Jul 06 05:51

Leftists Blame Capitalism, Global Warming For Mexican State-Owned Oil Company's Gulf Fire

These tweets are stupidities because while the boiling gas fire at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico is spectacular, it hasn't a single thing to do with either capitalism or global warming.

It's the result of an accident from a poorly maintained pipeline owned by Pemex, the state oil company of Mexico.

That's a 100% government-owned entity that was created in 1938 based on uncompensated expropriation from private-sector energy companies.

State energy enterprises are never capitalist, they are socialist state entities.

Mexico's is worse than most of them - even Venezuela's state oil company has some private ownership. Mexico's, though is a full socialist state creature with zero accountability to shareholders.

Jul 03 05:41

Reality Check: Professor Pens Letter Explaining Natural Resource Drain Crated By "Net Zero Emission" Targets

While the idea of implementing net zero emissions by certain deadlines has sounded great for the companies, countries and states that have set targets, the reality of making it happen is slightly more difficult.

That's what the U.K. is finding out after Natural History Museum Head of Earth Sciences Prof Richard Herrington penned a letter to the Committee on Climate Change on the vast amount of natural resources that will be necessary to make the conversion. The letter was delivered to Baroness Brown, who chairs the Adaption Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change.

In addition to noting that the U.K. would need a 20% increase in UK-generated electricity, the release also notes that "to meet UK electric car targets for 2050 we would need to produce just under two times the current total annual world cobalt production, nearly the entire world production of neodymium, three quarters the world’s lithium production and at least half of the world’s copper production."

Jul 02 20:16

BBC faces fury from environmental activists after GCSE revision guide lists the 'POSITIVE impacts' of climate change

The BBC has faced a furious backlash from environmental activists over an online GCSE revision guide that listed the ‘positive impacts’ of climate change.

Among the ‘benefits’ were the creation of shipping routes due to melting ice and that lower heating bills thanks to warmer winters.

Campaigners called the BBC Bitesize material for GCSE geography students an ‘absolute disgrace’.

The BBC has since removed the list of ‘positive’ effects, saying it had failed to reflect the national curriculum.

The guide now shows only the negative impacts of global warming, such as rising sea levels, droughts and greater risk of flooding.

Jul 02 06:00

California Begs For More Electricity As Shift To Renewable Power Leaves State In The Dark

Maybe it's time to admit that the whole "green" energy push is one big farce

Six months after a historic failure in the Texas power grid which collapsed when various "renewable" sources of electricity failed concurrently and dragged down the entire network, California - that liberal utopia powered by renewable power and/or unicorn flatulence - realizes it is about to get Enroned, and has made an urgent request for additional power supplies to avoid blackouts this summer, an extraordinary step after suffering from rolling outages less than a year ago.

State energy officials asked the California Independent System Operator, which runs most of the grid, to contract for additional power capacity for July and August on concern it won’t be able to meet demand during the evening when solar production fades, according to a joint statement Thursday from grid, utility and energy agencies. They didn’t say how much more power is needed but one can guess it will be a lot.

Jul 02 05:36

The Virtue Signaling Bill Arrives: Producers Charge More For "Green" Nat Gas

Over the past few years, America has been swept by a "virtuous" crusade of young, liberal and easily influenced environmentalists and ESG-mentalists, who have been preaching the latest chapter of the "global warming" melodrama (one which turned 33-years-old a few days ago), shoving a pro-green agenda down the throat of anyone within earshot. Newsflash: it has long been an establishment dream to implement a more expensive payment scheme wrapped in a "virtuous" or "green" facade - one which helps raise prices and state subsidies for premium, "green" variants of existing goods and services, which flow straight to the shareholders' bottom line. Think of it as expensive "organic" food, only in the context of heavy industries. And while it may come as a shock to today's Gen-Z activists, every generation has its own green movement which passionately spreads the ESG gospel... until the bill comes in.

Jul 01 05:06

FLASHBACK - The Case Against More Ethanol: It’s Simply Bad for Environment

Ethanol, which seemed like a good idea when huge federal subsidies and mandates were put in place a decade ago, now seems like a very poor idea indeed. Yet despite years of bad ethanol reviews, some prominent figures (including former Senator Tim Wirth and attorney C. Boyden Gray in the accompanying article) offer a revanchist argument: Ethanol is not really so bad after all, and we should significantly increase its blending with gasoline from 10 to 30 percent. As Samuel Johnson remarked of a second marriage, this narrative reads like a triumph of hope over experience.

Jun 27 07:18

The Supreme Court Deals Ethanol A Blow By Undermining The Renewable Fuel Standard

On Friday, the Supreme Court ruled on a protracted legal and political fight that has pitted two pillars of the Republican base against each other since 2018. The case, HollyFrontier Cheyenne Refining, LLC v. Renewable Fuels Association, involved a small refinery in Wyoming that sought relief at the U.S. Supreme Court from a lower court ruling that restricted the authority of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide relief to refiners under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The Supreme Court, in a 6-3 ruling, granted that relief and gave small refiners a win in their ongoing battle to weaken the RFS.

Jun 25 10:52

Solar panels are creating 50 times more waste than predicted, and much of it is toxic. Our race to ‘net zero’ is madness

Environmentalists’ bright promises of utilising solar energy to power the world are darkening quickly as it becomes clear how much dangerous trash is generated, with tonnes of old panels being discarded in landfill sites.

The basic pitch for 'net zero' policies to combat climate change is this: a warming world will be devastating, but we can cut emissions down to next-to-nothing by using renewable energy technologies like wind and solar, which will keep on getting cheaper and cheaper. But the idea that we can have it all – energy that is plentiful, zero-carbon, and cheap – is a mirage, at least when it comes to renewables.

Jun 24 09:18

Solar panels are creating 50 times more waste than predicted, and much of it is toxic. Our race to ‘net zero’ is madness

Solar panels are supposed to last for 30 years, and calculations about how much waste will be produced are based on that assumption. The trouble is that as the panels have got cheaper, and a bit more efficient, the economics have changed. Replacing them sooner could make a lot of sense, financially.

As the authors of the article point out, that could lead to a tsunami of solar panel waste: “If early replacements occur as predicted by our statistical model, they can produce 50 times more waste in just four years than IRENA [International Renewable Energy Agency] anticipates. That figure translates to around 315,000 metric tonnes of waste, based on an estimate of 90 tonnes per MW weight-to-power ratio.” And that estimate is just for domestic solar panel users. Throw in commercial users, too, and the mountain of waste will be enormous.

Jun 22 07:47

Physicist to Tucker Carlson: Climate change is ‘fiction of the media’

Steven Koonin challenges the climate consensus on 'Tucker Carlson Today'

Physicist Steven Koonin shuts down the notion that human behavior is causing more extreme weather, droughts, and hurricanes - claiming it’s ‘fiction of the media and the politicians who like to promote it.'

