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An error in India's electronic signaling system was blamed Sunday for sending a passenger train jammed with workers and students into a head-on crash with a freight train, triggering one of the world's deadliest train crashes in decades.

India's prime minister promised the "harshest punishment" for anyone found responsible in the Friday wreck.

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Posted on: Jun 04 13:35

Hospitalization risk exists as only 20% of US adults receive booster dose: ‘Uptake has been quite low’

Adults who aren’t current on their COVID-19 vaccine booster doses may have "relatively little remaining protection" against hospitalization compared to those who haven’t been vaccinated at all, suggests a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

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Deadline for bids is quickly approaching


A trio of brand-new Teslas that were sitting in shipping containers on a Chinese dock since 2010 are about to be sold for a record amount.

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 The ball girl could be seen crying

The French Open experience ended abruptly on Sunday for doubles players Miyu Kato and Aldila Sutjiadi. 

The two tennis players were forced to forfeit their third-round match against Marie Bouzkova of the Czech Republic and Sara Sorribes Tormo of Spain after Kato accidentally hit a ball girl in the neck with a ball after a point. 

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A California law upheld by the Supreme Court is putting 'very high financial stress' on pork producer, farmer says

A California law regulating the sale of pork, which was recently upheld by the Supreme Court, could cost pork producers millions, driving up the price consumers pay, an Iowa farmer told Fox News Digital. 

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Verbal altercation led to multiple offenders opening fire in shooting on Chicago's West Side, cops said

A 25-year-old woman in Chicago was killed in a shooting that left six others wounded, after an argument broke out early Sunday at a gathering to honor the life of a man killed in a car crash four years ago, according to police and local reports.

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The recent debt-ceiling deal reached between President Joe Biden and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy perfectly illustrates MAGA’s all-holler/no-action status. I have bad news for folks who invested in bright red “Make America Great Again” hats and devoted years of their lives to what former President Donald Trump routinely calls “the greatest political movement in the history of our country.”

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Firefighters were working Sunday to contain a wildfire near Grayling, Michigan, that grew to more than 3,000 acres a day earlier, officials said. 

The wildfire, which is now estimated to be 2,400 acres large, forced temporary evacuations and closed I-75 for most of Saturday, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources said in a news release. 

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Their messages echoed nearly identical themes: Unity, patriotism and American exceptionalism. Their objective was uniform: Defeating President Joe Biden and America's "woke" left.

Eight of the Republican Party's top presidential candidates stayed on message and avoided attacking each other Saturday at U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst's annual "Roast and Ride" event at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines.

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Moscow's decision to suspend New START treaty is 'unshakable,' US to blame for 'semi-lethal state,' Russian deputy foreign minister says

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov reportedly said Saturday that Moscow’s move to suspend its nuclear arms treaty with Washington was "unshakable" and could only be reversed if the U.S. abandons its "hostile" policy toward Russia. 

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'You'll be angry, but don't take it personally,' says a pamphlet the group leaves on deflated cars' windshields

A far-left international group that encourages groups of people to deflate tires on parked sports utility vehicles (SUV) in an effort to combat global warming has expanded its operations to 18 countries.

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have spoken out about the docuseries, which drops major bombshells about the family, calling it 'derogatory and sensationalized'

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Scripture reveals a triune God in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

There are many aspects of faith that are difficult to grasp due to their supernatural nature, faith leaders say.

While the concept of the Holy Trinity can be one that is extremely hard for the average person to understand, doing so brings both comfort and salvation, Dr. Ben Gutierrez, senior pastor at Grove Church in Richmond, Virginia, told Fox News Digital.

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Helicopter parenting leads to immaturity, anxiety and depression in children

Fear is a powerful emotion. It can keep us from taking risks that would benefit us and our families, create apathy, fuel doubt and can enable us to stay in toxic patterns of behavior. Fear can even damage the bond between parent and child. 

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Valais Blacknose sheep are used as emotional support animals for people in need

A support group is helping people improve their mental health — with a flock of sheep.

