"I am opposed to violence. Violence only helps the tyrant justify more oppressive crackdowns. On the other hand, making the tyrant think you might just disagree with me on this matter can be a powerful motivator!" -- Michael Rivero

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It is happening all around us.  Our nation is being radically transformed by people with extreme ideologies, and that should deeply alarm all of us.  According to Google, an extremist is “a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action”.  Sadly, that definition accurately describes many that hold prominent positions of power in our society today.  In so many cases, individuals that have political beliefs that most ordinary Americans would consider to be very radical are going to extraordinary lengths to impose their views on all of the rest of us. 

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Authored by Rex Widerstrom via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Staff from the Australian prime minister’s office barred Chinese-born Australian journalist Cheng Lei from reporting on Opposition Leader Peter Dutton’s meeting with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Premier Li Qiang.

Australian journalist Cheng Lei observes a signing ceremony by China's Premier Li Qiang and Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the Australian Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, on June 17, 2024. (Lukas Coch/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

The revelations come after Chinese Embassy staff were seen trying to block Ms. Cheng from being filmed by local media at an earlier press event at Parliament, which was attended by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and CCP Premier Li Qiang.

Ms. Cheng, a former anchor of the Chinese state-run channel CGTN, was detained in China for three years for breaking the embargo on a government press release by a few minutes.

Critics, however, argued that it was an instance of Beijing’s hostage diplomacy during a period of deteriorating relations between Beijing and Canberra.

The journalist was released and returned to Australia in 2023 and is now working for Sky News Australia.

Claire's Observations:  I had the opportunity to visit Australia while Mike was working there in 2000, and found Sidney, and its people, absolutely lovely.  I felt safe walking in its streets, and they had a public transport system that actually worked well.

But what has happened since, in terms of its government having morphed into a "soft dictatorship" would make me hesitant to go back, even for a vacation.  And I am reminded of that line spoken by the character Princess Amidala  in the Star Wars Franchise; "So this is how liberty dies:  to thunderous applause!!"

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"The US has committed a substantial military force at great financial cost to protecting the Red Sea. Our protective effort is failing and flailing," David Asher, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute, wrote in a statement, referring to the escalating attacks on commercial vessels by Iran-backed Houthis across the southern Red Sea, critical Bab el-Mandeb maritime chokepoint and the Gulf of Aden. 

Our biggest takeaway this week after speaking with several commodity research firms and risk analysts about the evolving situation in the Red Sea is attacks are only increasing from here as there's no immediate end to the Israeli-Hamas war this summer. 

Webmaster addition: If the US cannot beat the Houthis, they sure can't beat the Russians and Chinese!

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Furious political leaders in South Korea have threatened to send weapons to Ukraine in response to Vladimir Putin's latest manoeuvres.

They hit out after the Russian leader signed a defence pact with North Korean despot Kim Jong-un during a two-day visit to the pariah state.

Military analysts fear the move is the first step towards troops from Pyongyang flooding into Ukraine to ramp up Putin's bloody campaign.

The text of the deal states that each country would provide immediate military help if the other one was invaded.

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President Joe Biden heads to the reclusive mountain resort of Camp David on Thursday night to lock himself up with advisers to prepare for next week's debate with Donald Trump.

With the showdown one week away, Biden, who prefers briefing binders and practice sessions, will be focused on holding Trump accountable on his record and coming up with punchy one-liners to throw off the former president. 

Trump, meanwhile, has been trying out new catch phrases and bits of rhetoric, ready to pound his rival with his words. 

Webmaster addition: Biden taking that long to prepare for the debate means one of two things.

1. The debate questions have been leaked to him (as was the case with Hillary in 2016).

2. Biden's handlers want to evaluate his "performance" and if it is bad, figure out some "emergency" whereby Biden can cancel.


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SUMMARY: Any and all elected representatives who encourage and/or harbor illegal immigrants are violating United States Code and should be removed from office (with no benefits) and jailed, as per the law.

Especially ANY politician who supports sanctuary cities, counties or states should be in jail:

According to the US DOJ website and our laws:

"1907. TITLE 8, U.S.C. 1324(A) OFFENSES

"Harboring -- Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(iii) makes it an offense for any person who -- knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation.

"Encouraging/Inducing -- Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv) makes it an offense for any person who -- encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law.

Webmaster addition: Joe Biden and everyone else supporting illegal immigration are breaking the law!

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Soaring numbers of migrants from a known hotbed of ISIS have crossed the southern border since Joe Biden became president.  