Climate change is a farce created by the media and the politicians it benefits, physicist Steven Koonin told Tucker Carlson in a new episode of Fox Nation’s "Tucker Carlson Today."

"It’s a fiction of the media," he said. "And the politicians who like to promote that notion."

According to data from the U.S. government, Koonin explained, there are "no detectable human influences" on natural disasters like hurricanes for more than a century, and today’s heatwaves in the U.S. are just as common as they were back in 1900.

Jun 22 07:43

ENGINEERED ICE AGE: Congress funds NOAA scientist for geoengineering project to cool the Earth by artificially dimming the sun

During the last ice age, huge masses of ice covered the northern U.S., Canada, northern Europe and northern Asia. All that ended around 12,000 years ago, but we could be closer to another one than you think now that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has received funds from congress for a controversial geoengineering project that aims to cool our planet.

David Fahey, the director of NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory Chemical Sciences Division, reportedly told staff that the federal government wished to examine the science behind geoengineering, something he described as a “Plan B” for climate change. Along with $4 million in funding, he was given the go-ahead to study two methods of geoengineering.

Jun 20 19:31

Of course Boris Johnson took a private jet to Cornwall – he doesn’t give a damn what we think anymore

Reporters on the scene were quick to ask if this, really, was the most sustainable way of getting around the UK – could he not, for example, have taken the train?

Jun 18 07:35

BBC Producing ClimateGate Drama Depicting Disgraced Scientists as Victims of Hacking

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has revealed plans to make a dramatic film about the 2009 ClimateGate e-mail scandal involving scientists at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. Titled The Trick — a reference to one of the infamous e-mails uncovered in the scandal — the drama would appear to be portraying the scientists as victims of a cyberattack rather than the charlatans that some of the e-mails showed them to be.

The BBC clearly foretold the drama’s intentions, writing, “Professor Jones became the victim of cyber terrorism with stolen emails used by human-induced climate change deniers to promote their view of global warming ahead of an international conference.”

Jun 18 06:58

Snow falls in Argentina’s Córdoba for first time in 14 years

Snowfall surprised residents of several areas of the interior of Argentina Wednesday, including the city of Córdoba, which was blanketed in white for the first time in 14 years.

Across social networks, #Córdoba was the most used hashtag throughout the day, with multitudes of messages from users in the area saying they had not seen snow since 2007, and publishing their photos and videos.

“This is how our field woke up. It snowed in Córdoba after 14 years,” wrote the Club Atlético Las Flores on Twitter.

Due to the situation, the Highway Police of the province had to stop traffic on various national and provincial routes, but no significant incidents were recorded.

Jun 17 20:41

[Video] The 97 Percent Collusion

A short video exposing the climate change hoax - the punchline is at the end...

Jun 16 05:14


According to data compiled by the University of Maine, today, Thursday, June 10 planet Earth is running below the 1979-2000 average — that is, at “-0.1C”.

Climate Reanalyzer™ is a product produced by the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine.

The Uni boasts on its website that they have “a 40-year history of polar exploration, and research contributions to glaciology, climate science, and anthropology.”

Well, all this expert analysis has lead to a number of key datasets — including the ‘2m temperature anomaly’ dataset:

Jun 16 05:14


The MSM is, of course, merely propagandizing here, and their obfuscating tactics are clearer than ever.

Where have all these cherry-picking reporters been in 2021?

Where were they when the United States was suffering its coldest month of February for 30 years?

Where were they when Delhi, India logged its chilliest May in 70 years?

Or when Europe battled through a historically brutal spring?

Moreover, where is the reporting of Earth’s average temperature which has been sinking like a stone since 2016:

Jun 13 10:22

"It Won't Be Pleasant" - Mark Carney Unveils Dystopian New World To Combat Climate 'Crisis'

In his book Value(s): Building a Better World for All, Mark Carney, former governor both of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England, claims that western society is morally rotten, and that it has been corrupted by capitalism, which has brought about a “climate emergency” that threatens life on earth. This, he claims, requires rigid controls on personal freedom, industry and corporate funding.

Carney’s views are important because he is UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance. He is also an adviser both to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the next big climate conference in Glasgow, and to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Jun 10 07:10

Sydney shivers through coldest day since 1984 as snow blankets NSW

Sydney has recorded its coldest day in 37 years, reaching 10.3 degrees, as an Antarctic chill lingers over NSW before it moves off the coast on Friday.

The Bureau of Meteorology said Sydney’s Observatory Hill “only managed to climb to 10.3 degrees, the lowest maximum since 1984” when 9.6 degrees was recorded on July 3.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 08 11:25

‘It’s unusual’: Okanagan residents surprised by early morning spring snow

Hilda Reimer, who lives on Anarchist Mountain near Osoyoos, B.C., said she awoke to the snow falling around 5:00 a.m., and the flakes stopped around 7:30 a.m.

“I opened my eyes, rolled over, and my husband goes, ‘Yep, it’s snowing!” she said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's just about summer, right?

Jun 07 23:26

Cornish ‘eco-hotel’ where world leaders will meet for G7 summit fells trees and digs up shrubs to build new meeting rooms for the event

A Cornish eco-hotel where world leaders will meet for a G7 summit has felled trees and dug up shurbs to build new meeting rooms ahead of the event.

Carbis Bay Hotel in St Ives has faced fury from campaigners after mature trees were removed before planning permission was sought to create three rooms.

Jun 07 11:16

'ABC forgets' documentary which ‘absolutely skewers the renewable energy industry’

Jun 07 08:32

An Inconvenient Truth: EVs May Offer A "Negligible" CO2 Difference From ICE Vehicles

Are the carbon footprints of EVs really as drastically lower than that of internal combustion engine vehicles? When considering the amount of carbon and CO2 created from assembling lithium ion batteries, one firm thinks the difference could be "negligible".

Such was the topic of a new blog post by natural resource investors Goehring & Rozencwajg (G&R), a "fundamental research firm focused exclusively on contrarian natural resource investments with a team with over 30 years of dedicated resource experience."

The firm, established in 2015, posted a blog entry entitled "Exploring Lithium-ion Electric Vehicles’ Carbon Footprint" this week, where they call into question a former ICE vs. EV comparison performed by the Wall Street Journal and, while citing work performed by Jefferies, argue that there could literally be "no reduction in CO2 output" in some EV vs. ICE comparisons.

Jun 06 11:33

An Inconvenient Truth: EVs May Offer A "Negligible" CO2 Difference From ICE Vehicles

Are the carbon footprints of EVs really as drastically lower than that of internal combustion engine vehicles? When considering the amount of carbon and CO2 created from assembling lithium ion batteries, one firm thinks the difference could be "negligible".

