Dec 07 08:23

Minneapolis: Somali Youths Film Themselves Invading Home, Beating And Tasing Woman And Her Mother

From Alpha News, "VIDEO: Mob invades apartment in Minneapolis, beats woman and her mother":

Shocking footage uploaded to social media Sunday night appears to show about a dozen youths forcing their way into an apartment to attack a woman and her mother.

Unconfirmed reports circulated on social media suggest that the young woman who was the target of this invasion and attack earned the ire of the mob by accusing a man who is friends with the mob of sexually assaulting her. It appears that the woman who was attacked leveled this accusation on TikTok, where both her and the man she named have a notable presence in the Minneapolis area.

The main video of the incident opens in an elevator as a group of Somali youths, some wearing face masks apparently to conceal their identity, approach their target. After a minor confrontation with a man walking in the apartment building’s hallway, the majority of the group stands back as two individuals knock on the targeted individual’s door.

Dec 07 08:19

Big Food says the ‘transition’ to the new world order food system is already well underway

A coalition of the World’s largest multi-national corporations is working to manipulate you into eating more “equitable” food though a business strategy designed to help major “food players” and other large businesses facilitate “the coming food systems transition.”

They plan to do so with the help of a new strategy that assesses the supposed morality of individual food items and uses that metric to make business decisions and levy performance reviews.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development calls itself “the premier global, CEO-led community of over 200 of the world’s leading sustainable businesses working collectively to accelerate the system transformations needed for a net zero, nature positive, and more equitable future.”

Dec 06 12:12

Ukraine warns EU about 5 million refugees

Ukraine’s defense minister has decided to raise the specter of one of the European Union’s major concerns – large scale migration – amid American-driven claims that Russia is planning an invasion of his country.

Alexey Reznikov, who took charge of Kiev's Defense Ministry in November, warns that up to five million of his country men and women could flee to the EU in the event of a full-scale war. A similar number are believed to have already left since 2014, about two million to Russia, and the rest to other European countries.

Writing for pro-NATO lobby group the Atlantic Council, Reznikov said there was “real uncertainty” about whether Brussels understood the impact a much-hyped large-scale Russian incursion into Ukraine would have on the whole of the continent.

Reznikov dedicated his article to explaining to EU leaders the potentially “disastrous consequences” of any conflict – one Russia has repeatedly said it has no intention of starting.

Dec 06 11:42

Joe Biden Abolishes 90 Percent of ICE’s Deportations

President Joe Biden has slashed the deportation of illegal migrants from 25 cities by roughly 90 percent, so helping business groups with a flood of desperate, low-wage workers.

Biden’s business giveaway was revealed by the Center for Immigration Studies, which also showed that Biden’s deputies have reduced by two-thirds the deportation of criminal migrants who threaten Americans and the nation’s growing population of illegal migrants.

Only 18,713 illegals were formally “removed” — deported — from 25 interior cities, such as Atlanta, Baltimore, and Miami, from January to July in 2021, according to the data from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. The 2021 removal number includes only 6,000 migrants convicted of serious crimes, such as MS-13 migrants.

Dec 06 11:12

Border Patrol prepares to punish non-compliant unvaccinated agents

Border Patrol agents who missed the vaccination deadline under the COVID-19 vaccine mandate will begin receiving letters of counseling to enforce compliance or begin the disciplinary process, including termination, according to information shared with The Monitor.

Administration officials were recently instructed on the process to bring employees who failed to meet the Department of Homeland Security’s deadline of Nov. 22.

Dec 06 08:02

Democrats Wield The Censure Weapon Against Immigration Patriots. Will Republicans Follow Suit?

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert might be the next Republican to lose her committee assignments. Her crime: joking that Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is a member of the “Jihad Squad.” Boebert apologized, but the Democrats apparently still plan to censure [Dems’ dicey decision: Punish Boebert or not?, by Rachel Bade, Politico, November 29, 2021].

Democrats have already censured two other Republicans—Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar—for similar minor offenses. While the vast majority of Republicans oppose the punishments, as the minority party, they’re powerless to stop them. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy vows retaliation if the GOP regains the majority. The obvious question: Are Republicans up to the challenge?

Dec 06 07:58

Minority Hospital Rapist Nathan Sutherland Sentenced To Only Ten Years For Raping, Impregnating Woman In "Vegetative State"

In 2019, a black male nurse, a Haitian immigrant, was found to have raped and impregnated a "non-verbal woman in a vegetative state" in Arizona. It was an interracial rape, and the only reason we know that is the victim being cared for was a member of the San Carlos Apache tribe, and the San Carlos Apache tribe is allowed to complain of the abuse of their tribal members.

He has finally been sentenced to ten years in jail:

A former Arizona nurse has been sentenced to a decade behind bars for sexually assaulting and impregnating a non-verbal woman in a vegetive state for whom he was supposed to be caring.

Nathan Dorceus Sutherland, 39, was sentenced n Thursday to 10 years of prison, 12 News in Phoenix reports. It comes three months after the former health care worker at Phoenix’s Hacienda Healthcare pleaded guilty to sexual assault and vulnerable adult abuse of a disabled care home patient; 10 years was the maximum punishment called for under his plea deal.

Dec 06 07:57

EXCLUSIVE: 100K Migrant ‘Got-Aways’ Since October, Says CBP Source

Border Patrol agents estimate more than 100,000 known migrant got-aways since the fiscal year began in October. A source operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, speaking on the condition of anonymity, says the agency recorded 47,500 got-a-ways during the month of October. That is followed by an additional 52,000 got-aways in November. The source believes the increase in November means more than 600,000 migrant got-aways will be recorded this fiscal year if the trend continues.

The source says the constant flow of migrants being apprehended along the southern border impedes the agency’s ability to adequately patrol miles of the border. The absence of routine patrols is driving the got-away numbers up as there are no available Border Patrol agents to respond to electronic sensors, camera activations, and unmanned aerial surveillance sightings. On average, more than 1,700 migrants avoided apprehension by the Border Patrol each day in November.

Dec 06 06:44

Poland's Beef With The EU Exposes The Dangers Of Political Centralization

Across the pond, Poland and the European Union find themselves deadlocked over a question about judicial primacy. In early October, Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal sparked controversy when it ruled that EU law does not supersede national legislation.

At stake in the EU-Poland legal dispute, was Poland’s decision in 2018 to rein in its judiciary and establish a disciplinary chamber to remove judges. Before these reforms were undertaken, the Polish judiciary was largely viewed as corrupt and inefficient, possessing vestigial features of the previous Communist order, when Poland was a member of the Warsaw Pact. What initially started out as a mundane domestic reform soon transformed into an international controversy.

Dec 06 06:42

Illegal Migrant Accused of Luring French Police Into Violent Ambush

An 18-year-old illegal migrant in the French city of Lille has appeared in court after being accused of luring police officers into a violent ambush.

The incident took place on October 27th and is said to have seen 18-year-old Malek B., who arrived in France in 2014 and is described as being in an irregular situation, allegedly call the police from his friend’s mobile phone to inform them that someone was in the middle of stealing the wheels from a car.

“There are three of them, they are masked, two wheels have already been stolen, and they are stealing the third!” the teen allegedly told the police, Actu reports.

After police arrived on the scene to find there was no car with its wheels removed, they were then set upon and violently attacked by four individuals.

Following the ambush, police traced the phone back to a young woman who had created the phone account for the teen.

Dec 06 06:37

Ferguson: Omicron Sounds The Death Knell For Globalization 2.0

“Somewhere out there,” I wrote here two weeks ago, “may lurk what I grimly call the ‘omega variant’ of SARS-CoV-2: vaccine-evading, even more contagious than delta, equally or more deadly. According to the medical scientists I read and talk to … the probability of this nightmare scenario is very low, but it is not zero.”

Indeed. Little did I know, but even as I wrote those words something that appears to fit this description was spreading rapidly in South Africa’s Gauteng province: not the omega variant, but the omicron variant.

