"If you want the victims of gun crime to be able to sue the gun makers for damages, then let us also allow the victims of drunk driving accidents to sue the car makers and distilleries as well. While we are at it, revoke the special protection granted to vaccine makers that was passed as part of the Homeland Security Act so that people who are actually harmed by poorly made vaccines can sue the pharmaceutical companies. And, given that at least 90% of these mass shootings were committed by people either on or withdrawing from prescription anti-depressants, the victims of those shootings should be allowed to sue the pharmaceutical companies as well. Let's sue the makers of kitchen cutlery for every stabbing death. Let's sue the makers of sporting equipment for every victim beaten to death with a baseball bat, and tool companies for making the hammers used on bludgeoning deaths as well. The family of everyone who dies by electrocution should be allowed to sue the electric company. The family of everyone who dies in a fall should be allowed to sue the makers of ladders and staircases. The family of everyone who commits suicide by hanging should be allowed to sue the rope companies. " -- Michael Rivero

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Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) defended former President Donald Trump during a combative interview over the weekend with a partisan news host.

Scott’s Sunday interview with Jonathan Karl on ABC News’ “This Week” started out with the vice presidential hopeful hitting President Joe Biden over the violent crime that has rocked inner cities throughout his administration.

“What we need to focus on is the violence that we’re seeing across this nation,” Scott said. “Under Joe Biden we’ve seen the greatest increase in violent crime in my lifetime. And so focusing on ways for us to reduce that crime means getting four more years of Donald Trump. Under Donald Trump we actually respected law enforcement. Under Joe Biden, we’ve seen the movement to defund the police, leaving communities like the one I grew up in devastated and ravaged by a wave of violent crime that we have not seen literally in five decades.”

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Addressing why it’s important to note the the disease is spreading to other mammals, he said: “We know exactly what has to happen for bird flu to be infectious for humans and go human-to-human. Scientists in 2012 actually did experiments in the lab using gain of function research, which I’m not in favor of, but the scientists did it. And they figured the five amino acids that have to change in the key receptor in order for bird flu, to gain a propensity to bind to the human receptor, and then be able to go human-to-human, something that obviously happened with COVID, where COVID, obviously, learned how to use the H2 receptor in humans and of course, became a very infectious virus.”

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Independent journalist James O’Keefe teased a upcoming report on Sunday, warning that he had undercover video exposing Disney.

O’Keefe made the announcement at a Turning Point USA event, warning people everywhere that they should be careful lest they find themselves the subject of one of his undercover videos and promising to release what he referred to as “The Disney Tapes” sometime in the next week.

“The Disney Tapes,” he captioned the video clip. “6.20.24. Stay tuned.”

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If you'd like to be a molecular biologist at Yale, you'd better brush up on DEI.

This is not the idea that molecular biology might differ across races, ethnicities or due to equality, rather, this is an ideological litmus test that anyone hoping to get hired – as a scientist – must pass.

As John Sailor points out:

When making hires at Yale's department of molecular biophysics and biochemistry, faculty are told to place “DEI at the center of every decision,”

This isn't, as we can imagine, the way to hire good scientists. It's the way to enforce an ideology.

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In a weekend rife with political drama, Steve Bannon dropped a bombshell prediction at Turning Point Action's “The People's Convention” in Detroit. Speaking to a throng of Donald Trump supporters, Bannon boldly proclaimed that former president will receive a multiyear prison sentence at his hearing on July 11.

The Prediction

During his speech, the former White House chief strategist suggested that the left is determined to ensure Trump is neutralized as a political force, thereby tipping the scales in the upcoming election. “You know on the 11th of July, they're gonna sentence him for multiple years in prison. You understand that, right?” Bannon asked the crowd, hinting at the political battles that lie ahead.

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In 2024, virtually all major U.S. cities have certain things in common. First of all, if you visit the downtown area of one of our major cities, you are likely to see garbage, human excrement, and graffiti all over the place. As you will see below, some of our core urban areas literally look like they belong in a third-world country.  Most of our politicians don't seem too concerned about doing anything to clean up all the filth, so it shouldn't be a surprise that rat populations are exploding all over the country.  In some of our largest cities, the total rat population is numbered in the millions.  Meanwhile, rampant theft, out-of-control violence, endless migration, predatory gangs, and the worst drug crisis in the entire history of our nation have combined to create a “perfect storm” of social decay that is unlike anything that any of us have ever seen before.  Millions of law-abiding citizens and countless businesses have been fleeing America's largest cities, and property values in our core urban areas have been absolutely crashing.  We really are in the early stages of a full-blown societal “collapse”, and things keep getting worse with each passing day.

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The latest well-coordinated plan among the legacy media to bail out Joe Biden's floundering reelection bid is coming clear this weekend. Biden's significant cognitive decline has become too much for even left-wing media outlets to ignore. The issue shows up repeatedly in the polls, where strong majorities do not believe that Biden is sharp enough to handle his current job, to say nothing of four more years as the leader of the free world. This is not a fixable problem, because Biden will only continue to decline. In response, the press had clearly decided that if they can't make Biden look better, they will need to try to convince the public that Donald Trump is just as bad. They've begun watching him like a hawk, looking for the slightest verbal gaffe they might be able to highlight and claim that he is also in cognitive decline. That opportunity arose during remarks that Trump made at a campaign stop last night. While demanding that Biden take a cognitive test, Trump mixed up the name of former White House Physician Ronny Jackson.

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A county sheriff in Maryland sounded off on the scourge of migrant crime in the US after charging Salvadoran gang member with the brutal rape and murder of mother-of-five Rachel Morin on a popular hiking trail.

Cops arrested Victor Martinez Hernandez, 23, who is in the country illegally, after a months-long investigation that relied heavily on DNA evidence.

Federal authorities were finally able to track him to a bar in Tulsa, Oklahoma, according to WBAL TV 11.

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