Such was the topic of a new blog post by natural resource investors Goehring & Rozencwajg (G&R), a "fundamental research firm focused exclusively on contrarian natural resource investments with a team with over 30 years of dedicated resource experience."

The firm, established in 2015, posted a blog entry entitled "Exploring Lithium-ion Electric Vehicles’ Carbon Footprint" this week, where they call into question a former ICE vs. EV comparison performed by the Wall Street Journal and, while citing work performed by Jefferies, argue that there could literally be "no reduction in CO2 output" in some EV vs. ICE comparisons.

Jun 04 07:13

Playing God: US government funds geoengineering, a controversial and deadly “backup plan” to alter Earth’s atmosphere in the name of “climate science”

The first method on the table is a type of geoengineering known as solar radiation management. This will entail spraying aerosols into the earth’s atmosphere with the idea of reflecting sunlight and, by extension, cooling the earth. The aerosol used will likely be sulfur dioxide, which could theoretically shade the earth from intense sunlight if it is sprayed into the stratosphere. It is patterned after volcanic eruptions, which naturally cool the planet by emitting giant clouds of sulfur dioxide. However, past studies have shown that such an approach could spell disaster for certain parts of the planet.

The second approach will see aerosols being used to create low-lying artificial clouds across the ocean. It is a technique inspired by ship tracks, the long clouds that are left by passing ocean freighters visible on satellites as reflective pathways. According to reports, these clouds could be widened with injections of seawater vapor using specialized ships.

Jun 04 05:46

Where’s Greta when you need her? NASA witnesses dramatic polar ice COLLAPSE on Mars

Climactic footage of Arctic ice plummeting into the sea has routinely shocked viewers in recent years. However, the phenomenon appears not to be confined to Earth, as NASA has captured evidence of Mars’ polar ice cap collapsing.

The US space agency’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has been spinning around the Red Planet since 2006. Its vantage point hundreds of kilometers above the surface allows it to witness dramatic natural processes unfolding below.

Remarkable, freshly released images show a radical landscape change at the planet’s north pole, following a polar ice cap collapse.

The orbiter’s HiRise camera team created a striking before-and-after GIF showing a “field of ice blocks” that were left behind in the wake of the stunning planetary redecorating.

Jun 03 11:08

Our sun is going into hibernation and that means more temperature drops

Each sunspot cycle has been getting less intense. This means temperature drops… And right now, the weather is following this trend.

May 31 06:37

Watch: Unexpected mid-spring snowfall surprises residents of Toronto in Canada

The temperature dipped of over 20 degrees in three days.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

May 31 06:31

'Wake Up! Grow Up! $hut Up! | Brilliant Rebuttal To Greta Thunberg By Sky News Australia | Listen In

May 27 11:40

Australian Newscaster Makes Mincemeat Out of Brat Greta Thunberg

May 27 06:46

It snowed this morning in Minnesota. Yesterday it was in the 80s.

It snowed in northern Minnesota Wednesday morning.

According to the National Weather Service in Duluth, a weather observer in International Falls said it snowed for about 10 minutes around 7 a.m., leaving a trace of snow.

The high in International Falls on Tuesday was 82 degrees. The low Wednesday morning was 35 degrees, NWS said.

Nothing is more "spring in Minnesota" than that.

A cold front moved across northern Minnesota overnight, bringing cooler temperatures after a few days of warmer-than-normal weather across the state, NWS Duluth says.

May 26 07:39

German Study Shows Added CO2 Has Led to 14% More Vegetation Over the Past 100 Years

Almost everyone with even just a fraction of a science education knows Co2 is fertilizer to vegetation and that the added 100 or so ppm in our atmosphere over the past decades have been beneficial to plant growth and thus led to more greening of the continents.

Yet, some alarmists still sniff at this fact, or deny it.

More trees (+7%) and vegetation (+14%)
In the 34th climate video, Die kalte Sonne here reports on a recent German study by Merbach et al that looks at the question of just how beneficial the added CO2 has been to plant growth globally.

May 24 07:41

Scots shivering through coldest May in 40 years as snow falls in some areas

Don’t look out the shorts and sun cream just yet...

With just days left until the start of June, Scotland was hit by snow.

And while we all wait for summer to finally arrive, forecasters have warned we're on course for the coldest May in more than 40 years.

Srdjan Lulic found himself a bit exposed at the Cairngorm National Park, near Aviemore, Inverness-shire, as he headed out for a stroll with girlfriend Catherine Stewart, of Edinburgh.

Another driver had to clear a mound of snow from his windscreen, which had built up overnight.

Catherine said: "We'd planned on going for a walk to the summit of Ben Macdui but I think we will be limited to the lower slopes as there looks like there is a lot of snow on the higher ground.

May 24 07:24

Forest area the size of France has regrown worldwide since 2000, new study reveals

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is at a record high. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s actually great for trees and forests, as shown by a recent study led by the nonprofit conservation group World Wide Fund (WWF).

The study, which is part of the WWF’s Trillion Trees project, found that an area of forests the size of France has regrown around the world over the last 20 years, indicating that forest regeneration efforts are paying off.

Nearly 145 million acres of forests have regrown since 2000. In all, these forests can potentially absorb roughly 5.9 gigatons of carbon dioxide. This is more than the annual carbon dioxide emissions of the United States.

The two-year study was conducted using satellite imaging data and on-ground surveys across a number of countries.

May 23 06:52

Late Spring Snowstorm In The Sierra Surprises Travelers

Mother Nature surprised travelers on Friday with mid-May snowfall in the Sierra.

“At one point, it could be really sunny, and then all of a sudden, it could start raining and then all of a sudden there’s a lot of snow and hail,” said Angela DaPrato, with Caltrans.

Locals have a saying for the unpredictable winter weather.

“In Tahoe, we have an expression we say ‘if you don’t like the weather wait ten minutes,'” says Robin, a Truckee resident.

Friday afternoon was a perfect example. In the Sierra, it was sunny one second and snowing the next.

“This is a beautiful place — beautiful weather,” said Eric Acheff, an avid camper who was back in town Friday after two weeks in the wilderness. “I was not expecting snow.”

Acheff came prepared from head to toe.

“Layers, wool, down,” he said.

May 23 06:51

Rare late May snowfall hits Mount Charleston near Las Vegas

The ski and snow season at Lee Canyon on Mount Charleston is over but no one told Mother Nature.

The National Weather Service reported snowflakes falling on the mountain this morning on their Twitter feed.

It did not take long for the accumulation to build and Lee Canyon Ski and Snowboard Resort sent video and photos of the slopes looking ready for people to enjoy.

May 22 05:59

It's beginning to look like Christmas again

Snow hit earlier and heavier than expected in this part of north-central Montana.

