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Trump Reacts to Russias Surprise New Move He Just Nailed Biden with 1 Brutal Word MikeRivero

Under the Biden administration, war has erupted all over the world. And fears of global war continue to rise as more conflicts could happen anywhere. Biden claims to be “defending democracy” by spending billions on Ukraine’s fight. Yet, it seems like he’s doing very little to deter Vladimir Putin.

In fact, Russia is only becoming bolder in its hostile actions. It is partnering with nations like China and Iran.

US sends submarine to Cuba after Russian ships arrive MikeRivero

An American attack submarine has docked at the US base of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, a day after a four-ship Russian task force sailed into Havana on a long-range expedition.

USS Helena, a Los Angeles-class boat, arrived on Thursday for a “routine port visit,” the US Southern Command said in a statement. 

“The vessel’s location and transit were previously planned,” SOUTHCOM added, noting that the Helena is “conducting its global maritime security and national defense mission.”

US Submarine Arrives In Guantanamo Bay, Near US Base In Cuba MikeRivero

A U.S. Navy nuclear-powered fast attack submarine has arrived in Guantanamo Bay, near the American base in Cuba as part of what U.S. Southern Command says is a "routine visit", but coincides with a visit by four Russian naval vessels, including one of its nuclear-powered submarines, which Moscow says is intended to send a message to Washington, along with its recent joint nuclear exercises with Belarus. 


Russian warships are conducting missile drills in the waters off the Coast of Florida near Cuba. New hypersonic missiles on board and ready for launch!!

.The nuclear-powered Kazan submarine and Admiral Gorshkov frigate, which carries hypersonic Zircon missiles, staged the computer drills with high-precision weapons against “naval groups of a mock enemy” over a distance of 600 kilometers (373 miles), the Defense Ministry in Moscow said in a surprise statement Tuesday.

Russian warships reach Cuba ahead of military exercises - just two weeks after Biden approved Ukraine using US weapons inside Russia - in ominous echo of the Cold War MikeRivero

Russian warships reached Cuba this week ahead of planned military exercises in echos of the cold-war missile crisis.

The fleet, made up of a frigate, a nuclear-powered submarine, an oil tanker and a rescue tug, crossed into Havana Bay after drills in the Atlantic Ocean.

US officials expect the ships to remain in the region through the summer and possibly also stop in Venezuela.


According to the commission’s interim president Jessika Padilla Rivera, Puerto Rico’s elections commission began evaluating its Dominion Voting Systems contract after software glitches miscalculated vote totals in the June 2 primaries.

'DISASTER': Biden's Foreign Aid Coordinator Disses $300 Million Plan to Send Kenyan Cops to Haiti MikeRivero

Elite Russian Navy Flotilla Trains For Long Range Strikes While Approaching U.S. Coast MikeRivero

A flotilla from the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet has begun training for long range strikes while en route to Cuba, where they will dock in the capital Havana just 350 kilometres off the coast of the United States.

Let Me Remind You... MikeRivero

... that Soviet Navy was constantly present in Cuba through 1960s to 1980s. Visits have been regular and even one of the classes of my naval academy went on navigation cruise Kronstadt-Cienfuegos-Cartagena in 1970s. Here is one of the missile cruisers of pr. 58 leaving Cuba in 1969. 

US sends destroyers to track Russian nuclear sub and warship carrying hypersonic weapons after flotilla passed 25 miles off America's coast towards Havana in chilling echo of Cuba Missile crisis MikeRivero

The US Navy dispatched ships and aircraft to track Russian warships that sailed just 25 miles off the South Florida coast yesterday en route to Cuba.