"The Corporate Media are neither free, honest, accurate, or fair. The Corporate Media are the means by which the world's money-junkies bypass civil leadership and usurp the power of nations for their own nefarious ends. " -- Michael Rivero

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In the last issue, we highlighted the UK (military together with presstitutes) and Australia (presstitutes) have begun preparing the nations for war with Russia. We had the Swedes do the same, and now the clog-wearers are getting in on the mania. The entire EU will soon be on this.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. The Brits? Ok, these are the same people who think Spam is cuisine, and that was AFTER ruling much of the world. Can you imagine walking into a ridiculously well stocked buffet hall with every imaginable cuisine available to you — Argentinian asado, Thai coconut curries, sushi, lasagna, garlic prawns — and you say, “No, I’ll have the Spam and beans, thanks.” So I’m going to just put the Brits and their decision making capabilities into the “questionable” bucket.

The same for the Ozzies. Why? Easy. These are the same people who choose to live with eight of the world’s 10 most dangerous animals, and I’m not even counting the politicians, so… But this is clearly a rollout. The coordination has all the hallmarks of the COVID scam rollout. And look, it’s all the same players. Next up Canada and New Zealand. I’d bet Nancy Pelosi’s stock portfolio on it.

Army commander tells NATO country to prepare for war with Russia

The Netherlands should be seriously afraid of war, and our society should prepare for it…Russia is getting stronger, ” Lieutenant General Martin Wijnen, commander of the Royal Netherlands Army, said in an interview with the newspaper De Telegraaf.

It’s the same method they used with COVID. Begin by terrorising the people, point to the problem, and provide a “solution”. If we are to meet the goals of the WEF (clearly and in repeated ways being population reduction), then what better way to get there than war. Ukraine was the pilot project. Clearly, it’s not about winning. That was never going to happen, and sadly the military industrial complex knew this. It is nothing to these psychopaths that over a million Ukrainians are dead, and they’re now apparently looking to call up women. You know, equality and all that. Gender is a spectrum, right?

This brings up something else I thought worth mentioning. A US person who shall remain anonymous said something to me just the other day and I thought summed up how ignorant and naive many folks really are.

He said to me, “Let the Arabs fight each other over there, and let our military go teach these backward people a lesson.” It is shocking to me how ill informed many in the West are. How ignorant of the many ways wars are fought.

First off, Iran is, for example, a country with 90 million people and a truly formidable fighting force, some of the world’s most advanced technology and hence missiles. They could entirely level Israel if they so choose. And we’ve not mentioned Turkey, Russia, or, of course, China.

What is shocking to me is that this particular gent couldn’t think beyond what he sees on the news and put two and two together. Consider the open border in the US. You know, the same borders that have been wiiiiide open now for many years. The same ones where at present there are an estimated 12,000 illegals crossing… DAILY. Now, I have to ask the question. How many Hezbollah fighters are not in Gaza, Syria, or the Middle East, but in fact in the US? Come on, people. Think. And no, it’s not only Hezbollah.


Officials, lawmakers raise national security concerns about spike in Chinese nationals


Griff Jenkins: Chinese migrants raising 'concerns' for officials Video

Griff Jenkins: Chinese migrants raising 'concerns' for officials

Claire's Observations:  It's not only illegal immigrants from the Middle East; Now, we have massive illegal migrations from China hitting the borders.  As reported one week ago at fox news:  Chinese illegal immigration on pace to break records at US southern border

The Fox News correspondent has the latest on the influx of Chinese migrants at California's southern border on "The Big Weekend Show."

"A dramatic increase in Chinese illegal immigration is on track to break records at the southern border, with apprehensions from the communist country in one sector alone already eclipsing fiscal 2021 in just a few days.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources tell Fox News that between Saturday and Monday"c there were 452 Chinese nationals apprehended by Border Patrol in the San Diego Sector alone."

But the questions must be asked, and then answered; Why now?!? Why so many?!?  And what is their purpose when they get here??????????????

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In the ever-shifting landscape of the stock market, recent data is raising eyebrows and sending warning signals about the health of the market. Key players like $NVDA, $META, $MSFT, and $AMZN have been the driving force, accounting for more than 90% of the market cap gains in the Nasdaq 100 this year. This concentration of gains in a handful of stocks raises concerns about the broader market's reliance on a select few.