Emma Redmappa Ashn, 37, and Piton, 46, launched EWE Talk last year. The nonprofit organization based in Thame, in Oxfordshire, England, aims to help struggling adults and children

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Texas kittens are a 'spirited, curious' bunch, according to shelter

An adorable group of nearly identical orange tabby kittens is available for adoption in Houston, Texas.

The group, which has been nicknamed the "G Litter," consists of kittens Gregory, Gus, Georgie and Ginger. They are estimated to be 8 weeks old, the Best Friends Animal Society, headquartered in Utah, told Fox News Digital.

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'Not you Siri, that Siri!'

At long last, an iPhone finally went off while someone was broadcasting a Tampa Bay Rays game.

Why would that happen? Because the Rays have a guy named Jose Siri on their team.

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'Bridge Man' protest led to one of China's greatest 'pro-freedom' uprisings

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been the ruling party in China for nearly 75 years. For those living there, this has meant limited individual rights, far-reaching governmental control and virtually no freedom of expression. 

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Massachusetts' is offering up to $75,000 in relief for small businesses owned by specific demographics

A former police officer turned fire academy owner is suing the state of Massachusetts over a COVID-19 grant program designated for specific races, sexes and sexual orientations.

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Thomas Cannon, 79, allegedly grabbed boy's arm in Wawa restroom in Maurice River, New Jersey

A man wanted in New Jersey for allegedly trying to use candy to abduct a 7-year-old boy from a Wawa restroom has been identified and arrested, authorities said Friday.

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Three people were injured and received medical treatment in the village of Mirny, near the Russian-occupied city of Melitopol, in the Zaporizhzhia region, a Russian-backed official said on Sunday, as both sides reported strikes in the area.

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Rescue workers recovered the body of a 2-year-old girl from the rubble of a building following a Russian strike on the small riverfront town of Pidhorodne, in southeastern Ukraine,  a Ukrainian military official said.

The official, Serhii Lysak, 

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Five drones were shot down over the town of Dzhankoi in Crimea overnight, a Russian-installed official said in a statement on Sunday.

In addition to the five interceptions, four other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) jammed and failed to hit their targets, according to Sergey Aksenov, the Russian-backed head of Crimea's administration.

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Strawberry supermoon will light up skies for 3 days

Tonight the beautiful full strawberry moon will light the sky at its brightest — but it's not the only special moon to gaze upon this year.

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Authorities have not released the names of the dead or a possible cause for the crash

Two people were killed in a small plane crash Saturday morning at a Mississippi airport, the Tupelo Regional Airport confirmed to Fox News Digital. 

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Xavier 'ChiefsAholic' Babudar did not appear for a court date

A Chiefs superfan is listed as the Kansas City area's fifth-most wanted fugitive.

Xavier "ChiefsAholic" Babudar, better known to Chiefs fans as the guy who wears a KC Wolf costume to home games, is accused of robbing an Oklahoma bank in December.

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Police are asking the public for help in tracking down the suspect

A Washington, D.C., man allegedly attacked a victim with a wrench on Friday after a verbal altercation, according to police.

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Gov. Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta said officials are investigating the migrant arrivals for criminal activity

California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom and state Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Saturday an investigation into the arrival of migrants at a church in Sacramento to determine if kidnapping or other crimes were committed.

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A question heading into the Stanley Cup Final was whether the Vegas Golden Knights’ Adin Hill could continue his strong play and keep pace with red-hot Florida Panthers goalie Sergei Bobrovsky.

The answer was yes in Game 1 as the Golden Knights beat the Panthers 5-2 on Saturday night with Hill making the save of the playoffs on Florida's Nick Cousins. He had 33 saves to 29 for Bobrovsky, who had been on an 11-1 run.

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After 40 years running their family-owned pharmacy in Washington, Douglas and Roseanne Morrill made plans to travel the world. They bought points from a timeshare company to do so, which they later realized was a mistake.

Roseanne Morrill, a frequent listener of Christian financial advisor Dave Ramsey's radio show, later heard him talk about how timeshares were a rip-off. But Ramsey said there was a way out of their timeshare contracts, just one way out: the Timeshare Exit Team, which he said would give them a full refund if it couldn't get them out of their financial obligations.

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