Over 1,500 migrants from Tajikistan are reported to have crossed the border from October 2020 until May 2024, according to data seen by The New York Post

This year alone around 500 of Tajiks have been caught by immigration officers, with only 26 crossing the border in the 14 years prior to 2020. 

It is unknown how many Tajik migrants have been released into the US, although the majority of migrants claim asylum and are allowed to stay pending a court hearing.

Others may also have made the crossing without being intercepted. The numbers recorded only take into account migrants apprehended by Customs and Border Patrol. 

Webmaster addition: Biden's open borders are a clear and present danger!

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by Tyler Durden

Russian President Vladimir Putin is in Vietnam, where he signed at least a dozen energy and trade deals with the country's President To Lam, on his tour to shore up ties in Asia in an effort to offset the West's drive to isolate Moscow.

On his last day in the country he made some wide-ranging remarks to the press, and among the most interesting was a statement on the future of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

Putin predicted at a moment things are going very badly for Ukrainian forces, and at a rare time Western media seems to be turning on Zelensky, that the Ukrainian leader will soon be replaced over his poor and unpopular decision-making. Putin suggested Washington is essentially going to make him a scapegoat. 

"In the West, they simply do not want to replace him [Zelenskyy], the time is not right. I think it's obvious to anyone. They will blame all unpopular decisions on him, including lowering the [military] draft age, and that's it," Putin asserted, according to Russian media translation.

That's when he followed with: "And then they'll replace him. I think it will happen sometime in the first half of next year."

Claire's Observations:  I think Putin's analysis here is very conservative; they have GOT to get rid of this guy ASAP.  In fact, I am somewhat gobsmacked that he is still the "front man" for this country. 

 And I really have to speculate; what in the name-of-heaven kind of intel does he have on the leadership of the US and Europe, which has kept him in power for so long?!?  Whatever it is, it must be damning beyond belief, possibly courtesy of Mossad or the IDF.

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A catastrophic injury lawyer has warned consumers against using three cancer-causing products that are commonly found in homes.

Tom Bosworth, a lawyer specializing in wrongful death cases, revealed that carcinogens silently reside in air fresheners, cleaning products and carpet shampoos.

Federal law requires companies to disclose all ingredients on food, cosmetics and drug labels but cleaning products are exempt, leaving consumers in the dark about what toxins they might be breathing in.

When breathed in, these chemicals can damage the liver and nervous system and can cause skin and lung cancer.

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The thing that struck me about the surveillance video from before the attack on 3 year old Julian Wood and his mother is that no one seemed alarmed at all by a black woman walking around a store with a large knife in her hand. That would require noticing some obvious things: 

  1. It's not normal for anyone to walk around a public place holding a large knife like that. 
  2. Given per capita crime stats, a black person holding a knife is more likely to use it in a crime than a non-black person. 
  3. Given interracial crime stats, a black person holding a knife is more likely to use it against a white person than the reverse. 

If someone noticed all that, Julian Wood might still be alive today. If Judge Brian Hagan had been aware of those stats, he might not have released the murderer after she was arrested for violating parole. 

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Authored by John & Nisha Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

“In a fully developed bureaucracy there is nobody left with whom one can argue, to whom one can present grievances, on whom the pressures of power can be exerted. Bureaucracy is the form of government in which everybody is deprived of political freedom, of the power to act; for the rule by Nobody is not no-rule, and where all are equally powerless, we have a tyranny without a tyrant.”

- Hannah Arendt, On Violence

Like the proverbial boiling frogs, the government has been gradually acclimating us to the specter of a police state for years now: Militarized police. Riot squads. Camouflage gear. Black uniforms. Armored vehicles. Mass arrests. Pepper spray. Tear gas. Batons. Strip searches. Surveillance cameras. Kevlar vests. Drones. Lethal weapons. Less-than-lethal weapons unleashed with deadly force. Rubber bullets. Water cannons. Stun grenades. Arrests of journalists. Crowd control tactics. Intimidation tactics. Brutality.

This is how you prepare a populace to accept a police state willingly, even gratefully.

You don’t scare them by making dramatic changes. Rather, you acclimate them slowly to their prison walls. Persuade the citizenry that their prison walls are merely intended to keep them safe and danger out. Desensitize them to violence, acclimate them to a military presence in their communities, and persuade them that only a militarized government can alter the seemingly hopeless trajectory of the nation.

It’s happening already.

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A new independent report presented to the United Nations’ Human Rights Council on Wednesday concluded that Israeli forces have been carrying out several crimes against humanity on the civilian population in Gaza, including a campaign of “extermination” that has ramped up since the current military offensive began more than eight months ago.

