Dec 07 09:34

US makes war promise to NATO members on ‘eastern flank’

The US would not send troops into a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Washington has said ahead of Thursday's summit between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

However, Washington has pledged that it's prepared to “bolster” members of its NATO military bloc.

“We do not know whether Putin has made a decision about further military escalation in Ukraine, but we do know he's putting in place the capacity to engage in such escalation should he decide to do so,” a senior Biden administration official told reporters in a background briefing on Monday, according to Reuters.

The US is not seeking a scenario in which its military would be used in a conflict between Moscow and Kiev, but would be “prepared to bolster allies on NATO’s eastern flank,” the official is quoted as saying. The idea of Russian troops preparing for an “invasion” of Ukraine, replicated in mainstream media over the past few days, has been rubbished by the Kremlin.

Dec 07 09:26

Suicide machine that can be controlled by blinking faces ‘no legal issues’ in Switzerland

A coffin-shaped capsule that allows occupants to kill themselves has passed legal review in Switzerland, according to its creators.

The Sarco machine can be operated from the inside –conceivably just by blinking if the person suffers from locked-in syndrome – and works by reducing the oxygen level in the pod to below a critical level.

The process takes less than a minute and death occurs through hypoxia and hypocapnia, which is intended to allow a person to die relatively peacefully and painlessly.

Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland and roughly 1,300 people used the services of euthanasia organisations Dignitas and Exit last year.

Both firms use ingestible liquid barbiturate drug to induce a deep coma within two to five minutes, followed by death.

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Remember the "thanitorium" in "Soylent Green?"

Dec 07 08:40

EU’s Christina Anderson MEP. Her SPEECH 2021 WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY

Dec 07 07:56

On The Heels of Austria and Germany Locking Down The Unvaccinated, EU Leader Calls For Throwing Out Nuremberg Code In Favor of Forced Vaccinating All Dissenters

On Wednesday, Ursula Van Der Leyen – the chief of the European Union (EU) Commission – told the press that she would like to see the long-standing Nuremberg Code ignored completely in favor of allowing countries to force vaccinate anyone who is refusing to take the experimental jab.

Her alarming comments come just days after Germany followed Austria’s lead, mandating an authoritarian lockdown on only the unvaccinated.

Dec 07 07:55

Austria Now Threatening PRISON To Anyone Who Refuses Vaccine

Unjabbed Austrians who refuse to comply with the government’s draconian mandates could face prison sentences and crippling fines for non-compliance.

After initially placing unjabbed citizens under lockdown, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced that the jab would become compulsory from February 1 onwards.

Questions as to what would happen to those who refused to comply with the mandate have now been answered in the form of a draft that was leaked to the media.

“Under the bill, anyone who refused to attend a scheduled vaccination appointment would receive an official summons from local authorities. If an individual failed to show up, they would then be summoned one more time within the next four weeks,” RT reports.

“Should the second official request be ignored as well, the person would face a fine of €3,600 ($4,061) or four weeks in prison. The fine would increase to €7,200 ($8,000) for those who had already been fined twice for violating the vaccination requirement.”

Dec 07 07:26

West threatens Putin with 'united front' of reprisals over Ukraine: Boris Johnson joins Biden, Merkel and Macron warning Kremlin of 'significant harm' to Russian economy with sanctions if he invades - but they will stop short of military action

Western leaders last night vowed to form a 'united front' over Russian threats and hostility toward Ukraine.

The leaders of the US, UK, France, Italy and Germany called on Moscow to de-escalate tensions ahead of a key phone call between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden today.

They discussed a package of sanctions against President Putin's regime should he invade Ukraine, with Boris Johnson vowing to use all 'economic and diplomatic tools at the UK's disposal'.

Dec 07 07:25

NATO battle group in Baltic could be model for entire British army

The NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup based at Tapa [Estonia] is a microcosm of how the British Army could be in general, outgoing United Kingdom Defense Attaché Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Hing has heard several times, from officers on eFP rotation….

“Several unit commanders have told me that this is what the British Army should be like all the time,” Hing added of the battlegroup, saying that the training was well-funded with plenty of resources at its disposal, including ammunition, and had forged a good working relationship both with units of other NATO nations serving in the eFP (primarily from Denmark and France) and with the Estonian Defense Forces (EDF) 1st Infantry Brigade.

Dec 06 12:41

Switzerland Approves Assisted ‘Suicide Capsule’

Switzerland has just legalized a new way to die by assisted suicide. The country’s medical review board has just given authorization for use of the Sarco Suicide Pod, which is a 3-D-printed portable coffin-like capsule with windows that can be transported to a tranquil place for a person’s final moments of life.

Conventional assisted-suicide methods have generally involved a chemical substance. Inventor Philip Nitschke of Exit International told the website that his “death pod” offers a different approach. “We want to remove any kind of psychiatric review from the process and allow the individual to control the method themselves,” he said. “Our aim is to develop an artificial-intelligence screening system to establish the person’s mental capacity. Naturally there is a lot of skepticism, especially on the part of psychiatrists.”

Dec 06 12:12

Ukraine warns EU about 5 million refugees

Ukraine’s defense minister has decided to raise the specter of one of the European Union’s major concerns – large scale migration – amid American-driven claims that Russia is planning an invasion of his country.

Alexey Reznikov, who took charge of Kiev's Defense Ministry in November, warns that up to five million of his country men and women could flee to the EU in the event of a full-scale war. A similar number are believed to have already left since 2014, about two million to Russia, and the rest to other European countries.

Writing for pro-NATO lobby group the Atlantic Council, Reznikov said there was “real uncertainty” about whether Brussels understood the impact a much-hyped large-scale Russian incursion into Ukraine would have on the whole of the continent.

Reznikov dedicated his article to explaining to EU leaders the potentially “disastrous consequences” of any conflict – one Russia has repeatedly said it has no intention of starting.

Dec 06 12:04

War in Ukraine? NATO expansion drives conflict with Russia

Russia is seeking a legally binding pledge that NATO will stop expanding east, including to Ukraine. If the US refuses, is war next? Richard Sakwa joins Pushback.

Russia is seeking a legally binding pledge that NATO will stop expanding east, including to Ukraine. If the US refuses, is war next? Scholar and author Richard Sakwa analyzes the growing Russia-Ukraine conflict and how Russiagate fueled it.

Guest: Richard Sakwa. Professor of Russian and European politics at the University of Kent. His books include “Frontline Ukraine: Crisis in the Borderlands” and his latest, “Deception: Russiagate and the New Cold War.”

Dec 06 11:00

Russia claims Aeroflot flight from Tel Aviv to Moscow was forced to divert to avoid mid-air crash with NATO spy plane over the Black Sea amid growing tensions over troops on Ukraine border

A Russian plane with more than 140 people on board had to change course to avoid collision with a NATO spy plane, avoiding disaster by metres, according to authorities from Moscow.

Transport officials in Russia claim the plane 'descended rapidly' across the planned route of a Tel Aviv-Moscow Aeroflot service with 142 passengers on board late on Saturday over the Black Sea.