As I write today, major uncertainties remain, but what we know so far is not good. People are emotionally predisposed to look on the bright side — we are all sick of this pandemic and want it to be over — so it pains me to write this. Nevertheless, I’ll stick to my policy of applying history to the best available data, even if it means telling you what you really don’t want to hear.

Dec 05 07:09

Germany: ‘Allahu Akbar’ Migrant Knifeman Threatened to Slaughter Children

An Eritrean migrant has been convicted of attacking two men with a knife while also threatening to kill children in the car park of a local shopping centre in the German city of Dresden.

Eritrean migrant Ismail M. approached a number of children said to be around 13-years-old at a car park of the Gorbitz Center in June and made a throat-slitting gesture while stating “I’ll slaughter you!”

The 26-year-old Eritrean was then confronted by a pair of Iraqis who noticed that he had been yelling at the children. One of the men, Muhamed Al M., told news website TAG24: “I came from work. Then we saw the man yelling at the children. We are there to protect the children.”

Achmut, the other Iraqi man involved in the incident, added: “He insulted our mothers, shouted insulting words and ‘Allahu Akbar’… At first he shouted in German. When he learned that we were Iraqis, he yelled at us in Arabic.”

Dec 05 07:00

Estonia and UK send troops to Poland to assist in border crisis

Troops from the United Kingdom and Estonia have deployed to Poland to help contend with a migrant border crisis with Russian ally Belarus, Polish officials said.

The situation, which NATO says is being orchestrated by the regime in Belarus to destabilize neighboring member states, is among an array of security problems allies are grappling with on the bloc’s eastern flank.

Pawel Soloch, head of Poland’s National Security Bureau, said Thursday that President Andrzej Duda had granted permission for British and Estonian forces to enter Poland.

“We thank [the UK and Estonia] for solidarity, political and military support,” Soloch said in a Twitter posting.

Dec 04 09:23

Staggering: Estimates Show This Many Illegals Crossed The Border Since March

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas law enforcement and soldiers stationed at the border under a state initiative since March have encountered over 165,000 people presumed to have illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border or are themselves smuggling people.

Lt. Chris Olivarez, Texas DPS’s South Region spokesman, reported during a press conference Thursday that his agency's troopers, along with National Guard soldiers, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department have apprehended and referred 165,000 people to relevant law enforcement for arrest over the past nine months alone.

The large majority were apprehended and referred to another agency, such as the U.S. Border Patrol, for arrest. The National Guard seized 84,000 of the 165,000.

Dec 04 07:25

The West's Fear That Dare Not Speak Its Name

With the drowning deaths of 27 migrants crossing the Channel from France to England, illegal migration from the Third World is front and center anew in European politics.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has proposed that France take back to its shores all migrants who cross the Channel illegally and come ashore in Britain.

In the run-up to French elections this April, a startling development suggests that resistance to illegal migration is spreading and the idea of dealing with it resolutely and unapologetically is taking root.

Marine Le Pen, president of the rightist National Rally, formerly the National Front, who is expected to reach the finals for president of France against Emmanuel Macron, is suddenly being challenged.

Dec 03 06:53

9,000 Haitians Expected to Reach Mexico in a Few Days on Their Way to US as Omicron Cases Continue to Surge in US

Over 9,000 Haitians are expected to reach Mexico in a few days. They are on their way to the US, of course.

They could be here in a couple weeks.

Dec 03 06:50

The U.S., the administration officials added, will expand the categories of migrants deemed to be too vulnerable to be sent to Mexico, including asylum-seekers with physical and mental health conditions, the elderly and members of the LGBTQ community.

So if someone says they're gay or trans, they don't have to remain in mexico... i can't see how this loophole will be taken advantage of

Dec 03 05:55

Concern over NATO military buildup near Belarusian border under pretext of migrant crisis

Information wars and hybrid wars are in full swing in the OSCE space already. Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei made the statement at a session of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Stockholm, Sweden on 2 December, BelTA has learned.

Vladimir Makei said: “NATO is rapidly building up military potential under the far-fetched pretext of the migration crisis at the European Union's border with Belarus. To wage war on whom? Water cannons with pepper gas, stun grenades flying from the West towards women and children, hounding, deadly beatings. Is it normal?”

Dec 03 05:49

How Migrant Surge At The Border Fuels Massive American OD's From Tiny Grains of This Killer Drug

On a September afternoon, Allyssia Solorio wondered why her energetic young brother hadn’t emerged from his bedroom in their Sacramento, Calif., home. When she opened his door, she saw 23-year-old Mikael leaning back on his bed with his legs dangling over the side. She rushed to her brother and shook him, but to no avail. He was dead. A counterfeit pharmaceutical pill laced with illicit fentanyl had killed him.

Mikael Tirado was one of an estimated 93,331 overdose fatalities in the United States last year – an all-time high. Nearly five times the murder rate, the deadly overdose toll was primarily caused by fentanyl, a highly lethal synthetic opioid. It’s manufactured mostly by Mexican cartels with ingredients imported from China, and then smuggled over the southwestern U.S. border. Fentanyl has been arriving in larger quantities each year since at least 2016.

Dec 02 07:19

Lukashenko Speaks on Migrant Crisis, Ukraine and Explains Why Belarus Needs S-400s

In an interview with RIA Novosti, the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, reflected on the impact of Western sanctions imposed on his country after the EU and the US refused to recognise his victory in the 2020 presidential election, also commenting on tensions between his country's closest neighbours - Russia and Ukraine.

Speaking about what his country has been doing to defend itself amid unstable and tense relations with the EU and NATO's reported plans for eastward expansion, Lukashenko mentioned what Minsk needs.

"Today we completely cover our borders with our air defence systems ... But in order to be effective against a missile attack, we need just the S-400, and maybe the S-500 [air defence systems]," Lukashenko said.

Dec 01 14:40

'That's A Different Issue': Fauci Stumbles After Reporter Asks If New Covid Restrictions For 'All' Travelers Will Apply to Illegals

The Biden regime's insane new covid restrictions for "all" travelers will not apply to illegal aliens, White House Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci confirmed on Tuesday after being caught off guard by a Fox News reporter.

Dec 01 10:51

Belarusian President Lukashenko Threatens To Halt Transit Of Energy Products From Russia

As if the energy sector needed any more volatility than it's already experiencing, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has thrown his hat in the ring by commenting this week that he could shut down transit of energy products if Poland closes its border with his country.

The border is currently turning into a point of contention between the European Union and Lukashenko. Thousands of migrants are stuck in the middle of the border and at least 11 have died, according to the Wall Street Journal. The migrants are seeking refuge and to move further into Europe. The EU has blamed Lukashenko for using the migrants as "pawns", while Lukashenko attests that something should be done about the humanitarian crisis.

Lukashenko has now escalated tensions over the crisis by indicating he is "serious" about halting energy products from Russia.

Dec 01 07:20

Michelle Malkin: There Is No Vetting

Back in August, as the Biden administration prepared to dump 82,000-plus Afghan refugees onto U.S. soil, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security assured Americans that it was "working around the clock to conduct the security screening and vetting of vulnerable Afghans before they are permitted entry into the United States" and taking "multiple steps to ensure that those seeking entry do not pose a national security or public safety risk."

We were told that "the rigorous screening and vetting process, which is multi-layered and ongoing, involves biometric and biographic screenings conducted by intelligence, law enforcement, and counterterrorism professionals from DHS and DOD, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), and additional intelligence community partners."

Nov 30 06:59

Belarusian leader accuses Lithuania of dumping dead migrants

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Monday accused Lithuanian authorities of dumping the bodies of migrants on the border between the two countries — a claim rejected by Lithuania amid soaring border tensions between Belarus and its European Union neighbors.

Lukashenko also warned that his country will stand squarely behind its ally Russia if the Ukrainian authorities launch an offensive against Moscow-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine. He tried to cast the tensions over migrants as part of a purported Western plot against Belarus and Russia.

