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Pompeo’s Trip to Israel: That Says It All

In the most telling formulation of the of the Middle East peace deals uttered by an American spokesman since they were signed, Pompeo made it clear that the deals were really about two things: aggressively confronting Iran and setting the precedent that deals could be made in the middle east without considering the Palestinians while cementing the occupation.

In a little reported admission, Pompeo told the Jerusalem Post that central to the Trump administration’s "Vision for Peace" in the Middle East were the twin pillars of identifying and isolating "Iran as the prime actor who is causing instability in the Middle East, and finally [overturning] the notion that you can’t do anything until you solve the Israel-Palestinian conflict." With that confessional formulation, Pompeo made it clear that the plans with the United Arab Emirate (UAE), Bahrain and Sudan were really not peace plans, but war plans against Iran that not only allowed, but set the US stamp of approval on Israeli occupied territory. Pompeo called these new understandings of the Middle East "historic."

It’s About Iran