According to reports, the Airbus A330 had to lower its path by 500 metres (1,600 feet) to keep a safe distance from the CL-600 Artemis aircraft, which pilots were able to see from the cockpit.

Dec 06 07:51

Washington Should Stop Reassuring Europe: Time for NATO Members To Grow Up

Russia is threatening Ukraine, causing yet another "crisis" in Washington. Kyiv isn’t a formal ally let alone in NATO. Yet the foreign policy establishment talks and acts as if Ukraine was a member of the transatlantic alliance. Which could lead to war between Washington and Moscow.

Yet defending Ukraine would be no cakewalk. Especially since Kyiv matters much more to Russia than to the US. Worse, justifying war with a nuclear-armed power over a country thousands of miles away with no connection to US security would be an especially tough sell to the American people.

Dec 06 07:00

US Intel Resorting to 'Unprecedented Sharing' to Convince EU of Russian 'Invasion' Plans in Ukraine

The United States actively shared certain intelligence in order to convince the EU and NATO of Moscow's alleged plans to prepare an invasion of Ukraine, the Financial Times reports.

Officials told the newspaper on Sunday that the "unprecedented sharing" of US intelligence reports depicting Russian military deployments along the border helped convince previously sceptical European countries, including Germany, that Russia could "soon order its troops into Ukraine".

"Many allies were not convinced that serious things were happening", one official told the Financial Times. "We were surprised about this [intelligence] gap - how and why the US were seeing things that we were not seeing".

Dec 06 06:50

Putin prepares for imminent invasion on EU's border - UK and NATO planning for war

Following an unprecedented sharing of US intelligence with EU and NATO, the allies have swung behind Joe Biden's assessment that Russia is prepared to invade Ukraine. In an upcoming video summit with Mr Putin, the US president will warn him against an invasion. Mr Biden will reportedly have the full backing of NATO and the EU for retaliatory measures.

Dec 06 06:45

War games: NATO battle groups on borders of Belarus, Kaliningrad, Russia

In a snowy Latvian forest, some 1,500 NATO troops rehearsed battle skills earlier this week…by disrupting and stalling a ‘hypothetical’ adversary’s advance north of the city.

Located roughly 300 kilometres from the border with Russia…the Canadian-led battlegroup at Camp ?daži is considered a crucial part of the alliance’s Eastern defence.

It was not a coincidence that NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and other NATO foreign ministers visited the base ahead of their meeting in Riga this week….

Dec 06 06:45

Fact Sheet: U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Europe

Nuclear weapons owned by the United States have been deployed in Europe since the mid-1950s, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized their storage at allied North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) bases on the continent for use against the Soviet Union. Though NATO officially declares itself a “nuclear alliance,” it does not own any nuclear weapons. Instead, a small number of bombs are reportedly kept under U.S. Air Force guard at six airbases in five European countries, ready to be delivered by respective national fighter planes.

Dec 06 06:44

Poland's Beef With The EU Exposes The Dangers Of Political Centralization

Across the pond, Poland and the European Union find themselves deadlocked over a question about judicial primacy. In early October, Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal sparked controversy when it ruled that EU law does not supersede national legislation.

At stake in the EU-Poland legal dispute, was Poland’s decision in 2018 to rein in its judiciary and establish a disciplinary chamber to remove judges. Before these reforms were undertaken, the Polish judiciary was largely viewed as corrupt and inefficient, possessing vestigial features of the previous Communist order, when Poland was a member of the Warsaw Pact. What initially started out as a mundane domestic reform soon transformed into an international controversy.

Dec 06 06:41

Ukraine wants US, UK & Canada to bypass NATO

The US, the UK, and Canada should “visibly” deploy troops in Ukraine near the Russian frontier as support for Kiev to deter a potential military conflict with Moscow, Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov has said.

Speaking to Toronto’s The Globe and Mail on Sunday, Reznikov called on “the Anglo-Saxon allies” to provide assistance to Ukraine outside of NATO structures, including sending more military trainers to the country.

“It would be nice if the Canadian instructors… would be deployed in Kharkiv, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Odessa, and Zminiy Island,” the defense minister said. All the named locations are in the east and south of Ukraine, close to the border with Russia or on the Black Sea.

Dec 05 08:51

Offensive Double-Think… Russia ‘Not Allowed Sphere of Influence’ As NATO Missiles Encroach on Russian Border

It is exasperating that self-evident, legitimate security concerns enumerated by Russia have been repeatedly ignored or rebuffed by NATO.

NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg fulminated at the alliance’s summit in Riga this week, declaring that Russia is not permitted to have a “sphere of influence”. However, the risible hypocrisy and double-think in Stoltenberg’s logic are that the United States-led NATO military bloc is evidently permitted to expand a sphere of influence all around Russia. And not merely a sphere of influence, it is a threatening build-up of NATO missiles and other offensive infrastructure on Russia’s border.

Dec 05 07:30

EU To Help Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine Improve Defense Capabilities

The European Council has adopted assistance measures to strengthen the military and defense capacities of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine over three years.

The measures under the European Peace Facility (EPF) aim to promote “domestic resilience and peace,” and do not involve the supply of lethal equipment, the Council said in a statement on December 2.

Under the program, Georgia is to receive assistance worth 12.75 million euros ($14.46 million) to help its armed forces' “ability to provide their services to civilians in crises or emergency situations,” it said.

The assistance measure will provide medical and engineering equipment, as well as “civilian-type mobility assets,” according to the European Council.

It said 7 million euros ($7.9 million) will be made available to help Moldova’s military build the capacities of its medical and engineering services.

Dec 05 07:29

As Balkans heat up, European Command HQ summons Albanian military chief

U.S. European Command had the honor of hosting the Chief of Defense of the Albanian Armed Forces, Maj. Gen. Bajram Begaj.

During the visit U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael Howard, USEUCOM Deputy Commander, facilitated briefings and dialogue focused on enhancing an already very strong and vital working relationship with the Albanian military.

Albania is a NATO Ally and a valued security partner, both regionally and globally, as evidenced by its current commitment of troops and resources to Kosovo Force, and Enhanced Forward Presence Latvia missions and previous support to the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan.

During Defender Europe 21, Albania welcomed the largest footprint of troops and the most complex training evolutions, which demonstrated Albania’s ability to receive U.S. forces and train alongside Allies. USECOM’s future engagements with Albania include Defender Europe 22 and 23.

Dec 05 07:27

First EU country to lock down unvaccinated hit by mass protests (VIDEOS)

Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched through the streets of Austria’s capital, Vienna, protesting against Covid-19 restrictions and the nationwide vaccination mandate.

Over 40,000 protesters against the Austrian government’s coronavirus policies took to the streets of Vienna on Saturday, according to the police estimates. Police reinforcements were brought in from other regions to the capital in anticipation of potential unrest, with a total of 27 rallies planned for Saturday, the majority of them against the vaccination mandate.

Dec 05 07:04

Details of incident between Russian flight and NATO spy plane revealed

The Russian civil aviation authority has confirmed that its air traffic control personnel had to divert the course of two aircraft to prevent them colliding with a NATO spy plane in the Black Sea region.