Lukashenko said at a meeting with his top military brass that Belarusian border guards found the bodies of two migrants left on the border over the weekend.

“They put a dead body, or, probably, a person who is still alive, in a sleeping bag and toss it on the border,” Lukashenko exclaimed. “What an abomination!”

Nov 30 06:50

Migrant Camp Reportedly Being Torn Down by French Police Amid Simmering UK-France Channel Row

Illegal migrant crossings by boat from France via the English Channel have been an increasingly acute source of friction, as London officials deplore that not enough is being done by Paris to stop the boats, while the French side says Britain should offer more help in managing asylum seekers and stopping traffickers.

A makeshift camp flanking a disused railway line near the northern French port of Dunkirk that has been housing scores of migrants was being dismantled by police on Tuesday, reported Reuters. Armed officers reportedly entered the camp, followed by workers wearing protective suits, and began tearing down tents and plastic shelters.

According to a charity worker, evictions are regularly taking place, with migrants being taken to holding centres and advised to file for asylum. Large numbers of these migrants are apparently returning to France's northern coast.

Nov 30 06:37

THE FULFORD FILE: The Great Replacement—Not One WASP Male On NYC Commission That Voted To Remove Jefferson Statue

The statue of Thomas Jefferson that has been in the New York City Hall for 187 years (it was a gift of Jewish naval officer Uriah Phillips Levy, a fan of Jefferson's views on religious liberty, in 1834) was removed recently.

It was removed at the request of Black, Latino and Asian Caucus cochair I. Daneek Miller (D-Queens), the lone practicing Muslim on New York City Council, who said he wanted the statue gone because "it doesn’t represent contemporary values."

Nov 29 09:52

New York City could soon allow more than 800,000 non-citizens to vote in citywide elections

New York state and New York City are cases in point: There, Democrats command a supermajority and they wield their power in authoritarian ways because that is the nature of their politics, as evidenced by economically stifling pandemic lockdowns, unconstitutional vaccine mandates, and now, a new executive order from Gov. Kathy Hochul that declared a ‘state of emergency’ over the COVID-19 omicron variant even though there has been no sign of it in the state yet. -- And here’s another way Democrats wield permanent power: By changing the rules of the electoral process in order to ensure victory, as the Big Apple is poised to do.

Nov 29 07:32

Exclusive: Lukashenko Using Migrants as ‘Siege’ Weapons to ‘Save His Skin’, Says Lithuanian MP

Belarussian dictator Alexander Lukashenko is an illegitimate leader who is attempting to cling on to power through using migrants as “siege” weapons against Europe to “save his skin”, a Lithuanian MP has told Breitbart News.

Lukashenko, a former Soviet farm boss, who has been in control of Belarus since 1994, has seen his leadership thrown into doubt after mass protests were held throughout the country following last year’s election, which was widely believed to have been rigged in favour of the iron-fisted authoritarian.

Nov 29 07:31

Half of French Believe in Demographic Shift ‘Great Replacement’ Theory

A survey released this week has revealed that half of the French public believe in the “Great Replacement” theory and that elites in politics and business are attempting to replace the native population of France.

The Ifop survey, which asked a number of questions regarding immigration and topics such as Islamisation, found that 50 per cent of the French believe in the Great Replacement, a theory coined by French writer Renaud Camus to describe the demographic replacement of native peoples by mass migration.

Nearly seven in ten of the respondents to the survey, or 69 per cent, stated they believed there were “too many” immigrants in France, while 62 per cent said that immigration was the primary reason for insecurity issues in the country, French news magazine L’Obs reports.

Nov 29 06:40

Luongo: Being Thankful Is The Path To Victory Over Davos

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It is the one day where we celebrate putting aside our differences and doing the most basic thing humans can do together, share a meal.

It is also the one holiday that does nothing to aggrandize The State in all its rotten guises. For that alone it would be my personal favorite. Ultimately this is just a story about two very different people coming together to share the fruits of the harvest and the hunt to begin the long and difficult process of building trust.

Nov 28 08:03

United Nations Is Handing Out $800 Debit Cards to Illegal Migrant Families in Mexico Heading to US

Todd Bensman, a Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies recently traveled to Mexico where he is reporting on the tens of thousands of illegal aliens heading to the open US Southern Border.

In Reynosa, Mexico, at a migrant camp, Bensman witnessed the United Nations IOM handing out free debit cards to aspiring US border crossers.

Nov 28 07:10

Mexican Authorities List Conditions To Reboot "Remain In Mexico" Program

Mexican authorities have laid out a series of conditions for reviving the “Remain in Mexico” program, the Trump-era framework under which asylum-seekers were returned to Mexico to await the processing of their claims, with the development coming in context of the Biden administration’s plans to reinstate the policy following a court order.

Mexico’s Foreign Ministry said in a Nov. 26 announcement that talks have “intensified” with the United States on rebooting the program, known as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), but that Mexican authorities are waiting for a formal response from the Biden administration on a number of concerns.

Nov 28 07:08

Biden 'Forgets' To Close The Southern Border Against 'Omicron' Variant

Much has been made of the news that Joe Biden has shut the door to eight countries over the new 'omicron' COVID variant. AT deputy editor Andrea Widburg has an excellent piece today on that here.

Some of the implications, of course, are vaguely comical. Biden's White House medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the so-called "expert" and voice of "science" he touted was last seen recommending against the closure of air travel.

Joe, of course, did it anyway, signaling that Fauci's expertise to him is all about what's politically useful and, apparently, this wasn't.

After all, country after country was shutting its air travel from countries where that variant is present. According to Axios:

Countries across Europe and Asia are rushing through new travel restrictions in response to a new COVID variant identified by scientists in South Africa.

Nov 28 06:51

Calais People Smugglers Net £58 Million From Trafficking Channel Migrants This Year

The price to cross the English Channel varies according to the network of smugglers, between 3,000 and 7,000 euros (£2,500/$3,380 and £6,000/$8,000) though there are rumors of discounts.

Often, the fee also includes a very short-term tent rental in the windy dunes of northern France and food cooked over fires that sputter in the rain that falls for more than half the month of November in the Calais region. Sometimes, but not always, it includes a life vest and fuel for the outboard motor.

And the people who collect the money – up to 300,000 euros (£324,000/$432,000) per boat that makes it across the narrows of the Channel – are not the ones arrested in the periodic raids along the coastline. They are just what French police call “the little hands.”

Nov 27 10:02

Trump Had It Right, And Now Biden Administration Scrambling To Spin It Differently

The Biden administration is planning to quickly restore the Trump-era "Remain in Mexico" policy that demands asylum seekers at the U.S. southern border to remain in Mexico until their cases are reviewed.

"As we have previously stated, we are required by court order to reimplement MPP," a DHS spokesperson announced in a statement, according to Fox News, referring to Migrant Protection Protocols.

"In compliance with the court order, we are working to reimplement MPP as promptly as possible. We cannot do so until we have an independent agreement from the government of Mexico to accept those we seek to enroll in MPP. We will communicate to the court and to the public the timing of reimplementation when we are prepared to do so," the spokesperson went on.

Nov 27 09:19

Lithuania Says It May Close Belarus Border Crossings Over Migrant Smuggling

Lithuania may close border crossing points with Belarus if migrants continue to be smuggled into its territory on trucks, Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite said on Friday.

"We have decided to increase checks on vehicles crossing into Lithuania. If we see this trend increasing, we will be very seriously considering closing border crossing points with Belarus," she said during a visit near the border.

Four Iraqi migrants were found hiding in a consignment of peat in a Belarusian-registered truck at the Medininkai crossing on Thursday afternoon. The Lithuanian border guard service said Belarus had refused to take them back.

