“The story of its ruin is simple and obvious; and, instead of inquiring why the Roman Empire was destroyed, we should rather be surprised that it had subsisted so long. The victorious legions, who, in distant wars, acquired the vices of strangers and mercenaries, first oppressed the freedom of the republic, and afterwards violated the majesty of the purple. The emperors, anxious for their personal safety and the public peace, were reduced to the base expedient of corrupting the discipline which rendered them alike formidable to their sovereign and to the enemy; the vigor of the military government was relaxed, and finally dissolved, by the partial institutions of Constantine; and the Roman world was overwhelmed by a deluge of Barbarians.” — Edward Gibbon. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Chapter 38 “General Observations on the Fall of the Roman Empire in the West”

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The U.S. Supreme Court is "extremist" for not allowing various government officials to simply overturn the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment and ban guns, or carrying guns, whenever they want.

That is the verdict from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who is most popularly known for falsely claiming for years to be Native American, when she isn't.

According to a report at Breitbart, her comments arose because of an attempt by New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham to cancel the state's gun laws and ban carrying a weapon in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.

Many experts have described Grisham's attempted action as simply unconstitutional and even the state's attorney general announced that office would not defend Grisham's political move.

Posted on: Sep 14 10:00
Dove is now partnering in a “fat liberation” campaign with a Black Lives Matter Activist accused of wrecking a white female student’s life by accusing her of making threatening remarks — later admitting she may not have heard the remarks at all, according to a new report.
By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 14 09:59
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) repeatedly refused to say whether Vice President Kamala Harris was the best option as a running mate for President Joe Biden — should he continue to run for re-election.
By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 14 09:59
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed both political parties over U.S. government spending in an interview this week, saying that both parties are responsible for inflation rates that have harmed consumers in recent years.
By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 14 09:59
NSC Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby refused to answer questions on Wednesday about multiple false claims that President Joe Biden has made in recent days that a reporter noted were “easily debunked.”
By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 14 09:58

I am on the road and consequently have heard more than usual radio and television. Endless noise about the Biden Impeachment minutiae fills the airwaves.

This is a disaster for America. Yes, it is bad that President Biden appears to have allowed the use of his Vice-Presidential status to enrich his family. The Clinton stories were bad too. But this type of corruption will not destroy the country.

What WILL destroy the country is the continuation of the Biden No Borders policy, energetically enforced since his first day in office.

Furthermore, there can be no doubt that President Biden has broken his Presidential Oath and stopped enforcement of immigration legislation. Quibbling about his financial activities will go on forever.

I fear the reason is obvious: The last thing the GOP Leadership wants is to stoke up rage in the base about immigration. McCarthy has always obstructed meaningful action—see Kevin McCarthy Cucks On Border Security—No Immigration Provisions In Debt Ceiling Bill. Undoubtably, they plan to obey their big donors and stifle meaningful action as they did after President Trump’s election.

A more subtle question is: To what extent is this a Uniparty charade?

Posted on: Sep 14 09:58

 White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre became irritated on Wednesday during a press briefing when a reporter pressed her on whether President Joe Biden lied to the public about his son’s foreign business dealings.

Posted on: Sep 14 09:57

 California lawmakers sent a high-profile bill to classify child sex trafficking as a serious felony to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk on Wednesday after the legislature unanimously approved the once-divisive measure.

Posted on: Sep 14 09:57

The U.S. Air Force has clearly expressed its desire for a futuristic fleet of drone “wingmen” considered vital to countering Russia and China, defense company executives said.

The exchange of info between buyer and builder for the collaborative combat aircraft endeavor, or CCA, has so far been “crystal clear,” according to David Alexander, the president of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, the maker of the Gray Eagle and Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles, among others.

“That’s helpful, especially for companies that want to invest and lean forward and see how we can get speed,” Alexander said Sept. 11 at the Air, Space and Cyber Conference in National Harbor, Maryland. “I really appreciate the clarity on that.”

The Air Force in the coming years wants to pair pilots with CCAs to afford them greater flexibility and firepower. The uncrewed aircraft could carry out a variety of missions: conducting reconnaissance and gathering intelligence; jamming signals and serving as decoys; and striking targets with their own missiles. Service officials have also said CCAs could range in cost and complexity, with some being expensive and precious while others could be easily traded in combat.