Liberty County had been on the edge of a winter weather advisory running through this morning with Northern Chouteau County, Hill County and Blaine County expected to received small amounts of snow mixed with rain over the weekend.

Instead, it started snowing heavily late Thursday morning after rain falling for some time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

May 21 06:44

Storm Watch: Late Spring System Bringing Snow To High Sierra

A late-season Winter Weather Advisory is going into effect for the high country as a low-pressure system moves into NorCal.

The advisory is going into effect at noon on Thursday for the Northern Sierra above the 6500’ mark. It will be in effect through midnight, the National Weather Service says.

May 20 07:52

Snow in mid-May, Edmonton region treated to chilly night

Edmonton and the surrounding area was treated to an evening of snow Tuesday.

While it has been in the forecast for some time now, it gave some in the region a shock.

The snow isn’t expected to stick around, according to CTV News Edmonton’s Chief Meteorologist Josh Classen.

May 20 06:12

Czech Republic sees extreme snow as another Arctic front descends on Europe

Wide swaths of the Czech Republic, including Labska Bouda, have been buried in extreme snowfall this late in the season. The unseasonal winter weather conditions were brought by a cold Arctic air mass descending on Europe and keeping much of the continent under below-average temperatures.

Extreme snowfall engulfed vast regions of the Czech Republic, including Labska Bouda in the Krkonose Mountains in mid-May.

Jaroslav Palivoda, a snowplow driver in the area for almost 40 years, said he has only experienced this level of accumulation on three occasions and never this late in the season.

Ales Hnizdo, operations director of Labska Bouda, pointed out that there has been "an extreme amount of snow" this year.

The rare Czech snowfall was due to a descending Arctic air mass on Europe, which was swept unusually far south by a weak meridional jet stream flow.

May 20 06:10

BBC’s predictions of climate change destroying sport by 2050 join rich tradition of failed eco-doomsday warnings

Flooded football pitches, scorched tennis courts, no more Winter Olympics, and an end to outdoor sport as we know it. If this scary imaginative future sounds like needless, made-up fear-porn, that’s because it is.

‘Sport 2050’ is the BBC’s latest attempt to ratchet up its viewers’ fear levels, using fictional sports news from the year 2050 to demonstrate just how seriously climate change allegedly threatens to impact the sporting world. By highlighting its effect on sport, the BBC states that it hopes to reach “readers who may not otherwise have engaged with the science of, or news around, climate change.”

Among a glut of doom-laden videos released on Monday is a make-believe sports news report that shows a world in turmoil. “Torrential rain” has closed football pitches in England, heat and “wildfire smoke” have postponed the Australian Open, and the Winter Olympics in Chamonix is canceled, due to a lack of snow at the French ski resort.

May 16 06:23

U.S. envoy wants pope to attend climate conference, sway debate

Pope Francis has the moral authority to sway public opinion over global warming and might attend the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Scotland, U.S. President Joe Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry said on Saturday.

COP26 is being held in Glasgow in November and could accelerate measures by the world’s biggest polluters to tackle climate change, a challenge which activists, scientists and world leaders say could ultimately endanger the planet.

“I think that his voice will be a very important voice leading up to and through the Glasgow conference, which I believe he intends to attend,” Kerry told the official Vatican News outlet after meeting the pope.

There was no immediate confirmation of this from the Vatican.

May 14 18:40

England is on for its coldest May since record-keeping began back in 1659 (during the Maunder Minimum)

Following its coldest APRIL since 1922, England is now on for its coldest MAY since record-keeping began some 362 years ago-since the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715)!

Back in 1659, England was still processing the death of Richard Cromwell, who, after the execution of King Charles I, had ruled the Commonwealth of England for 5 years. The year 1659 is also the start date of the Central England Temperature (CET) dataset, which has proved an invaluable resource for meteorologists and climate scientists alike. Astonishingly, what the dataset reveals in 2021, in this time of supposed "catastrophic global heating," is that England is on for its coldest May in more than three and a half centuries (at least).

May 13 06:03

Tesla Suspends Bitcoin Payments Over "Concerns About Environmental Impact"

After announcing plans to accept payment for Tesla's cars in bitcoin back in February, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has just announced via tweet that the company will suspend bitcoin payments over concerns about the environment.

As perhaps the biggest booster of bitcoin in corporate America, Tesla announced during its Q1 earnings report released last month that it made a $272 million profit selling some of the bitcoin it had purchased on the company's balance sheet. Earlier this week, Musk joked about the possibility that the firm might accept Doge for payment.

May 12 12:47

New Oregon Law Seeks to Ban Meat

As you may have heard, Bill Gates has been buying up farmland across 18 U.S. states through various subsidiary companies.1 In all, he now owns about 242,000 acres of farmland.2 He’s also a longtime promoter of GMOs and recently started calling for a complete transition from meat to lab-grown meat and other fake and unnatural food sources, such as a protein-rich microbe found in a Yellowstone geyser.3

Seeing how Gates always promotes solutions and industries that he has financial investments in, it’s not surprising that Gates insists synthetic beef is a necessary strategy to address climate change,4 having co-funded the startup of the imitation meat company Impossible Foods. Other investors included Google and founder Jeff Bezos.5

The call to replace beef with fake meat is made in Gates’ book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need,” which was released in February 2021.6

May 12 07:35

Is ocean acidification another climate change HOAX? Scientists blow the whistle on massive, coordinated data manipulation and FRAUD

The “last refuge of the climate scoundrels,” to quote a friend of Australian physicist Dr. Peter Ridd, is “ocean acidification,” a global warming conspiracy theory that appears to be the latest hoax of the climate change cult.

Despite dozens of published papers claiming that ocean acidification is real, a group of whistleblowers has come forward to request a misconduct investigation into the legitimacy of this questionable research.

At least 22 different research papers may contain manipulated data, and two – one published in the journal Science and the other in Nature Climate Change – for sure do.

Other similar papers also rely on data that suggests “statistically impossible” behavioral effects from carbon dioxide (CO2) on ocean acidity levels. All of this points to major fraud.

May 10 09:11

Fantastic Findings: German Study Shows Added CO2 Has Led To 14% More Vegetation Over Past 100 Years!

Almost everyone with even just a fraction of a science education knows Co2 is fertilizer to vegetation and that the added 100 or so ppm in our atmosphere over the past decades have been beneficial to plant growth and thus led to more greening of the continents.

Yet, some alarmists still sniff at this fact, or deny it.

More trees (+7%) and vegetation (+14%)

In the 34th climate video, Die kalte Sonne here reports on a recent German study by Merbach et al that looks at the question of just how beneficial the added CO2 has been to plant growth globally.

May 10 05:53

Rickards: The Sky Is Falling

What do you think is America’s most serious geopolitical challenge - China, Russia, Iran, maybe North Korea?

None of the above, apparently. According to President Biden’s Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, climate change needs to be “at the center” of countries’ national security and foreign policy.

