"We are all born ignorant, but one must work very hard to remain stupid!" -- Benjamin Franklin

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The financial crisis that kicked off in March continues to bubble under the surface...

Total outstanding loans in the Federal Reserve’s bank bailout program jumped by just over $5 billion in November.


According to Google, an "Equity Swap is:

An equity swap is an exchange of future cash flows between two parties that allows each party to diversify its income for a specified period of time while still holding its original assets.

According to the Wikipedia, an Equity Swap is:


Big banks such as PNC Bank and JPMorgan Chase have filed to close several branch offices in multiple states amid a troubling pattern of rising branch shutdowns in recent years.

Between Nov. 12 and 18, several banks filed to close branch locations, with PNC Bank with the most filings, according to data from the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Pittsburgh-based PNC Bank filed for 19 branch closures—five in Pennsylvania, four in Illinois, three in Texas, two each in Alabama and New Jersey, and one each in Indiana, Ohio, and Florida.


War Cabinet minister Benny Gantz warned Sunday that failure to divert all coalition discretionary funds to war needs would cause his National Unity party to vote against a proposed war budget and could lead it to “consider its next steps,” hinting he could bolt the government.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office indicated it would not accept Gantz’s demands, saying the proposal will be brought before the cabinet Monday and “answers the needs of the war.”

The world’s largest bank is facing a $600 million defamation lawsuit for allegedly spreading misinformation, blocking transactions and severely damaging the reputation of a multi-million dollar business.

Sinai Holdings, a Florida-based medical services company, claims the bank erroneously placed the company and its owner Jacob Gitman on a list of individuals and entities to be avoided.

The 10-year Treasury yield set off roaring alarms about the U.S. budget when it surged to 5% last month. Now those warnings look like a fire drill. Federal Reserve rate hikes seem to be over for now, giving the bond market a reprieve and allowing a powerful S&P 500 rally to resume.

Enjoy it while it lasts. The next debt scare may be the real thing, and it could rock the U.S. economy and stock market.


Motorists are thought to lose around 600,000 catalytic converters to thieves each year. But have they ever wondered just where the devices end up? 

For years, mystery has shrouded widespread theft of the car parts - which are designed to reduce the amount of harmful pollutants a vehicle emits and made from precious metals such as rhodium, platinum and palladium. 

Some Democrats are beginning to respond to constituents’ anger over the high civilian death toll in Gaza, insisting aid to Israel must be contingent on the country’s compliance with humanitarian law. But President Biden remains firmly supportive of the US ally.

Two Democratic Senators have said US aid to Israel must be conditioned on greater efforts to avoid civilian casualties, marking a shift in rhetoric from the party since the early days of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

Residents of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) were shocked early this week when illegal aliens who got in line before they did for free Thanksgiving dinners given away by local food banks left many low-income citizens without a holiday meal this year.