"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it" -- Mark Twain

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The parallels between 1987 and our current economic climate are impossible to ignore. Economic growth has slowed, inflation casts a menacing shadow, and the stock market teeters on the edge of uncertainty. But perhaps most concerning of all, valuations have soared to dizzying heights, reminiscent of the excesses that preceded the infamous crash of ’87.

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Judge Aileen Cannon on Monday night postponed a key deadline in the classified documents case after Special Counsel Jack Smith admitted to tampering with evidence.

Cannon temporarily stayed a May 9 deadline for President Trump and his co-defendants Walt Nauta and Carlos de Oliveira related to CIPA.

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New court filings in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s espionage and obstruction case against Trump and two co-defendants conclusively demonstrate that the government used the cover sheets to deceive the public as well as the court. The photo was a stunt, and one that adds more fuel to this dumpster-fire case.

Jay Bratt, who was the lead DOJ prosecutor on the investigation at the time and now is assigned to Smith’s team, described the photo this way in his August 30, 2022 response to Trump’s special master lawsuit:

“[Thirteen] boxes or containers contained documents with classification markings, and in all, over one hundred unique documents with classification markings…were seized. Certain of the documents had colored cover sheets indicating their classification status. (Emphasis added.) See, e.g., Attachment F (redacted FBI photograph of certain documents and classified cover sheets recovered from a container in the ‘45 office’).”

The DOJ’s clever wordsmithing, however, did not accurately describe the origin of the cover sheets. In what must be considered not only an act of doctoring evidence but willfully misleading the American people into believing the former president is a criminal and threat to national security, agents involved in the raid attached the cover sheets to at least seven files to stage the photo.

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The Bishops of the Arizona Catholic Conference this week affirmed their pro-life stance and rejected the state’s repeal of its pre-Roe law, a repeal that will enable abortion up to 15 weeks in the state.

The bishops stated on May 2, “[we] wish to declare our firm and continued commitment to serving pre-born children and their Mothers.”

The bishops also condemned an extreme pro-abortion ballot initiative that, if successful, would make abortion legal in the state through all nine months, up to birth.

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Researchers at the Green Science Policy Institute reported that 99 percent of cars made in 2015 through 2022 contained a flame-retardant chemical called tris (1-chloro-isopropyl) phosphate (TCIPP) that can affect children's IQ levels and cause deadly cancers.

The chemical serves no real benefit, according to the study, and is currently under investigation by the US National Toxicology program as a potential carcinogen.

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Not that long ago, the Walt Disney Company was a juggernaut in the entertainment industry. But the mask fell off after the company tried to stop Florida from passing a law that shielded children from transgender ideology. Top Disney CEOs admitted they intended to push LGBT characters and themes in their movies and shows.

Since then, the company has suffered from one train wreck after another. Major tentpole animated movies have flopped. Even strong franchises like Marvel and Star Wars are losing money.

Instead of learning from its mistakes, Disney has seemingly doubled-and triple-downed on the woke programming. Everything from streaming shows to clothes to theme parks is polluted with leftist messaging. Now, a new poll reveals Disney is in big, big trouble.

From Breitbart:

Polling proves the Disney Grooming Syndicate’s brand is on life support, with a pathetic 46 percent favorability rating. In a virtual tie, 45 percent view the Louse House unfavorably. Those numbers would not be all that great for a politician. They are death for a corporation.

The reason for this is obvious: Rasmussen discovered that 71 percent want Disney to cease grooming small children.

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