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Bye, Bye, Mr. Exxon Guy

Remember the Exxon lobbyist who got caught on tape admitting that the company had poured money into “shadow groups” in order to fight against climate science? He’s officially out of a job. E&E News confirmed with Exxon on Tuesday that Keith McCoy, the lobbyist in question, was no longer at the company.

“Mr. McCoy no longer works for the company,” Exxon spokesperson Casey Norton said in an email to E&E News. “This is a private personnel matter, and we will decline to comment further.”

For those who need a refresher, investigators at Unearthed posed as recruitment consultants looking to hire a DC lobbyist for a major client and set up interviews with two then-Exxon employees (the other interviewee left the company before the exposé aired). The secret tapes were released in July, and McCoy’s interview was far and away the more explosive of the two.