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Trump-era Department of Justice official Jeffrey Clark won a big victory against Democrat lawfare on Monday when the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled he did not have to comply with a subpoena issued by the D.C. Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

The appeals court denied the D.C. Bar’s attempt to enforce its subpoena against Clark because it “infringes on Mr. Clark’s Fifth Amendment right not to be compelled to be a witness against himself.” The court did not release a full opinion but promised to do so in the future.

The victory for Clark serves as a shocking blow to Democrats, who have tried to disbar more than 100 attorneys who agreed to work on election integrity cases following the 2020 presidential election. They’ve expanded that lawfare to attorneys across the nation who defend conservatives, including half of Republican attorneys general.

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An amendment to an Indiana bill would allow an unelected, Democrat-stacked committee that works in secret to control whom Hoosiers are allowed to vote for as state attorney general.

The amendment would bar from appearing on Hoosier ballots any candidate for attorney general who, within one year of the election, has been disbarred or suspended from his law license without an automatic reinstatement. Law license challenges have since 2020 become a political tool for Democrats to deny their political opponents legal representation.

Multiple Democrat pressure groups such as The 65 Project and Lawyers Defending Democracy now exist specifically to harass, intimidate, and force potentially tens of thousands of dollars of representation costs on their political opponents for constitutionally protected free speech. This means any Republican attorney general is at high risk of an ethics complaint unless he represents no challenge to Democrat priorities.

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When the slaughter stops in Gaza
I will get to those cobwebs, promise,
and water that monstera,
and clean out that goo in the fridge.

When the slaughter stops in Gaza
I will youtube how to grow strawberries,
and whether dinosaurs ever had feathers,
and what’s the deal with hibachis — 
is it something to do with fondue?

When the slaughter stops in Gaza
I will brush my hair out finally,
and call my Mum god bless her
and make her a perfect lasagna — 
no, two; I’ll make one for freezing,
and I’ll give Dad back his drill.

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In recent years, Democrats have doggedly tried to take down Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices. Some have thrown accusations against Justices Thomas, Alito, and Coney Barret.

And their shameful actions to block Brett Kavanaugh left a black stain on the entire process.

But it appears there are more concerns over the actions of Democrat-appointed justices. Recently, some have questioned the income and expenses of one justice celebrated by the left. Now, a new report has uncovered details that will have Democrats very worried.

From MSN:
Supreme Court justices have made hundreds of trips and public appearances in recent years. But only one sitting justice appears to have taken the unusual step of traveling with a medic: 69-year-old Justice Sonia Sotomayor…

In February 2018, a medic from Grand Junction, Colorado, accompanied Sotomayor on a trip she made to southern Florida, according to the records.

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Credit: FBI Twitter Account

The corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) opened itself up to incredible ridicule online with a post boasting about combatting organized retail theft.

As Gateway Pundit readers know, looting has become a national crisis thanks to far-left prosecutors in major cities refusing to prosecute retail theft crimes in the name of “social justice.” Businesses from San Francisco to Washington D.C. are either closing or moving because the young thieves keep stealing their items while law enforcement does nothing.

The hard truth is primarily young people of color are committing retail thefts as part of organized flash mobs, though the media conveniently avoids addressing this fact.

But here is the FBI post in question regarding looting.

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President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is preparing for a wave of negative fallout stemming from the expected release of photos showing careless storage of classified documents as special counsel Robert Hur’s year-long investigation wraps up.

Axios has reported that Biden’s advisors do not anticipate the filing of criminal charges stemming from the investigation. However, they are apprehensive about potentially embarrassing photographs that may be included in Hur’s forthcoming report, expected to be released as early as this week.

The images might reveal how Biden stored classified materials, which were found in late 2022, both in the garage of Biden’s Delaware residence and in a private office he frequented. The classified documents date back to Biden’s tenure as vice president during the Obama administration.

In the run-up to their anticipated rematch in the 2024 election, close advisers to President Biden have expressed concern to Axios that the former President Trump’s campaign might potentially exploit the images.

Webmaster addition:  Keep in mind that as Vice President, Joe Biden did not have authority to declassify and remove those documents. Trump, as President, did.

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