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‘This is a death sentence:’ Lawyer blasts doctors who use standard COVID protocols

As testimonies of people being denied proper healthcare for COVID infection in America’s hospitals mount, attorneys are hitting back at the medical staff responsible for overseeing “death sentence” COVID treatment plans, promising justice to those responsible: “We’re going to hold you accountable.”

At the Truth for Health Foundation’s Wednesday conference exposing human rights violations in hospitals, Attorney Thomas Renz revealed that the standard protocols for COVID patients being implemented across America, including the use of remdesivir accompanied with mechanical ventilators, is “killing your loved ones.”

Renz said that remdesivir, a drug that has been widely prescribed to COVID-positive patients, has a “25.7 percent death rate” in those who were given the drug as a remedy to COVID, and “29.8 percent kidney failure or sepsis rate.”

“This is a mind-blowingly high number,” the lawyer said, especially considering the concerted effort among the scientific establishment and mass media to supress both ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine “where you see basically no side effects.”

In addition, Renz recalled “the most shocking statistic” regarding standardized COVID protocols, advising that “if you’re on [a ventilator] for more than 96 consecutive hours, our statistics are showing over 84 percent death rate in the Medicare population.”

“This is staggering,” the attorney stated.