The European Union has accused Belarus of flying in thousands of people from the Middle East and pushing them to cross into the bloc in retaliation for EU sanctions imposed over President Alexander Lukashenko's crushing of protests against his disputed re-election last year. Belarus denies this.

Nov 27 08:33

Europe Under Attack: Polish Border Guards Again Defend Border From Belarus-Backed Migrants

Poland remains under sustained attack from the Belarus side of its eastern border, with a group of at least 200 migrants making an attempt to storm the nation Wednesday night, according to Polish border guards as tensions continue to build.

Polish border guards stated that the group of 200 or so migrants made an attempt to storm the border on the evening of November 24th near the village of Czeremcha, just over an hour drive from the Belarusian city of Brest.

Border Guard spokeswoman Anna Michalska commented on the incident, telling news agency Reuters, “They were trying to break through the border, attacking the border,” and added, “They were throwing branches and stones and the attempt was stopped by our officers.”

Nov 27 07:54

Due to the Seriousness of the New Omicron COVID Variant the Biden Admin Has Decided to Leave the US Southern Border Completely Open

The “Omicron” variant of COVID arrived just in time to ruin Christmas. (Who didn’t see this coming?) The variant with “more mutations than you shake a spike protein at” was first identified in Botswana and quickly became the most prevalent variant in South Africa.

The news of the Omicron variant shook the world. Joe Biden immediately banned travel from 8 countries in southern Africa.

In fact, the Biden administration was so shaken by the news that they decided to completely leave open the US Southern border with Mexico.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This alone tells you the Omicron variant is a mere marketing ploy!

Nov 27 07:51

David Brooks on Minoritarianism

It might be most accurate to say that America is now a place of jostling minorities. The crucial questions become: How do people think about their minority group identity and how do they regard the relationships between minorities?

Historically, to riff on another Sacks observation, there have been at least four different minority mind-sets:

First, assimilation. …

Second, separatism. …

Third, combat. People who take this approach see life as essentially a struggle between oppressor and oppressed groups. Bigotry is so baked in that there’s no realistic hope of integration. The battle must be fought against the groups that despise us and whose values are alien to us. In fact, this battle gives life purpose.

Fourth, integration without assimilation. …

Nov 27 07:49

The Calais crisis can’t be solved

On Wednesday afternoon at about 2pm, a long, narrow inflatable boat, designed for calm lakes or quiet rivers, sank ten miles off the coast of France. The craft, supposed to carry half a dozen people, was transporting as many as 50 asylum-seekers — mostly Iraqi or Iranian Kurds, people of the mountains and the desert.

The boat was heading vaguely north-west towards the English coast, crossing one of the busiest and most treacherous seaways in the world. The sea was calm; the weather fine but very cold.

French coast-guards believe that this strange craft — like a child’s trike on a motorway — was either run down or overwhelmed by the wake of a freighter about one hour after leaving a beach near Dunkirk. There were 27 bodies recovered from the sea, including 17 men, seven women and three teenagers. One of the drowned women was pregnant. Two men were rescued. At least another 20 people may have drowned.

Nov 26 09:40

Biden To Reinstate ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy After Supreme Court Upheld Trump-Era Rule

oe Biden is reportedly planning to reinstate 45th president’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy after around 2 million illegal aliens breached the U.S. border this year. According to reports Thursday, Biden plans to restore Donald Trump’s policy “as promptly as possible.” Biden’s officials also said illegal migrants will have a chance to take the COVID-19 vaccine before being returned to Mexico.

This move comes after the ‘Remain in Mexico’ was upheld by the Supreme Court earlier this year while ruling that the Biden administration violated federal law by trying to end the Trump-era program. Republican lawmakers have repeatedly demanded the policy be reinstated.

Nov 26 08:22

Why The Border Is Such A Problem For Biden... And America

The Biden administration is drowning on issue after issue, and many of the bubbles are coming from the Rio Grande River. The problem, which dare not speak its name, is illegal immigration. The administration, its political party, and the mainstream media refuse to say the very word “illegal.” For a while, they called it “undocumented,” pretending the migrants somehow forgot their papers in the top dresser drawer in Guatemala or Haiti. Now, even that bland phrase is deemed too clear and honest. The new woke term is “irregular immigration.” Anything to minimize the problem, sway public opinion, and avoid plain talk.

The obfuscation goes much further than a few phrases.

Nov 26 07:34

'Go through. Go,' Lukashenko tells migrants at Polish border

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko told migrants stranded at the border with Poland on Friday that his country would help them to return home if they wanted but would not force them.

Thousands of migrants are stuck on the European Union's eastern frontier, in what the EU says is a crisis Minsk engineered by distributing Belarusian visas in the Middle East, flying them in and pushing them across the border.

But Lukashenko said it was the EU that deliberately provoked a humanitarian crisis that needed to be resolved and he told the migrants he would not play politics with their fate.

In his first public appearance at the border since the start of the crisis, Lukashenko met migrants at a warehouse turned into shelter and told them they were free to head west or go home as they chose.

Nov 26 07:33

Joe Biden’s BBB Will Fund Cartels’ Child-Smuggling

President Joe Biden’s $1.7 trillion Build Back Better (BBB) bill would allow cartels to get taxpayer funds for smuggling more foreign children and youths into U.S. schools, neighborhoods, and jobs, say GOP sources.

The plan, which is soon to be debated in the Senate, offers up to $3,600 per year to the guardians of all children — including imported children who have no Social Security number.

“There’s also a provision in there for a tax credit for illegal aliens who have children that are in the U.S.,” former border patrol chief Mark Morgan told He continued:

Think about that: You can illegally enter our borders as a family, and then you’re going to be rewarded by being paid to have your kid here illegally.

Nov 26 07:32

EU’s Beleaguered Immigration Policies Will Be the Sword Which It Falls on

The Belarus border is just the most recent in a long list of examples how Brussels cannot fight back countries who use refugees as a weapon against the EU’s failed hegemony

For many erudite commentators who know the EU well, the scenes on the Poland-Belarus border felt a bit ‘déjà vu’. Once again, the EU’s failed policies when tackling immigration flows — which in many cases are as a direct result of propping up dictators or for dabbling in geopolitics — comes right back and smacks Brussels in the face. Perhaps Belarus is using Syrian refugees as a tool to hit back at Brussels and its bellicose sanctions-based so-called foreign policy. For journalists and analysts who lead with this argument, we can assume that many will be supporters of the EU project itself and are unable to see a bigger picture.

Nov 25 09:08

Migrants at Belarus-Poland Border Protest, Demand EU to Make Decision

Migrants at the Belarusian-Polish border are holding a protest on Thursday and demanding from the EU to make a decision on their status, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

Migrants say that they want to live in a peaceful and stable country and say they came to Europe not for economic reasons.

This comes as thousands of migrants from the Middle East, mostly Iraqi Kurds, have been staying on the Belarusian-Polish border for more than two weeks already, unable to enter the EU since Warsaw refuses them entry. When some of the migrants attempted to storm the Polish border, they were pushed back by Polish forces, who used water cannons and tear gas.

Nov 25 08:55

1500 Migrants Apprehended in West Texas Border Sector over Weekend

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 1,500 migrants over the past weekend. Officials say many of the large groups are making the dangerous river crossing at night.

Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Jason Owens tweeted an image of a large group of migrants apprehended by Eagle Pass Station Border Patrol agents over the past weekend.

“Eagle Pass Station continues to feel the strain of an influx of migrants looking to surrender to agents,” Owens said in the tweet. “Some large groups are now crossing at night, greatly increasing the danger they face from the swift river water.”

Also over the weekend, Del Rio Sector agents found two small children abandoned by human smugglers along the U.S. bank of the Rio Grande, Breitbart Texas reported.

Nov 25 08:53

Hybrid Warfare: Poland Predicts Long, Drawn Out Belarus Border Crisis

Polish government official Stanis?aw ?aryn has predicted that the migrant crisis on the border with Belarus may last for a long time, adding that the conflict may be a “cynical ploy” orchestrated by Belarusian services facilitating the incursion attempts “to exhaust our soldiers and officers”.