The report was conducted by the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel. The independent commission, which initially published the report on June 12, was formed to investigate human rights abuses committed by Israeli forces and Palestinian militants.

The commission presented its report before the U.N. Human Rights Council, which began its 56th session in Geneva on Wednesday. The report focuses mostly on possible international violations of humanitarian and human rights laws from Oct. 7 to Dec. 31.

The commission’s report also found that militants belonging to Hamas and six other Palestinian armed groups engaged in the war crimes of murder, intentionally directing attacks on civilians, torture, inhuman or cruel treatment, destroying or seizing an adversary’s property, outrages upon personal dignity and taking hostages, including children, on Oct. 7.

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Families that lost loved ones in two Boeing 737 Max crashes said on Wednesday that the company committed the “deadliest corporate crime in US history” and asked the Justice Department to fine the company the maximum $24 billion it could face in a criminal trial.

The families wrote to the Department of Justice asking for the fine as the US government considers criminal prosecution of Boeing. The Justice Department said last month that Boeing’s recent string of safety lapses and mishaps constituted a violation of its 2021 agreement that allowed the company to avoid charges for 737 Max crashes in Indonesia in October 2018 and in Ethiopia in March 2019 that killed 346 people.

The “appropriate action now is an aggressive criminal prosecution” against Boeing including a quick jury trial and “criminal prosecutions of the responsible corporate officials,” including former CEO Dennis Muilenburg, the families’ attorney wrote.

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Authored by Grzegorz Adamczyk via ReMix News,

Recent European Parliament election results and reactions to them have sparked discussions about the true meaning of European autonomy, a term frequently touted by French President Emmanuel Macron that now seems to lack real substance beyond pompous declarations from Paris.

These elections have exposed its actual and concrete implications.

In France, political upheaval is evident. President Macron has announced forthcoming elections in response to new fractures in foundational EU politics. In contrast, Germany may face significant issues in the autumn when state elections are held there. Poland appears to some as a haven of peace, but this may be just a temporary illusion.

Despite these cracks, the European Union structure still stands seemingly unshaken. Dominant beliefs within suggest that nothing significant has occurred: The center holds strong, the two main parties of the Brussels establishment have retained their majority, and while populists have gained more votes, they can still be contained.

This perspective, however, is seen as a recipe for disaster.

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Former President Donald Trump suffered another legal setback when the New York State Supreme Court declined to hear the former president’s appeal on the gag order in his hush money case. Judge Juan Merchan, the judge who presided over the trial, issued the gag order last March that prohibited Mr. Trump from making public comments about the case. The gag order did not apply to anybody else who was involved in the case. Mr. Trump also asked Judge Merchan to terminate the gag order prior to Mr. Trump’s sentencing scheduled for July 11. The president’s lawyers said there is no legitimate reason to keep the gag order in place because the trial has ended. The former president was convicted of 34 counts of business fraud and is facing up to 138 years in prison. What will happen on July 11? And what will happen on July 12 if Mr. Trump is locked up for life?

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The Western media is a lie machine. Western governments live in a make-believe world of their own impunity. Consequently, the Western peoples lack awareness of the dangerous situation that Washington has created with Russia.

The so-called “peace conference” in Switzerland was a fraud. Russia was not included, so how was it a peace conference? It was a propaganda event to rally support around Washington’s puppet, Zelensky, whose term has expired and who is ruling illegitimately as a dictator. Many of the attendees refused to sign the statement.

Here is a true description of the situation. The West is acting in behalf of the war continuing and expanding. The puppet’s term has expired and Zelensky continues in office despite not being reelected. The Western trained and equipped Ukrainian military has been defeated. At any time Russia can increase the offensive and clear Ukrainian forces from the Russian populated areas that have been reincorporated into Russia. The West’s response to its lost war consists of two reckless and irresponsible actions. One is to send NATO troops, with the French being the opening wedge, to replace the depleted Ukrainian troops. The other is to further provoke the Kremlin by firing longer range missiles into Russia.

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Authored by Tsvetana Paraskova via OilPrice.com,

The European Union is set to ban the re-export of Russian LNG in the bloc’s waters in a first sanctions measure targeting Russia’s gas, EU diplomats told Reuters on Thursday.

The EU has been debating the 14th sanctions package against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine for a month, including proposals to ban LNG trans-shipments in EU waters and ways to address Russia’s shadow fleet of oil tankers.

“EU Ambassadors just agreed on a powerful and substantial 14th package of sanctions in reaction to the Russian aggression against Ukraine,” Belgium, which holds the rotating EU presidency, said on Thursday.

