"Fear and greed, not mathematics, drives the economy." -- Michael Rivero

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Former MIT associate professor Jeremy England, an ordained rabbi, wrote in Tablet Magazine that Jews need to fully reject any "lingering" sense of Christian morality and embrace ethnically cleansing Gaza in accordance with Talmudic law.

In an article last week titled "Live by the Law or Die on the Cross," England said that "Israel must stop pretending it is a nation like any other."

The UMC has been destroying its numbers by embracing LGBTQ+ "affirming" politics designed for "inclusion." But it turns out that most gay folks don't want to go to church.

Conservatives, who they have purposefully and actively alienated, do want to go to church.

Just not the United Methodist Church.

Forget the dead for a moment and think about the living. We’re talking about a minuscule, 25-mile strip of land on which, before recent events began, an estimated 2.4 million people lived, went to school, worshiped, farmed, did whatever.

Catholics have expressed horror after a male performance artist danced in drag for young children during Pope Francis’ first World Children’s Day this weekend.

  MacArthur, John F. Best Price: $12.51 Buy New $13.50 (as of 01:07 UTC - Details)  On May 25, Salerno native Carmine De Rosa performed as one of the official artists for the inaugural World Children’s Day. In his capacity as a quick-change artist or a living cartoon, De Rosa appeared as a woman, wearing multiple outfits in drag. He also used suggestive cardboard costumes.

If you know anything about traditional Jewish ethics (i.e., Jewish ethics before a great deal of intellectual work was performed aimed at providing a rationale for Judaism as a modern religion in the West—apparent in the Wikipedia article on Jewish ethics), you know that pre-Enlightenment Jewish ethics was entirely based on whether actions applied to the ingroup or the outgroup.

Ukraine is now preparing to take the final step in actually banning the largest canonical Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC). The radical legislation was passed in the first reading back in October 2023, but so far the Verkhovna Rada has been postponing its adoption, an atypical move for a parliament fully obedient and under the control of Zelensky.

After a spate of similar Gladio-style black ops, the recent assassination attempt on the Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico proves that the liberal wing of the NWO globalist cabal is out for blood as never before.

Slovak PM Fico shot:
The politician was wounded after
an assailant fired multiple shots

A video published on social media appears to show an Israeli soldier standing in the ruins of a mosque in Gaza, throwing pages of the Quran into a fire. 

According to the Israeli broadcaster Kan, the soldier posted the footage on his Instagram account. The incident was condemned by Israeli military police, who said they were investigating.

It is "scary" even to think about what will happen to the people who destroy churches and persecute believers, Russian Church Abroad (ROCOR) Synod of Bishops Chancellor Archpriest Serafim Gan told Sputnik, commenting on Ukrainian authorities dismantling the chapel of the Tithes monastery in Kiev.