Mr ?aryn, the spokesman for the Minister-Coordinator of Special Services, part of the National Security Department of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, spoke out on the ongoing crisis in which thousands of migrants have camped along the border and tried to illegally cross from Belarus in recent weeks.

Nov 25 08:38

Mistrial Declared In Case Of Accused Illegal Alien Serial Killer After Single Juror Refuses to Convict

The sole holdout juror "didn't even go back to [look at the evidence]," a family member of one the victims told local media. "She had her mind made up before she walked in."

From Breitbart, "'Hopelessly Deadlocked' 11-to-1 Jury Spurs Mistrial for Accused Illegal Alien Serial Killer":

A mistrial was declared in the murder trial of 48-year-old illegal alien Billy Chemirmir, accused of murdering 24 elderly Americans across Collin County and Dallas County, Texas, as the jury remained "hopelessly deadlocked" 11-to-1.

As Breitbart News has reported for years, Chemirmir, an illegal alien from Kenya who later secured a green card, is accused of murdering 24 elderly Americans in Texas from April 2016 to 2018.

Nov 24 13:47

‘Hopelessly Deadlocked’ 11-to-1 Jury Spurs Mistrial for Accused Illegal Alien Serial Killer

A mistrial was declared in the murder trial of 48-year-old illegal alien Billy Chemirmir, accused of murdering 24 elderly Americans across Collin County and Dallas County, Texas, as the jury remained “hopelessly deadlocked” 11-to-1.

As Breitbart News has reported for years, Chemirmir, an illegal alien from Kenya who later secured a green card, is accused of murdering 24 elderly Americans in Texas from April 2016 to 2018.

Dallas County, Texas, prosecutors started the first of two trials against Chemirmir, where they sought a life sentence, detailing evidence that included testimony from 91-year-old Mary Bartel who alleges Chemirmir attempted to murder and rob her as he allegedly did with all of his victims.

Prosecutors told the 12-person jury that Chemirmir would break into a victims’ residence, smother them with a pillow until they were dead, steal their belongings and then sell their belongings online.

Nov 23 13:17

As Biden Fails Southern Border, Texas Troopers Becoming Overwhelmed

Texas state troopers deployed to the border in remote West Texas to work as backup to the overstretched Border Patrol are overwhelmed, reacting to the growing number of illegal migrants who attempt to get past them.

Since March, the Texas Department of Public Safety has rerouted over 1,000 officers from their normal duties to the border when the number of people illegally passing from Mexico into the United States started to spike across the state. West Texas, usually the most peaceful place along the state's 1,250-mile shared border with Mexico, is being flooded with groups of people crossing, all of whom are attempting to avoid capture, law enforcement told the Washington Examiner.

Nov 23 10:00

How The Migrant Surge At The Border Fuels Massive American OD’s From Tiny Grains Of This Killer Drug

On a September afternoon, Allyssia Solorio wondered why her energetic young brother hadn’t emerged from his bedroom in their Sacramento, Calif., home. When she opened his door, she saw 23-year-old Mikael leaning back on his bed with his legs dangling over the side.

She rushed to her brother and shook him, but to no avail. He was dead. A counterfeit pharmaceutical pill laced with illicit fentanyl had killed him.

Mikael Tirado was one of an estimated 93,331 overdose fatalities in the United States last year – an all-time high. Nearly five times the murder rate, the deadly overdose toll was primarily caused by fentanyl, a highly lethal synthetic opioid.

Nov 23 08:17

CJ Hopkins: Pathologized Totalitarianism 101

So, GloboCap has crossed the Rubicon.

The final phase of its transformation of society into a pathologized-totalitarian dystopia, where mandatory genetic-therapy injections and digital compliance papers are commonplace, is now officially underway.

On November 19, 2021, the government of New Normal Austria decreed that, as of February, experimental mRNA injections will be mandatory for the entire population. This decree comes in the midst of Austria’s official persecution of “the Unvaccinated,” i.e., political dissidents and other persons of conscience who refuse to convert to the new official ideology and submit to a series of mRNA injections, purportedly to combat a virus that causes mild-to-moderate flu-like symptoms (or no symptoms of any kind at all) in about 95% of the infected and the overall infection fatality rate of which is approximately 0.1% to 0.5%.

Nov 23 08:16

Texas AG Accuses Biden Admin Of Creating Border Crisis As Large Migrant Caravan Approaches

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has accused the Biden administration of not following federal laws and “inviting” illegal migrants by changing policies meant to discourage them from entering the country.

Paxton’s comments come as a migrant caravan with almost 3,000 Haitians and Central Americans reportedly departed Tapachula, Mexico late last week and were heading towards the southern border, according to Mexican news reports and social media.

Speaking to Fox News Live, Paxton described the situation as “deja-vu.”

“The Biden administration is not doing what they need to do to stop this. As a matter of fact, they’re inviting it,” he said.

“The border patrol is frustrated with having to deal with logistics and handling these families.”

Paxton said border agents are risking their lives but “are not encouraged to do their jobs … or protect the border. They’re not allowed to have the resources that they need.”

Nov 23 08:03

Lukashenko assails EU for refusing to hold talks on migrants

The authoritarian leader of Belarus on Monday sharply criticized the European Union for its refusal to hold talks on the influx of migrants on the country’s border with Poland.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko urged Germany to accommodate about 2,000 migrants who had remained on the border with Poland and slammed EU officials for refusing to negotiate an end to the standoff.

“We must demand that the Germans take them,” Lukashenko said at a meeting with officials.

He charged that German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised him that the EU will deal with the issue when they spoke by phone this month.

“I’m still waiting for the EU to give us a response about 2,000 refugees,” Lukashenko said. “They haven’t even contacted us.”

Nov 22 08:55

'Oh, By The Way, Here's A Photo Of The Biden Cages': Cruz Confronts Mayorkas With Pic During Hearing

Nov 22 08:05

Deportation orders from immigration judges plummet under Biden

The Biden administration’s more lenient approach to illegal immigration is now showing up in the nation’s immigration courts, where over the final three months of the last fiscal year, judges issued deportation directives in less than a third of cases.

That’s down dramatically compared to 2019 and 2020, under the Trump administration, when 80% of cases resulted in either removal orders or grants of voluntary departure.

Department officials said the numbers are the result of the administration’s push to expand the reach of “prosecutorial discretion,” cutting thousands of migrants loose, even though judges did not rule in their favor. Instead, cooperation between Homeland Security’s lawyers and the migrants has resulted in record rates of cases being dismissed or terminated, which amounts to a tacit OK for those migrants to remain illegally in the country.

Nov 22 07:55

EU's Beleaguered Immigration Policies Will Be The Sword On Which It Falls

The Belarus border is just the most recent in a long list of examples how Brussels cannot fight back countries who use refugees as a weapon against the EU’s failed hegemony...

For many erudite commentators who know the EU well, the scenes on the Poland-Belarus border felt a bit ‘déjà vu’.

Once again, the EU’s failed policies when tackling immigration flows — which in many cases are as a direct result of propping up dictators or for dabbling in geopolitics — comes right back and smacks Brussels in the face. Perhaps Belarus is using Syrian refugees as a tool to hit back at Brussels and its bellicose sanctions-based so-called foreign policy. For journalists and analysts who lead with this argument, we can assume that many will be supporters of the EU project itself and are unable to see a bigger picture.

Nov 22 07:25

Poland says Belarus still bringing migrants to its border

Poland has accused Belarus of continuing to ferry migrants to its border despite clearing camps close to the frontier earlier this week, as the country’s prime minister started a tour of Baltic states to seek support in the crisis.

The European Union has accused Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of deliberately attempting to flood the bloc with migrants and refugees in retaliation for sanctions against the country as well as the EU’s refusal to recognise Lukashenko’s legitimacy after a disputed presidential election last year.

