"I suffer from a genetic defect that makes it impossible for me to see the Emperor's new clothes!" -- Michael Rivero

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The company along with two others were charged by City Attorney David Chiu in Feb. for fraud and illegally towing parked cars. His office described the company as "unscrupulous" in their online news release. Specialty Towing is now prohibited from bidding or receiving city contracts.

Authored by Jane L. Johnson via The Mises Institute,

Utility bills - for electricity, natural gas, water, and garbage - have by long-standing tradition been based on customer usage, measured in kilowatt-hours of electricity, therms or Btu of natural gas, hundred cubic feet of water, or number of garbage cans.

As the NCAA finishes up March Madness, another type of madness is unfolding as the U.S. military retools its weapons of mass destruction response apparatus to focus not on attacks by familiar foreign terror groups like Al Qaeda or ISIS, but by American citizens. 

Late on Tuesday, the financial world was swept up by a report from Bloomberg according to which an unknown trader had put on single record-sized trade, betting that today's CPI print would come in dovish, and forcing the Fed to cut sooner. It did not work out quite as expected.

A group of 19 House Republicans bucked GOP leadership and voted with Democrats against a bill that would extend Section 702, the law that allows for mass surveillance and the collection of Americans’ data. 

Drones from American startups are glitchy and expensive prompting Ukraine to turn to alternatives from China.

The Wall Street Journal comments American Drones Failed to Turn the Tide in Ukraine