Posted on: Sep 14 09:57

Russian and Chinese forces are growing bolder in their aerial intercepts of U.S. aircraft, in part because they’re no longer intimidated by America’s aging air fleet, a top U.S. Air Force general says.

“When Russia or China looked at the U.S. Air Force 30 years ago before [and] after Desert Storm, it was just not something you wanted to get near. It was not remotely a capability you wanted to challenge at all,” Gen. Mark Kelly, Air Combat Command chief, told reporters Tuesday. 

Not only is the U.S. fighter force getting smaller and older, China and Russia have also been heavily investing in their fleets, Kelly said at the Air & Space Forces Association’s annual Air, Space & Cyber conference outside Washington, D.C. 

“Yesterday” is when Air Combat Command needs the service’s planned new aircraft, such as the E-7 Wedgetail and the Next Generation Air Dominance, or NGAD, fighter jet, Kelly said. 

Adversaries want to test how far away they can detect U.S. fighter jets and “want a batting practice” by getting closer and closer to F-22s, F-35s, F-16s, and other aircraft, Kelly said.

Posted on: Sep 14 09:56
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Posted on: Sep 14 09:55

The Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation and prosecution of CEFC China Energy Co. boss and Biden family associate Patrick Ho displayed “irregularities,” including concealing known connections between the Chinese Communist Party-linked entity and the Bidens, and communication between Hunter Biden and the FBI agents involved in Ho’s case, according to a memo by the Heritage Foundation Oversight Project.

Ho, infamously referred to as “the fucking spy chief of China” by Hunter Biden, was arrested in November, 2017, and convicted in December, 2018, in the Southern District of New York and sentenced to 3 years in prison for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and money laundering. Ho’s first phone call upon his arrest was to Hunter Biden, who was allegedly providing legal services to him at the time.

Now, a memo by the Heritage Foundation obtained exclusively by Breitbart News alleges that since Ho’s conviction, “significant evidence has emerged identifying concerning irregularities with the DOJ investigation and prosecution,” including that “DOJ was aware of connections between the Biden family and CEFC at least as early as 2017 and that they acted to conceal this information from the public,” as well as “contacts between Hunter Biden and FBI agents related to Ho’s arrest,” and “a leak of investigatory information in the Ho case.”

Posted on: Sep 14 09:55

Oil prices jumped on Thursday, with U.S. crude topping $90 a barrel, as expectations of a tighter supply grew.

West Texas Intermediate crude (WTI) gained 1.6% to reach a high of $90.04 per barrel, touching its highest level since November 2022. Brent crude was up 1.5%, at $93.23, reaching a 10-month high. WTI crude last traded at $89.91 a barrel.

Webmaster addition: So, Biden shuts down the Keystone XL Pipeline, cancels the Alaska drilling leases, and all but empties the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.  Sanctions and US policy towards Israel have alienated foreign nations whose oil the US depended on. Add to that natural disasters like the floods in Libya, and it's no sur[rise energy costs are going through the roof!

Posted on: Sep 14 09:52

The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced the expulsion of two American diplomats, who were previously accused of recruiting a Russian national as a confidential informant.

US Ambassador Lynne Tracy was summoned on Thursday to be issued with a 'demarche' note, a form of diplomatic protest, regarding David Bernstein and Jeffery Sillin, the Russian diplomatic department has announced.

Moscow declared the activities of the embassy employees incompatible with their status. They have seven days to leave the country, it said.

In late August, the Russian security service FSB identified the two Americans as persons of interest in an investigation. They are suspected of recruiting Russian citizen Robert Shonov as a confidential informant.

Posted on: Sep 14 09:51

Western officials have overestimated the willingness of neutral nations to join anti-Russia policies in support of Ukraine, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“It’s clear that the West overall has been surprised by the pretty widespread reluctance by many of the countries in the so-called Global South… to come on board,” Jan Techau of the consulting firm Eurasia Group told the newspaper, as quoted on Thursday.

He cited “animosity toward the US and Europe” in some parts of the world and the desire of rising powers, such as Brazil and South Africa, to “assert their independence”, the article said.

The WSJ detailed purported successes and failures of Western diplomacy to rally the support of neutral nations for what it called “a fair peace settlement for Ukraine” ahead of next week’s gathering of world leaders at the UN General Assembly.