Nov 22 07:25

Distraught Yazidi genocide survivors return from Belarus to Kurdistan

Around 430 would-be migrants arrived in the cities of Erbil and Baghdad in Iraq on Thursday evening, some covering their faces as their arrival was met by dozens of journalists at the Erbil International Airport (EIA).

Among them were mentally distraught Yazidi genocide survivors, who had been living in displacement camps in Iraqi Kurdistan before making their way to Europe.

An estimated 4,000 people were stuck on the Belarus-Poland border for weeks while attempting to cross into the European Union, until Minsk, in coordination with Iraqi authorities, moved to return a number of them.

Nov 22 07:10

Poland Blames Lukashenko for 'Greatest Attempt to Destabilise Europe in 30 Years'

Hundreds of mostly Middle Eastern and African migrants have been amassing along the Belarusian border with Poland for weeks in an attempt to make it into the EU. Warsaw accuses Minsk of encouraging migrants to cross into the bloc via Belarus, something Belarusian authorities reject.

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has accused Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of launching "a hybrid war against the EU" amid the ongoing migrant crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border.

"This is the greatest attempt to destabilise Europe in 30 years", Morawiecki tweeted on Sunday, pledging that Poland would "not yield to blackmail" and would "do everything to defend the EU's borders".

Nov 21 11:28

Hidden on page 1,647 of Biden’s huge spending bill is a plan allowing illegals to get billions of dollars

It has already been quite a fight for the Biden administration to get Democrats to back the $1.75 trillion bill. There was disagreement over the timing of the bill and its relation to the rest of the president’s Build Back Better plan. -- But now the discovery of a provision, tucked on page 1647, may cause even more disagreement over the legislation. -- The provision would end the requirement of a Social Security number in order to get child tax credits. This would mean that billions of dollars could be doled out in child tax to credit to just about anyone. Illegal immigrants would be able to claim child tax credits with this new provision.

Nov 20 07:27

Live Updates: Putin, Lukashenko Voice Concern Over Poland's 'Brutal' Actions on Border

Since July, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland have reported an increase in the number of illegal migrants arriving on their borders with Belarus and accused Minsk of encouraging refugees to cross into the EU.

The situation on the Belarus-Poland border remains tense, as migrants gathering in Belarus tried to get into the EU earlier this week. The refugees were dispersed by polish border guards using water cannons and tear gas as they tried to cross the fence and enter the country.

Nov 20 07:26

Polish Defence Minister Reports Continued Attempts by Migrants to Storm Border Overnight

Migrants continued trying to storm the Belarusian-Polish border overnight into Saturday, Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said.

"There were attacks on the Polish border. Now, migrants use slightly different methods. Smaller groups of people try to force the border in multiple spots", Blaszczak told the Polish radio station RMF FM, noting that the last night was "no different from previous days and nights".

Nov 20 06:38

Ukraine Must Have 2,500 Km Border Fence With Belarus and Russia, Minister Says

Ukraine should set aside money in next year's budget to build a more than 2,500 km (1,550 mile) fence on its borders with Belarus and Russia to prevent a possible influx of illegal migrants, Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskiy said on Friday.

Monastyrskiy said Ukraine planned new military exercises in the next two weeks to prepare in case migrants tried to cross the border illegally. Ukraine is wary of becoming a new flashpoint in the migrant crisis on Belarus's borders with the European Union, which Kyiv accuses Russia of instigating.

"Our key task is to restrain and stop a possible massive flow of illegal migrants," Monastyrskiy told parliament.

Nov 19 15:18

Biden Admin. Working With Non-Profits to Provide Illegals w/ Concierge Travel Service, First-Class Hotels and Airfare

Not only has it been reported that President Joe Biden wants to pay millions of dollars to immigrants who were separated from their families while illegally entering the country, now also comes news that nonprofits working with the Biden administration have been working as virtual concierges and travel agents to help illegal immigrants make their way to the destination of their choice in America.

Nov 19 08:37

Puppetmasters prefer perverts

Kill your employees or go out of business. That was President Biden’s plandemic plan before the courts stepped in. His irrational idea offered a foolproof remedy for Americans’ foolish fondness for freedom. Jab them to death or starve them to death! That's the level to which America has fallen. And the trap into which Americans — totally blind to their own learned helplessness — have walked.

So what choice is there for otherwise good natured but oppressed citizens but to revolt against this diabolical tyranny. Ah, but that has been the plan all along.

Create leaders so pathologically dysfunctional, so ridiculously inarticulate, so offensively nonsensical that so-called rational citizens (i.e., people who think they’re actually rational, but who don’t realize they’ve been duped all their lives) have no alternative but to rise up and sack the corrupt demagogues who continue to demonstrate their malevolent worthlessness with one catastrophic misstep after another!

Nov 19 08:25

The SMALLPOX BIOWAR – globalists prepare “perfect” scheme to cover up vaccine deaths and cancel mid-term elections by unleashing a new, deadly epidemic

The good news is that the Biden vaccine mandate is almost certainly going to be struck down by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. This will hand Biden a crushing defeat of his attempted agenda to mass exterminate the American people via “vaccine” bioweapons.

The bad news is that once the vaccine mandate is struck down, globalists will be forced to resort to their next devastating strategy to achieve their goals of genocide and depopulation. It looks like their next weapon is going to be Marburg, Ebola or Smallpox.

Smallpox is the most likely choice because it is extremely contagious and almost no one has immunity against it. Bill Gates has repeatedly warned — with a creepy grin — that America should be ready for a smallpox terrorism attack targeting US airports. When Bill Gates warns about something like this, it’s usually because globalists are planning to carry it out.

Nov 19 08:23

NATIONAL DATA: October Jobs—Displacement Soars As Immigrants Take ALL New Jobs; Year-Over-Year Immigrant Workforce Growth, Hits Another Biden-Era Record

"America is getting back to work. Our economy is starting to work for more Americans," Joe Biden claimed after the October jobs data showed payrolls surging by 531,000 in October, their biggest jump since July [Biden says his plans are working after October jobs report beats expectations, by Kate Sullivan, CNN, November 5, 2021].

What he didn’t say (and probably didn’t know, given endemic Ruling Class ignorance of the immigration dimension): foreign-born workers—not “Americans”—garnered all the October job gains

Although payrolls have grown every month so far in 2021, they are still more than 4 million short of pre-pandemic levels. And while the “other” employment survey, of households rather than businesses, also reported robust job growth—a total gain of 359,000—our analysis indicates that immigrants (legal and illegal, the data does not distinguish) took all October’s employment increase:

Nov 19 08:08

Davos Billionaires Want to Save the Planet… “The Repackaging of Eugenics”

For the time being, the world’s developing sector is generally not going to accept being sacrificed on the altar of a new Gaia cult managed by a priesthood of Davos billionaires.

A miracle appears to be happening, as the multibillionaires of the World Economic Forum (WEF) appear to have grown consciences.

As if by magic, it appears that these gold collar elites no longer yearn for profit and power as they once had. As COP26 closes up its 12 day annual ceremonies, leading WEF-connected figures like Prince Charles, Jeff Bezos, Mario Draghi, Mark Carney and Klaus Schwab have announced a new system of economics that is based on virtue over profit!

According to the COP26 website,

“95 high profile companies from a range of sectors commit to being ‘Nature Positive,’ agreeing to work towards halting and reversing the decline of nature by 2030.”

Nov 19 08:02

Why Is Immigrant Mass Murderer Billy Chemirmir's Trial Getting So Much Less Coverage Than Kyle Rittenhouse's?

John Binder, writing at Breitbart has a very good report on the opening day of the Texas murder trial I told you about here:

Binder addresses Chemirmir’s immigration status. I wonder if the sensational case will be mentioned by any other national outlets.

It would be so helpful if readers spread the news of this horrific case far and wide!

