools. Residential roads are usually last on the list.

Sep 24 09:54

Tucker slams late-night hosts over 'Climate Night'

Sep 24 03:32

Boris Johnson Reveals Why He Wants to Be Renamed in Honour of Ancient Greek God of North Wind

On Wednesday, Boris Johnson fully focused on global warming-related issues when addressing the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, where he warned that it was time for humanity to "grow up" and start tackling climate change.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he is considering being renamed in honour of the Greek God Boreas. The moment came as BoJo talked about climate change at a UN General Assembly session in New York.

In one part of his address to the General Assembly on Wednesday, the PM praised the UK government's "Promethean faith in new green technology" to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Sep 23 09:30

Welcome to the CO2 Monitoring Credit Card that Cuts You Off at Your Carbon Max

By Makia Freeman

THE STORY: Did you know there is already a Swedish credit card available which links all your transactions with your supposed carbon footprint?

THE IMPLICATIONS: Propaganda pushed about the purported danger of carbon and CO2 is dangerous, and can lead to the removal of our rights and freedom.

Sep 22 09:54

Coming Soon: Climate Lockdowns

Sep 22 07:38

While Democrats Try To 'Kill Coal' In US, Asia Heads In The Opposite Direction

Congressional Democrats and the Biden administration are working towards an ambitious goal of eliminating coal-fired electricity and 'decarbonize' the US electric grid by 2035.

To meet such an aggressive deadline, House Democrats unveiled a $150 billion 'clean electricity' program to incentivize utility companies to phase out fossil fuels for clean energy. The Clean Electricity Performance Program, or CEPP, would reward utility that boost their percentage of electricity supplied to the grid from green sources - such as solar, wind and hydro, between 2023 and 2030.

S&P Global explains more about the program:

Sep 19 18:14

'Not unusual': No wind causes energy price hike in Europe

The Global Warming Policy Forum's Energy Editor Dr John Constable says Europe's sustained high electricity prices are an indication of an "underlying health condition" in the energy sector.

In Europe, the wind stopped, seeing electricity prices around the continent rise dramatically, with the UK hit particularly hard.

Dr Constable told Sky News host Andrew Bolt this event is "not that unusual".

"This is now quite standard for us," he said.

Sep 17 05:52

Erasing The Dust Bowl

NOAA claims this past summer was the hottest on record in the US. In this video I show how their spectacularly false claim was contrived.

Sep 16 11:24

Europe energy prices spike as winds pause in stormy North Sea

Winds in the stormy North Sea stopped blowing, and Europe, which already lacks natural gas, found electricity markets surging. This sudden slowdown in wind-driven electricity production in the U.K. caused a sudden switch in the direction of regional energy markets as gas and coal-fired electricity plants were called to make up for the shortfalls.

Natural gas prices hit all-time highs and thermal coal, which had been shunned for its carbon emissions, has emerged from its long price slump as utilities are forced to use it to turn on their backup power sources.

This showed the precarious state that the region’s energy markets face, heading into the long European winter. The price increase was seen mostly in the U.K., which relied on wind farms to eradicate net carbon emissions by 2050.

Sep 16 08:22

Permanent Rationing Begins

Sep 15 06:55

Fifteen years on, Al Gore's ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, the former VP's Oscar-winning film, has proved to be largely inaccurate tripe

Al Gore's climate change movie was hailed as revolutionary a decade and a half ago when it was released to much fanfare but, in the intervening years, the truths have, inconveniently, turned out to not be truths at all.
Fifteen years ago today, failed US presidential candidate, Al Gore, released what can be best described as a scare movie called ‘An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming And What We Can Do About It’. The movie was a global hit and Gore won an Oscar; he also received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Gore had succeeded in making global warming sexy. Everyone wanted to get in on the act to show how eco-friendly they were, particularly celebrities. And everyone else had to sign up to the agenda because, as we still hear so often today, “the science is settled.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Sep 14 13:17

Big chill for climate doom: Arctic Sea ice is expanding

Less than 10 years remain before the oft-claimed “tipping point” for the planet, but sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is the highest it’s been in nine years, increasing more than 30% from last year, while the Antarctic’s level is well above normal.

That’s according to the Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility’s High Latitude Processing Center, pointed out climate-change skeptic Tony Heller.

He noted the Arctic Ocean gained a record amount of sea ice during the first week of September.

“Most years the Arctic loses ice, but this year ice extent has increased” more than 77,000 square miles, he wrote on Twitter, adding the news likely would not be reported by CNN, BBC News or the New York Times.

Meanwhile, the sea melt this summer was the lowest in 15 years, and the expanse of Antarctic sea is well above average.

Sep 14 07:59

Theory of annual rise in Earth’s temperature due to climate change is now exhaustively DISPROVED

The release of the IPCC Climate Change 2021 report debunks claims of intense temperature increases. But prior to the report, some people expressed concern that authorities were manipulating daily temperature readings to push the global warming sham.

Francis Menton wrote in a July 2019 piece for the Manhattan Contrarian: “[When] not so many people are looking, the temperature adjusters have been beavering away in the bowels of their collections of data, continuing to send inconvenient readings of the past down the memory hole – and to ‘adjust’ the temperatures of the past down, and of the present up.”

Sep 14 07:22

"Personal Carbon Allowances" Pushed To Fight Global Warming

The COVID pandemic offered an unprecedented excuse for want-to-be authoritarians to stifle liberty.

To fight disease, once unthinkable government controls abound. Entire economies have been shut down, businesses closed involuntarily, and people thrown out of work.

Contact tracing apps were invented to alert the user when exposed to someone with the virus, but which also kept a clear record of individual movements.