Posted on: Sep 14 09:51

Speaking to host Russell Brand, leftist Grayzone editor-in-chief Max Blumenthal pointed out that US Secretary of State Tony Blinken stands to “make a lot of money off this war“ through his company WestExec . Ukraine has been “drunk” off of “delusional fantasies out of Washington that they can somehow ‘win’,” Blumenthal said.

“Tony Blinken was recently in Kiev for a more extended period than usual, probably to put the idea of negotiations on the table,” Blumenthal claimed. “This is because of the colossal failure of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, which the US has been heavily involved in.”

The Gateway Pundit is one of the only media in the US reporting about the catastrophic Meat Grinder the US and UK pushed Ukraine into, which has cost approx. 72,000 Ukrainian casualties since June, according to Russian estimates. Blinken visited Kiev Sept. 6, where he met with Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and President Volodymyr Zelensky, promising another $1 billion in US aid. US funds for Ukraine stand at $110.97 billion, Fox News reported on Tuesday.

“They failed to capture any real territory. They were supposed to cut off the land bridge between Russia and Crimea, which is not going to happen,” Blumenthal said. “Soon there’s going to be rain in the eastern plains of the Donbass region, and it’s going to be impossible to get armor through there.”

Posted on: Sep 14 09:47

A creep pushing a toddler in a stroller has been terrorizing women on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for months – body-checking them into walls and spitting in their faces in the violent, unprovoked attacks.

At least five women have been targeted in the tony neighborhood since June, and as recently as Saturday, by the brute, who remains on the lam.

They include Veronica Poloneitchik, who recalled being shoved to the ground on East 82nd Street and Second Avenue on June 26 – after admiring the man and young child on the street.

“As a woman, you always pay attention to babies. I was looking at the baby in the stroller and the guy that was pushing the stroller literally jumped and slammed me into the wall with his hip and shoulder,” she told The Post.

Poloneitchik, who’s lived on the Upper East Side for 13 years, said she yelled after the man and was met with a sinister and “dark smile.”

An image of the attacker

Posted on: Sep 14 09:26

American liberals need to accept that single-parent families are more likely to raise children in poverty, an influential New York Times columnist has argued.

Nick Kristof said the fact was taboo among progressives, who worried that they would be labelled racist for admitting it.

Black families are statistically more likely than white, Hispanic or Asian to be single-parent: less than half of black children were living with two married parents in 2020, according to the latest census.

Only 38 percent of black children live with married parents.

And while 62 percent of white children live in low-poverty areas with fathers present in most homes, only 4 percent of black children do.

'We have long had a blind spot,' wrote Kristof, in a column published on Wednesday.

'We are often reluctant to acknowledge one of the significant drivers of child poverty — the widespread breakdown of family — for fear that to do so would be patronizing or racist.'

Posted on: Sep 14 09:23

Pot meet kettle!

The Biden administration has skewered New York City for having “no exit strategy” for asylum seekers in shelters — as the feds themselves appear to lack any substantial plan to help US cities with the flood of migrants from the borders.

The stunning potshot at New York’s handling of more than 100,000 migrants — which City Hall called “a slap in the face” — leaked out Wednesday from an unreleased report by an assessment team at the Department of Homeland Security.

The federal inspectors reportedly absolved the Biden administration from responsibility for the overwhelming influx of migrants, saying instead that the real culprit in the mess was the city and state.

But, according to an NBC report citing an unnamed source, the report went even further, slamming the city for having “no exit strategy” to ensure migrants get out of the shelter system.

Webmaster addition: And the Federal government's strategy is ..... ?

Posted on: Sep 14 09:21

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mRNA from COVID-19 vaccines is “broken down within a few days after vaccination and doesn’t last long in the body”—a position it has adhered to since the pandemic's beginning, despite research suggesting otherwise (pdf). The CDC refers to mRNA as “messenger RNA,” whereas regulatory documents and Pfizer refer to the mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines as “modified RNA.”

Yet a new study published on Aug. 31 in Proteomics Clinical Applications found spike protein in the biological fluids of people who received an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine six months after vaccination, suggesting mRNA may be integrated or retranscribed in some cells.

The study group included 20 subjects who received two doses of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, 20 who were unvaccinated and tested negative for COVID-19 or antibodies indicating they had previously been infected, and a control group of 20 unvaccinated participants who tested positive for COVID-19.

Posted on: Sep 14 09:21
Posted on: Sep 14 09:19

The day the Bidens took over Paradigm Global Advisors was a memorable one.