Nov 19 07:26

White House Says Border Crisis ‘Not a Real Focus’ at Summit with Mexico and Canada

The White House said President Joe Biden would not focus on the border crisis during the North American Leaders’ Summit on Thursday.

“There’s not a real focus, this time around, on our borders,” a senior White House official told reporters during a press briefing call previewing the summit.

The North American Leaders’ Summit, also known as the “Three Amigos” summit, will be hosted at the White House as Biden will meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The White House official was asked about whether Biden would address the possibility of reactivating the Remain in Mexico to help stem the flow of migrants coming into the United States.

Nov 19 07:20

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Texas Army National Guard Preps for Migrant Caravan with Riot Drills near Border

Texas Army National Guard soldiers conducted aerial deployment exercises along the U.S. bank of the Rio Grande Wednesday. The soldiers arrived and deployed via heavy lift helicopters to a recently erected makeshift border wall fashioned from recycled shipping containers. The drills are conducted as part of Operation Lone Star.

The soldiers could be seen disembarking from several CH-47 helicopters and moving toward the border behind the makeshift wall. Black Hawk helicopters also flew overhead. The Black Hawks are designed to provide fire suppression when supporting ground troops.

With Mexico in the backdrop, the riot gear-equipped soldiers formed line and wedge formations and moved strategically behind the barriers.

Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers can be seen fortifying the border wall with patrol vehicles.

The soldiers installed razor wire along the river’s edge to further prevent migrants from gaining access to the downtown area, a popular crossing point.

Nov 19 06:48

Biden’s Build Back Better Bill (The Killer B) Increases Deficit By $791.6 BILLION Over Next Five Years And Requires No Social Security Number To Collect Child Tax Credits

So much for Biden’s claim that his signature Build Back Better legislation won’t cost a cent. The Congressional Budget Office scored the bill and showed an increase in the Federal deficit of $791,618 MILLION over the next five years. Here is the CBO’s spreadsheet.

Here is the “killer b” legislation (Biden Build Back Better Bill or BBBBB). All 2,135 pages worth. Read it and weep. And this is the slimmed-down version of the bill.

From The Wall Street Journal: “The sprawling bill calls for creating a universal prekindergarten program, capping child-care costs for many families, negotiating lower prescription drug prices and expanding tax credits for reducing carbon emissions, among other programs. In addition to expanding tax enforcement efforts at the Internal Revenue Service, the legislation raises taxes on some corporations and very high-income Americans.”

Nov 19 06:45

Several Belarusian Officers Get Burns As Polish Border Forces Use Chemicals - Reports

Several Belarusian law enforcement officers sustained chemical burns on Wednesday when Polish security forces used special substances against migrants at the border between the countries, Belarusian media reported.

The incident happened at the Bruzgi checkpoint, according to the ONT (All-National Television) state broadcaster, which posted on its Telegram channel photos of an man who had dark red spots and blisters all over his head, neck and hands.

The Belarus 1 state TV channel demonstrated a video of medical workers treating a man with burns and a swollen eyelid.

The Belarusian Belta news agency also posted pictures of the injured man on its Telegram-channel, and reported that the chemicals used by Polish security forces cause eye irritation and chemical burns.

Nov 19 06:45

Putin: Europe is Using Migrant Crisis as Pretext to Pressure Belarus

Speaking at a collegium of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs the president touched on an array of issues, ranging from the situation with the migrant crisis at the Belarus-Poland border to NATO's drills in the proximity of Russian borders.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has alleged that western countries are using the ongoing immigration crisis at the Belarus-Poland border as a pretext for escalating tensions and exercising pressure against Belarus – Moscow's neighbour and ally.

"At the same time, they are violating their own obligations in humanitarian sphere", Putin added.

Nov 18 14:13

NATO Increases Military Flights Along Belarus Border As Putin Blames EU For Migrant Crisis

Previously we noted that despite tiny NATO-member Estonia not actually sharing a border with Belarus, its government ordered snap military drills and the erecting of additional barbed-wire along its border with Russia in a message of solidarity with Poland amid the migrant standoff.

Fresh EU sanctions on Minsk, coupled with persisting clashes at the Belarus-Poland border, mean that things could easily escalate to a military conflict between the two countries, and into a broader NATO-Russia-Belarus standoff, given Moscow is Lukashenko's closest ally. Alarmingly, on Thursday the Belarusian government cited a noticeable uptick in NATO aircraft activity "along the state border of Belarus".

Nov 18 08:16

Internal Report Reveals More Than HALF Of Border Patrol Agents May Be FIRED For Being Unvaccinated, DESTROYING Ability To Protect Border

An internal report from within the US Customs and Border Protection agency suggests that more than half the border patrol workforce remains unvaccinated, and that if vaccine mandates are implemented it could leave just 8000 officers on duty.

Nov 18 07:41

GOP Lawmaker To Mayorkas: 'Fix It Or Step Down'

Nov 18 07:40

'You Don't Have To Be Mensa Material': Kennedy Grills Mayorkas On Border Policies

Nov 18 07:40

Kennedy To Mayorkas: How Would You Grade Kamala Harris On The Border?

Nov 18 07:39

Press review: US jets flock to Russia’s south and Poland-Belarus crisis hurting business

The US Air Force has stepped its presence near Russia's southern borders. Four reconnaissance planes, including an American U-2, were seen there in a 24-hour period. According to Izvestia’s military sources, NATO jets are gathering information on the situation in Crimea. Experts say that it is possible that the United States wants to "encourage" the Ukrainian government to act in the country’s southeast.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that three US Air Force and NATO member jets were spotted over the Black Sea in 24 hours. Another reconnaissance aircraft was pinpointed over the territory of Ukraine.

Washington is pressuring Russia like never before, former Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ordzhonikidze told Izvestia.

Nov 17 14:12

Belarus: Lukashenko agrees to EU talks on ending migrant standoff

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko agreed Wednesday that the crisis on the Belarus-Poland border needs to be solved by dialogue between EU and Belarusian representatives, Belarus' state-run Belta news agency reported.

In their second phone call this week, the Belarusian leader and Merkel "agreed that the problem as a whole will be brought up to the level of Belarus and the EU," Belta reported, adding that officials "from both sides will immediately start negotiations."

Merkel's spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said that during the call the chancellor stressed the need for humanitarian aid and repatriation facilities to be organized by the UN and EU to help the affected people.

Nov 17 08:23

Watch Chilling Footage of Poland’s ‘Sanctions-Worthy’ Use of Water Cannons Against Freezing Migrants

The crisis on the border between Belarus and Poland took a turn for the worse on Tuesday, with Polish border forces using water cannons against thousands of migrants concentrated on the frontier. The crisis began in July, and escalated last week after thousands of people looking to make their way into the European Union amassed in the border area.

Chilling footage of Polish border guards indiscriminately spraying migrants and refugees concentrated along the border with water cannons have appeared online as temperatures in the area edge close to freezing.

Nov 17 08:14

Belarus Claims Poland Used Special Means With Toxic Chemicals Against Migrants on Border

The Polish security forces used special equipment containing toxic chemicals on the Belarusian border against migrants trying to break into Poland, Igor Malyk, deputy head of the radiation, chemical and biological protection and ecology department of the General Staff of the Belarusian Armed Forces, said on Tuesday.

"Today we have witnessed how the Polish security forces used special means containing toxic irritating chemicals against refugees, including women and children, on the Belarusian-Polish border," Malyk said, as quoted by state-run agency Belta.

"The thoughtless use of such means can lead to irreversible consequences for human health, damaging respiratory and visual systems," he added.

Nov 17 06:51

Biden Admin Draining FLOODED Border Into The US

According to reports, border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley sector encountered almost 2,000 migrants in a single day on Friday, with hundreds getting past the overwhelmed officers.

Within a 24-hour period, there were 1,909 encounters with illegal immigrants, including no less than 262 “gotaways,” in which CBP officers monitored their crossing through camera or sensors, though they did not have the available manpower to seize them, Department of Homeland Security sources told Fox News. Many more are likely to have crossed undetected.