Well, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will be doing her best to make sure the crusade against climate change gets plenty of funding.

Yellen has called for a “whole-of-economy” approach to fighting climate change — which essentially means massive subsidies to finance so-called green energies and discourage fossil fuel production.

In other words, climate alarmism is the official position of the Biden administration.

May 08 06:39

Joe Biden's Offshore Wind Energy Mirage

President Biden recently announced ambitious plans to install huge offshore industrial wind facilities along America’s Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Pacific coasts. His goal is to churn out 30 gigawatts (30,000 megawatts) of wind capacity by 2030, ensuring the U.S. “leads by example” in fighting the “climate crisis.”

Granted “30 by 2030” is clever PR. But what are the realities?

The only existing U.S. offshore wind operation features five 6-MW turbines off Rhode Island. Their combined capacity (what they could generate if they worked full-bore, round the clock 24/7) is 30 MW. Mr. Biden is planning 1,000 times more offshore electricity, perhaps split three ways: 10,000 MW for each coast.

May 07 12:52

Climate Science Destroyed In 8 Minutes

May 05 07:19

Kamala Harris blames a lack of 'climate adaptation' for migrant crisis

Kamala Harris on Tuesday said that climate change was a factor in driving migrants from their home countries to the United States, in her first remarks on the issue - five weeks after being given the job.

Harris was asked by President Joe Biden on March 24 to lead his response to the crisis at the southern border.

It is a job she has assumed with apparent reluctance: she is yet to visit the border, or the region, and Tuesday's remarks to the Washington Conference on the Americas were her first on the issue.

Harris, in her 13 minute speech, said 'the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience' was one of the factors in the current migrant surge.

May 03 12:39

Outsiders Weather and Ice Age Watch: Satellite data shows up climate forecasts

May 03 07:47

Unseasonal snow falls in May, first in 22 years

Unseasonal snow fell on parts of Gangwon Province over the weekend, an unlikely event for May, when early summer weather is typically seen across the country. It is the first time in 22 years that it has snowed in South Korea in the month of May.

The Korea Meteorological Administration said Sunday that up to 18.5 centimeters of snow blanketed Gangwon Province from Saturday evening to Sunday morning. An influx of strong wind from the east concentrated a pack of rain clouds in mountainous regions within the province, the weather agency said.

The national weather agency had issued a heavy snow alert for mountainous regions within Gangwon Province as of 9:10 p.m. Saturday. A snow alert is issued when more than 5 centimeters of snow is forecast for a region in the coming 24 hours.

Regions surrounding the Taebaek mountain range were met with light to heavy snow, while other cities and counties were showered with rain from Saturday at midnight to 6 a.m. Sunday.

May 03 06:47

No power, no water, no hope: inside Europe’s largest shanty town

Despite the daily trials her family has to endure – a pandemic, three months with no electricity and now days without running water since Storm Filomena froze the pipes and left Madrid under a lingering duvet of snow – Sara Benayad has not forgotten the importance of hospitality.

She would welcome the powers-that-be to join her in the novel ritual into which the absence of water has forced her. Every night before bed, Benayad fills saucepans and buckets with snow that must be melted on the gas stove the next morning so there is water for washing and for the dishes.

“I’d really like anyone who’s responsible for this to come and spend the night with us,” she says. “We’d be honoured to have them. They can sleep in my house and suffer and live what we’re living. Maybe then they’d do something.”

May 03 06:43

Outsiders Weather and Ice Age Watch: Tidal marks contradict rising sea level theory

May 03 06:33

Biden’s Anti-Eurasian Green Delusion and America’s Race to Irrelevance

Many people couldn’t help but laugh when Biden told Boris Johnson on March 26 that the USA and it’s NATO allies should create “an infrastructure plan to rival the Belt and Road Initiative” post haste. What would such a program look like? How would it be funded when the USA is so embarrassingly bankrupt? Who among the nations of the world would ever consider buying a ticket onto such a sinking ship?

It took a few weeks for details to finally emerge, but by the end of the April 22-23 Climate Summit hosted by Biden, John Kerry and Anthony Blinken, it has become abysmally clear what delusions possessed the poor president.

May 01 08:39

Are the Texas Blackouts a Preview of Biden’s Coming Green New Deal?

Let’s be blunt: The green jobs promised from Biden’s radical environmental policy are pure fantasy. Instead, as history has shown, we can expect widespread blackouts, extensive job losses, and massive environmental destruction to be the more likely reality.

Apr 30 16:20

Actual climate observations disagree with “official” climate models, warns former NASA scientist

Climate models, upon which the Biden administration’s climate policies and “green” economic plans are based, do not reflect actual observations made by climate scientists in recent decades.

President Joe Biden identified “climate change” as one of his top priorities when he took office. In February, he had the country rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement to prove its commitment to tackling the climate crisis. In March, he also introduced a massive $2 trillion plan to generate jobs, rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, position the United States to out-compete China and mitigate the so-called climate crisis.

But computer model simulations used by the administration have produced average warming rates that are more than double what experts have observed over the last four decades.

Apr 30 09:09

The Ugly Truth About Renewable Power

When Texas literally froze this February, some blamed the blackouts that left millions of Texans in the dark on the wind turbines. Others blamed them on the gas-fired power plants.

The truth isn't so politically simple. In truth, both wind turbines and gas plants froze because of the abnormal weather.

And when Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway said it had plans for additional generation capacity in Texas, it wasn't talking about wind turbines. It was talking about more gas-fired power plants—ten more gigawatts of them.

Apr 30 08:16

Green activists shamed people first out of flying, then eating meat or having pets. Now having children is a climate crime

A recent Vogue article asks, ‘Is Having A Baby In 2021 Pure Environmental Vandalism?’ Of all the reasons not to want to bring kids into this world now, exposing them to a lifetime of harassment by woke greenies ranks pretty high.

It’s difficult to imagine why anyone sane would consciously choose to have kids right now. If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything over the past year, it’s that no one can take for granted that society will always function in the way that we’ve traditionally expected it to. The assumption has always been that when the kid reaches a relatively young age, you can pawn it off on daycare, and later on the school system, allowing you to go off to work.

Apr 30 06:48

UK Vogue Ripped for Asking if Having Babies Is 'Environmental Vandalism'

British Vogue is being lambasted after the magazine published an article asking if having a baby in 2021 is "pure environmental vandalism" due to the resources a child consumes.

"Before I got pregnant, I worried feverishly about the strain on the earth’s resources that another Western child would add," writes Nell Frizzell, author of "The Panic Years." "The food he ate, the nappies he wore, the electricity he would use; before he’d even started sitting up, my child would have already contributed far more to climate change than his counterpart in, say, Kerala or South Sudan."

