“We do not merely destroy our enemies; we change them.”  -- George Orwell, 1984

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Disney, once a mass producer of greatest hits at the box office, is now experiencing another series of hits as it absorbs blow after blow from underperforming “woke” movies that, all told, are expected to cost the company nearly a billion dollars

I miss the old WRH website, it was like that old car or home appliance that even though it was old or maybe antiquated it was top notch, functional, and useful.  This new website is shadow of the former website, I feel for Mike and his struggle trying to get this website to where he wants it.

Aside from the loss of functionality the primary reason I use WRH is because of Mike's editorial control and content, Mike has a good eye for countering the corporate propaganda machine.  I don't know who talked Mike into "downgrading" his website but I bet he regrets it now.  Personally I would put a boot where the sun doesn't shine to whoever suggested this stupid so called upgrade.  Long gone are the days where I could pour through the posts selecting the ones that took my interests followed by going to the members posts and looking into what other members found.  Now we have a front page that anyone who is a member can post to and a so called members story side feed that is often dominated by one poster who effectively mutes the other members with their posts.  I feel like I have to filter the main feed just to get to Mike's postings which is actually annoying.  I come here to get Mike's take on things and what he posts.  Now it seems like the site is overran and after years of promoting and using WRH I am saddened to say I cant even promote it anymore.  Not that I don't appreciate the posting done by members but in truth the quality often fails in comparison to what Mike puts up.  Worse, the members that burn the members posts feed do a disservice to the community imho.  Why do you have to be so greedy in your posting, do you have a problem?


I know Mike is working on things and it is obvious that it isn't going as intended.  I would almost suggest that Mike just revert back to the old website format and code because this present one actually sucks!  Sorry to say but I can't hold it back anymore.  I hope Mike gets the site to his liking but it seems doubtful considering how much time it is taking.  I just dont know what else to say.