In a statement on Saturday, Russia’s federal air transport agency, Rosaviatsia, shed more light on an incident that had unfolded above the international waters of the Black Sea the day before.

The regulator said a NATO reconnaissance plane had been flying dangerously close to a Moscow-bound civil aircraft with more than 140 passengers on board and had repeatedly ignored attempts by air traffic control to make contact with it. Because the NATO jet’s crew had failed to respond, the passenger plane was forced instead to lose altitude.

Dec 05 07:00

Estonia and UK send troops to Poland to assist in border crisis

Troops from the United Kingdom and Estonia have deployed to Poland to help contend with a migrant border crisis with Russian ally Belarus, Polish officials said.

The situation, which NATO says is being orchestrated by the regime in Belarus to destabilize neighboring member states, is among an array of security problems allies are grappling with on the bloc’s eastern flank.

Pawel Soloch, head of Poland’s National Security Bureau, said Thursday that President Andrzej Duda had granted permission for British and Estonian forces to enter Poland.

“We thank [the UK and Estonia] for solidarity, political and military support,” Soloch said in a Twitter posting.

Dec 04 09:22

Austria’s chancellor chosen as predecessor quits after 2 months

Karl Nehammer, Austria’s minister of the interior, has been unanimously supported by the ruling conservative party to become the country’s next chancellor.

The unanimous vote was confirmed to Austria’s public service broadcaster, the ORF, by a top official in the People’s Party on Friday. Apart from being Austria’s chancellor, Nehammer will also double as the chairman of the conservatives.

It all comes after Alexander Schallenberg, who was sworn in as Austria’s chancellor only seven weeks ago, stepped down on Thursday, just hours after his predecessor in the country’s top office, Sebastian Kurz, announced that same day that he would be quitting all political posts he held.

Dec 04 08:22

Italy March of Vaccine Dead

Dec 04 08:18

Mass Demonstration Against COVID Restrictions Held in Utrecht

The Dutch authorities announced a lockdown last month, and last week the restrictions were tightened: now, restaurants, cinemas, museums, and other public venues are only allowed to remain open until 5 p.m.

Sputnik is live from Utrecht in the Netherlands, where a mass demonstration is being held against a partial lockdown and other anti-pandemic measures.

Dutch protests previously turned violent, as protesters threw stones and fireworks at officers, while the police used water cannons to disperse the crowd.

Dec 03 12:39

EU chief calls for throwing out Nuremberg Code

Dec 03 10:20

NATO’s Jan Stoltenberg needs to calm it down

Twice in the last two weeks, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has made public comments that threaten to worsen already strained relations between Russia and the alliance.

Instead of calming things down, Stoltenberg has been carelessly ratcheting up tensions over nuclear weapons in Europe and the conflict in Ukraine. At exactly the moment when the U.S. and NATO need to be working to deescalate the situation with Russia over Ukraine, the top official in NATO has been throwing kerosene on the flames.

Dec 03 06:45

Austria: Prison for the unvaccinated

Various details have been leaked about the planned mandatory vaccination in the Alpine country. On Tuesday the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Constitution and the opposition will meet for a round table on the issue.

Experts from science, constitutional law, health, the constitutional service and the bioethics commission are expected to participate in the meeting. To everyone’s surprise, the rightwing FPÖ will not take part.

Time is of the essence however, because the draft law is to be examined in the week starting from December 6. The law is to apply for a limited period of three years from February 1, 2022.

There are still no concrete plans for fixed booster shots but these could be regulated by ordinances. The penalties that are currently on the table for violations are nevertheless frightening.

Dec 03 06:12

New Norwegian Government to Restrict NATO Traffic Near Russia

In the words of the country's Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt, it is in Norway's best interests to take care of its northernmost areas using its own armed forces, as a means of balancing deterrence with reassurance.

Norway's Labour Party, which came to power earlier this year after nearly a decade of Conservative rule, wants the planes and vessels from allied countries to keep some distance from border areas near Russia in the north, Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt has said.

“It is important for Norway to be militarily present in our immediate surroundings. But very close to the Russian border, we believe that we do it best ourselves, with Norwegian planes and Norwegian frigates. It is fundamental for us,” Anniken Huitfeldt told the newspaper Verdens Gang.

Dec 03 05:55

Concern over NATO military buildup near Belarusian border under pretext of migrant crisis

Information wars and hybrid wars are in full swing in the OSCE space already. Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei made the statement at a session of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Stockholm, Sweden on 2 December, BelTA has learned.

Vladimir Makei said: “NATO is rapidly building up military potential under the far-fetched pretext of the migration crisis at the European Union's border with Belarus. To wage war on whom? Water cannons with pepper gas, stun grenades flying from the West towards women and children, hounding, deadly beatings. Is it normal?”

Dec 03 05:54

'I will deepen and broaden partnership between Poland and US': Brzezinski

Appearing before the US Senate's Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, Brzezinski said he would "commit to continue and strengthen" the United States' security cooperation "with our stalwart ally Poland, where the enduring rotational presence of some 4,500 US troops defends NATO’s eastern flank."

He added: "I will deepen and broaden the partnership between Poland and the United States to spearhead economic growth in the region, including through the Three Seas Initiative," a Polish-led regional drive by European countries between the Black, Baltic and Adriatic Seas.

Brzezinski also pledged that, if confirmed, he would "work with Poland to support the government and people of a peaceful and whole Ukraine, as well as the aspirations of the Belarusian people for a democratic Belarus."

Dec 03 05:46

Austrian Chancellor Schallenberg stepping down

Alexander Schallenberg has announced he is resigning as chancellor of Austria, just two months after taking office. He said he would remain in the post until his party agrees a new leader in the wake of Sebastian Kurz’s departure.

Just hours earlier, Schallenberg’s predecessor and People's Party leader Kurz said he was leaving politics and would officially step down as party chair on Friday.

In a statement on Thursday, Schallenberg said he believes “that both positions – head of government and leader of the Austrian party with the most votes – should soon once again be held by the same person.”

“I am therefore making my post as chancellor available as soon as the relevant course has been set within the party,” he added.

Dec 02 13:01

NATO ready to punish Russia

NATO member states are prepared to take action against Russia should it show aggression against neighboring Ukraine, the White House’s top diplomat has announced as tensions between Moscow and the US-led military bloc run high.

Speaking at a conference in Latvia on Wednesday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the organisation is "ready to take serious measures, and NATO is ready to strengthen its eastern flank."

Washington’s envoy, however, insisted the military bloc does not harbor any ill intent against Moscow. “NATO is a defensive alliance," he said. "We are not a threat to Russia... Every step we take is aimed at maintaining active protective measures of our alliance members, as well as helping our partners."

Dec 02 13:01

Western missiles in Ukraine ‘will force Russia to react’ – top Moscow senator

A senior Russian senator has advised Kiev and the West to consider how Moscow will react following suggestions that strike missile systems could possibly appear in Ukraine, close to the Russian frontier.

Writing on his Telegram channel, Aleksey Pushkov suggested that Russia would have to take action in response.

“The appearance of missile strike systems in Ukraine will force Russia to react,” he wrote. “I believe that Kiev, Brussels, and Washington should take this warning very seriously.”