She adds: "I also worried about the sort of world that I would bring my child into – where we have perhaps just another 60 harvests left before our overworked soil gives out and we are running out of fresh water. Could I really have a baby, knowing that by the time he was my father’s age, he may be living on a dry and barren earth?"

Apr 28 23:19

UK weather: April set to be frostiest in UK for 60 years

This month is provisionally the frostiest April in the UK for at least 60 years, the Met Office has said.

April 2021 has already seen an average of 13 days of air frosts across the UK, beating the previous record of 11 days reported in April 1970.

Northern Ireland had eight days of air frosts, while Scotland recorded 16.

Apr 28 07:51

Following psycho-terrorism playbook, mainstream media pivots back from coronavirus fearmongering to climate hysteria

Now that tens of millions of Americans are well beyond the point of burnout from all the endless Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) fearmongering, the mainstream media is once again pivoting back to churning out hysteria about so-called “climate change.”

The latest TIME magazine cover shows the entire planet on fire along with the caption: “Climate is Everything.” Below that, the words “How the pandemic can lead us to a better, greener world” reveal the true purpose behind the plandemic agenda.

Apr 28 05:25

MI6 Chief Richard Moore boasts of spying on ‘climate change’ violators

Richard Moore – whose role is referred to as “C” according to MI6’s foundational myth – claims the UK’s foreign intelligence service has begun monitoring “large industrialized countries” to ensure compliance with reduction in CO2 emissions and other climate change related obligations.

Talking to Times Radio (April 25), Moore described the race to contain climate change and global warming as the “foremost international foreign policy agenda item for this country and for the planet”.

"Where people sign up to commitments on climate change, it is perhaps our [MI6’s] job to make sure that actually what they are really doing reflects what they have signed up to”, Moore claimed.

"As somebody used to say - 'trust, but verify'”, he added.

Moore, who became Chief of MI6 in October 2020, was speaking ahead of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) which will be held in Glasgow (Scotland) from November 01 to 12.

Apr 27 07:07

Condé Nast title 'Epicurious' axes beef recipes

Condé Nast's food media brand Epicurious has stopped publishing recipes with beef in them, it announced Monday.

"In an effort to encourage more sustainable cooking, we won't be publishing new beef recipes on 'Epicurious,' " the company stated.

"Beef won't appear in new 'Epicurious' recipes, articles, or newsletters. It will not show up on our homepage. It will be absent from our Instagram feed," the publication added.

However, old beef content already on its website will not be removed, the brand said, and beef recipes may also appear in its recipe galleries which use archival content that is "lightly updated every year."

Apr 27 06:16

Somehow, a majority of Americans still don't think climate change will affect them

The reality of human-caused climate change was not always a controversial fact. It used to have closer to universal agreement in the United States, regardless of political affiliation, until conservative media muddied the waters with misinformation. New polling from the Yale Program on Climate Communication suggests that the fact that the planet is warming is once again getting harder to deny, even for those drinking from the poisoned wells of Fox News. But as more people come around to the reality, less than half actually believe that they personally will be affected, which is just so very American.

Apr 27 06:10

US White House backs aggressive power grid emissions cuts: Report

The White House hopes to capitalise on growing support from United States utilities, unions and green groups for a national clean energy mandate by backing efforts to require the US power grid to get 80 percent of its power from emissions-free sources by 2030, a senior administration official tells the Reuters news agency.

A 2030 target would be a milestone on the way to achieving US President Joe Biden’s stated ambition of net-zero carbon emissions in the grid by 2035. It could also potentially be passed without Republican support through a process called budget reconciliation.

Apr 26 08:35


Today, April 25, after a long dry spell, rain is falling over the Emerald Counties. With the drought, this is a blessed event for most residents.

And, those in some of the mountainous areas are seeing a bit of snow. Above is a video of flakes falling in one place in northern Mendocino.

Anyone else have snow?

Apr 26 07:53

April 'was the coolest since 1989'

Last month was the coldest April since 1989, figures from the Met Office showed.

Even before the end of the month, this April had become the wettest since records began in 1910. Now figures for the whole month from the Met Office show it was also unusually cold.

Average temperatures for April were lower than March for most of the UK, and it was the coldest April in 23 years, with average temperatures around 5C cooler than for the same time last year.

Apr 26 06:53

Carbon offsetting of uranium mines?

South Australia is host to the single largest known deposit of uranium in the world, at Roxby Downs. The recent plans to massively expand production at its Olympic Dam mine will take uranium production from 4,000 tonnes of uranium oxide (tUO2) in 2010-2011 to 19,000 tUO2 by the early 2020s. This enlarged open-cut polymetallic mine, run by BHP Billiton, will also produce 730,000 tonnes of copper (the principal product) and 25 tonnes of gold.

Some environmentalists have objected stridently to this plan for an expanded mine, including Greens MLC Mark Parnell who said: “Our state risks being left with a huge carbon black hole as we become the greenhouse dump for one of the world’s richest companies“. Such hyperbolic claims are easily made and can sound persuasive. But are they be supported by evidence? Let’s consider the accuracy and context of such an argument from a climate science perspective.

Apr 26 06:51

Delingpole: Biden’s Green New Deal Is an ‘Impossible Cluster****’

President Joe Biden’s Green New Deal is an ‘impossible clusterf***.’ You probably knew this already but below are the raw details.

If the world is to wean itself off fossil fuels and go “carbon neutral” by 2050, here is what might possibly need to be done:

To summarize: to get the world to zero emissions by 2050, our options are to build, commission, and bring on-line either:

• One 2.1 gigawatt (GW, 109 watts) nuclear power plant each and every day until 2050, OR

• 3,000 two-megawatt (MW, 106 watts) wind turbines each and every day until 2050 plus a 2.1 GW nuclear power plant every day and a half until 2050, assuming there’s not one turbine failure for any reason, OR

• 96 square miles (250 square kilometres) of solar panels each and every day until 2050 plus a 2.1 GW nuclear power plant every day and a half until 2050, assuming not one of the panels fails or is destroyed by hail or wind.

Apr 25 04:18

Winter Storm Warning In Effect For The Sierra Nevada

The Winter Storm Warning that is currently in effect for the Sierra Nevada above 4,500 feet, will expire at 11 AM Monday.

The heaviest snow is expected on Sunday with the majority of accumulation for elevations above 4,500 to 5,500 feet. Lighter accumulations are possible down to 3,500 feet on Sunday and Monday mornings.

The total snow accumulations above the 5,000 foot elevation will range from three inches to two feet. The higher you go, the more the snow.

Travel will be very difficult with slick, snow covered roads, and possible road closures. Be prepared for winter driving conditions, significant travel delays, and chain controls.

Also be prepared for significant reductions in visibility at times due to breezy and gusty winds. The winds will cause blowing and drifting snow, with the possibility of local whiteout conditions.