In the late summer of 2006 Joe Biden’s son Hunter and Joe’s younger brother, James, purchased the firm. On their first day on the job, they showed up with Joe’s other son, Beau, and two large men and ordered the hedge fund’s chief of compliance to fire its president, according to a Paradigm executive who was present.

After the firing, the two large men escorted the fund’s president out of the firm’s midtown Manhattan office, and James Biden laid out his vision for the fund’s future. “Don’t worry about investors,” he said, according to the executive, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing fear of retaliation. “We've got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden.”

At the time, the senator was just months away from both assuming the chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and launching his second presidential bid. According to the executive, James Biden made it clear he viewed the fund as a way to take money from rich foreigners who could not legally give money to his older brother or his campaign account. “We've got investors lined up in a line of 747s filled with cash ready to invest in this company,” the executive remembers James Biden saying.

At this, the executive recalled, Beau Biden, who was then running for attorney general of Delaware, turned bright red. He told his uncle, “This can never leave this room, and if you ever say it again, I will have nothing to do with this.”

Posted on: Sep 14 09:18

Israel has launched new airstrikes against Syria’s west coast, near the ancestral home region of President Bashar al-Assad, killing two Syrian soldiers and leaving six others injured.  

Syria’s official news agency SANA quoted an unnamed military source as saying that the Israeli strike hit air defense units in the coastal city of Tartous on Wednesday.

“At exactly 17:22 [1422 GMT] this afternoon, the Israeli enemy carried out strikes … from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea targeting some of our air defense sites in Tartous,” the news agency reported.

“The aggression led to the death of two soldiers, and wounded six others,” it added.

A security official told the Arabic-language Sputnik network that this was an "Israeli attack against several targets in the Tartous region. Several fighter jets fired missiles. Syrian air defense systems managed to intercept some of them."

Syrian air defense systems were activated in response to the alleged attack, and most of the missiles launched in the attack were intercepted, Israeli media reported, according to the Jerusalem Post

Posted on: Sep 14 09:17

In a deviation from federal recommendations, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' administration is advising residents under age 65 not to get the new Covid boosters from Pfizer and Moderna.

"What I have directed our department to do is to provide guidance that really recommends and advises against the use of these mRNA Covid-19 vaccines for anyone under 65," the state surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, said at an online panel hosted by DeSantis on Wednesday.

The statement ignores the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendations: The agency said Tuesday that everyone ages 6 months and up who has not gotten a Covid shot within the last two months should get a new booster, which targets a subvariant of omicron called XBB.1.5.

"Vaccination remains the best protection against Covid-19-related hospitalization and death. Vaccination also reduces your chance of suffering the effects of long Covid," the CDC said in a statement Tuesday.

Posted on: Sep 14 09:16

The devastating reality of 23 hours per day solitary confinement is back for the January 6 political prisoners.

Today the DC Jail announced that the J6 patriot pod would be on lockdown for refusing to submit to COVID testing! This lockdown status is a horrific recurring nightmare for many of the nearly 40 Jan 6 detainees surviving in the Gulag.

In an exclusive statement the Gateway Pundit obtained from J6 prisoner for 980 days without a trial, Jake Lang, we learn what it was like living through nearly 20 months of solitary confinement & COVID lockdowns in prison. “I can’t believe we are back to this, it is truly the most inhumane way to treat people. Even a dog gets to go outside once a day! 23 hours locked in your cell alone everyday has a severe effect on the human psyche – and is considered Cruel & Unusual punishment by the Geneva Convention. It is a torture designed to crumble the resolve of even the strongest people, without a relationship with Jesus – it would have broke me.” Jake continued, “With the COVID lockdown comes a side order of evil & soul-crushing treatment. The shortlist of evil being done to us by our government is:

  • no family visitation,
  • no lawyer meetings,
  • no haircuts,
  • no going outside for fresh air,
  • no cooking or showering regularly, and
  • no religious services.
Posted on: Sep 14 09:12

Beauty giant Dove has partnered with a Black Lives Matter activist to promote “fat liberation,” after she was accused of wrongfully getting a white student expelled from her university over a “misheard” remark.

Zyanha Bryant, a community organizer and student activist studying at the University of Virginia, made the announcement she was a “Dove ambassador” on her Instagram page at the end of August, as she spoke about her goal of ending the stigma of being overweight.

“My belief is that we should be centering the voices and the experiences of the most marginalized people and communities at all times,” Bryant, 22, said in a video.