Pushkov was reacting to a comment made by Russian President Vladimir Putin at Tuesday’s “Russia Calling!” Investment Forum, when he said that the appearance of advanced weaponry near the border is a serious issue.

Dec 02 12:50

Lavrov: US Medium-Range Missiles May Soon Be Deployed in Europe

The architecture of strategic stability is rapidly collapsing, and US medium-range missiles may soon appear in Europe, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday.

"The architecture of strategic stability is rapidly collapsing, NATO is refusing to constructively consider our proposals to de-escalate tensions and prevent dangerous incidents. On the contrary, the military infrastructure of the alliance is being brought closer to the Russian borders. A nightmare scenario of a military confrontation is returning," Lavrov said at a meeting of the 28th OSCE Ministerial Council.

Lavrov added that Moscow will insist on the development of agreements that will exclude NATO's advance to the east.

Dec 02 12:34

Greece plans to send troops to the Sahel

In a recent statement, the Greek government confirmed Athens’ interest in sending troops to cooperate with the French armed forces in the African Sahel. The project is still under consideration but tends to be approved due to the strong pressure that Greece receives from Paris to “compensate” French efforts to protect Greek territorial integrity in tensions with Turkey. The move sounds truly anti-strategic for Greece, considering that the country will have enemies it previously did not have and will enter conflicts that have nothing to do with Greek geopolitical interests.

Dec 02 07:44

U.S., NATO fully committed to Ukraine, says Blinken ahead of Lavrov talks

NATO allies share an "unwavering commitment" to Ukraine's sovereignty, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Thursday, hours before he meets Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov amid escalating East-West tensions over Ukraine.

Blinken, speaking at the start of talks with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, reiterated Washington's concerns over a build-up of Russian troops on the border that has triggered threats of fresh Western sanctions against Moscow.

Kuleba tweeted that Ukraine, which is not a NATO member but seeks closer ties with the Atlantic alliance, was working with Western countries on a "comprehensive deterrence package including severe economic sanctions" to stop Russian aggression.

Dec 02 07:30

Greeks Commemorate 1973 Massacre by U.S.-Backed Junta

I was in Athens, Greece earlier this month and I had the chance to participate for the very first time in the annual 17 November march on the U.S. Embassy.

When I was working as a CIA officer in Athens between 1998 and 2000, we used to evacuate the Embassy every year on 17 November, lest we be the subjects of violence from the crowd, which always numbered in the tens of thousands and would sometimes smash windows and throw balloons filled with red paint at the Embassy.

The annual event commemorates the date in 1973 when Greece’s far-right military dictatorship, the Junta, attacked unarmed, peaceful students at the Athens Polytechnic University demonstrating for a return to democracy.

The Polytechnic uprising in November 1973.

Dozens of students were killed, the Junta was universally condemned, and the event led to the dictatorship’s slow collapse the following summer.

So why demonstrate at the U.S. Embassy?

Dec 02 07:20

Addressing NATO panel on Balkans, EU’s Borrell affirms firm, decisive backing of Ukraine against Russia

The European Union will stand firmly and decisively with Ukraine in front of any attempt to undermine its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, made a corresponding statement before the Western Balkans’ session of the Ministerial meeting of NATO.

“I cannot not talk about Ukraine, it is not in the Western Balkans, but it is an issue of utmost importance. Yesterday I was with the Prime Minister of Ukraine [Denys Shmyhal] in Brussels; today I will meet the Foreign Affairs Minister [of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba]. And in both cases, I want to stress that, for the European Union, the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine is above anything. And we will be standing firmly and decisively with Ukraine in front of any attempt to undermine its territorial integrity and sovereignty,” Borrell stressed.

Dec 02 07:12

Brzezinski brothers want Biden, NATO to reprise father’s confrontation with Russia over Poland

Not to be missed. From the New Atlanticist and the Atlantic Council. Offered by Ian Brzezinski, son of Zbigniew (as he mentions in the article), senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of defense for Europe and NATO policy.

His brother Mark is on his way to becoming U.S. ambassador to Poland just in time for the impending catastrophe in northeastern Europe. The two sons are positioning themselves to reprise their father’s role in confronting and defeating Russia (and Belarus) over Poland.

Hence the labored analogy that serves as the theme of the piece.

The writer alludes to the simultaneity of Washington’s 1980 dual crusade/jihad on the Soviet Union’s northwestern and southeastern frontiers – Poland and Afghanistan, to variously degrees religiously motivated – which has been missed for over forty years.

Dec 02 07:11

Europe’s imminent winter energy crisis could have serious political consequences

With temperatures falling and gas prices rising, much of Europe is drifting into a perfect storm. Supply shortages, inflation, green policies and ideological opposition to Russia are creating an energy crisis.
As a result, power outages, stunted economic recovery and political fallout could have ramifications across the continent. In the longer term, the failure of EU policymakers will undermine energy security, make its industries less competitive, and have a negative impact on Europe’s cohesion and role in the world.

Coming frost

Efforts by the US and EU to borrow and spend their way to recovery are failing. Growing debt and money printing are fueling inflation with a predictable impact on energy prices. America’s recent and drastic inflation of the money supply was unnecessarily reckless, given the country was already recovering from Covid-19 lockdowns.

Dec 02 07:08

EU chief: Time to ‘think about mandatory vaccination’

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has urged countries within the European Union to “think about” mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for citizens, as the bloc prepares a “common approach” against the pandemic.

Speaking at a news conference, the European Commission chief suggested that member states should move towards compulsory vaccination to help prevent the spread of cases and a further spike in infections due to the emergence of new variants, such as the Omicron strain.

“I think it is understandable and appropriate to lead this discussion now, how we can encourage and potentially think about mandatory vaccination within the European Union,” von der Leyen stated, adding that fighting the pandemic requires a “common approach” across the bloc.

Greece reveals age groups to be fined monthly if unvaccinatedGreece reveals age groups to be fined monthly if unvaccinated

Dec 01 11:31

Austria's COVID-19 lockdown extended to Dec. 11

Austria's lockdown has officially been extended until Dec. 11 as planned amid signs that the measures are helping to bring down a sky-high coronavirus infection rate.

A parliamentary committee signed off Tuesday on the extension of the country's fourth national lockdown of the pandemic, which started on Nov. 22, the Austria Press Agency reported. That was necessary because some lockdown measures can only be ordered for 10 days at a time.

There is one significant change: essential shops that so far were allowed to open until 9 p.m. will have to close by 7 p.m. starting Thursday. And the rules now allow explicitly for the sale of Christmas trees.

Dec 01 10:51

Belarusian President Lukashenko Threatens To Halt Transit Of Energy Products From Russia

As if the energy sector needed any more volatility than it's already experiencing, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has thrown his hat in the ring by commenting this week that he could shut down transit of energy products if Poland closes its border with his country.

The border is currently turning into a point of contention between the European Union and Lukashenko. Thousands of migrants are stuck in the middle of the border and at least 11 have died, according to the Wall Street Journal. The migrants are seeking refuge and to move further into Europe. The EU has blamed Lukashenko for using the migrants as "pawns", while Lukashenko attests that something should be done about the humanitarian crisis.

Lukashenko has now escalated tensions over the crisis by indicating he is "serious" about halting energy products from Russia.

Dec 01 07:49

Putin Warns NATO That Deploying Forces to Ukraine Is a ‘Red Line’

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned NATO that sending troops and weapons to Ukraine would cross a “red line” for Moscow.

Addressing an online investment forum, Putin said he was concerned that NATO’s eastward expansion could result in the alliance placing missiles in Ukraine that could target Russia.

“The emergence of such threats represents a ‘red line’ for us,” Putin said. “I hope that it will not get to that and common sense and responsibility for their own countries and the global community will eventually prevail.”

Putin’s warning came as the NATO officials met in Riga, Latvia, to discuss a potential response to Russia’s alleged troop build-up near Ukraine. The US has claimed Russia is planning to invade Ukraine, but Moscow strongly denies the accusation.

Dec 01 07:11

Polish Parliament Rejects Unlimited Media Access to Belarus Border

Poland's president on Tuesday signed into law legislation that will limit the access of aid charities and journalists to its border with Belarus as the country grapples with a simmering migrant crisis.

The law is a blow to the opposition parties that advocated for unlimited media access, an amendment approved by the upper house of parliament on Friday but rejected by the lower house.

Under the state of emergency declared in the border region in September and ending at midnight, the media and aid charities were completely banned. The opposition said the ban was intended to cover up rights abuses and had sought unfettered access.

The government said the restrictions were necessary for security reasons.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Got something to hide?

Dec 01 07:05

Putin warns West: Moscow has ‘red line’ about Ukraine, NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday sternly warned NATO against deploying its troops and weapons to Ukraine, saying it represents a red line for Russia and would trigger a strong response.

Commenting on Western concerns about Russia’s alleged intention to invade Ukraine, he said that Moscow is equally worried about NATO drills near its borders.

Speaking to participants of an online investment forum. Putin said that NATO’s eastward expansion has threatened Russia’s core security interests. He expressed concern that NATO could eventually use the Ukrainian territory to deploy missiles capable of reaching Moscow in just five minutes.

“The emergence of such threats represents a ‘red line’ for us,” Putin said. “I hope that it will not get to that and common sense and responsibility for their own countries and the global community will eventually prevail.”

He added that Russia has been forced to counter the growing threats by developing new hypersonic weapons.

Dec 01 06:45

Finnish Electricity Prices Jump 5x Amid Unseasonably Cold Weather And Worsening Energy Crisis

Finland has succumbed to the energy crisis as households and businesses early this week paid a mind-numbing €422 per MWh (including taxes), or about five times higher than a year ago, according to data from the Nord Pool electricity exchange.

The Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway, and Russia is energy-dependent, meaning it must import high volumes of fossil fuels, such as petroleum and natural gas. Domestic sources of power production include thermal, nuclear, and hydropower plants.

Energy experts told RT News that soaring natural gas prices in Central Europe attributed to skyrocketing power prices. Experts warned of very little relief for Finnish households and businesses who may experience heightened electricity costs until next summer.

Dec 01 06:45

British PM Boris Johnson Warns Western European Leaders

Conflict Coming To A Ukraine Near You?

An unexplained death occurred at the Russian embassy in Berlin. According to information from SPIEGEL, property protectors of the Berlin police discovered a lifeless body on the sidewalk in front of an embassy building in Berlin on October 19 at around 7:20 a.m. Resuscitation attempts by rescue workers who were called were unsuccessful, reported Der Spiegel.

I’m sure 35-year olds regularly “accidentally fall” out of the upper windows of buildings.

Dec 01 06:38

MINUTE TO MIDNIGHT Russia and West ‘one mistake’ from nuclear conflict in most dangerous moment since Cold War, warns UK admiral

THE world is "one mistake" from all-out nuclear war thanks to Vladimir Putin's "dangerous games" in Eastern Europe, warns an ex-Navy chief.

Moscow is amassing 100,000 troops on its Ukrainian border and is also supporting Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko as he "weaponises" migrants against the EU.

And after accusing the US of conducting nuclear bomber drills 20km from its border, the Kremlin said its nuke forces were "on alert" and it had stepped up its military partnership with China.

Admiral Lord West told The Sun Online the situation "is extremely dangerous and risky" with Putin playing "games in the area of grey warfare - things short of war."

He continued: "In terms of the nuclear clock, I think we are closer to midnight than we've been certainly since the 1960s probably.

"And that's because of Russia's silly behaviour in Eastern Europe."

Dec 01 06:37

Brutal cold wave hits Europe with lowest temperatures in 40 years – Energy prices soar to new record

Let’s talk about global warming… Or better said GLOBAL COOLING! A brutal cold wave is currently sweeping across Europe, bringing tons of SNOW, powerful WINDS triggering widespread POWER OUTAGES and devastating several countries in Europe and Scandinavia with lows that haven’t been seen since 1980 in Sweden.

Sweden has had the lowest temperature in November since 1980 with a polar wave sweeping Western Europe. Same in Ivalo, Finnish Lapland, where thermometer were at -22ºC as well as in Norway.

Dec 01 06:31

How fear fuels the vaccine wars

Perhaps it’s my age, or perhaps it’s just blind prejudice, but when I wake to the news that the Austrian government has interned an entire third of its national population as a danger to public health, a chill runs down my spine.

I look at the news photos of armed, masked, black-clad police stopping people in the streets to ask for their digital papers, and I read stories of others arrested for leaving their own house more than the permitted once a day, and I hear Austrian politicians intoning that those who refuse to accede to the injection are to be shunned and scapegoated until they acquiesce.

Then I watch interviews with “ordinary people”, and they say that the “unvaxxed” had it coming. Some of them say that they should all be jailed, these enemies of the people. At best, the “anti-vaxxers” are paranoid and misinformed. At worst they are malicious, and should be punished.

Dec 01 06:31

Why Germany’s new leader is a major threat to the EU

Incoming German chancellor Olaf Scholz has been clear about his intention to pursue a federal European state. But far from bringing the European Union’s member countries closer together, his plan could rupture it completely.

Scholz will become the new chancellor of Germany within the next 10 days, heading a ‘traffic light’ coalition made up of his own party, the SPD, the Greens, and the Free Democrats.

The top jobs will be divided between the leaders of the respective parties, with the three most powerful positions going to Scholz, the leader of the SPD; the FDP’s Christian Lindner, who will be finance minister; and the Green co-leader Annalena Baerbock, who will become foreign minister.

Dec 01 06:29

Stoltenberg in Latvia: global NATO confronts Russia, China, “alternative models of governance”

Secretary General shares ideas on NATO’s next Strategic Concept

It is really great to be back in Riga, back in Latvia, for many reasons.

You are a staunch Ally,
You contribute to NATO missions and operations in many ways.
And you meet the 2% guideline.
And you host NATO battlegroup, here in Latvia.

Dec 01 06:27

All but invoking 1939 parallel, Polish PM tells NATO allies to “wake up” to Russian plan to “change the geopolitical system” in Europe

Polish PM urges NATO allies to ‘wake up’ to Russian attempts to destabilise Europe: BBC

Speaking in an interview with the BBC, Mateusz Morawiecki said that recent events showed the Kremlin and allies wanted to “change the geopolitical system” and “disunite” the European Union.

He cited a build-up of Russian forces near Ukraine, soaring gas prices and a crisis on Poland’s border with Belarus…

His comments came ahead of a two-day meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Riga, Latvia.

NATO and EU leaders have recently accused Belarus of orchestrating a migrant crisis on its border with Poland.

Dec 01 06:27

US to strengthen its military contingent in Europe to contain Russia

The US Department of Defense has decided to increase the number of its soldiers in Germany, lifting the 25,000-man limit, which was introduced by Trump

US President Joe Biden accepted the recommendations of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin regarding the revision of the global balance of forces of the United States, including positions in Europe as Pentagon reported citing deputy undersecretary of defense for policy Mara Karlin.

Dec 01 06:22


Nov 30 12:00

What Happens If Europe Runs Out Of Gas?

The real test of Europe's energy supply is here. As temperatures have started dropping on the continent in recent days, power prices spiked again, and the natural gas shortage could worsen in case the winter is colder than usual. There isn't an immediate fix to the power and natural gas supply crunch, and the colder and longer the winter is, the worse the situation could become, analysts say. Currently, the only thing that could ease the pressure on tight energy supply in Europe is demand destruction in industries due to high natural gas prices, some note.

Some have even said that gas stores could fall to zero this winter if cold weather abounds.

Russia is fulfilling its contractual obligations with customers to send natural gas to Europe via pipelines, but it has not significantly raised additional supply amid the gas and energy crunch in recent months.

Nov 30 11:54

Slovenia: Drivers Must Present COVID Certificate in Order to Refuel Cars

There were no incidents in Slovenia on the first day of tighter epidemiological restrictions, with some dissatisfaction among unvaccinated citizens, mostly drivers who were unable to refuel their cars without a COVID-19 certificate.

Most petrol suppliers, including the Ljubljana-based Petrol, which operates the largest number of petrol stations in the country, are rigorously applying the new restrictions, adopted on Saturday, activating fuel dispensers only after a driver presents a certificate showing that they have recovered from COVID-19, have been vaccinated, or have tested negative.

Employees at petrol stations said that there were no delays on the first day of the new restrictions being in force, with only one incident having been reported in Brezice.

Nov 30 11:43

NATO threatens Russia with ‘consequences’

The head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, has hit Russia with a stark warning against exerting force on neighboring Ukraine amid a series of unsubstantiated Western-driven claims that Moscow is massing its troops at their shared border.
Speaking at a press conference on Sunday in Lithuania to discuss the humanitarian crisis unfolding on the EU’s frontier with Belarus, the US-led bloc’s secretary general took the opportunity to call on the Kremlin “to be transparent, reduce tensions, and de-escalate” the situation on the demarcation line with Ukraine.

Answering a question from a journalist, the NATO chief said that the alleged “increased Russian presence close to Ukraine’s borders is something which is very concerning for many reasons,” calling it “unprovoked and unexplained.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I fear a major war before Christmas.

Nov 30 09:51

Daily report on NATO’s eastern war front

NATO member states are building up the offensive potential of the armed forces near Belarus’ borders. Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin made the statement during a government conference held by the Belarus president in the Defense Ministry’s strategic control center on 29 November to discuss military security….

Viktor Khrenin said: “Results of the evaluation indicate that the measures Western countries are taking to militarize the region lead to a substantial change of the balance of forces. The offensive potential of the armed forces of the NATO member states is being built up near our borders.”

Nov 30 09:50

Estonia: NATO flagship cyber warfare exercise includes Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland

Estonia is home to the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence which is used to spy on independent news sites (like this one) around the world.

NATO’s flagship cyber defence exercise kicks off in Estonia

Cyber Coalition 21, one of the world’s largest annual exercises in cyber defence, starts on Monday (29 November 2021), and will run through Friday. Cyber defenders from all NATO Allies, as well as partners Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland, are taking part, alongside participants from industry and academia. Overall, some 1,000 people will train in this year’s event, which is taking place in Tallinn, Estonia, as well as remotely, from national capitals and other locations.

The exercise tests and trains cyber experts in their ability to defend NATO and national networks….

Nov 30 09:39

Meeting near Russian border, NATO weighs response to Moscow's military maneuvers

"We're the ones that keep other people awake at night": That's the impact US Marine Corps Brigadier General Simon Doran hopes this massive show of NATO power has on Russian military planners plotting their next moves.

Doran is the senior American representative serving with the UK's Carrier Strike Group 21 (CSG21), the largest fifth-generation carrier air wing in the world. It's on its way back to Portsmouth, England after completing a seven-month voyage of some 40,000 nautical miles to the Indo-Pacific, where along the way forces linked to the deployment took part in strikes against "Islamic State," tracked Chinese submarines and carried out exercises in the Black Sea. And, Doran emphasized, CSG21 is ready for duty anywhere.

Nov 30 09:30

Third of Swedish Police in Blighted Areas Have Mental Issues – Survey

Sweden currently has 60 blighted areas marked by high crime rates, social exclusion, unemployment, and a high immigrant population. These are often labelled no-go zones, as even emergency services and law enforcement agencies are sometimes attacked by criminal gangs.

One third of Swedish police officers serving in the country's numerous vulnerable areas, which critics tend to label "no-go zones" and "ghettos", have symptoms of mental disorders, including depression and irritability, a broad survey conducted by Umeå University has concluded.

According to researcher Jonas Hansson, this is a major problem, not only for individual police officers, but for society as a whole, as it affects how well they perform their job.

Nov 30 08:52

Italy led a march of those killed after vaccination, similar to the Immortal Regiment

You remember the holding of the Immortal Regiment throughout Russia on the day of the liberation of Europe, May 9 (celebrated in Russia).

A protest reminiscent of the Immortal Regiment is being held in Italy, and unlike the parade, which has become international and features portraits of those killed in World War II battles, here in Italy it shows those killed after vaccination.

The protest began in Parma, Italy with posters of hundreds of vaccine victims. This is a shocking number of victims after vaccination, which is mandatory for working Italians.
If they unite with other cities, and perhaps countries, it will be the biggest battle since World War II, a battle for life.

It is very likely that a similar procession will appear in other cities in Italy and other countries around the world.

Nov 30 08:22

More Trouble For EU? Gazprom "Doesn't Expect Decline In Gas Prices In Coming Months"

The massive rally in European gas prices isn't likely to fade anytime soon, according to the world's largest gas producer, Gazprom PJSC.

Gazprom's finance unit head, Alexander Ivannikov, told investors on a third-quarter earnings call Monday that forward natural gas contracts "do not imply a noticeable decline in prices in the coming months." He said low levels of gas injections in European gas storages and the Northern Hemisphere winter would keep a bid under prices.

Nov 30 08:13

Kemp: European Gas Prices Jump Again As Freezing Temps Pressure Inventories

Europe’s gas prices have started rising again as a colder-than-normal start to winter makes unusually large inroads into the already meagre volume of gas in storage.

Futures prices for gas delivered in January 2022 via the Dutch Title Transfer Facility have climbed to more than 93 euros per megawatt-hour (MWh), up from a recent low of 65 euros a month ago. Previous market expectations Russia would begin large-scale gas deliveries to Europe via existing pipelines and the newly completed but not yet approved Nord Stream 2 have not been borne out.

Nov 30 07:45

Greece Imposes $114 Monthly Fine on Unvaccinated People Over 60

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for all Greeks above 60 years of age before a cabinet meeting in Athens on Tuesday, in an effort to tackle the new omicron variation threat ahead of the festive season. Those who refuse to get vaccinated will have to pay a monthly fine of 100 euros ($114) for each month they don’t get jabbed, starting on Jan. 16

Nov 30 07:24

Latvia Calls for Permanent US Military Presence to Counter Russia

On Monday, Latvia’s defense minister called for a permanent US military presence in the Baltic state and said Riga wants to boost its defense with US Patriot surface-to-air missiles.

“We need additional international assistance,” Defense Minister Artis Pabriks told Reuters. “We would like to have a permanent United States presence in our country. And sea and air defense means basically going down to such systems as Patriot.”

Pabriks’ comments come ahead of the NATO Foreign Ministerial that Latvia is hosting on Tuesday and Wednesday. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was due to arrive in Latvia late Monday. There, Blinken is expected to consult with NATO on the alleged Russian troop build-up near Ukraine. A State Department official said Friday that “all options” are on the table for how to respond to Russia’s alleged build-up.

Nov 30 07:05

The NATOstan Clown Show

American hysteria over the “imminent” Russian invasion of Ukraine has exploded every geopolitical Stupid-o-Meter in sight – and that’s quite an accomplishment.

What a mess. Sections of the U.S. Deep State are in open revolt against the combo that remote controls Crash Test Dummy, who impersonates POTUS. The neocon-neoliberal axis is itching for a war – but has no idea how to sell it to an immensely fractured public opinion.

UKUS, which de facto controls the Five Eyes spy scam, excels only in propaganda. So in the end it’s up to the CIA/MI6 intel axis and their vast network of media chihuahuas to accelerate Fear and Loathing ad infinitum.

Russophobic U.S. Think Tankland would very much cherish a Russian “invasion”, out of the blue, and could not give a damn about the inevitable trouncing of Ukraine. The problem is the White House – and the Pentagon – must “intervene”, forcefully; otherwise that will represent a catastrophic loss of “credibility” for the Empire.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, your children will be killed and crippled and our cities possibly nuked for "credibility?"

Nov 30 06:59

Belarusian leader accuses Lithuania of dumping dead migrants

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Monday accused Lithuanian authorities of dumping the bodies of migrants on the border between the two countries — a claim rejected by Lithuania amid soaring border tensions between Belarus and its European Union neighbors.

Lukashenko also warned that his country will stand squarely behind its ally Russia if the Ukrainian authorities launch an offensive against Moscow-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine. He tried to cast the tensions over migrants as part of a purported Western plot against Belarus and Russia.

Lukashenko said at a meeting with his top military brass that Belarusian border guards found the bodies of two migrants left on the border over the weekend.

“They put a dead body, or, probably, a person who is still alive, in a sleeping bag and toss it on the border,” Lukashenko exclaimed. “What an abomination!”

Nov 30 06:58

Russia Warns The U.S. Not To Interfere With Nord Stream 2

The Russian Government has warned the US not to put further pressure on anyone over the certification of the $11bn Nord Stream 2 (NS2) gas pipeline.

The newly completed 1,764km double pipeline is still awaiting clearance from German regulators before Russia can start exporting gas through it. NS2 bypasses Ukraine and instead imports Russian gas directly to Germany via the bed of the Baltic Sea. If green-lit, it will double Russia’s overall flows to Germany, providing 55bn cubic meters of gas through both pipelines.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said: “It is very important, of course, that the United States of America does not put pressure on anyone in connection with the ongoing implementation and certification of this project,” Peskov emphasized. The comments follow the Biden administration imposing sanctions targeting Russia-linked Transadria and its operating vessel.

Nov 30 06:49

Lavrov Says NATO Military Equipment Being Moved to Russian Border

Earlier on Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the country has been detecting over 50 new NATO reconnaissance aircraft and drones near its borders every week.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that NATO is amassing a significant amount of military equipment on Russia’s border.

Speaking at the press conference with his Brazilian counterpart, Lavrov also noted that Moscow cannot rule out the possibility of Kiev undertaking some kind of "military venture," which would pose a threat to Russia.

"President Putin spoke about this on 18 November... he stressed that we do not need conflicts but if the West cannot hold Ukraine back, but, on the contrary, encourages it, of course, we will take all the necessary steps to ensure our security," Lavrov said.

Nov 30 06:47

Kremlin: Gas Sale is Primary Issue, Transit via Ukraine is Secondary One

The topic of gas transportation through Ukraine is a secondary issue, the fuel must first be sold, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

"As for transit affairs, certainly, we need to address the question to Gazprom. I just want to remind you of [Russian] President Putin’s statement that in order to transit something, you need to sell it, you need to have final buyers in Europe, for whom this transit will be carried out," Peskov said when asked about the date of negotiations on gas transit through Ukraine after 2024.

He added that until Gazprom is determined on this line, negotiations on transit will remain a second priority.

"First, you need to sell gas. This has been explained by President Putin many times," he added.

Peskov added that Moscow hopes that there will be no threats to the certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as European consumers are interested in the project.

Nov 30 06:43

Russia warns it won't back down in NATO standoff

Russia won’t back down in its standoff with NATO over Ukraine, or in the Black Sea, and underestimating the country’s resolve could be disastrous, Moscow’s top diplomat in Washington has blasted amid worsening ties with the US.

Speaking in an interview on Saturday with the Soloviev LIVE YouTube channel, Ambassador Anatoly Antonov said that “there are… suggestions expressed here, that some desperate head may appear in Ukraine or a group of fighters who will try to test the strength of the Russian defense, counting on the fact that we will not respond… I would like to say and emphasize unequivocally: this is a very dangerous delusion.”

The envoy blasted a purported increase in supplies of American weapons reaching Kiev, potentially including the anti-tank missile system, Javelin. The ambassador said that Washington consistently claims that these weapons are for “defensive” purposes.

Nov 29 07:32

Exclusive: Lukashenko Using Migrants as ‘Siege’ Weapons to ‘Save His Skin’, Says Lithuanian MP

Belarussian dictator Alexander Lukashenko is an illegitimate leader who is attempting to cling on to power through using migrants as “siege” weapons against Europe to “save his skin”, a Lithuanian MP has told Breitbart News.

Lukashenko, a former Soviet farm boss, who has been in control of Belarus since 1994, has seen his leadership thrown into doubt after mass protests were held throughout the country following last year’s election, which was widely believed to have been rigged in favour of the iron-fisted authoritarian.

Nov 29 07:16

EU Denies Recognition of Govt, Pledges Engagement

In a statement issued by the European Commission following the 13th ASEM Summit via videoconference, the EU’s president von der Leyen said that the world needed to stand by the people of Afghanistan.

“Finally, we have decided to strengthen our engagement on issues affecting regional stability. And this brings me to my last point: That is Afghanistan. The European Union does not recognize the new regime… but we need to prevent the imminent economic and social collapse that the country faces,” she said.

“We need to stand by the people of Afghanistan. This is why, last month, we announced a package worth EUR 1 billion, including EUR 300 million in humanitarian aid. The European Union will keep on engaging with the countries in the region,” Leyen added.

The summit was hosted by Cambodia, in which the leaders of 20 Asian governments and 30 European states participated.

Nov 29 06:53

Military police raid plane to arrest couple trying to flee quarantine

A married couple who fled a quarantine hotel for suspected Omicron strain carriers in the Netherlands have been removed from a flight by the Dutch military police just as their plane was about to take off.

The dramatic incident unfolded at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport on board a flight that was set to depart for Spain at around 6pm on Sunday, the Netherlands armed forces confirmed in a statement.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee at Schiphol has arrested a couple this evening who had fled from a quarantine hotel… The arrests took place on a plane that was about to take off.

Nov 29 06:21

US dangerously misguided in believing Russia won’t respond to NATO threat — ambassador

The assumptions heard in the United States that Russia is likely to be frightened with NATO capabilities in Ukraine and the Black Sea are dangerous delusions, Russia’s Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said on the YouTube channel Soloviev Live on Saturday.

"NATO states are taking over the Black Sea, Ukrainian territory. There are assumptions, which are voiced here, that certain daredevils or a group of combatants may turn up in Ukraine, who will try to test the strength of Russian defenses, expecting that we will not respond fearing the NATO potential. I would like to say and emphasize unequivocally that it is a very dangerous delusion," the diplomat said.

Antonov pointed out that Washington is increasingly expanding the range of weapons delivered to Ukraine.

Nov 29 06:20

Now targeting ballistic missiles: U.S. delivers Patriot missile system to Sweden

Senior leaders from 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, 164th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, and key leaders from the Swedish Armed Forces Air Defense Regiment witnessed a handover ceremony of the Patriot missile system on November 18 in Halmstad, Sweden.

The new system marks the beginning of a new era for Swedish Air Defense and a decisive step towards enhancing Swedish air defense capability.

“This is a great day for not only for Sweden, but for all of us in the air defense community,” said Maj. Gen. Gregory J. Brady, commanding general of the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command.

Nov 28 08:16

Rome Italy against the vax mandates

Nov 28 07:33

The Truth about Holland - The War Is Beginning

Nov 28 06:58

NATO and Russia’s Balkan chess game

The US and NATO have been trying to get Bosnia-Herzegovina to join the alliance for over 15 years. The Serb minority of the Republika Srpska, backed by Serbia and Russia, are engaging in precarious brinkmanship to stop this.

The clock is ticking on the fate of the peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina that has held since the imposition of the Dayton Accords, officially known as the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Dayton Accords were named after the City of Dayton, Ohio, home to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, where, on 21 November 1995, the parties to the Bosnia conflict reached an agreement to end the bloody civil war that broke out in the aftermath of the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. The accords were formally signed in Paris, on 14 December 1995. Since that time, Bosnia has been governed by a tripartite presidency, with representatives from the Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian territories that comprise the multi-ethnic population.

Nov 28 06:51

Calais People Smugglers Net £58 Million From Trafficking Channel Migrants This Year

The price to cross the English Channel varies according to the network of smugglers, between 3,000 and 7,000 euros (£2,500/$3,380 and £6,000/$8,000) though there are rumors of discounts.

Often, the fee also includes a very short-term tent rental in the windy dunes of northern France and food cooked over fires that sputter in the rain that falls for more than half the month of November in the Calais region. Sometimes, but not always, it includes a life vest and fuel for the outboard motor.

And the people who collect the money – up to 300,000 euros (£324,000/$432,000) per boat that makes it across the narrows of the Channel – are not the ones arrested in the periodic raids along the coastline. They are just what French police call “the little hands.”

Nov 27 09:19

Lithuania Says It May Close Belarus Border Crossings Over Migrant Smuggling

Lithuania may close border crossing points with Belarus if migrants continue to be smuggled into its territory on trucks, Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite said on Friday.

"We have decided to increase checks on vehicles crossing into Lithuania. If we see this trend increasing, we will be very seriously considering closing border crossing points with Belarus," she said during a visit near the border.

Four Iraqi migrants were found hiding in a consignment of peat in a Belarusian-registered truck at the Medininkai crossing on Thursday afternoon. The Lithuanian border guard service said Belarus had refused to take them back.

The European Union has accused Belarus of flying in thousands of people from the Middle East and pushing them to cross into the bloc in retaliation for EU sanctions imposed over President Alexander Lukashenko's crushing of protests against his disputed re-election last year. Belarus denies this.

Nov 27 09:07

NATO chief warns Russia on troop build-up

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Friday that Russia has amassed heavy military equipment, tanks and combat-ready troops near Ukraine, warning that any use of force against Ukraine would be costly for Moscow.

Stoltenberg also said he expected the new German federal government to spend more on its armed forces and welcomed its decision to continue hosting Western nuclear weapons in Germany.

"I expect Germany to invest more in its military," Stoltenberg said. (Reporting by Sabine Siebold and Robin Emmott; Editing by Alison Williams)

Nov 27 08:50

President Zeman leaves the hospital only to come back a few hours later with COVID-19

On Thursday, Czech President Miloš Zeman left the Central Military Hospital but came back just a few hours later after testing positive for coronavirus. The president had reportedly met with an infected employee of the Office of the President of the Czech Republic.

Presidential spokesman Ji?í Ov?á?ek said that Zeman was tested for COVID-19 on Thursday afternoon and got back a positive result.

“Therefore, in cooperation with the attending physician, Dr. Miroslav Zavoral, it was decided to transport the patient back to the Central Military Hospital in Prague,” added Ov?á?ek.

According to Zavoral, the president received monoclonal antibodies as treatment. The hospital’s spokeswoman, Jitka Zinke, then confirmed that Zeman was asymptomatic.

“The administration of monoclonal antibodies has primarily a preventive purpose. After the application of the monoclonal preparation, the patient remains hospitalized for observation,” she added.

Nov 27 08:33

Europe Under Attack: Polish Border Guards Again Defend Border From Belarus-Backed Migrants

Poland remains under sustained attack from the Belarus side of its eastern border, with a group of at least 200 migrants making an attempt to storm the nation Wednesday night, according to Polish border guards as tensions continue to build.

Polish border guards stated that the group of 200 or so migrants made an attempt to storm the border on the evening of November 24th near the village of Czeremcha, just over an hour drive from the Belarusian city of Brest.

Border Guard spokeswoman Anna Michalska commented on the incident, telling news agency Reuters, “They were trying to break through the border, attacking the border,” and added, “They were throwing branches and stones and the attempt was stopped by our officers.”