Dangerously cold wind chill temperatures will be a threat to hikers in the high country.

Apr 25 04:16

Joe Biden’s Far-Left “Climate” Plan Seeks To Limit Americans To 4 Lbs Of Beef Per Year

In the name of saving the planet, Joe Biden wants to cut America’s beef consumption by 90% and 50% of all meat consumption, overall. His plan also calls for limiting Americans to 4 lbs. of beef per year, the equivalent of one burger per month.

From the Montana Daily Gazette – Biden’s climate proposal includes significant cuts to our carbon emissions by 2030, with zero carbon emissions by 2050. The latter goal would require humanity to become extinct because humans produce carbon dioxide naturally just by breathing. But aside from wishing we would all just die off so the algae and spotted owls can prosper, Biden’s climate goals include no more red meat.

Apr 24 07:09

Biden’s turned into Captain America to hijack climate debate… and left Britain & BoJo looking lost

Forty global leaders came together at the behest of Washington to show their commitment to battling climate change. But it was also a power play by Joe Biden, as he took control of an agenda that was set to be discussed at COP26.

Boris Johnson was primed for his big moment. The United Nations climate change summit COP26 was heading for Glasgow in 2020, and he would sit atop a cabal of global heads of state. But Covid-19 struck, so it had to be delayed until November this year.

He was so keen to dominate the agenda, he even abandoned plans to host daily White House-style briefings from his new £2.6million TV studio. Instead, he reassigned the well-paid journalist recruited to host those briefings to be his official COP26 spokesperson.

Things reached fever pitch when Joe Biden revealed he would likely fly over to attend in person. Boris would be the genial host, backslapping the world’s leaders on his own turf. He would finally be the grand statesman he dreamed of.

Apr 24 06:47

Empty slogans and literal bullcrap: Biden must learn he can’t appease climate alarmists because their demands are bonkers

Green energy initiatives, halting the Keystone Pipeline or whatever Democrats do will never be enough for Extinction Rebellion. You cannot reason with Greta Thunberg Doomsday cultists wheeling excrement up Pennsylvania Avenue.

There’s no pleasing some people, especially when their ideas are completely and totally unreachable. Either that, or their demands can’t be met without screwing over the rest of your populace. Enter Extinction Rebellion, who decided to take wheelbarrows of cow manure to the White House because they thought the Biden administration’s climate policies were bullcrap. As much as I admire the visual pun, it only takes a quick look at what groups like Extinction Rebellion want to see they are completely unfeasible.

Apr 24 04:56

Playing Fast And Loose With Numbers

Often, writers simplify and give concrete examples with the best of intentions, even though I don’t put it past some of the activist writers out there to fudge what they portray and fidget with the details. But what really strikes a nerve with me is when writers end up misleading so grossly that their readers walk away with a completely twisted view of the world. The late Hans Rosling was a master at pricking the bubbles that these mistakes had created in our heads.

I have summarized his perhaps most valuable advice to Always Be Comparing Thy Number; never let numbers stand alone; always have readily available comparisons that let you answer the crucial questions: is that a lot? What was it last year? Ten years ago? Do informed researchers think it’s a lot?

Apr 23 07:41

U.S. to double public climate finance to developing countries by 2024

The United States said on Thursday it would boost public climate finance to help poor countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate, doubling funding by 2024 from high average levels hit during the Obama administration.

The White House said it was embracing “ambitious but attainable goals” for international aid to developing countries, given the urgency of the climate crisis and to compensate for a sharp drop in U.S. funding during the Trump administration.

The White House said that by 2024 it would triple financing of climate adaptation, which focuses on adjustments to current or expected climate change. It said it would work with Congress to enact needed legislation.

The Biden administration released its climate finance plan in tandem with a new goal to cut emissions by 50%-52% from 2005 levels.

Apr 23 05:51

Climate Activists Dump Cow Manure Outside White House To Protest Biden’s Climate Plan

A group of so-called “climate activists” brought over a dozen wheelbarrows filled with cow manure and dumped them in front of the White House, protesting what they view as an inadequate climate plan from President Joe Biden.

The group defines Biden’s plan as “bulls***,” hence the, well … you know.

The activists showed off signs they likely made in their parent’s basement, some of which read: “Stop the bulls***,” and “Declare climate emergency now!”

Jane Recker, a staff writer at the Washingtonian, described the scene, noting that the cow manure was very real.

“Cow poop has been dumped in front of the White House to protest Biden’s ‘bulls***’ climate plan,” she tweeted. “And yes, it smells.”

Apr 23 05:31

Show us your Northeast Ohio April snow photos

Too late for an April Fools’ joke. Or is it?

LIVE Blog: Spring snow brings up to 4 inches for many with thousands of power outages

Many of those in NE Ohio woke up Wednesday morning to a few inches of snow.

It may look pretty (to some), but the weight of the wet stuff caused power outages and damage to trees.

Apr 22 07:18

AOC now blames ‘racial injustice’ for the climate crisis as she relaunches her Green New Deal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been mocked for claiming that climate change is a product of racial injustice, as she relaunched her controversial Green New Deal.

The New York congresswoman on Tuesday spoke in front of the Capitol to promote her plan, which set a series of ambitious targets such as eliminating U.S. greenhouse gas emissions within a decade and transitioning the economy away from fossil fuels.

Ocasio-Cortez said that climate change must be viewed through the lens of race.

‘The climate crisis is a crisis born of injustice, and it is a crisis born of the pursuit of profit at any and all human and ecological cost,’ she said.

Apr 22 06:17

China’s Xi to participate in Biden’s climate summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping will take part in President Joe Biden’s climate summit this week, the government announced Wednesday.

Xi will participate in the online event by video link from Beijing and “deliver an important speech,” the official Xinhua News Agency said.

China and the United States are the biggest emitters of climate-changing carbon pollution.

Xi said in December that China’s emissions would fall by 65% from 2005 levels by 2030.

Wednesday’s announcement gave no indication whether Xi might make additional commitments at this week’s meeting.

Apr 22 05:33

Scientific American to begin using term ‘climate emergency,’ says it ‘agreed with major news outlets worldwide’ to do so

Scientific American — the longtime publication that covers the “intersection of science and society” — announced Monday that it will begin using the term “climate emergency” in its coverage of climate change.

(Article by Dave Urbanski republished from

In publishing the op-ed “We Are Living in a Climate Emergency, and We’re Going to Say So,” senior editor Mark Fischetti called attention to the magazine’s decision, which insists that “this is a statement of science, not politics.”