“So when I think about what fat liberation looks like to me, I think about centering the voices of those who live in and who maneuver through spaces and institutions in a fat body.”

She captioned her video by saying, “Fat liberation is something we should all be talking about… Tell us what Fat Liberation means to you using the hashtag #SizeFreedom and tagging @dove to share your story.”

Webmaster addition: So food companies add chemicals to food (Aspartame, MSG, growth hormones) that make people eat more, to boost profits, then rather than try to clean up the food supply, make obesity trendy and fashionable. But the fact is that there are serious medical reasons not to be overweight!

Posted on: Sep 14 09:08

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) announced on Wednesday that he will not run for reelection.

Romney released a video statement explaining why he has declined to run for reelection, stating that he helped pass reforms such as the so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill, the Electoral Count Act reform bill, which was conceived in the wake of the January 6 protests, and emergency coronavirus aid funding.

Now, he said it is time for a “new generation of leaders” to shape public policy. In his statement, he said both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are ready to take on today’s issues:

We face critical challenges — mounting national debt, climate change, and the ambitious authoritarians of Russia and China. Neither President Biden nor former President Trump are leading their party to confront them. On the deficits and debt, both men refuse to address entitlements even though they represent two thirds of federal spending. Donald Trump calls global warming a hoax and President Biden offers feel-good solutions that will make no difference to the global climate. On China, President Biden underinvests in the military and President Trump underinvests in our alliances. Political motivations too often impede the solutions that these challenges demand. The next generation of leaders must take America to the next stage of global leadership. [Emphasis added]

Posted on: Sep 14 09:07

Hunter Biden is reportedly an informal adviser to President Joe Biden amid an impeachment inquiry into the president.

Hunter and Joe Biden frequently speak on the phone and “occasionally” talk politics, according to the New York Times, which described Hunter Biden as the president’s “informal adviser” who has even shaped the latter’s speeches.

“People who know both men say their bond is singular in its intensity,” the Times reported of father and son. “But even allies of President Biden, who prides himself on his political and human instincts, say he has at times been too deferential to his younger son, appearing unwilling to tell him no, despite Hunter’s problems and his long trail of bad decisions.”

“Mr. Biden’s devotion to his son means that he has long followed Hunter’s lead,” the report continued. “Allies of the president have deep respect for the bond, but have privately criticized Mr. Biden’s apparent inability to say no when Hunter sought to pull him into his business dealings.”

While Hunter advises Joe Biden, the two are under investigation by House Republicans, who opened an impeachment inquiry tin  Joe Biden, even as Hunter Biden remains under active investigation by a special counsel.

Posted on: Sep 14 09:07

Oregon’s Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum filed a stockholder derivative lawsuit against the board of directors of Fox Corporation this week, the corporate parent of Fox News, alleging it engaged in a breach of fiduciary duty. They claim that their pension funds were harmed by Fox News' reporting on the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.

"Fox’s Board knew that Fox News’s promotion of political narratives without regard for whether the underlying factual assertions were true created significant exposure to defamation charges," alleges the complaint filed in Delaware Chancery Court.

According to the release, “…by pushing narratives that appealed to their audience regardless of the facts, Fox’s Board should have been especially sensitive to risks of defamation. Yet, Fox’s business model is to promote false claims, including that murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich provided hacked emails to WikiLeaks, and continuing through false claims that election technology companies U.S. Dominion, Inc. and Smartmatic USA Corp. rigged the 2020 presidential election.”

Posted on: Sep 14 09:06

President Ebrahim Raeisi has asserted that Iran cannot tolerate the presence of terrorist groups on the country's common border with Iraq.

The chief executive made the remarks in Tehran on Wednesday to Iraq's visiting Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, urging Baghdad to honor its relevant security commitments towards Tehran.

"During the days that Iraq was besieged by the Daesh terrorist group, the Islamic Republic did not withhold any assistance from Iraq, proving itself to be Iraq's friend during its (the Arab country's) tough days," Raeisi said.

The president was referring to the military advisory support that the Islamic Republic began providing for Iraq after the latter found itself in the grip of the Takfiri group's campaign of bloodshed and destruction in 2014.

The remarks came two days after Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan'ani said the ultimatum given to Iraq to disarm anti-Iran separatist groups based in the Arab country's Kurdistan region would not be extended.

Posted on: Sep 14 09:05