Nov 17 06:26

Poland-Belarus Migrant Crisis

Tensions on the Belarusian-Polish border flared up in November as Middle Eastern and African refugees started arriving in Belarus to cross into the EU. Warsaw claims Belarus orchestrated the crisis, while Minsk blames the Western military ops for the growing migrant flow.

Nov 16 13:29

Belarus, Russia Charge Poland With "Escalating" Border Crisis For Firing Water Cannons At Migrants

More stunning footage has come from the militarized Belarus-Poland border on Tuesday, as mostly Middle Eastern migrant throngs on the Belarussian side hurled projectiles toward Polish border police. They are also rushing various sections of the border fence in hopes of breaching it and entering the EU, with hopes of eventually making it to places like Germany.

The Polish side, which includes military troops, in turn unleashed water cannons on the migrants, in a somewhat unprecedented turn of events which observers have warned could turn into armed confrontation - given accusations that Belarussian agents are provoking the crisis.

Nov 16 13:28

Illegal Immigrants Would Get Up To $10.5 Billion From Reconciliation Bill

The budget reconciliation package pushed by Democrats creates a new expanded child tax credit (CTC) that would pay illegal immigrants some $10.5 billion next year. All immigrants with children are eligible, regardless of how they got here and whether their children are U.S.-born.

This includes the roughly 600,000 unaccompanied minors and persons in family units stopped at the border in FY2021 and released into the country pending a hearing.

Cash welfare to illegal immigrants is not just costly; it also encourages more illegal immigration.

Nov 16 09:03

US-Mexico Border Seeing New Illegal Surges That The Gov Is Ignoring

U.S. Border Patrol agents have encountered almost 2,000 migrants crossing into the nation illegally in the Rio Grande Valley Sector in only 24 hours, and are aware of hundreds more who got in without being taken into custody.

Agents in the sector, which extends inland 316 river miles from the Texas Gulf Coast, encountered 1,909 migrants on Friday, with another 262 detected on sensors though getting away because there's simply now enough manpower, a Department of Homeland Security source told Fox News.

Nov 16 07:12

Situation at Belarus-Poland Border as Migrant Crisis Deepens

Thousands of migrants have amassed on the Belarusian-Polish border over the past few weeks hoping to further transit to Poland.

Live from the Belarus-Poland border, where Middle Eastern migrants have been camped out for more than a week.

On the border of Belarus and Poland, the situation has aggravated in recent weeks due to the accumulation of several thousand migrants who hope to enter the EU.
The Polish authorities have strengthened border security, pulled in the military and thwarted attempts by illegal immigrants to enter the country, blaming Minsk for the migration crisis.

Nov 15 09:11

Disturbing video from Texas border…

U.S. Army National Guardsmen assist Border Patrol agents to line up the illegals and march them into the city of Roma, Texas for transport. This has become a nightly ritual.

The smugglers openly communicate with the soldiers and Border Patrol agents, coordinating where to beach the raft so children can easily climb the riverbank. Once on dry land, soldiers and Border Patrol agents march the invaders downtown and take basic biographical information.

The illegals will be taken to a nearby soft-sided processing center. Many of the family unit migrants with young children will ultimately be released. Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector arrested more than 549,000 illegals in Fiscal Year 2021. Roughly 257,000 of those were classified as family unit members, according to the Border Patrol.

Nov 15 08:42

EXCLUSIVE: Poland is braced for major attack by 'weaponised' migrants from Belarus TONIGHT: New column of desperate Middle East refugees is headed to border after some were ARMED by dictator's troops

Poland is braced for a major assault by migrants on its frontier with Belarus tonight after receiving intelligence of a huge build up of enemy troops.

Polish Border Force guards claim their Belarusian counterparts are issuing the thousands of stranded migrants with instructions, equipment and weapons to force their way into the EU.

The attack is believed to be planned for frontier at Kuznica, one of two main crossing points from Poland to Belarus.

Nov 15 08:42

Biden Won't Stop Illegals But He Forces Mexico To Do So

New reports reveal that the Biden administration lobbied Mexico to impose restrictions on Venezuelan migrants, amid an increase in those fleeing the brutal Maduro regime coming to the U.S. border in recent months.

Nov 15 08:22

The Treason Bar Let The Cat Out Of The Bag: Asylum Claims Have Been A Scam For Years

If you want to know why the asylum process is a massive fraud, the Treason Bar—lawyers in the immigration-law industry—recently provided the answer, albeit inadvertently. It is refusing to help illegals stuck in Mexico by President Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols, known as Remain In Mexico, which President Biden terminated but must reinstate, apropos of the U.S. Supreme Court’s order [Immigration Attorneys Say They Won’t Be Complicit In The Biden Administration’s Relaunched "Remain In Mexico" Program, by Adolfo Flores, Buzzfeed, November 4, 2021]. Granted, it’s hard to believe the Treason Bar would turn down “clients.” But the shysters know what they’re doing. Using legal inertia to undermine MPP, they obviously hope to worsen the “asylum crisis” at the border, which would enable them to resume their lucrative role in dispossessing the Historic American Nation with what amounts to legalized illegal-alien smuggling.

Nov 15 08:07

Hundreds of migrants break through Belarusian border fence as Polish guards rush to stop them in latest frontier flashpoint: EU to sanction defiant Lukashenko who vows 'we will defend ourselves'

Hundreds of migrants have broken through a Belarusian border fence with Polish guards rushing to stop them in the latest flashpoint on the tense frontier.

Videos taken near the Kuznica border crossing point on Monday showed hundreds of people - the majority of whom appeared to be young men - pushing their way through a broken fence towards a smaller barbed wire barricade where polish border police in riot uniforms confronted them.

More footage showed a Polish helicopter hovering overhead as dozens of soldiers joined police in keeping the migrants back, who appeared to be staging a sit-down protest on the Polish side of the crossing.

Nov 15 07:35

Live Updates: Kremlin Slams US Claim That Poland-Belarus Crisis Designed as Distraction From Ukraine

The situation at the border between Poland and Belarus has escalated over the past few weeks as thousands of migrants have been stranded on the Belarusian side, trying to enter the EU nation.

Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania have accused Belarus of facilitating the movement of migrants to the EU to get back at Brussels for sanctions and urged for more preventive measures against Minsk. Belarus rejects the accusations and maintains that it is unable to tackle the influx of migrants under the weight of Western sanctions.

On Sunday, Borrell held a telephone conversation with Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei discussing the issue. The Belarusian side reiterated its readiness for mutually respectful dialogue with the EU and emphasised that sanctions are counter-productive.

Nov 15 07:33

Two Russian Citizens in Poland Accused of Organizing Illegal Migration Route

Two Russian citizens in Poland are accused of organizing an illegal migration route, the Polish prosecutor’s office said on Monday.

"The prosecutor of the Silesian Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the General Prosecutor's Office in Katowice has sent another indictment in the case of the activities of an international organized criminal group that organized illegal border crossing by citizens of the Middle East. The accused are two citizens of Russia and a citizen of Ukraine," the office said in a statement.

The Russian Embassy in Poland has not received official notification from the Polish authorities regarding the accusations that Russian citizens have been facilitating illegal migration.

Within the past few weeks, thousands of migrants including women and children willing to enter the EU have arrived at the Polish-Belarusian border. Poland boosted border guard and deployed the military to the border region.

Nov 15 07:07

Rights groups decry Poland’s ban on media at Belarus border

Human rights groups have condemned Poland’s government for continuing to ban journalists, lawyers, and aid workers from accessing the country’s border with Belarus, as thousands of migrants and refugees have gathered on the Belarusian side hoping to cross into Poland.

For two months now, no media professionals have been able to access the Polish side of the border. As media attention intensified this week on the escalating geopolitical dispute, journalists were still unable to approach the Polish border fences.