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The EPA head shows who’s really in charge in America

Michael Regan is the administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency. His job makes him a subset of the Executive branch but you’d never know that from his threat to Congress: If the legislators don’t give him the legislation he wants, he’d go ahead and do what he wants without them. This is a shocking usurpation of legislative authority but it’s par for the course in Biden’s Washington, D.C.

When our Founders drafted the Constitution, they were excessively concerned lest one branch of government gain disproportionate power, turning into a tyranny. The Constitution, therefore, spreads out power between the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial branches, with each institution checking the power of the two others.

However, in the ensuing 240 years, America gained something the Founders never imagined: An administrative state that, while ostensibly part of the executive branch, has also taken on the legislative powers of a lazy Congress that is big on showboating and small on doing the hard work of actually governing. Most of the rules that burden Americans, whether individually or through their businesses, come from the uncontrolled, permanent, hard-left regulatory state.