“This package provides new targeted measures and maximizes the impact of existing sanctions by closing loopholes,” the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU said.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen commented,

“This hard-hitting package will further deny Russia access to key technologies. It will strip Russia of further energy revenues. And tackle Putin’s shadow fleet and shadow banking network abroad.”

Claire's Observations:  This will most probably be just as effective as have been all the other sanctions against Russia while its economy grows, and that of the West and Europe, stagnates!!!!

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Stocks are poised for a pullback of up to 12 percent after a storming start to the year, a Wall Street veteran has warned.

Global stocks hit record highs on Wednesday - ahead of a day off from trading for the Juneteenth holiday yesterday. 

Surges in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq were driven by a rally in tech shares that has also made AI chipmaker Nvidia the world's most valuable company.

All round it is good news for investors, including the Americans whose retirement savings are largely invested in US indices.

Webmaster addition: Candidates like to drive the stock market up and wave it like a flag to convince voters the economy is good. But the stock market does not represent the whole economy!

Webmaster addition: 


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Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Modernity.news,

The president of the German Teachers Association has warned that the country’s education system is being overwhelmed with migrant students, many of whom are illiterate and can barely speak the language.

“Due to immigration in 2015, the war in Ukraine and other immigration, new people are constantly coming into the system, but the system is slow to keep up because it is moving too fast,” said Stefan Düll.

Düll warned that a massive burden was being placed on educators because many of the children speak little or no German whatsoever.

“After all, they don’t speak Farsi or Ukrainian. How are they supposed to teach them?” he asked.

Given that around a quarter of 4th grade students in the country can’t speak German, Düll said the high number of immigrant children means “the group of illiterates becoming larger.”

“The higher the percentage of immigrants, the more difficult it is to motivate the class,” he added.

Claire's Observations:  Welcome to our world, Mr. Dull!!  And that lousy  excuse for a government you've got in power right now; kindly vote them out at the next possible opportunity!!!!!

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A Boeing 737 aircraft suddenly plummeted to less than 500 feet of the ground over Oklahoma, terrifying residents who feared the jet was going to crash.

Southwest Airlines Flight 4069 was still nine miles away from Will Rogers World Airport just after midnight on Wednesday, when records show it dived to between 400 and 500 feet as it flew over a high school in the City of Yukon.

Doorbell camera footage showed the Boeing 737 MAX-8 then hovering above houses, before it flies out of frame. 

A resident was startled awake by the plane's engine and wondered if the aircraft was set for a collision. 

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Israel is "very serious" about invading Lebanon, according to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, even though they're losing their war with Hamas in Gaza.

From CNN, "Israel 'very serious about going into Lebanon'":

During Secretary of State Antony Blinken's recent trip to the Middle East, he told an Arab counterpart that it appears Israel is intent on launching an incursion into Lebanon, according to a source familiar with the meeting.

"It seems that they [Israel] are very serious about going into Lebanon," the person said. The Arab official's response to Blinken, the source added, was that Hezbollah has communicated that they will not stop their strikes on Israel until Israel stops its operations in Gaza.

Israeli officials have told the US that one of its main goals in an offensive would be to push Hezbollah back, creating a buffer zone between Israel and Lebanon and allowing the tens of thousands of Israelis who have been forced out of their homes in the north because of the cross-border attacks to return.

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A Democrat political strategist is confirming what many believe is the biggest problem with Joe Biden's re-election campaign: Joe Biden.

The president - a week ahead of the surprise first debate against Donald Trump - continues to struggle in the polls, often trailing nationally and in key swing states.

What's worse for Biden is that the Democrat Senators defending their seats this November are running ahead of Biden and even handily leading their Republican opponent.

However, in the same polls, the consistently gaffe-prone Biden is either barely leading or outright trailing his long-time rival. 

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The BBC's decision to ban Reform UK and Nigel Farage - second in the polls – from tonight's Question Time and shunt him to a programme with the Greens next week is an utter disgrace. It's no coincidence that he's the leader calling for the licence fee to be abolished. DEFUND IT!
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In recent days, the Russian army dropped a gigantic three-ton bomb known as the FAB-3000 on a building block in the village of Lyptsi. Video footage of the strike shows the enormous destructive power of the new bomb, which was reportedly being deployed for the first time. A massive explosion can be seen producing an enormous mushroom cloud of flames and black smoke which smothers the building. Images afterwards reveal the building sustained massive damages from the attack and was reduced to a shell of its former self. The bomb fell about ten metres from the building but had a lethal radius of 230 metres.
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Michigan state Senator Jim Runestad is furious today after Democrats pass a new bill that changes 70 year-old law, and prevents the Board of Canvassers from investigating election fraud

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