"History would be a lot more fun if we didn’t have to kill so many people making it!" -- Michael Rivero

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Yo, iPhone users, remember the photos you deleted years ago? How can those reappear unless Apple is storing them on their servers?

Yup, it looks like some — SOME — iPhone users are reporting resurfaced deleted photos appearing on their iPhone after the latest update. A few users, after installing the iOS 17.5 update, revealed that some of these photos were "revealing," opening up a big ol' bag of worms for the rest of you deviant iPhone users to worry about.

YouTube's excuse for behaving this way is that it simply wants to help it users "learn about the issues shaping the debate." In order to do that, one component of the effort involves "dealing with harmful content," which really means that YouTube is trying to shape the debate rather than simply facilitate it.

As Israel's assault on Gaza continues on the ground, a parallel battle rages on social media between people and bots.

Lebanese researchers Ralph Baydoun and Michel Semaan, from research and strategic communications consulting firm InflueAnswers, decided to monitor how what seemed like “Israeli” bots have behaved on social media since October 7.

Early on, Baydoun and Semaan said, pro-Palestinian accounts dominated the social media space. Soon, they noticed, pro-Israeli comments increased vastly.

by Tyler Durden

A trove of new whistleblower documents provided to House GOP investigators reveal, among other things, that the CIA prevented federal investigators from pursuing Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris as a witness in their investigation

Authored by Savannah Fortis via CoinTelegraph.com,

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butertin has shared his take on “superintelligent” artificial intelligence, calling it “risky” in response to ongoing leadership changes at OpenAI. 

At a Build conference event on Monday, Microsoft revealed a new AI-powered feature called "Recall" for Copilot+ PCs that will allow Windows 11 users to search and retrieve their past activities on their PC. To make it work, Recall records everything users do on their PC, including activities in apps, communications in live meetings, and websites visited for research. Despite encryption and local storage, the new feature raises privacy concerns for certain Windows users.

One Friday morning in January, office telephones in the city hall of Modi'in Ilit fell silent. Employees who were in the building quickly realized that something unusual was happening. They were locked out of their computers, unable to access files and emails. The reason only became clear a few days later: a sophisticated cyberattack had taken over the city government's computer network and shut it down.

The national security of the United States will remain in perpetual jeopardy until the installed administration is out of office. Joe Biden is the laughing stock of the world as America’s enemies are ramping up the attacks.

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued an enforcement alert urging water systems to take immediate action to protect the nation’s drinking water from foreign cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks against water utilities across the country are becoming more frequent and severe, the agency announced Monday.