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‘Ticking time bomb’: Poliovirus found in Gaza sewage

Looming health disaster for displaced Palestinians living in tent camps, where sewage flows freely, contaminating water.

Poliovirus has been detected in samples of sewage water in the densely populated Gaza Strip, placing “thousands” of Palestinians at risk of contracting the highly infectious disease that can cause paralysis.

Mark Perlmutter is an orthopedic and hand surgeon who practices in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Feroze Sidhwa is a trauma and critical care surgeon who practices in Northern California. 

As early as January 2022, researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) were aware of at least 850 peer-reviewed case reports and/or research articles on COVID-19 vaccine reactions, according to emails obtained by Children’s Health Defense (CHD).

About the Study

The study participants were part of the China Health Evaluation and Risk Reduction through Nationwide Teamwork (ChinaHEART) project, which included individuals aged 35 to 75 from various regions across China.

Participants were divided into three groups based on their risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD), a heart disease caused by plaque buildup on artery walls:

The UK has become the first European country to approve the sale of artificial meat for pet food. The regulatory clearance was granted to Meatly, a company developing cultivated meat from animal cells. The initial product will be chicken-based and intended for use in dog food. However, they hope to expand the market and sell their artificial meat to humans.
A new study published on Friday found that the excess all-cause mortality for the years 2020 to 2023 in 125 countries is incompatible with a pandemic viral respiratory disease. The authors argue that the three primary causes of death associated with the excess all-cause mortality over this period are due to mandated measures such as lockdowns; harmful medical interventions such as the use of ventilators and the denial of use of antibiotics; and, covid injections.

While researching why this is occurring, I happened upon this article from the American Institute for Economic Research. It explains that Medicare has cut reimbursement to physicians yet again, leaving them 30% behind the rate of inflation.

An explosive new study has provided evidence of a direct link between Covid mRNA injections and the global surge in sudden deaths.

The findings of the bombshell study were just published by a group of renowned researchers, sending shockwaves through the scientific community.