"Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to lie." -- Michael Rivero

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Throughout medical history, there have been countless stories of amazing accounts of survival defying logical explanation. One such event, dubbed as the “American Crowbar Case,” happened on September 13, 1848 when, due to an explosion, a tamping iron went right through the head of Phineas Gage. Luckily, the accident was not enough to end the life of the railroad foreman.

During World War I, opposing sides sat in trenches for years on end, blasting each other to oblivion.

This created a problem: How do you sneak out toward the enemy trenches without being seen when you've already obliterated everything around you until the entire landscape is just a flat, barren expanse of charred dirt and corpses? Well, the French army had the perfect solution: Disguise yourself as a dead thing.

US Air Force Academy Cadets Finally Realized Their Janitor Was a Medal Of Honor War Hero unewsy Tue, 10/03/2023 - 23:19

Day after day hundreds cadets of Air Force Academy would pass janitor William Crawford in the hall oblivious to the greatness that was among them.

Trevor Bauer, a former MLB player who had his life derailed by a predatory Instagram skank who accused him of violent rape, exposed his accuser in a viral video posted to X which quickly racked up over 60 million views and even drew the attention of Elon Musk.

A technology officer from artificial intelligence company OpenAI warned that if AI is improperly programmed, the platforms could become far more addicting than modern social media and, in a sense, enslave humanity.
Female attendees at a major conference for women in technology were outraged after some males allegedly attended by identifying as non-binary in order to seek the high-paying jobs offered at the meeting.
In Stunning Reversal, Pennsylvania School Board Bans Boys From Using Girls' Bathrooms Following Student Walkout And Successful Pressure Campaign rishika Tue, 10/03/2023 - 20:59
Earlier this month, a school board in Pennsylvania voted against a policy requiring boys and girls to use bathrooms corresponding to their biological sex. The 5-4 vote was denounced by parents and students alike, and the students staged walkouts in protest.
Biological Males Banned From Women's International Fishing Events After Team Refuses To Compete With Trans-Identifying Teammate: 'It's Unfair' rishika Tue, 10/03/2023 - 20:59
A global sporting body recently decided to bar biological males from competing in women's international fishing competitions, calling it "absolutely discriminatory," the Telegraph reported.