A Scientific American tweet added that it “agreed with major news outlets worldwide” in enacting the “climate emergency” terminology:

Apr 22 05:31

The cost to YOU of Boris's green dream: To meet 80pc reduction on carbon emissions by 2035 we'll have to spend £10,000 upgrading our homes, drink three TEASPOONS of milk a day, eat meat just twice a week and barely fly once a year

Boris Johnson's plans to slash the UK's greenhouse emissions by nearly four-fifths in a decade sparked criticism today, as the PM was accused of 'shameless virtue signalling' and pursuing unreachable targets that would put the UK's economic recovery at risk.

The Prime Minister has described the target to reduce emissions by 78% on 1990 levels by 2035, which will be set in law under the Government's sixth carbon budget, as the most ambitious in the world.

It has been announced on the eve of a major US summit on Thursday where President Joe Biden is expected to set out a new US target for reducing emissions.

Apr 21 05:55

Kansas City weather: When will it stop snowing today, April 20?

The metro is in the middle of a wide band of snow in the metro, and the swirling flakes are sticking around for the entire morning. Let’s just be glad they aren’t sticking to the roads.

While it should remain snowing throughout this weather event, the amount of snow coming down depends on where the band is at. Within the larger band are two thinner bands of heavier precipitation, surrounded by lighter snowfall.

Apr 20 13:08

Outsiders Weather and Ice Age Watch: Record freezing temperatures felt across the globe

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They are actually predicting SNOW here tonight!

Apr 19 12:58

After lying about Trump, CNN preparing to gaslight country with fake news about “climate change”

Somewhere, our founders are looking at all of this and shaking their heads wondering why they put everything they had, especially their lives, on the line so the country could be ruined by feckless, soulless liars like the dirtbags who work at CNN.

Apr 19 06:32

Obama's Chief Energy Scientist Disputes The Climate-Change Propaganda-Peddlers

Please consider the Wall Street Journal report How a Physicist Became a Climate Truth Teller

Barack Obama is one of many who have declared an “epistemological crisis,” in which our society is losing its handle on something called truth.

Thus an interesting experiment will be his and other Democrats’ response to a book by Steven Koonin, who was chief scientist of the Obama Energy Department. Mr. Koonin argues not against current climate science but that what the media and politicians and activists say about climate science has drifted so far out of touch with the actual science as to be absurdly, demonstrably false.

Mr. Koonin is a Brooklyn-born math whiz and theoretical physicist, a product of New York’s selective Stuyvesant High School. He would teach at Caltech for nearly three decades, serving as provost in charge of setting the scientific agenda for one of the country’s premier scientific institutions. Along the way he opened himself to the world beyond the lab.

Apr 19 06:12

Weather Blog: Snow Likely Monday Night-Tuesday, Will it Stick?

There is an unusual amount of agreement in the data on this chance of snow Monday night and Tuesday. We know how it goes around here when there is a chance of snow. Something usually goes wrong even up to the last minute. So, this can still happen with this snow chance, but so far a problem getting snow is not showing up. We will be watching this closely.

Before we get into the forecast, how rare is snow in April? How about after April 19th?

It has snowed 40 times in April since 1888. The most snow occurred in 1983 on three separate dates, April 4 and 8-9.

Apr 19 05:41

China says onus on US in climate talks with envoy John Kerry

China said on Friday (April 16) the United States needed to take more responsibility on climate change but welcomed greater cooperation after a visit by envoy John Kerry, state media said.

The former secretary of state turned US climate emissary was the first official from President Joe Biden's administration to visit China, signalling hopes the two sides could work together on the global challenge despite sky-high tensions on multiple other fronts.

"China attaches importance to carrying out dialogue and cooperation on climate change with the US side," said Vice Premier Han Zheng, according to state news agency Xinhua.

"China welcomes the US return to the Paris agreement, and expects the US side to uphold the agreement, shoulder its due responsibilities and make due contributions," Han said after virtual talks with Kerry, who visited Shanghai where he met his Chinese counterpart.

Apr 19 05:03

Climate Change News: What The US, China Plan To Do About The Crisis

The U.S. and China, the world's two biggest polluters, announced Sunday that they will cooperate to combat climate change.

John Kerry, President Joe Biden's climate envoy, and Chinese climate envoy Xie Zhenhua agreed on this collaboration in Shanghai ahead of Biden's virtual climate summit this week.

"The United States and China are committed to cooperating with each other and with other countries to tackle the climate crisis, which must be addressed with the seriousness and urgency that it demands," read the joint statement.

The two sides have agreed to reduce their own national admissions, as well as to financially aid developing countries to switch to low-carbon energy. Another goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to keep global temperatures below 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

China's greenhouse gas emissions in 2016 accounted for 26% of total global emissions, while the U.S. accounted for 13%. The European Union was third at 7.8% and India was fourth at 6.7%.

Apr 18 08:21

US climate envoy John Kerry ends China trip with little to show

The window of opportunity is narrowing for climate cooperation between China and the United States, observers and environmentalists have warned, after a visit by Joe Biden’s special climate envoy appears to have yielded little result.

John Kerry wrapped up his visit to Shanghai on Saturday after spending the past two days in closed-door talks with his Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhu as the US sought China’s cooperation ahead of the US President’s climate summit next week.

The former secretary of state is the first senior figure in the Biden administration to visit China and the trip has been seen by many as a rare opportunity for the world’s top two carbon emitters to demonstrate they could still work together despite their escalating rivalry.

But neither side appeared to be keen to promote the closely watched trip with no public statement so far giving details of the visit or what has been discussed or achieved.

Apr 17 07:38

Snow in April? Parts of Massachusetts could get 6-plus inches

Don’t put away those shovels quite yet.

A mid-April storm is set to bring snow to parts of Massachusetts on Thursday night into Friday, with a possible 6-plus inches of the white stuff dropping on higher elevations in western parts of the state.

“Yes, we are anticipating some snow for mid-April,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Kristie Smith, who’s based in NWS Boston’s Norton office.

“It is unfortunately what we deal with here in New England,” she added. “People always think, ‘It’s April and we won’t see snow,’ but sometimes we get kicked in the heinie with snow.”

Apr 16 05:55

A 75-Year-Old Warning About Those Who Say ‘Listen To The Science’

The economist Ludwig von Mises once observed the problem with using scientific claims to shape the modern world. He suggested that in many cases people invoke science simply to tell people what they must do.

“The planners pretend that their plans are scientific and that there cannot be disagreement with regard to them among well-intentioned and decent people,” Mises wrote in his 1947 essay “Planned Chaos.”

Most people agree that science is a useful tool, and Mises was certainly one of them. The problem Mises was getting at was that science can’t actually tell us what we should do, which is the realm of subjective value judgments. Science can only tell us what is.

“[T]here is no such thing as a scientific ought,” Mises wrote, echoing a famous argument by David Hume. “Science is competent to establish what is.” (For a deeper dive on the is-ought problem, read Hume’s celebrated 1729 work, A Treatise on Human Nature.)

The economist continued: