"Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to lie." -- Michael Rivero

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NBC News and the Associated Press on Tuesday reported glowingly on the news that right-wing writer and commentator Alain Soral was sentenced to prison in Switzerland for calling a journalist a "fat lesbian" two years ago on Facebook.

Samuel Lazar is a January 6 defendant who served 30 months in prison and who reportedly was working with the feds in their investigation.

Lazar’s records were later sealed by the government for several months after his sentencing.

His court record was unsealed this week.

Video was posted online following January 6 of Samuel Lazar and his female cohort talking sh*t a few blocks from the US Capitol.

If you want to accomplish something that the masses oppose, then how will you do it? The first and most important thing is to conceal yourself as the source of the objective. In this case, we are talking about a political objective. It’s no surprise that there are people who want to have total power. History has given us Alexander the Great, Caesar, and more recently Hitler and Mao. These people are just figure heads. They could never have acceeded to power had they not been supported by others.

The co-founder of Greenpeace Canada told podcast host Dan Proft that “climate alarmism is 100% untrue.”

“They said it was the hottest year in the history of the earth the other day, and it’s not,” Moore told Proft on the “Counterculture” podcast.

“That’s just, period, a lie.”

Security forces in Madagascar fired tear gas on opposition candidates leading a protest in the capital Antananarivo on Monday, amid rising political tensions ahead of presidential elections next month.

Eleven of the 13 presidential candidates in the running had called on supporters to march on the central May 13 square to protest what they have described as an "institutional coup" to favour incumbent Andry Rajoelina.

But law enforcement officers moved to disperse the crowd of a few hundred people before it reached the planned destination.

Two New York Democrats, one being NY attorney general Letitia James, a black female helped into office by money from George Soros, who made his billions by manipulating the British pound to the disadvantage of the British population, and the other being NY state judge Arthur Engoron, a Donald Trump hater who was put in office by Trump-hating NY Democrats, have conspired to steal Trump’s real estate empire including Mar-a-Lago.

In reporting the theft, the Associated Press’s Anthony Izaguirre on September 27 wrote in worshipful tones that

The judge ordered New York business certificates for numerous Trump entities cancelled. That alone could have a devastating impact on the businesses. The current trial is just about the additional penalties sought, including hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and an order barring Trump and his organizations from doing business in New York State. That would be, as Trump has said, a business death penalty.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) issued a defiant statement Monday blaming a staff member for referencing “Nazi” Republicans in a talking points memo sent by his office to every Democrat House member.