"The more shocking a news story is, the more likely it's bullshit!" -- Michael Rivero

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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has told leaders of the BRICS group of emerging economies that members of the organization should move to designate the Israeli regime as a terrorist entity because of the extensive crimes it has committed in the Gaza Strip over the past weeks.

"It is necessary that this fake regime be recognized as a terrorist regime and its army be regarded as a terrorist organization," Raeisi said. 

Hostilities in the Palestine-Israel conflict have remained at an all-time high going on nearly two months since Hamas launched its October 7 surprise attack. An analyst has said Israel is becoming “bogged down indefinitely” in Gaza and claimed US military involvement would be “much costlier” than predicted.

The United States may be hoping for a broader conflict to break out amidst Israel’s military campaign in Gaza in order to damage Iran and other foes, according to author Jeremy Kuzmarov.

A massive US naval deployment in a wide arc of the so-called Greater Middle East is under way — stretching from Crete in the Eastern Mediterranean, into the Red Sea and  the Bab el Mandeb and into the Gulf of Aden and all the way into the Gulf of Oman. This deterrent display may transform as large scale offensive operations and aims to rework the geopolitical alignments and bring them back to the traditional grooves of intra-regional rivalries in the Gulf region.