Vaccine mandates enforced through phone app-facilitated “passports” are now proliferating. Soon, continued employment or ability to participate in society freely may depend on proving one has received the jab.

Ok, Wesley. That’s admittedly tough medicine, but it was necessitated as a public health measure to defeat a dangerous communicable disease. Once COVID fades away or becomes endemic like the flu, everything returns to normal. Right?

Sep 13 06:57

Greenland Pummeled By Snow One Month After Its Summit Saw Rain For The First Time

Just a month after rainfall was recorded for the first time ever at Greenland's highest point, the island is expecting up to four feet of snow from the remnants of Hurricane Larry — the rare tropical storm to stay intact so far north.

Hurricane-force gusts topped 100 miles per hour at Kulusuk Airport near Greenland's southeast coast. At Tasiilaq, the largest town in the region, sustained winds reached 55 miles per hour, with gusts of over 90.

The snow reached blizzard conditions at Summit Camp, a weather station at the island's highest point more than 10,000 feet above sea level, with winds and snow so heavy that visibility was minimal.

Sep 10 11:39

Biden declares ‘code red’ on climate change amid Arctic Sea ice EXPANSION… It’s all a hoax

As President Biden toured damage from Hurricane Ida along the east coast last week, he did what all Democrat Marxists do: He exploited the disaster for political gain.

Sep 10 10:49

Major hailstorm drops rare softball-size hail near Appleton, Wisconsin

Softball-size hail fell just outside Appleton as severe thunderstorms pounded Wisconsin on Tuesday morning.

Russ Smith told the Wisconsin State Journal he was working at a construction site a couple of miles off of Appleton’s north side when hail the size of a softball and baseball fell for a “solid two minutes.“

“It was amazing watching it fall from the sky,” Smith said. “Words can’t describe what it looked like.”

Sep 10 06:49

California's Top Grid Operator Asks Feds To Burn More Fossil Fuels To Avert Blackouts

California's power grid transition to renewable energy sources appears to be backfiring. The push into clean energy is not producing enough power to meet demand during hot summer days, and it's becoming harder for the Golden State to avoid rolling blackouts.

A stunning new revelation in the state's top grid operator, California Independent System Operator, filing to US Department of Energy (DoE), titled "Request for Emergency Order Pursuant to Section 202(c) of the Federal Power Act," requested the federal government to declare an "electric reliability emergency" so it can use more fossil fuel power generation to prevent blackouts.

"An emergency order will allow the CAISO to dispatch additional generation that may be necessary for the CAISO to meet demand in the face of extremely challenging conditions including extreme heat waves, multiple fires, high winds, and various grid issues," the filing read.

Sep 09 18:18

IPCC: Atlantic Hurricanes/Tropical Cyclones Have Not Increased Since the Late-1800s

By Cap Allon

The IPCC’s latest report (AR6) continues the claim that human CO2 emissions have caused earth’s climate to warm–no shocker there. But the impacts this has had on Atlantic hurricane/global tropical cyclone activity may come as a surprise, at least to those who were duped by the narrative constructed over the past few decades. As NOAA/GFDL Senior Scientist Tom Knutson explains, global warming has had no impact on either storm frequency nor intensity…

Sep 09 08:47

Biden officials trumpet how solar can provide nearly half of the nation’s electricity by 2050

The Biden administration announced a blueprint Wednesday outlining how solar energy could produce nearly half of the nation’s electricity by mid-century, part of its ambitious bid to address climate change.

The new Energy Department analysis shows how the United States can scale up production of solar panels, which now provide 3 percent of the nation’s electricity, to 45 percent over the next three decades. It would entail the United States doubling its installed solar power every year for the next four years, compared with 2020, and then doubling it again by 2030.

The move, which would transform the nation’s energy industry and infrastructure, shows how President Biden is determined to reshape the economy and cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in the face of staunch political opposition.

Sep 04 06:57

UN Study Busts Democrats Narrative: Shows Decreasing Number of Natural Disasters, Climate Deaths in Last 10 years (Cartoon)

In a blow to the sky-is-falling crowd, a new United Nations study released Wednesday undercuts the notion of humanity being doomed by the ravages of climate change.

Sep 02 07:02


Exceptional low temperatures, large hail, and heavy snow — the first week of spring is set to break a myriad of cold records across the Aussie continent.

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) forecaster Bob Tarr said the cold front would bring a sharp shift to the cold, with temperatures plunging on Thursday.

And if the forecast holds true, continued Tarr, then a host of all-time September low temperature records are expected to fall–particularly in locales within that band of ‘pink’ & ‘purple’ streaking through central and southeastern regions, on Sept 4:

Aug 30 13:01

A program that pays farmers not to farm isn't saving the planet

President Joe Biden wants to combat climate change by paying more farmers not to farm. But he’s already finding it’s hard to make that work.

His Agriculture Department is far behind its goal for enrolling new land in one program that has that goal, with participation being the lowest it's been in more than three decades.President Joe Biden wants to combat climate change by paying more farmers not to farm. But he’s already finding it’s hard to make that work.

His Agriculture Department is far behind its goal for enrolling new land in one program that has that goal, with participation being the lowest it's been in more than three decades.

Aug 25 06:06

As Afghanistan Falls Apart, Kamala Harris Talks Climate Change and Christmas Shopping in Singapore

If you’ve been watching in horror this week as President Biden has made a mess of Afghanistan, you will get no comfort from the following news about Vice President Kamala Harris.

While visiting Singapore as Afghanistan falls to pieces, Harris talked about climate change and Christmas shopping.

Yes, really.